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  1. Mrbrock

    Model 3 Wiper Blades Trico Gold (yes) / Trico Black (no)

    Lots of threads about wiper blades but just wanted to post my experience. Neither of the above mentioned options showed as fitting but the wiper blade set (Bosch 3397007863) for 2014/15 Audi A3 showed as fitting. Searching for those cars, these showed up so I thought I’d give them a try and...
  2. Mrbrock

    What would you pay for a SR Y right now?

    Seeing some crazy prices on used Teslas right now. If you really wanted one and didn’t want to wait 2+ months, what would you pay? Take this for instance: https://www.cerritosmitsubishi.com/vehicle-details/used-2021-tesla-model-y-standard-range-costa-mesa-ca-id-41979508 $45,000 tops including...
  3. Mrbrock

    Rear Seat Sensor Not Working?

    We have a car seat in the rear of our Model Y. We do not see the seatbelt warning like we do in my 3 so we can click the card to switch to child seat mode. Seems like this would be good but we would like it to work as intended so the car knows there is a baby there in case it deploys air bags...
  4. Mrbrock

    Missing Charging Port Part?

    I can’t tell if I am missing a pin or just a cover to a pin but it seems to be charging fine. Is this something I should have fixed ASAP? Also noticed my charge door is running paint off the fender…
  5. Mrbrock

    SR Price Increase?

    Just saw an inventory car, base model for $42,990. These were either 39,990 or 41,990 depending when you purchased right? So they went back to the original price and increased it along with the other Model Y increases. https://www.tesla.com/new/5YJY208_0b9ff6bcb786fb5bed21ac3c3290973e
  6. Mrbrock

    Supercharger - Sonoma, CA (under construction Jun 2021, 8 V3 stalls)

    Received an nice email response from a gentleman in the building department for the City of Sonoma when I inquired about the recently updated Q3 2021 Map pin for Sonoma. He confirmed that a permit application was on file (but not if it was approved or issued) for the Sonoma Community Center at...
  7. Mrbrock

    2020 Gloss Door Panel to 2021 Matte Swap?

    My wife just took delivery of a Model Y with the new console and matte switchgear and trim on the door panels. I have a 2020 Model 3 with the glass switchgear and trim. I have tried wraps but the door trim is very difficult to get right so I have given up. I was wondering if we could just swap...
  8. Mrbrock

    Model Y vs ID.4, MME (and others) Rangeb

    Doing a deep dive into the CARB certification gives you some number for range comparison, albeit not real world. Knowing battery sizes you can compare range with efficiency of the drivetrain but not really aerodynamics since this is all done on a dyno. All ranges referenced are UDDS so not real...
  9. Mrbrock

    Current Inventory

    After the EOQ push fleet wise inventory seems really low. New S/X are 10-14 weeks out so either they are building a huge backlog of pre-orders for those or Europe will get the refresh first? M3 is to be expected with exporting but a few Ys seem to be trickling out of the factory to fulfill prior...
  10. Mrbrock

    Supercharger - Soledad, CA - Mission Soledad Shopping Center (Permit Issued Mar 2021)

    I reached out to Building Permit Division for Soledad and they were able to confirm that a permit has been issued (no exact date or document number since there is no online database) for a Tesla Supercharger at the Mission Soledad Shopping Center near Starbucks at 3070 H Dela Rosa Sr St. They...
  11. Mrbrock

    Supercharger - Brentwood, CA (LIVE 31 Mar 2021, 16 V3 stalls)

    I sent an email to the Community Development division regarding the Q2 2021 Tesla Supercharger pin. The response was that there is a V3 Supercharger currently under construction in the northwest corner of the Streets of Brentwood that would allow 200-250kw charging. I believe the closest...
  12. Mrbrock

    Model Y Fremont Production Line Question

    The quarter production schedule has been discussed in detail but I haven't read anything about the Model Y production. Since Model Y from Fremont is not exported other than North America, does it fall under the same schedule as the other lines that change production to export for 2 months each...
  13. Mrbrock

    New Install Clipping/Not Installed Correctly?

    Received PTO on my 8.16kw system late last week. Finally had some great sun days over the weekend. 24 340w panels in a 5x5 rectangle and a Delta M8 inverter. Facing due south on 20* pitch roof. Max output has been 4.1kw and it has already reached that today. Not seeing any type of bell curve...
  14. Mrbrock

    New Tax Credit For Semi

    Haven’t seen this mentioned but it looks like Tesla will get a 10% tax credit on each Semi sold. Found this in the excitement of the extension of the $7000 personal tax credit for Tesla vehicles in the new GREEN Act. In addition to building on existing credits, the bill creates a new credit...
  15. Mrbrock

    V3 Supercharging Discussion

    Moderator note: The first ten posts in this thread were moved from the thread regarding the Santa Rosa, CA Supercahrger. Stopped at the V3 SC in Modesto this morning and got 90kw at same SoC. At V2 SC in Fresno and got 84kw at same SoC. I understand it’s not guaranteed to see 67% increase in...
  16. Mrbrock

    J1772 Won't Charge until 30+ minutes after driving

    I am having some issues with charging from a Mustart Level 2 Charger at work. It is plugged into a 6-50 outlet to give the full 32A the car can handle. This combination worked fine for a couple weeks but the last week I have been having issues with being able to plug the car in immediately...
  17. Mrbrock

    MrBrock’s Audio Upgrade

    Here is a thread I will update as I upgrade my audio system. For now I have done the 3 front speakers and will hopefully swap and power the rear deck speakers as well as add a subwoofer in the trunk. For the 3 fronts I went with coaxial speakers from the BMW Individual Audio system that was a...
  18. Mrbrock

    Matching Wood Center Console Wrap

    I have been looking for a center console wrap that matches the strip on the dash and as I have a vinyl cutter I thought I'd try to find the matching vinyl/PVC to cut my own using the files provided by Kenriko on Github. Some of the better looking kits were in the $100 range and I didn't want to...

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