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  1. FB49

    Carfax Report? [does a minor repair at a body shop appear on carfax?]

    Several weeks ago a young fellow backed his F350 Ford pickup into our parked Model 3. He actually only nudged our M3 at less than 1 mph (the onboard cameras caught it all on video) but his trailer hitch ball left a deep dimple and very slightly cracked the paint on the front fascia. My...
  2. FB49

    2014 Model S 60 to S 85 battery upgrade?

    In 2019 we traded in our low mileage 2014 Model S 60 and bought a new Model 3 Long Range - Dual Motor. Is it possible that after trading it in with Tesla, they could have performed an electronic upgrade on the M60 to make it a M85 using their over-the-air update wizardry? It seems to me such...
  3. FB49

    Sentry mode worked perfectly!

    Today while parked and away from the car, a County Parks & Recreation Department F-350 backed into our Model 3. Nobody hurt, but it was kinda weird watching the video as that big old pickup kept creeping back, and back, and back, until the trailer hitch smacked the front of the car :oops: The...
  4. FB49

    Supercharger protocols?

    We've owned our 2019 M3-LR for a year and a half now and used the Tesla Supercharging network only a few times, and each time there were always plenty of open charging stalls. But as more and more Teslas are being produced, I've heard that Tesla Supercharging locations can get really crowded...
  5. FB49

    Charge port door issue

    I've got my 2019 M3 LR set up to remain unlocked when parked inside my garage. At the end of the day if I decide to charge overnight, I go out to the garage to plug in but pressing the button on the charger cord will not open the charge port door. Sometimes if I open the left rear passenger...
  6. FB49

    Backup Alarm?

    A friend stopped by with his 2019 Model 3 yesterday (his car is 2 months older than my Model 3) and as he was backing out, a weird sound came from the car. It sounded sort of like a Star Wars battle cruiser passing by. He said it had been there since new. I rather liked the sound as an alert...
  7. FB49

    Date my Model 3 was built?

    I know the month and year my Model 3 was built but is there any way I can figure out what day of the month it rolled off the assembly line? We were thinking about having a "birthday party" but aren't sure of the exact date. Thanks.
  8. FB49

    19" Sport Wheel Rim Protectors?

    Okay, so it happens to the best of us eventually... a bit of wheel rim "curb rash". I've been unable to find an exact color match touch-up paint for my silver/gray 19" sport wheels, so I was thinking of installing a set of these (relatively new to the market) wheel rim protectors that would...
  9. FB49

    Continental Tire Replacement

    Within a month of picking up our new Model 3 last December, either me or my wife scuffed the right front wheel on a curb resulting in a fairly minor (3-inch long) wheel rash :-( Anyway, sometime in February I noticed a small bulge (about the size of a quarter) in the sidewall of the OEM...
  10. FB49

    New Dream Job

    My son just started his dream job yesterday - working for Tesla. He'll be doing design work on the new Pacific Northwest area Tesla website and he is absolutely over-the-top thrilled to be working for Tesla! He bought a new Model S in 2014 and then gifted it to us (his parents) last year when...
  11. FB49

    Sew/Iron on Tesla patch

    Anyone know where I can buy a small (maybe 2"X2") sew-on or iron-on Tesla logo patch for my coat? Thanks.
  12. FB49

    Month and year Model 3 was built?

    How can I tell the date (month and year) my Model 3 was built? Is the date stamped somewhere, or a sticker somewhere on the car?
  13. FB49

    First Service?

    We bought a new Model 3 LR AWD in August of 2019. No troubles or problems whatsoever except one minor body panel discrepancy at delivery. When should I take it in for it's first servicing? X number of miles on it or X number of months after purchase?
  14. FB49

    Model 3 range increase to 325?

    Did this Tesla software - (https://electrek.co/2019/03/13/tesla-model-3-range-increase-software-update/) - ever get sent out and/or updated? My (August) 2019 Long Range Dual Motor Model 3 came with a 310 mile range and all indications are that it is still 310 miles. Was this update for...
  15. FB49

    What are you missing?

    What does your Model 3 NOT have that you wish it had? For me, I think it would be interior grab handles to make getting in and out a little easier.
  16. FB49

    19" Sport Wheels touch up paint?

    Hellp! My wife has managed to slightly road rash the right front wheel already (the car has just over 1K miles on it). Does anyone have a silver/gray paint name, or number, or paint code for an over-the-counter touch up paint I can use on my 2019 M3 with 19" sport wheels? Thanks!
  17. FB49

    Worst Case Scenario

    We live on an island off the coast of Washington and periodically we do have power outages caused by storms that can, and have, lasted up to 5 days. My current back-up generator puts out 3000 watts surge, and 2800 watts normal load power, but it only has 110v outlets. At only 3-4 miles per hour...
  18. FB49

    Tomorrow is almost here!

    We're pretty excited... trading in our 2014 Model S and picking up a new LR Model 3 tomorrow morning in Bellevue! White-on-White with premium interior and 19" sport wheels. Are there any specific items trending lately in terms of build quality, fit, finish, etc. that I should be looking for on...
  19. FB49

    Model S to Model 3

    We're thinking of trading in our 2014 Model S for a new Model 3. What's the best way to go about this? Contact my nearest Service Center (almost a hundred miles away) for a Model 3 test drive? Would they be able to give me a trade in value on my Model S at the same time?
  20. FB49

    Supercharger "fines"? [Idle fees]

    Okay, so I pull into a Supercharger location. There are 11 charging stalls, but only 1 is in use when I get there. I have free supercharging for life with my Model S and I plug in and go have dinner at a local restaurant. 35 minutes later my phone app tells me I'm fully charged but the...
  21. FB49

    Tesla vs Tezla?

    This may sound a bit picky, but when watching many online videos, it "sounds" like the commentators are pronouncing the word Tesla (Tess-lah) - as - Tezla (Tez-lah). Which pronunciation of the word Tesla is correct? Is this a regional or dialect accent thing? How do you pronounce the word Tesla?
  22. FB49

    Teslas on the big screen?

    Anyone know of any Hollywood movies that show a Tesla driving or even in the background?
  23. FB49

    Checking for my software version?

    How can I check to see what is the latest software version that has been downloaded to my 2014 Model S60?
  24. FB49

    2014 Model S Motor Whine?

    My 2014 Model S 60 (with 61K miles on it) has a definite motor whine but only on acceleration. It sounds sort of like a jet engine winding up during any acceleration but instantly goes away when I let off the accelerator. It is most noticeable at low speeds, though it seems to go away above...

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