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    Passenger side mirror damaged

    My Passenger side mirror was damaged but is completely functional. What options are there to fix this?
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    Availability of Log Data

    I was involved in an accident where the other party is disputing in I honked my horn or not. Is anyone aware if Tesla would have logs of this type of data - specifically when a horn is used?
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    M3 Buyer's Remorse?

    lol, I really wanted to see if MS owners had the first inital response as I did. Sounds like @Ted Hadley has the right idea! I agree @xav- I do believe financially the M3 will make more sense than me continuing to hold onto the S.
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    M3 Buyer's Remorse?

    Sure, I'd say in the interrior I just find the MS nicer. Nicer finishes and the ride is smoother. I do agree the M3 is more sporty and nimble. My EAP is not collabrated so I am not able to test that yet.
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    M3 Buyer's Remorse?

    Nice! Did you instantly like the 3 more or did it take some time?
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    M3 Buyer's Remorse?

    That is interesting you find it better built. You didn't feel the interrior in the S is so much nicer than the 3?
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    M3 Buyer's Remorse?

    I have had a MS for about 3 years now and have loved it; however, decided to take order of the M3. My main reasons was my MS was out of warranty, smaller battery, and only had AP1. From everything I could see online, it received favorable reviews. However, now that I have it, I really wish...
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    Bubble on instrument cluster

    I was able to get Tesla to replace this under warranty. They said it was caused by whatever glue they use.
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    Tail light plastic cracked

    I have this tail light cracked but was hoping not to have to replace the entire tail light. Do you know if just the plastic can be replaced?
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    TeslaLog.com - Your hosted Tesla Data Logger - Announcement / Support threads

    I no longer use this but every day get this email Hi, This is an automated notification to inform you that your API Token will expire in -14 days. To keep your TeslaLog recording information, you must have a valid Tesla API token which have 45 days expiration date. To create a new up to date...
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    Bubble on instrument cluster

    I still have about 2k miles left on the 50k warranty so that is the good news. The local shop asked I send them pictures as they haven't seen it prior so they need to see how they would fix it. I wonder if it is heat related as we just got into the hot season..looks like it is 108 degrees in...
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    Bubble on instrument cluster

    @Spidy To clarify, this is behind the steering wheel not the touchscreen.
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    Bubble on instrument cluster

    I noticed people getting bubbles on the touch screen but I haven't seen anyone with this issue on the driver side screen. I noticed this few days ago and it seems every day the bubble moves around. Has anyone experienced this? if so what was the fix?
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    Wheel caps

    Thanks for the suggestion! I went this route and they look great. It is hard to believe Tesla sells anything for $5 but the totally do.
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    Power Window Behavior

    I noticed that when I put any of my windows up, it seems to stop and come back down. Eventually it was stay up. I took a video of this https://goo.gl/photos/n5NQJhNyZ7XeDVwq6 It seems to have been going on for a while now and I wonder if anyone else experiences this?
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    Wheel caps

    I had my rims powder coated a gunmetal gray. My car is black. However, they didn't touch the wheel caps. What suggestions have you seen work well with the rim color?
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    Windshield Damage

    Who did the replacement?
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    Windshield Damage

    Thanks for the insight everyone. The good news is I also have a $0 because it is in FL. I did request they replace the windshield but now need to make sure it will work with AP.
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    Windshield Damage

    While traveling on the interstate, rocks flew up and left a nice crack in my windshield. Has anyone had experience on how noticeable the damage was once repaired? Wondering if it is worth replacing than repairing.
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    Diminished Value Advice Needed

    Were you also able to claim loss of use?
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    20" Tires--what a nice surprise...

    Wondering on the XM demand, are there just certain things you can not get via bluetooth or tune in? I was talking with a friend and we were trying to figure out how they were still in business
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    WANTED: 19" Model S Rims and/or Tires

    Thanks everyone, sent you all PMs.
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    Boone, NC - 4 Wheel Drive?

    Next week I was planning to drive up the mountains for the week in Boone, NC. I'd prefer to bring my Model S (not 4 wheel drive) but it was recommended that in the winter season that we bring a vehicle that is. Anyone familiar with that area this time of year believe a Model S would be OK or...
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    WANTED: 19" Model S Rims and/or Tires

    Anyone selling who will ship to FL?
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    AP 2.0 on submitted orders

    I can also confirm the DS I spoke to confirmed they would require the difference for enhanced. They would of course waive the change fee. I do believe in Dec when the software works it will mirror AP 1.0 features. At some future date, cars that paid for enhanced will get new features.
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    My Model-X resale value just dropped significantly

    It is hard to think of what other MAJOR addition Tesla can make to it for the foreseeable future though. Once your fully autonomous then what? I do believe current owners are somewhat protected. Most of us paid $2500 for AP. If you want to use it fully featured with AP 2.0 you are paying 8k.
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    Model X 60D is Gone

    This is such a bummer. It really confuses me why Tesla doesn't give customers a heads up on removing the option. I was actively working with Tesla on ordering a 60D and had no idea. Now, I will sit on the sidelines until they bring it back or get back down to that price point.
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    My Model-X resale value just dropped significantly

    I know, welcome to owning a Tesla. I believe the only silver lining is I would imagine it being a while before one can take advantage of the features plus it sounds like even if you took delivery tomorrow, you can't even use AP 1.0 features yet.
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    60D Order/Delivery Thread

    damnit, I was hoping to be a 60D order in but looks like I was late to the game. I can't really justify the price at a 75D. Oh well.
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    Diminished Value Advice

    @cab Was there a police report in the case of your accident? I was thought if not then the only other person to report the accident would be the body shop. Do you know who reported yours?
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    Has the quality of Tesla service gone into the toilet?

    My experience has been that the SC is under staffed / overbooked. I had a DU replaced and they didn't even have loaners so they rented me an ICE car. A few days later my TACC / AP stopped working and it was going to be at least 3 weeks before they could look at it. My SC has a lot of really...
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    Drive Unit Replacement Poll

    Dec-2014 model just replaced @ 30k miles
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    Wife wants Model X - Opinion?

    I can confirm that they use CarMax on trade in. They were about 1k below Bluebook. Love the perspective guys! We were about the pull the trigger and then learned that it will not be until the end of the year before they start releasing the the 5 seat option. Of course we will continue to lose...
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    Wife wants Model X - Opinion?

    Last year my wife bought a 2015 Lexus GX 460 brand new for $53k. She test drove a Model X recently and really enjoyed it but her mental agreement to herself is she would keep the Lexus for at least 3 years. However, with the release of the 60D and the $7500 tax credit (which I believe will...
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    Will the Model X CPO/inventory be added on ev-cpo.com?
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    Pre-2016 S60 warranty

    With the pre-2016 60-kWh cars having eight years or 125,000 miles warranty. What is the likelihood Tesla will retract those to have the same warranty they are giving the 2016 S60 warranty (infinite miles / 8 years)?
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    2015 Model S 60kW vs used a used 2013

    If your question is will a new MS 60 will impact the used MS 60 market, the anwser is yes.
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    Cigarette lighter stopped working

    For anyone wondering, the fuse which @Skotty showed a picture of is correct for at least the 2014 Model S 60 as well. Tesla calls it the "12V Power Socket" and it is F35. It was a simple fuse replacement. I am really not sure why Tesla would advise customers to bring it in though. It was...
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    Cigarette lighter stopped working

    @Skotty Thanks so much! I will take a look at those fuses. I much rather do some basic troubleshooting than bringing in the car for service (as Tesla is suggesting).
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    Cigarette lighter stopped working

    I was using an tire pump which plugged into the cigarette lighter and after about a few minutes of use, the pump stopped working. The power plug was very hot. Now the cigarette lighter doesn't work at all. All phone chargers stopped working. Is there a fuse somewhere I can check?
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    The Autonomous Model 3

    It mystifies me that there are people who would prefer to manually drive a car instead of letting it drive itself. There are so many benefits of autonomous driving which include the reduction of deaths, accidents, traffic, taxes, insurance, etc... I could see in the next 10-20 years we will...
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    AP hardware in late-2014 builds?

    Yes, Nov 2014 had the AP hardware
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    NOOB, Can anyone give an earful on my Tesla S 60 purchase

    S60 owner and I would also say the range difference between 60 and 85 really do not change your driving habits. The only benefit I saw with the S85 is the lifetime battery and drive train warranty which would only apply if you're keeping it more than 125k miles or 5 years in your case.
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    Abandoned gas stations

    While I don't think that is a bad idea, it would make it rather costly for Tesla. Today, most SCs - if not all are in parking lots of existing businesses. I assume Tesla leases the space if not gets it for next to nothing to drive business to those locations. I'd think a gas station would...
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    Model 3 Reservation Numbers Appearing in My Tesla

    I noticed when I reserved mine it did not ask if I was an existing Tesla owner, how did you associate your reservation as an existing owner?
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    Color choice?

    OK, so I think you get you have to pick a color you like but as someone who lives in FL, I wish I would have gotten a white car. I ended up getting black and feel it shows scratches more and of course is hotter. If I could do it over, I would have gotten perl white.
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    Rims chipping off

    As an update, I showed the SC and they said it cost $150 to repair each rim. This type of rim (or any rim damage?) is not covered by warranty. I just noticed that a 3rd rim is chipping off as well. Strange..
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    Elon - what have you done for me lately? Autopilot is getting boring - what's next?

    Since Tesla has abandoned having an app ecosystem, I would like to see Android Auto. That will be an amazing day.
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    Rims chipping off

    I do live near the beach. Could be a factor

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