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  1. P85DBeast

    I like the new standard wheel design! Goodbye Slipstreams

    So the S has new wheels now...I actually think they look rather nice. Thoughts? Including extended range, these seem like a much better option than the 21s. Dare I say they actually look better than the 21s. (If this has been posted before delete it)
  2. P85DBeast

    Did Anyone Notice That Tesla Gave Us The 2 Rear Caliper Setup Back?

    I was wondering has anyone else noticed that when you get a 75D or 100D on the design studio that you get the 2 rear caliper's back?
  3. P85DBeast

    Quick rant! (About an Idiot at 5 AM)

    Ok so to make a long story short me and my family are on the way to Charlotte NC for my wife’s job. Now let me remind you the entire time that we’ve been on the highway we haven’t had a problem with other drivers. So as we are merging onto the highway with tons of semi trucks surrounding us. My...
  4. P85DBeast

    Why you should not buy a Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

    My "Friendly" Neighbor came up to me this morning. And showed me that the guys over on the S-Class forum have created an abundance of reason's as to why "One Should Not Buy A Tesla Model S". And that annoyed me. So why not create a list of reason's as why us Tesla owner's should NOT buy a...
  5. P85DBeast

    WOW! This car just burned down....

  6. P85DBeast

    Model X hits semi.

    Tesla Model X owner claims Autopilot caused crash with a semi truck, but ‘safety rating saved his life’ Glad he is ok!
  7. P85DBeast

    Do you think our cars can go to a higher speed than 130, 140, 155 MPH?

    Here's the top speed I think each battery is capable of hitting. 60, 60D Currently only able to get to 130 MPH = I think they "Could" hit 140-145 MPH. 75, 75D Currently able to get 140 = I think they "Could" hit 150 - 155 MPH. 90D,100D,P100D Currently able to hit 155 = I think they could...
  8. P85DBeast

    P90D with FSDC!

    Maybe Tesla's website was incorrect again but my dad sent me this P90D. He is trying to upgrade his current MS. Model S P90D 5YJSA1E42HF174981 | Tesla
  9. P85DBeast

    Do you think a 10-15 Year Old S is completely worthless?

    Do you? Wanted to hear your thoughts/Opinions Personally I dont know yet sometimes im leaning towards yes other times no.
  10. P85DBeast

    If you want a CPO P85 with AP here you go!

    Found a CPO P85. I've never seen a P85 with AP for sale on here! There's actually 2 of them same color and wheels!:) 85 kWh Performance Model S 5YJSA1H1XEFP57148 | Tesla 85 kWh Performance Model S 5YJSA1H10EFP64089 | Tesla Weird to see that the second car has that late of a VIN thought the...
  11. P85DBeast

    They have a Tesla suspension hall of shame!

    They actually have a hall of shame for the suspensions on for S's and X's which seems kind of weird. Some of them look like they were caused by the accidents that some of these vehicles were involved in. I dont believe that all the wheels just fell off of these cars like that.
  12. P85DBeast

    Anyone ordering without EAP and FSDC?

    Wanted to know who ordered without it. Why didn't you get it? Or if you got EAP but not FSDC.
  13. P85DBeast

    Hyper-Flashing Of Turn Signal!

    The turn signal on our P100D is hyper-flashing. Only Happens to the driver side turn signal! Does anyone know why the car is doing this? Tried a reboot that didn't help at all. When hazards are activated it goes back to normal. But when hazards are off the drivers side hyper flashes. Passenger...
  14. P85DBeast

    When are we going to be able to use the 360 Surround Cameras for Parking?

    When are we going to be able to do this? Saw a video on YouTube about how a guy drove a 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum covered in snow! And he was able to activate the cameras to drive around! I think this would be a great feature to be able to use also would be better for parking so you wont clip...
  15. P85DBeast

    When Paying So Much For A Car What Do You Think Should Be Standard?

    What do you think should be standard?
  16. P85DBeast

    Is the S about to get those bundled interior options?

    I hope Tesla does not do this at all because that would be horrible!:confused:
  17. P85DBeast

    What do you think the 100D's Range Will Be?

    Wanted to hear you guys opinion!
  18. P85DBeast

    Air Suspension needs service!?!

    Does any one know what is causing this? The suspension was lowering on the Highway at set speed and then BAM!! "Air Suspension Needs Service" Warning was thrown across the dash and then it jumped right back into the standard setting! And so I continued to drive home and the car was parked for 1...
  19. P85DBeast

    Did the S have auto-leveling headlights before? (UK Vehicle)

    Did it? ill let the picture do the explaining: It says level above the AUTO position!
  20. P85DBeast

    Did the S have Auto-Leveling Headlamps in the UK? ( Sorry if thread it out of place)

    Did they have this? Because I came across a salvage Model S that was running (OLDDD) Software and saw the Level Button for the headlamps (Pic Below)
  21. P85DBeast

    Should We Buy Our Daughter An S Or Wait Until M3?

    I know we have our P100D on the way buttttttttt........... we found a really superb deal on a 2014 P85+ w/o AP and my daughter wants my P85D but im giving that car to my Mom because she is begging on her knees for it so im giving it to her! When our P100D arrives. So should my daughter get a S...
  22. P85DBeast

    Standard Black Leather Seats Are Back!!!!

    The standard black seats are back!:D We might add these to our current P100D Configuration Or Can we? Update: Actually this isn't available for the P100D!
  23. P85DBeast

    The Big Decision!

    Today is a very exciting day......................because we chose to get another S just because we think it looks better than the X and my wife really wanted a Panoramic Roof.....Again. A Model S P100D: Deep Blue Metallic:D Options: Pano Premium Pkg AP High Amperage Charger Upgrade...
  24. P85DBeast

    There's problem........

    When me and my wife order our new S or X which ever we get we defiantly dont like the standard new 19'inch wheels we loved the older one's like the ones she has on her 85D! and we are not gonna get the 21'inch wheels (learned my lesson from the grey turbines on my car) but we are going to suck...
  25. P85DBeast

    Well me and my Wife have been thinking...........................

    Well like the title says we have been think about getting another Tesla!! :) and are definitely confused on which one were going to go for we definitely getting a P100D. Doesn't matter if its an S or X! I just would love here some feedback on which one you guys think we should order!
  26. P85DBeast

    Why Does Every News Channel Blame "AutoPilot" For Every Single Crash?

    It just amazes me how they automatically assume AP caused the accident:mad:. But the ludicrous mode is new. And funny how this car isn't even equipped with AP doesn't have the camera in the rear-view mirror!:p
  27. P85DBeast

    Should Tesla Offer A Red Leather?

    Just a quick poll? What do you think? I would love to see that!
  28. P85DBeast

    Who's S was this?

    My Apologies if this has already been posted but who's S was this. This is probably such a stupid question but did this survive this? Video of Tesla Model S swimming sparks Musk to reveal submarine car as "side project"
  29. P85DBeast

    What Battery Pack Do You Have?

    I was just tempted to see what is the most common battery pack out there! My guess is that the 85 is the most common out there.
  30. P85DBeast

    20'Inch Helix Wheels Should Be Cancled?

    Just for an observation do you think the 20'inch helix wheels should be canceled b/c it doesn't seem like they are getting a lot sales I don't see any X with them they either have the standard 20'inch wheels or the 21'inch wheels!
  31. P85DBeast

    Are We Looking At A Potential Redesign? Or What Do You Think?

    With All the new Tesla Vehicles coming out such as the X which came out a couple months ago, and the 3 which is coming out within a couple of weeks. When is Tesla going to redesign the MS its a good looking car but lets face it the design is starting to get a little old in the tooth. Buttt Its...
  32. P85DBeast

    New Wheel Choice!!!!!

    Seems like the MS has a new wheel choice look like they came straight off the model x designed wheels these wheels are on the TM website - - - Updated - - - I cant believe that they got rid of the other 19'inch wheels. They were way better looking in my opinion.:biggrin:
  33. P85DBeast

    Is this p85d literally worth 28,000 dollars????

    This site say that this P85D is only worth 28,000$ dollars and the damage isn't even that sever it can be repaired.. Estimated price for VIN: 5YJSA1H26EFP63442 , 2014 TESLA MODEL S (lot:40804705)
  34. P85DBeast

    Rear Ended Yesterday

    :cursing: Yesterday my 18 Year Old son was out in my MS (Went to run errands) And was on the phone with me connected over Bluetooth and he was telling me how a girl was tailgating him the entire time. And so as my son says "dad im at the stoplight turning down our street now" and as soon as...
  35. P85DBeast

    Highest Recorded Mileage!

    I was wondering who has the highest mileage MS on the TMC. Im probably some where in the group because my car has 68,298 Miles on the Clock im really trying to see if with age my car causes more Issues because god knows that what happened with my Audi S8 and It was a 2012:mad:. But I still want...
  36. P85DBeast

    Ghost Lighting????

    I was wondering has anybody installed ghost lighting on their MS and how it came out. Basically how it look at night, the brightness and overall look so does anyone have any pictures at night of it and how long does it take to do an install....:confused:
  37. P85DBeast

    Pano Roof Vent Problem or Not????

    I noticed that on my car the pano roof vents so little barely even noticeable. So is anybody else having this issue the roof vents but super low not like my Audi S8 did it vented way further up than this roof does and this this a pano I was just wondering would you consider this an issue or are...
  38. P85DBeast

    White Leather Sig & Founder

    One of the Tesla Wiki post says that the founders and Sig series were available to be ordered with white leather"Initially interior seating was only offered in Nappa leather. Signature Series and Founders cars are offered with a white leather option color choice. In addition a perforated leather...
  39. P85DBeast

    AP Available on vin above 50,000

    Well me and my wife are still looking for her a MS (She is so excited) but she is very picky with her options she basically wants every option that's on my car. But she said she doesn't need the P85D or the next gen. seats (She hates them) but there is a catch she wants a P85 or P85+ with AP so...
  40. P85DBeast

    Body Colored Handles Instead off Chrome

    I cant tell you how many times ive been burnt by these door handles. So do you think that they should be body colored instead of the chrome that burns the crap out of your hands when its hot out....
  41. P85DBeast

    This is why I don't park on the side of the road!!!!

    This is why I don't park on the side of the road only because of this hit and runs. I'm afraid to be the next victim in my MS it's happened in my wife's Tahoe already I just can't have it happened to my MS.....
  42. P85DBeast

    I think my wife has been leaving me hints......

    I think my wife wants a model S well not really think but Its kinda obvious. So when we went to New York 3 weeks ago she saw a pearl white one and said "I really love that color if I were to get one I would go for that color" then she bumped my shoulder.So if I get her one it would be an 90D and...
  43. P85DBeast

    Lots of CPO Model S cars on Tesla's website

    I found so many models cars on the website in the CPO section of New York very low mileage too. I found 85DS,P85Ds,90s,90Ds,P90Ds with ludicrous mode upgrade I'm seriously thinking about giving my wife my P85D and drive to New York and take this P90D with 771 miles of their...
  44. P85DBeast

    Stupid Question?

    I know this is dumb to ask but where is the Model X live stream be held just found out like 10mins ago.
  45. P85DBeast

    Car Update

    Well I've finally came to my decision about my car well i have decided not to get rid of it like my wife said you well never find a car as good and reliable as this one and as quiet as this one but ive also come to my own senses and realized that i love this car i cant rid of it but thats also...
  46. P85DBeast

    New Headlights?

    I've heard that the MS will be getting new headlights is this true? http://www.myteslablog.com/2015/02/new-tesla-model-s-next-generation-led.html
  47. P85DBeast

    2013 Audi S7 4.0T Prestige

    I want to know if this is a good car for the bargain too replace my MS with Used 2013 Audi S7 4.0T Prestige Sedan in Charlotte, NC near 28208 | WAU32AFC3DN093973 | Auto.com
  48. P85DBeast

    Thinking about getting rid of my MS

    I really haven't had my car for that long and im thinking about trading it in at a local dealer because they have a 2015 BMW M5 and i always wanted an M5 i haven't test drove it but when i saw it i was..... Literally fan guying because the M5 used to be the car that i would always say i was...
  49. P85DBeast

    Brand New P85D SALVAGE!!!!!!!!!!

    Just doing my normal searching and found a P85D that still had the Zero Emissions Licenses Plates.This seems like this was a testing car or either it just got a brand new owner well first owner and was totaled what doe people do or other people drive like to wreck these things i drive like a...
  50. P85DBeast

    60D owner

    Desires anybody in the foum own a 60D or 40kWh MS becuase I never drove the 60D and since it was not produced for a long amount out of time I just want to know if anybody owns one. And about the 40kWh MS I just need to know bumper use doe it feel powerful enough?

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