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    How many went upside-down on a M3 loan overnight?

    I guess it’s good they weren’t leasing yet...Elon should add “residual hell” to his unique lexicon.
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    Turn by turn directions lost?

    I’m having a strange issue with V9 navigation. It seems as though all the highway changes and exits are missing from the turn by turn instructions. Almost like they planned for AP to do all those action and so the first turn mentioned are the exit to surface roads and minor road turns...
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    Elon wants to be fired.

    I started thinking about this a couple months ago, and recent events have changed it from a long-shot possibility to my honest assessment. Elon isn't having fun any more. Instead of being lauded as the visionary, the next Steve Jobs...he is now the guy that can't put together mid-market cars...
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    So there are 400,000+ people waiting on the $35k version?

    With the announcement of abandoning the reservation system for all versions except the standard model 3, the only conclusion I could come to is stated in the subject line. This seems like a slight problem. If you are forecasting a $10,000 loss on the standard model... that works out to $4B in...
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    Connectivity for messenging, CarPlay, etc. in M3?

    Current Model S owner with an M3 reservation (that appears to be expected Q2 of 2023)... I'm shocked daily that Tesla manages to sell Model S/X that have zero smartphone functionality for SMS, proper podcast and music service control. I suspect buyers just assume surely the car with a 17" LCD...
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    End of quarter discounts

    Where is that Model S interior change that so many claimed explained the Q3 discounts?!? Spoiler alert: Discounts will (again) be huge in December. Please prepare your excuses now.
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    Remote-S app Max Heat not working / updating

    I recently returned to my car after 2 weeks of traveling, and I can no longer get "max heat" to work on the Remote-S app. Anyone else have this issue? The climate seems to come on, and the temp setting is increased to 82 degrees...but not to 90 (Hi) where is previously would be set. I park...
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    Hilariously wrong album art for anything spooled from phone...

    Before I ordered my Model S, I borrowed one for a week in March of 2016. I played several audiobooks with that car, and the correct "album art" was displayed in the media center. I haven't paid much attention since, but the other day I tried numerous apps and media source from the iPhone, and...
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    Hey moderator, where is the 'Hey Elon, where is FSD?' thread?

    After the WSJ article was released, I went looking for the thread where we were discussing what Tesla and Elon actually knew when they released AP2 hardware. I can't find it, so maybe it's been removed? Obviously, there are now first-hand accounts that Elon knew that 'Full Self Driving' was a...
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    Will Tesla be introducing CarPlay?

    self explanatory title. Spare me your explanation of how the focus is Model 3...this should be a 3 month project. It's needed for model 3 launch.
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    Decent AppleWatch app needed!

    I have several apps that include apple watch compatibility...and they all suck. What is needed: 1) constant updates...all the current apps seem to wait to update until I use them...then the delay makes them more trouble than just using my phone. 2) multiple small complications...remaining...
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    How to understand the recent 60-> 75kWh upgrade price change.

    The recent price change from $9,000 to $7,000, and now $2,000 was big news this week. I think this is basically a market research activity in preparation for Model 3 pricing. My bet is that each 1kWh increment is going to be priced at ~$200, and they wanted to confirm this would be seen as...
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    How else to interpret 2016 CA autonomous driving results?

    I usually get a laugh out of the ability of fanboy culture on this site to rationalize almost any bad Tesla news. (Though lately it seems the messiah has left the building now that he is working cooperatively with the new administration!). But now, I come to you in my time of need. Help me see...
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    Elon twits AP1 improvements coming...anyone still trust them?

    I see that the latest tweet claims additional improvements are coming to AP1...anyone care to guess the 'improvements'? Or guess more functionality that will be removed to further gimp the system so it's less embarrassing to the current capability of AP2? Let me know some other ideas, and I'll...
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    Fair warning: Autopilot now limited to posted speed limit in some areas

    I'm just posting this here to inform potential buyers who may be considering an order based on the capabilities of Autopilot of some important developments being discussed in the model S driving dynamics forum. In a recent update, Autopilot use in areas that were previously limited to 5mph over...
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    Fair warning: Autopilot limited to the posted speed limit in latest update.

    I'm just posting this here to inform potential buyers who may be considering an order based on the capabilities of Autopilot of some important developments being discussed in the model S driving dynamics forum. In a recent update, Autopilot use in areas that were previously limited to 5mph over...
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    Newer Teslas also with Takata recalled airbags?

    Supercars at Risk: McLaren, Ferrari, and Tesla Added to Takata Airbag Recalls My nearly new Tesla has one of these?! How was this not corrected in 2015? Or 2014? Or 2013? Or 2012?... The situation concerning ammonium nitrate has been known forever. What the swear-word?!
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    Set of Aero Wheels brand new

    I have a set of the Tesla Aero Wheels that were only available for a short time. Brand new, in original boxes, never mounted. $2500 obo PM please
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    Oh sweet 7.1, the last great Autopilot until 2018

    With the announcement that all new Tesla's will be LOSING autopilot function for the next 3? 6? 12? Months, let's take a moment to remember how great we have (had) it. We paid 2.5k...not 5k or 8k for something that will be released some time next year. They can't be specific on the schedule...
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    My theory on truck lust...

    I read discussion of "truck lust" constantly on this forum. So far I have felt really lucky that I have never suffered from this problem. There are many times I feel like the Tesla holds the center of the lane, despite a truck being at the edge or even beyond the edge of its lane, but I never...
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    Refresh S60...no rear anti-roll bar?

    i had my car on the lift today, and was going to measure the rear bar to see if a thicker version from another trim level would balance the car a bit...I think I found the balance problem... There appears to be no rear bar! Questions: What rear bar diameters are in existence? Can the rear bar...
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    Refresh S60 weighed: Under 4400lb!

    I put my refresh S60 on the scales today, and was pleasantly surprised that it was lighter than expected at 4394 lbs. That's less than the S70 spec weight of 4555lbs so I'm pretty happy. Model S60 (RWD) Body color Next gen seats Premium interior 19" slipstream wheels No other options (other...
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    7.1 > 8.0? Seems like an update for Tesla's legal team, and a net loss for customers.

    I'm considering sticking with 7.1 until the dust settles on 8.0. As far as I can see, most of the updates are to reduce Tesla's liability. The new nag function is detailed on Electrek.co: "Here’s a comprehensive breakdown: Below 45 mph ‘Hold Steering Wheel’ alert after 5 minutes on a...
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    Wanted: Black Moab bag from referral prize list

    Did anyone get the Black Leather Moab bag as their referral program prize and would be interested in selling it?
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    Charging rate stops at 47A?

    Refresh car and HPWC set at 48A...but charge rate adjustment stops at 47A. It doesn't really make a difference, but any idea why won't it go to 48A?
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    What is this connector?

    Found this connector near the Canbus 3 connector. (Refresh)
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    Ideal Charge Rate??

    Rate I have a new refresh 60kWh, and I have an HPWC that can charge at 48A (seems to actually max out at 47A, but anyway) My question is: If I charge overnight, and have plenty of time, should I slow the charge rate down to 20A or 30A? My understanding is there will be some charge rate impact...
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    Anyone else remember the post asking if Autopilot had been limited in speed on Florida roads?

    Several weeks prior to the announcement of the Autopilot-related fatality, I distinctly remember a post somewhere on TMC complaining that Autopilot was limiting their speed to 5-over, as it would on a two-lane road, despite being on a divided highway. And IIRC, the region in question was...

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