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    Tinting recommendations in Atlanta

    Does anyone have recommendations for a good place(s) to have a model S tinted in the Atlanta area?
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    MCU died, AC won’t turn off... vampire drain excessive

    Driving much less now obviously. Went to drive it yesterday afternoon for the first time all week and the MCU won’t turn on. The car still drives and still connects via the app, but the vampire drain is excessive as the A/C won’t turn off. Attempts via the app are unsuccessful. I have a...
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    Rename Tesla for Bluetooth connectivity?

    Is it possible to rename my car to something other than “Tesla Model S” when devices are searching to connect via Bluetooth?
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    Chargeport lights up blueish-pinkish instead of white....sign of impending failure?

    My charge port has been lighting up blueish-pink in instances where it used to light up white. Is this something I should schedule a service visit about? It still lights up green when charging. I haven't had any issues charging at level 2 chargers (haven't tried supercharging since I noticed...
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    Model X in a tight garage

    I got a model X for a loaner today (yayyy! I've been wanting to test drive one for a long time now), and I'm wondering if it's safe to try to open the rear doors in my tight garage. I've seen videos of the doors stopping short of obstructions. Do they have sensors to check both clearance on the...
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    Flat Tire on the NY Thruway; must be towed off by an "approved" vendor

    I was traveling on I-95S and within a mile of me entering NY, I hit a pothole an caught a flat tire. I called Tesla roadside and was informed that only "authorized" companies are allowed to service cars on the Thruway (what a racket) so I had to call the NY Thruway to have them tow me to a...
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    Why hasn't the sci-fi genre accepted and adopted autonomous vehicles?

    I've watched a few sci-fi shows/movies lately and the lack of autonomous vehicles is beginning to stick out. From Black Mirror to Altered Carbon and even Pacific Rim, these works tend to show off visions of the future with advanced AI, digitized consciousness, lifelike holograms...
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    Did 8.0 remove side view mirror positioning while in reverse?

    I've noticed lately that my profile settings no longer have the position of my side view mirrors stored in my profile when I go in reverse. It's the same when I'm in Drive or Park. I used to have my passenger side mirror point down to the rear tire to help me avoid curb rash whilst parallel...
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    How long does it take to replace a quarter panel?

    Hi, I need to have my quartet panel replaced due to a minor accident. The car is still drivable, just a buckle in the quarter panel above The wheel. The shop has the parts (that took two months), and now is telling me it'll take 3 weeks to repair. That seems like a really long time. Does anyone...
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    Thread got moved?

    Why was this moved to a subforum? Then they wonder why this forum has a 'fanboy' reputation...
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    How many MA drivers are on TOU rates?

    Hey, how many drivers here in Massachusetts are on TOU rates? I'm looking at TOU rates trying to decide if I should switch. The summer on peak rates are really high (over 20 cents, not including supplier charges!), so they can really eat into your savings. I have a rough idea on how much...
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    Battery % vs kWH

    I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I'm trying to get a formula that relates SOC to kWh. Basically, I want to know if I charge from x% to y% how much kWh did I add back into the battery? I have a P85D btw, but it would be nice to know this for all battery sizes.
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    Dash screens are blank, ODO is zeroed out

    Anybody see this before? I assume I need to reboot, how do I do this and how long does it take?
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    Georgia wants EV owners to pay for saving the planet [Engadget]

    Georgia wants EV owners to pay for saving the planet Climate change is still a real, looming threat, so you'd think that getting people using electric cars would be a vital project to safeguard the future. Unfortunately, the state of Georgia is so broke that it's not only pulling its electric...
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    P85D purchasers: How many only got it because it was the only D you could get in 2014

    I'm wondering how many amongst us would have opted for anow 85D if they could have received it by the end of the year? How many extra P85Ds did they sell by only offering that car by December 2014? I, for one, did not want to wait until February (which could've easily rolled into March...

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