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  1. RobW2428

    What front windshield sun shade to buy?

    I’m looking to get a sun shade for my front windshield (Model S). Any suggestions? I’ve never owned one, so I don’t know much . Thanks in advance for any help..... Rob
  2. RobW2428

    Happen to U?: Front doors not opening

    Hey, I love my 2016 Model S and haven’t had too many issues. Mostly little/fixable things like: -yellow screen replacement -bad USB port wiring -not downloading new maps, so no Navigate on Autopilot for a while -Autopilot quitting (problem after new screen replacement) But my wife’s X has had...
  3. RobW2428

    App not unlocking car

    For the past 3-4 months the Tesla app hasn’t been able to unlock my car. It’ll vent the sunroof, handle the climate, etc. But no unlocking car or opening the trunk. Car software: 2019.12.1.1 4b1dd29 App software: 3.8.4 (29e97dace) I’ve tried reinstalling app many times. And I’ve tried...
  4. RobW2428

    Possible to have rear camera & music windows on main screen w/ 9.0?

    It looks like maybe the map *has* to be up on half of the screen. So I’m assuming that means you can’t split the screen between just the rear view camera and music, for example. Is that right? Wife wants camera & music. Thanks, Rob
  5. RobW2428

    Vibrations at ~30 mph?

    My wife is having an issue with her X. When accelerating she gets a strange vibration right around 30mph. To me, it almost feels like the tires are over-spinning or something. Not saying they are.... just saying it's what it makes me think of when it happens. Service Center told her it's...
  6. RobW2428

    Brake Noise (anyone else hear this?)

    Hey Everyone, My wife has a question about her Model X: "I get a friction type of sound when I apply my brakes. It's not a squeak like ordinary brake pad issues. It's just a rubbing kind of sound. When it first started I had a big ice build up around the wheels so I thought it was just rubbing...
  7. RobW2428

    Liftgate handle not working, Model X

    I can no longer open my 2 month old car manually from the back. Lift gate works fine from the remote and from the car interior screen but exterior handle stopped working. At first I thought it was frozen. Then I thought maybe it had gotten some snow and road chemical up in there to jam it so I...
  8. RobW2428

    Opinions on 5-seater vs. 7-seater?

    Hey, Wife and I LOVE my Model S. She's looking to order a Model X very soon. What are some opinions on 5-seater vs. 7-seater for current Model X? Thanks in advance, Rob
  9. RobW2428

    Cargo diff. between 5 & 7 seat with seats folded

    **Sorry if this has already been covered. I looked for, but didn't see a recent thread on it.** I'm wondering about the cargo space difference between: --> 5-seat config with seats up vs. 7-seat confit with 3rd row folded. Also, difference between: --> 5-seat confit with 2nd row folded vs...
  10. RobW2428

    Anybody have rear USB's that have never worked?

    Hey Folks, My car came with rear USB's that didn't work. I've got a terrific Tesla ranger who has come by twice to fix them, but still no good. The first delay was for a part from Tesla, but now it seems like it's a wiring problem. So.... I'm curious whether anyone else has had a similar...
  11. RobW2428

    Need software/maps update to see new Superchargers?

    I'm excited about a new Supercharger going into Charleston, WV. Should be up and running in early May. Will it immediately start showing up on the car's map or does it take a software and/or maps update to show? Thanks, Rob
  12. RobW2428

    Tesla App (3.0.1) unable to change climate

    I'm running Tesla App 3.0.1 on my iPhone 6. My Model S software is 17.9.3. For the past week or so, I've been able to contact the car through the app, but it always fails to charge the climate. For both the Tesla App and the Remote S App. Any ideas of a fix? It seems like the connection is...
  13. RobW2428

    Overnight Charging in Charleston, WV?

    Hey, I'm looking for a spot to charge near Charleston, WV for a trip from Lexington, VA to Lexington, KY. It's part of a longer trip, but the Lexington to Lexington part is the only stretch without a Supercharger. I can time it so that Charleston, WV is the time to sleep. Has anyone tried a...
  14. RobW2428

    Tips?: Pulling trigger on Whispbar bars and Yakima Skybox 16 soon...

    Hey Everyone, I feel like I've read enough threads about bars and cargo boxes, but at some point it all starts to bleed together. Today or tomorrow I'm planning on ordering a set of Whispbars from Tesla (any cheaper way to do it than ordering from Tesla?.... no store near me, so I'll be paying...
  15. RobW2428

    What pen refill to order for swag Tesla pen?

    Hey Everyone, I'm enjoying the pen that came with my Tesla, but I'd rather have blue ink. Anyone know what the pen refill name is? Thanks, Rob
  16. RobW2428

    Outdoor home HPWC (wall connector) pics please

    Hey, I'm looking to mount a HPWC (now called "wall connector") onto a post in a mulch bed in the front of my house. It will face the street and I'd like it to look nice. My wife would *really* like it to look nice :p. I've seen plenty of commercial-grade metal posts, but I'm looking for...
  17. RobW2428

    Do you insure with Nationwide Insurance?

    ***Sorry if I put this in the wrong forum. Couldn't figure out the best spot for it.*** Hey, I have Nationwide Insurance for other cars, house, etc. If you've insured a Tesla through Nationwide, please answer these questions: 1) Did it take a while for Nationwide's system to recognize your...
  18. RobW2428

    Outdoor NEMA 14-50 install. Advice?

    Hey, I'm meeting with an electrician today to talk over installing an outdoor NEMA 14-50 outlet for charging my Model S. It'll either be completely out in the open or partially covered by the edge of a car port. Either way, it'll get a lot of wind/rain because we're just a few hundred feet...
  19. RobW2428

    HPWC charging outdoors questions

    Hey, I just ordered an HPWC and I'll be using it outside (we don't have a garage). Here's what I'm wondering: 1) Is it ok for the nozzle (part that goes in the car) to be outside without being covered? I ordered my HPWC, but didn't throw in the cable organizer because I'd read too many posts...

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