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    Supercharger - Point Harbor, NC

    On the Tesla supercharger page, it lists a supercharger coming to Point Harbor, NC ("coming soon"). Point Harbor is near the Outer Banks on Rte 158. There is also a more specific page where it says "Target opening by end of 2018". Anyone heard of any more info about this one?
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    fuse location for cigarette plug in classic MS?

    Hi all, I think I have a blown fuse for the cigarette adapter plug. I have a 2014 classic. Can someone point me to where the fuse box is located and how to access it? I don't see this info in the owner's manual. Thanks!
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    Consumer Reports recommends Tesla disable Autosteer and make changes to AutoPilot

    Didn't see this posted here yet. See article here: Tesla's Autopilot: Too Much Autonomy Too Soon
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    Revised approach to cooling the 3rd row seats

    Hi all, There have been several threads and approaches described to help with cooling the 3rd row seats. With the weather getting hot again, I wanted to post my revised system. First, I thought it might be helpful to try to summarize the prior approaches (of which I am aware/can recall): 1...
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    No more RWD at all?

    The only options in the design studio now are 70D, 90D and P90D. I'm surprised to learn that no RWD cars are being produced. Sorry if this is already well known, but came as news to me. I believe that the base 70 (RWD) was recently removed, thus making only -D models available.
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    Two questions about the Summon feature

    Hi all, I have two questions about the Summon feature - from a 'classic' MS owner. I have not seen this addressed in the v7.1 thread, but maybe I missed it. 1. What size object(s) can the car detect (and not detect) when driving itself into or out of a parking space? What type/size of objects...
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    Battery drain data - average 6 RM per day (energy savings off)

    I was recently gone for about 2 weeks and collected the below data on lost range while my car sat untouched in our garage. Energy saving was set to off and 'always connected' to on. Range mode was on, if that matters. Net result was that I lost an average of 6 RM per day. Miles lost correlated...
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    How did you select your dashcam?

    Hi All, I'm considering getting a dashcam. It seems a lot of folks here have selected either the BlackVue 550 or 650. But yet there also seem to be reports of problems with the BlackVue systems (this thread). So - please help me decide on which dashcam is the best option. Specifically, how did...
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    Fresh air HVAC mode: where does air exit the car?

    Hi all, I'm trying to better understand the recirc vs fresh air modes of the HVAC system. I'm asking to see if there are creative ways to improve the air flow to the 3rd row, which is generally lacking, although it can be improved using a combination of 1) fresh air mode; 2) tinting the windows...
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    silicone fobpocket - reviews/input?

    Hi all, Does anyone have a silicone fobpocket? I believe they are made by a Tesla owner. I'm thinking of getting one, and I'm wondering if anyone has one. If so, I'd appreciate your input on how it works and if you like it or not. Thanks!
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    HVAC always seems to run on fresh air mode

    Hi all, I've noticed that my HVAC has seemed to always be in fresh air mode lately. I am trying to test it out more and am wondering if there are scenarios when the HVAC would be expected to be on recirc. Over the past couple weeks, I have not yet noticed the HVAC in recirculate mode when it is...
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    Rated miles needed at X Wh/mi

    Hi all, Please let me know if I am doing this math correctly. I am taking a road trip soon, with 6 people and a roof box. My testing is that my energy usage is 375Wh/mi at highway speeds with the box on and A/C running pretty good. To be safe, I'm going to assume 400Wh/mi. What is the most...
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    Route cable under rear seats?

    Hi all, I want to route a 12V cable from the center console to the trunk (right behind the rear seats). Can I simply fish it under the rear seats? Have others done this and any input on whether it is straightforward? I am aware the chargers are located there, along with related HV wiring. I've...
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    limited regen after car charged/plugged in?

    The other day I charged at work (J1772). My car finished charging a few hours before I left to go home. When I unplugged and started driving, I was surprised that I still got the dashed yellow 'limited regen' indicators. Shouldn't the car 'keep the battery warm' when it is plugged in? Or am I...
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    New baby coming. Advice for 2 carseat locations?

    Hi all, How have you positioned 2 carseats in the MS? We will have a 3 year old and a new baby (in a few months). I'm aware of the LATCH restrictions, but am curious how people have arranged carseats, in terms of how to get both kids into the car and buckled. We have the option of putting...
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    map updates!

    I received a pop-up today saying 'Congratulations! Your maps have been updated' (not word for word, but that's basically what it said). The maps definitely were updated, as a road I know has been changed is now properly reflected.
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    what is this blue pin on the Map?

    Hi - I noticed for the first time today a blue pin on the map. I don't see anything about it in the manual. I don't know what I did to make it appear, and now it is gone. But I did get a cell phone picture of it. Any clues? Thanks!
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    anyone with an installed center console?

    I'm considering the center console. If anyone in the area has it installed and would be OK with me taking a look, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!!
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    Tesla facility visible on approach to LAX?

    Hi, I landed at LAX today (from the East) and there was a fairly large building with TESLA on the roof during the approach. Anybody know what this is? THanks!
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    voice commands: how to specify to call mobile vs home number of a contact?

    Can the voice recognition dial a specific number for a contact? I have not been able to get this to work and not sure if it is possible. A bit disappointed, since even by prior Prius could dial the right number when I said "Dial John Smith home" or "Dial John Smith mobile". Thanks!
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    Charging o/n at 120V - how many miles do you actually get?

    I'm planning a trip and may need to rely on some slow overnight 120V charging. Will turn on the "sleep" mode to reduce drain, of course. How many miles are people actually getting back at 120V? I understand I can expect 3-4mph - but it would be helpful to know if it is closer to 3 or 4mph...
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    Energy "since last charge" vs "energy consumption"

    Hi, I've noted that the energy "since last charge" does not usually match the average "energy consumption" (over the latest 5/15/30 miles). It appears to me that energy "since last charge" is usually greater (on a Wh/mi basis) than my average consumption. In my case this comparison is easy...
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    Navigation/map search results - what is the sort order?

    With navigation and searching for a location (i.e. 'Target', or any chain store), what determines the order that results are displayed in? A few tests seem to indicate that my desired destination (almost always the nearest one) is not first on the list (or even second or third). Is there a...
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    actual interior temperature indicator

    Hi, I see that on the App, it tells me what the actual inside temperature is of the car. But, I cannot find where this information is displayed on either of the two in-car displays. Can someone help me out? Thanks!
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    HVAC behavior when car off but doors opened

    Hi, I've noticed that my MS will turn on the HVAC (or continue to run the HVAC) even when the car is off. For example, I get to my destination and exit the car. Then start to unload - my son, bags, etc - and the HVAC continues to run. Similarly, it turns on as soon as I open the door in the...
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    Wiki site for tips/tricks on the MS?

    Would there be interest in putting together a wiki site with tips/tricks for the various MS functions? There are tons of valuable nuggets of information spread about this forum (many in the "things you didn't know about your MS" thread). It seems it would be very helpful to collect them in one...
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    lumbar support - bar seems to lack much padding?

    Hi all, Just receive my MS on Friday, and super excited!! It's an amazing car, a true game changer. We took it on a short road trip this weekend (~2-2.5hr driving time both Sat and Sun). I found that the lumbar support rod seemed poorly padded and I felt like I was leaning against a metal rod...
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    Does 300Wh/mi equate to rated range?

    Hi, I'm on our first road trip with the MS. I've seen reference to this in other threads but wanted to clarify - If I drive at an average of 300Wh/mi, will I get the rated range? Thanks!!
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    driving from Raleigh and staying in Wilmington, NC

    Hi, We're planning a short weekend trip from the Raleigh-Durham area to Wilmington. One night stay only, so would be looking to replenish ~150-200 rated miles overnight. This will be our first trip in the MS, so I'd like to be prepared. Can anyone offer tips on EV-friendly hotels in the...
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    How does Tesla buy-back "set the market"?

    I'm trying to decide about financing via Tesla or elsewhere. I see the value of Tesla financing in that in guarantees that the users of Tesla financing can sell the car at a set price in 3 years. But I don't see how it benefits other MS owners. Others have said that the Tesla buyback program...
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    slight gap along top of HPWC

    Hi all, I noted a slight space or gap at the top of my HPWC following install (done myself with wiring by electrician). I'm referring to the way the metal cover fits on the body of the HPWC. The bottom appears flush, but there's a small gap along the top. Is this normal? Thanks! tom
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    Durham/Raleigh electrician for HPWC install

    Any recommendations for an area electrician to install a HPWC? May also need to add a sub panel. Also any ideas on expected cost would be great. Location of charger & sub panel will be right next to main panel. Thanks!!
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    Plug HPWC into a NEMA 14-50 plug?

    Hi - I'm considering the high power home charging option, largely because of the dual charger. I don't need HPWC charging speeds at home. Instead, I'm thinking of installing a NEMA14-50 outlet. Conveniently, the location will be directly next to our main breaker. Also, the NEMA 14-50 outlet...

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