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  1. bctomuk

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Took these snaps today outside the Trafford Centre Manchester next to the Tesla collection hub. Not sure if it’s related to the 18 superchargers expected to open later this year.
  2. bctomuk

    M3 Gone Wrong

    The car seemed to be fine to drive. I’m not sure about all of the safety features. The parking sensors didn’t appear to work so I doubt collision avoidance would have worked. I’m too a little disappointed by the speed (or lack of) from Tesla support. They didn’t even give me much advice over...
  3. bctomuk

    M3 Gone Wrong

    This morning I powered up my M3 and received the eCall requires servicing message. I popped it into reverse but all 3 cameras (rear, left and right) were black. After driving down my road I noticed that the map still showed me sat on the drive and the car wasn’t animating. After pulling over I...
  4. bctomuk

    Your Model 3 Maximum Range?

    330 miles. 2021 LR Model 3.
  5. bctomuk

    Adjusting cruise control in model three

    There’s an option in the settings to either go to the speed limit or maintain current speed. I’ve set mine to current speed but by default its set to speed limit.
  6. bctomuk

    Driver Seat Not Returning to Saved Position

    Every time I get in my model 3 I have to slightly adjust the seat angle forward which I then save to my profile. However when I return to the vehicle and the seat moves from easy entry back into the 'saved' position I find the angle hasn't returned as upright as I like and I have to tweak it...
  7. bctomuk

    Octopus Energy referral code please

    God damnit, I police this thread 24/7 and the minute I'm not looking!
  8. bctomuk

    UK Tesla App v4 - widgets are now here :)

    There wasn't a widget available for the app until this update. You had to open the app in order to do all those things. The 'Tesla for Watch' app allowed widgets with those functionalities.
  9. bctomuk

    UK Tesla App v4 - widgets are now here :)

    The car graphics quite cool when the vehicles moving. The road speeds up/slows down as the car does,
  10. bctomuk

    Octopus Energy referral code please

    I see. Nevermind then.
  11. bctomuk

    Octopus Energy referral code please

    Hope it worked?
  12. bctomuk

    Octopus Energy referral code please

    I’m relatively new to these forums. I’ve added to my profile page but how do I PM someone? Do I click a name then ‘start a conversation’?
  13. bctomuk

    3 pin plug charging cable query

    Page 2 (page 4 of the pdf) https://www.tesla.com/sites/default/files/pdfs/charging_docs/gen_2_umc/Gen2_Mobile_Connector_en_EU.pdf
  14. bctomuk

    ‘chirp’ from left side when going over bumps

    I’ve got a similar noise coming from the driver side front pillar between windscreen and side window. At first I thought it was a speaker playing up, but I’ve managed to locate the source as coming from the pillar cover. The movement while driving causes it. If I press it relatively hard the...
  15. bctomuk

    Geniepoint Charging Issues

    I've never successfully managed to get a Genie point to work properly! (1) The interface is shocking... having to log onto a website to start it going (2) None of the charging points or connectors ever appear to be numbered so you've no idea which one your trying to use (3) You have to top up...
  16. bctomuk

    Tesla Loan — avoid. Possible breach of contract by Tesla.

    You make no mention of it but I presume you've already followed the complaints procedure or tried physically calling someone on the number at the bottom of: Finance Agreement Complaints
  17. bctomuk

    Tesla Referral Code: Earn Free Supercharging Miles or a $100 Cash Award

    Tesla Referral Code: Earn Free Supercharging Miles or a $100 Cash Award
  18. bctomuk

    Sentry Oscars

    Either that or people are keeping anything 'juicy' to themselves
  19. bctomuk

    Refferal code

    Logged out and back in and still no loot box. When you say ‘they may be able to give you your code’ are you referring to Tesla or lease company?
  20. bctomuk

    Refferal code

    I have a leased M3 but cannot see the ‘loot box’ in the app. Does this mean I’m not entitled to refer anyone?
  21. bctomuk

    Wiki Restricted UK Supercharger sites - parking restrictions / registering / pay to park etc

    Green / no restrictions at Adderstone Supercharger A1 near Berwick Upon Tweed
  22. bctomuk

    [Question] Trade-in experience

    Only used motorway once before, i wasn’t selling a Tesla, but my experience was horrendous. I needed up selling to WBAC.
  23. bctomuk

    Water Leak Issue (in Frunk)

    bonnet /ˈbɒnɪt/ noun 1. a woman's or child's hat tied under the chin and with a brim framing the face. 2. BRITISH the hinged metal canopy covering the engine of a motor vehicle. No engine so technically not a bonnet
  24. bctomuk

    Seatbelt alarm

    This shouldn’t cause any problems. The isofix holds the seat in place and the child is strapped using the interstates cat seat straps.
  25. bctomuk

    Water Leak Issue (in Frunk)

    Americans call the boot a trunk. So this is the front trunk… or frunk for short.
  26. bctomuk

    Intelligent Octopus

  27. bctomuk

    Intelligent Octopus

    Seems pretty good
  28. bctomuk

    Soft Closing Trunk No Longer Soft

    Could it be that the manual closing of the trunk has caused the problem?
  29. bctomuk

    Home charging issues

    Use scheduled charging to charge during the night when household demand is lower. This way you can also take advantage of the EV friendly tariffs with the likes of Octopus Energy. That way it costs you less than a third of the price.
  30. bctomuk

    Home charging issues

    My podpoint was installed incorrectly. The clip that measures usage was put around the wrong cable so the pod point was reducing the power for safety. I called them out and they fixed it immediately. I’d recommend the same...
  31. bctomuk

    What do you do with your excess solar power?

    I signed up for the ‘A Shade Greener’ free solar panels so I don’t own them or benefit from FIT but benefit from using electricity produced. Would I be able to purchase a powerwall or similar storage device to store energy during the day to use at night?
  32. bctomuk

    Additional Drivers - Use same account or not?

    I have a leased M3 LR and my mrs used the card. Does this mean I can’t set her up to use the app?
  33. bctomuk

    Octopus Energy discount see share.octopus.energy/ivory-wave-252 Get £50 knocked off your bill...

    Octopus Energy discount see share.octopus.energy/ivory-wave-252 Get £50 knocked off your bill for signing up using the above link
  34. bctomuk

    AC vents

    I only found this by accident a couple of days ago!
  35. bctomuk

    Supercharger Newbie - Is it normal?

    It is a model 3 long range, I have no idea why I referred to it as a series 3! Reading above I don’t think I’d been driving long enough for the preconditioning either, only about 20minutes so that would have clearly affected it.
  36. bctomuk

    Supercharger Newbie - Is it normal?

    Makes sense I suppose and I did have the limit set to 100%. Thanks.
  37. bctomuk

    Supercharger Newbie - Is it normal?

    So I’ve had my Series 3 just under a month and today is the first time I’ve needed to go a long distance. So I stopped at the Adderston supercharger just off the A1 before Berwick upon Tweed. I’d noticed while planning my route it’s the only 250kw supercharger station I've seen on the map. I had...
  38. bctomuk

    Charge Current Fluctuating

    Just to let you know Pod Point have been back and fixed the issue today. It was caused by the installer fitting the current clamp to the wrong wire so the Pod Point was limiting the supply. Thanks everyone.
  39. bctomuk

    Charge Current Fluctuating

    Thanks. The pod point shows 10/10 then switches to 10/30 with the numbers increasing 11/30, 12/30 etc until it gets to around 14/30 then reverts back to 10/10 and repeats indefinitely. I took the car and cable to a public charging point and got 16/16 from a 3-phase point, which I understand 16A...
  40. bctomuk

    Charge Current Fluctuating

    Thanks. It was installed by PodPoint. I’ll ring them first thing Monday. 👍🏽 I’m going to try and ask a neighbour if I can perform a test using there charging point. Then I can rule out vehicle and cable bring the issue.
  41. bctomuk

    Charge Current Fluctuating

    Hi, I’ve had my Model 3 just over a week and had a pod point 7kw charger installed a couple of days ago. The first time I used it I was disappointed that after 12hours I was only around 50% charged which started at around 20% which I got from using the plug charger for a couple of hours. After...

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