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    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    Northern California. 10900 Miles since March 2013, 295 WH/Mile. Mostly short commuting against the main flow of traffic, so lots of red lights... Very little AC so far, no radio.
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    Taking apart a Roadster charging plug

    A few years ago, I posted a series of pictures documenting how I took apart an MC120 plug. The original post is half way down this page: J1772 Charging for the Tesla Roadster - Page 3 Since then, a few of you have asked for more detailed instructions, so I put this document together: Opening...
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    How do you have your displays setup? (Touchscreen and Dash)

    I never bothered changing the left and right displays... I think I read about how it can be changed when I first got the car but never got around to it. I never use any of the steering wheel buttons. I also don't use the audio system at all: I enjoy the silence! So it shows the Wh/mile on the...
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    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    After a little more than one year, I'm at 9800 miles and an energy use of 296 Wh/mi. This is mostly commuting in fair weather (Northern California: we did not have a winter this year), with speeds rarely exceeding 60 MPH. Very low use of climate control. Just got the 5.9 update and it looks like...
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    Supercharger - Vacaville, CA (expanded in 2017, 16 V2 stalls)

    Just in time for my trip up to Sacramento on Saturday: merry Christmas to you too, Tesla Motors!
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    Supercharger - Vacaville, CA (expanded in 2017, 16 V2 stalls)

    This will be very convenient for travelling between the SF Bay Area and Sacramento. I have three such trips planned during the holidays. Not having to detour through Folsom would be nice!
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    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    Update: dwegmull - 298 Wh/mi, 5521 Miles, 19", 85KWh, Northern California My energy usage has come down with the temperature. I think I'm at a sweet spot now as I (and the battery) do not need any climate control. Soon we will need the heater... It is interesting that the comfort zone of humans...
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    Exterior box big enough to hold the UMC?

    Maybe one of these would work: McMaster-Carr They do get pricey with size...
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    Get J1772 adapter to pop charge port door

    When it comes to plastic enclosures, my go to place is Serpac: Serpac - Enclosures - CA-Series
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    Model S Mirrors

    I hope they will offer it as an upgrade for existing cars. I only have a couple of inches of clearance on each side of my garage opening... Furthermore, I wonder if the wiring harness for the motors was already there (so the upgrade would consist of just swapping the mirrors and updating the...
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    Unlocking the Doors from inside

    If my window is opened all the way, I reach out and touch the exterior handle on my door, causing all of them to extend. It is a bit awkward, but I find it quicker than fumbling with the touch screen.
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    PG&E EV Rate Timing Chart by Musterion

    Sorry, I do not have one. I'm still on a basic rate (no time of use), once I switch, I will probably get one of these devices...
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    PG&E EV Rate Timing Chart by Musterion

    That is one nice graphic. I might just have to print it once I switch rate... By the way, several companies make real time indicators that are compatible with smart meters: Validated HAN Devices
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    Model S Software/Firmware wishlist

    I would like to be able to log into my Google account, so the maps would show my favorite spots and saved maps. This way, I could create a map with a customized route on my computer and it would show up on the car's screen. Today, I use my tiny phone display for that purpose...
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    So what's available for sale at the Fremont store?

    If you are in a bind comes the 30th, I can loan you my 14-30 adapter. By the way, when I ordered it online (just a few weeks ago), it arrived the next day by Fedex...
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    Here are a couple of tips: - I do agree that the menu item for the garage door opener is too small, how ever, I found that I can improve the odds of hitting it on the first try by putting my fingers on the top of the dashboard and taping the screen with my thumb. - If you own an old opener that...
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    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    1800 Miles, 308 Wh/mi, 85/19", CA (SF Bay Area)
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    How to build a lightweight 50A extension cord

    When we had our driveway re-done, we could not use it for almost two weeks. I dismantled a 14-30 Tesla adapter and replaced its short cord by 50' of SOOW cable. Worked like a charm! The cord is rated 30A and the Roadster was pulling 24A for a couple of hours to recharge from my daily commute...
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    Get J1772 adapter to pop charge port door

    A key fob could be built out of a small processor (ATMEL AVR TINY, for example), a small battery and one of these transmitters: RF Link Transmitter - 315MHz - SparkFun Electronics. Maybe it could be integrated in the J1772 lock: CapturePro CP1 | Power12 Electric Vehicle Aftermarket
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    Top 10 tips for showing your model s in public

    I created this one page document when I had my Roadster: Roadster FAQ - Google Drive And I updated it for the Model S: Model S FAQ - Google Drive So far, I've shown the Model S twice, at a local "bring what you drive" car show and at an Earth Day event at a local community college. I spent the...
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    Cars on display and for demo drives in the stores

    Are the demo cars limited to reservation holders or available to all interested buyers? When I test drove the Roadster, there was a non-refundable deposit of $250 if memory serves me well... I've been on the fence about trading in my Roadster for a Model S. I certainly want to drive one before...
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    National Plug In Day 2012 Events - September 23rd

    My pictures from the event in Cupertino, CA are here: Photos - Google+ I spent most of the day giving rides, I don't much information about some of the cars on display...
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    Audi EV

    An Audi A3 E-tron test vehicle showed up at our local event part of National Plugin Day: I never got a chance to talk with the driver, so all the information I have is from this:
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    Peeling headlight covers

    When I bought my HID upgrade, they asked me if I wanted my old headlights back. I said yes, as they may come in handy in the future when spare parts become scarce... Getting back my old headlights had no impact on the cost of the upgrade. I would not be surprised if old headlights just get...
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    DIY Home EVSE

    It started life as a 14-50, but I removed the unused neutral prong, so it can be plugged into either a 14-50R (common at campgrounds) or a 14-30R which is used for clothes dryers. For those of you not familiar with US wiring, most houses are supplied with two 120V phases, 180 degrees out of...
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    DIY Home EVSE

    My own EVSE is done! I started this effort before I was aware of the open EVSE project; however I decided to continue with my own design mostly for my own education. While the J1772 part itself was fairly strait forward, the GFCI, was another matter... I can confirm that off the shelf GFCI...
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    Wiring UMC for 110/120 volt operation?

    I just did some further tests. The Roadster will happily pull whatever current the UMC tells it to pull, regardless of voltage. I only tried with a dryer outlet pigtail, so in my experiment, it was about to pull 24A. I can confirm that the "polarity" of the 120V cord matters. If the neutral...
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    Wiring UMC for 110/120 volt operation?

    I did build a 120V pigtail last night. Using the twist lock outlet that came with my 50A pigtail. Now that I see doug's comment, I'm not so sure that my experiment will be of value... Leaving the fourth wire inside the twist lock unconnected results in the Roadster charging at 12A, regardless...
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    National Plug In Day 2012 Events - September 23rd

    I will be giving rides in my Roadster at this event: National Plug In Day This will be the EAA's Silicon Valley chapter's 40th rally. All kinds of plugin vehicles are expected to attend from home made conversions to examples of nearly all commercially available EVs. Owners can either...
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    Wiring UMC for 110/120 volt operation?

    I just modified one of my pigtails this weekend. I agree with Doug in terms of basic wiring. in addition, TM offers a 120V pigtail, so the UMC should be able to handle it. As far as I can tell, the UMC sets the current as follows: in the twist lock outlet there is a fourth wire (purple) that...
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    Don't make the same mistake I made...

    Since we are talking about being stranded on the side of the road... Before TM last changed their website, the phone number for their US roadside service was listed. At the time I copied it into my phone "just in case". Anyone knows if that phone number still work? I cannot find any mention of...
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    Recommended jack, for home garage or trunk?

    When searching for a suitable jack, look for a "racing jack". This is appears to be the industry's technical term for low profile jacks that fit under low slung sports cars. For garage use, I would (and I'm about to) get the one with the highest capacity that fits your budget. If you want...
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    Roadster - new options

    Here is a picture of the inside:
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    Random Model S sightings

    Correct. Looking at it closely, the blue shows in a few places.
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    Random Model S sightings

    Lost in a sea of Roadsters, is Model S #10:
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    Random Roadster Sightings

    Not truly random, as I took these at the Menlo Park store this morning: This is a mat black wrap over blue paint. This engineering prototype is in for "refurbishment"... I don't know what's the story with this one... Also present was Model S serial number 10.
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    This never happened to me before

    In my experience, I can achieve parity between the two readings by driving at a constant 55MPH. If I keep my energy consumption below that, the estimated range will be greater than the ideal range (by 5 to 10 miles). This happens on days when I drive only on local streets with 35MPH speed...
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    What did you park next to? (Or what makes the Roadster look tiny?)

    This is what a Think EV looks from the Roadster:
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    Charging in an enclosed garage

    Thank you for all the feedback! I charge my car very slowly compared to most you: 24A! I will look into a thermostat controlled fan. I might even over engineer the whole thing and add a way for the fan to detect that the car is charging. No point in running a fan during the day when no one is...
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    Charging in an enclosed garage

    Even though I've had my Roadster for over two years now, I have never charged it inside a fully enclosed garage except once. That one time was in a very small one car garage and I had just driven 140Miles. It got pretty hot inside, so much so, that we kept the garage roll up door opened a few...
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    Roadster Rear Hitch

    I've been wondering if the Strida would fit... Thanks for answering my question!
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    first around the world EV race starts May 2012

    @Rafael Do you have plans to stop by Tesla headquarters or factory? There are a lot of Roadster owners in the Bay Area: I'm sure we could setup some kind of welcoming party.
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    How to protect nose of the Roadster from paint chips, rocks, and ground scrapes?

    I recently got a new front bumper after a small parking lot accident... If I remember the details of the invoice correctly, installing starshield on the bumper only was close to $1000.
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    What's gone wrong with your Roadster?

    I thought all turn signals worked intermittently ;-)
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    What's gone wrong with your Roadster?

    Three TPMS related failures (two wheel sender units plus the front receiver antenna). Driver side window motor failed (window down, not a rainy day). Windshield washer fluid pipe clogged (was told it was a build up of mold due to under-use) One of the boards that is inside the ESS was showing...
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    What did you park next to? (Or what makes the Roadster look tiny?)

    Nice shot! I met them In Palo Alto on Friday evening. Their car was driven into an area normally reserved for pedestrians, so there was no opportunity to park my Roadster next to it... Ho, and they are quite adamant that their car is a Citroen C0, not a Mitsubishi i-Miev ;-)
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    Random Roadster Sightings

    I think there is one owner in Berkeley who posts here occasionally. I think his car is white, so you may have more opportunities to spot a Roadster. You could increase your chances by spending some time on the SF peninsula... I see other roadsters at least twice a week, not counting my own, of...
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    Roadster motor - is it really ultra reliable ?

    My understanding is that the battery is liquid cooled whereas the electronics and motor are air cooled.
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    Renault Zoe ZE

    To clarify the automated translation: By 2014 they will have 300Km in the lab. A production vehicle will follow at a later date. Most likely several years.
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    Tesla Roadster on Nürburgring Nordschleife

    I noticed that too. Clearly the game developer needs a ride in a real one...

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