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    2-button reset not working

    Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere, I’ve done some searching but haven’t found anything helpful. Basically, the 2-button reboot doesn’t work on my MYP. Or more accurately, it works differently than it did on my previous Teslas. It goes like this: - Hold down the steering wheel buttons...
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    I can’t believe it happened to me

    Until today, I was laughing at the poor suckers always posting about rashed rims. “I’m more careful than that, I have excellent situational awareness,” I told myself. The scary thing to me with this is that I have no idea how or when I did it. I didn’t hear or feel a thing, and no one else has...
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    Sentry mode not recording events

    I have the opposite problem - I get anywhere from 400-1,000 “events” per night in my parking garage, and I have to format my 500GB SSD weekly to prevent it from filling up. Want to split the difference with me? 😂
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    New Official Tesla Model Y trunk storage bins

    Good thought, but it’s a 5-seater (MYP). I haven’t had a chance yet, but I think I can probably manipulate the position of the bin a bit to make it more flush.
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    Next Gen Model Y

    Obviously, the longer you hold onto your cars, the more it makes sense to take this type of thing into consideration. But if you change cars every 2-3 years (not usually smart financially, but it’s just the cadence a lot of people are used to), it really doesn’t matter. By the time you’re really...
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    New Official Tesla Model Y trunk storage bins

    Interesting… my lids are definitely a half inch or so lower than the rest of the floor. I’ll have to investigate and see if I can reposition the bins somehow.
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    New Official Tesla Model Y trunk storage bins

    Installed these yesterday, and they’re just okay… For some reason I’m having trouble getting the right side to fit perfectly, and with the lids on, they sit lower than the floor, so it’s not super seamless. Will keep them though, they’ll still make those cubbies more usable.
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    Ordered MY LR but wanting MYP

    I was worried about firmness before I took delivery of my MYP, but it’s totally fine. If you’re accustomed to even remotely sporty suspensions, it’ll feel normal. That said, I wouldn’t dream of running these 21s (as good as they look) in an area with bad roads.
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    Model Y: Tesla Vision - no radar drive at night

    This is such a huge problem. Every few months of my Tesla ownership, I have tried the auto high beams to see if I could use them without random flashes and without aggravating other drivers. Every time, I’ve turned it off again within minutes. Never mind FSD, this is going to make TACC useless...
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    No more radar in Model Y/3

    The narrow-angle camera has always been rated for 250m vs. 160m for the Conti radar in V2.5/3, so they’re definitely putting in the work here to make the best of a maybe-not-perfect situation.
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    New deliveries come with rear door PPF

    Nice. I’ve been dragging my feet on installing the PPF because I have the workmanship of a toddler. Asked the SC to do it, but they refused (they did my mudflaps however).
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    No more radar in Model Y/3

    Agree with this sentiment. The cars piling up at the factory and distribution centers supposedly “waiting on a part” jibes with all of this. Elon probably said “let’s just rip the band-aid off and go pure vision now so we can get these cars sold” rather than wait for the radar supply to rebound...
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    No more radar in Model Y/3

    I believe that’s accomplished with the ultrasonic sensors, not the radar.
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    Possible to turn off passenger face vents?

    My theory - and this is purely a theory - is that they added a servo-controlled louver inside the passenger side duct and didn’t add one to the driver’s side. This would explain why older 3s don’t have it, and also why it’s not controllable in the UI, because you can’t also toggle the driver’s...
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    2021.4.15.12 now...?

    Noticing no one who says they’ve gotten it is in CA. I wonder if they’re still ironing out the latest auto wiper rewrite and testing it with people who actually see rain this time of year.
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    I miss being on 15.1 for the last three weeks, it was a real unicorn (never saw it go above 0.3% deployment)
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    Any advantage to adding FSD pre delivery? Located in SC

    I bought FSD in my 2019 Model 3, back when it was much cheaper, it cost more if you bought it after delivery, and a subscription option wasn’t imminent. I was also much more naïve about Musk’s timelines. As it stands today, I have no idea why you’d buy it upfront. Didn’t even spend a second...
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    You can book collision repair through the Tesla app, but depending on your local SC, they may not want (or be unable) to deal with it and will refer you to a nearby Tesla certified body shop.
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    Creative ideas for door ding protection?

    That’s a great idea, thanks! Although I’m trying to solve the opposite problem - other doors hitting my door panels. Short of gluing a piece of trim along the doors, I don’t really know of a good solution for that.
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    Creative ideas for door ding protection?

    I have reserved parking in a garage where the spots are really tight. The guy in the spot next to me has a Taycan and so I’m not worried that he’s going to be careless, but accidents can and do happen. I think I already know the answer, but is anyone aware of a simple door protection solution...
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    MYP Tesla Replaced my CF spoiler 3 times already!

    The spoiler that SC replaced on mine two weeks ago is now separating again on the passenger side. This is so silly.
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    New changes soon?

    You should always wait for the next update. Then when that update comes, you should wait for the one after that. On your death bed, having never bought that Tesla, your dying words will be “I hear there’s a range bump coming soon”
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    In defense of the old headlights

    Excellent thread with those here: New Matrix projector LED vs "old" reflector LED headlights comparison on US cars
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    All Weather Floor Mats during Delivery

    No. Even if you could, this would involve getting in touch with your SA, which is somewhere between difficult and impossible depending on your SC.
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    Glovebox SSD Error messages

    To close the loop on this: Can confirm, switching to a higher quality cable resolved the errors for me as well.
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    Would you still buy a Model Y now if you could do it again?

    Would absolutely buy again in a heartbeat, and agree with the comments about road trips. When I did a coast-to-coast in my Model 3 LR a couple years ago, I easily needed to add a day to the trip (maybe more) for Supercharger stops. At that time, the Supercharger stations along the I-80 corridor...
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    Autopilot error message

    This is exactly the kind of thing that’s going to wreak havoc on Tesla Insurance rates once they switch over to using personally identifiable driving data.
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    Delivery Experience with Tesla has been Terrible! (Raleigh, NC)

    The only proof of life I had that SAs even exist was when I was in the SC waiting for service and two of them were laughing at the fact that someone wanted their $100 order fee back after their financing was declined. In my experience they don’t respond to voicemails or emails, and their phone...
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    Model Y Range LR Vs Performance

    I don’t think you can go wrong between the LR and P, but I would offer one data point. I previously had an M3LR that was an absolutely fantastic car… but once the novelty of the smooth EV power delivery wore off, I really regretted not getting the P. The 980 motor is the one thing you can’t...
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    Any Model Y with new projector headlights in the USA?

    My theory is that Tesla produced fewer MYs in Q1 than they anticipated (due to chip shortage impacts maybe, not demand problems), and they want to get their stockpile of gen 1 lights down to a certain level before relegating the remainder to replacement part inventory. We’d previously heard...
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    Model Y sound system quieter than Model 3?

    It’s a good question, I’ll double check. But I believe at some point Tesla tied the phone volume to the system volume in an update so they’re the same.
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    Model Y sound system quieter than Model 3?

    Has anyone with both a 3 and Y felt that the 3 has more volume? I‘m especially noticing this on phone calls - on the Y, I usually need the call volume around 90%, compared to 50-60% on the 3. The audio quality is still excellent, there’s just… less of it. My assumption is that this has to do...
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    MYP Tesla Replaced my CF spoiler 3 times already!

    Yep, mine was replaced a week after delivery. This has been a problem since day one with the M3P (at least once they started delivering the spoilers), you’d think they would’ve redesigned this by now.
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    Drivers side mirror - still a problem?

    I seem to have full range in my March build.
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    Any Model Y with new projector headlights in the USA?

    I’m going to go ahead and make the prediction that the functionality of the new headlights is never enhanced in the US. How long have Teslas had braking force indication in Europe? A year and a half or more? I certainly hope I eat my words on this.
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    SA pulling my leg?

    I would suggest taking the delivery appointment first and checking out the car - you can always reject on the spot and go back in line. Go over the paint carefully... if there isn't anything else wrong and it was repaired well, you could still take it if you wanted. As for the reassignment of...
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    Not sure what to do, is my updating stuck?

    Sorry, one other point I wanted to make: the "Advanced" option for software updates has never done much, and there has even been speculation that it does nothing at all (like the "Close Door" button in an elevator, it's just there to placate you). Selecting it definitely won't guarantee you will...
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    Not sure what to do, is my updating stuck?

    As a longtime Tesla owner, trust me, your situation is completely normal, and the car isn’t stuck on a particular version. Over the coming years, you will sometimes have a new version before most people, and you will sometimes be behind. Most of the time, you’ll have the version most people do...
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    Model Y reset procedure?

    Dredging up this old thread to ask if anyone else is still experiencing reboot weirdness? On my new Y, I have to press and hold both buttons twice: the first press seems to disable all connectivity, but doesn’t reboot. The second reboots. On my Model 3, it was a single press.
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    Random Window Issues

    For what it’s worth, I had this issue on my Model 3 and calibrating did not fix it. Mobile service came out, he said it’s a common issue involving a trim piece that comes loose inside the door which triggers the pinch protection. He resolved it. Not sure if Y is affected by anything similar.
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    In defense of the old headlights

    Having a Model 3 with the old headlights and a MYP with the new, I wanted to give folks who are still taking deliveries of MY LRs with the old headlights some comfort: 1. The old headlights look better (the new ones look generic and underdesigned, I think) 2. In my humble opinion, the low beams...
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    I’ll bet you June deliveries have a real shot at the HEPA filter.
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    Glovebox SSD Error messages

    So I've been ignoring the error and leaving my T5 plugged into the glovebox, but today started getting a USB device error message (UI_a112) that kept chiming as I was driving... so that's not gonna fly. My only remaining theory is that I need a better USB cable, so I've ordered one that's USB...
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    MYP has hitch cover, but didn't order hitch

    Fair enough, I just assumed they replaced that piece of bumper trim if you do the $1,200 post-delivery hitch install.
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    MYP has hitch cover, but didn't order hitch

    So here's a weird thing: I noticed the inventory MYP I got this week has the hitch cover, even though the hitch definitely wasn't listed on the Monroney nor did I pay for it. If you don't order the hitch, there typically isn't a cover for it, right? I'm wondering if there's a hitch under...
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    Glovebox SSD Error messages

    Any update on this? Getting the same error with my T5. Considering that I’m seeing reports of the Tesla USB sticks failing after a few months (not surprised), would really prefer to stick with my SSD.
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    Ok so I did it!

    Made exactly the same change. I don’t think you’ll regret it! Had FSD on my last Tesla and realized the only thing I used consistently was Autopilot. (As many others have noted, lack of auto lane change is not great, but not the end of the world.) And, with the upcoming FSD subscription, you...
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    I’ll just reiterate that it may be worth taking a chance on an inventory MYP if you see one pop up and you’re tired of waiting. I picked up my inventory blue/white MYP yesterday and am shocked by how perfect it is. Only issue I can find - and I’ve been over it with a fine-tooth comb - is that...
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    "Standard" acceleration mode for P models

    Does anyone else wish that Performance models had Chill, Sport, and Standard? (Same goes for LRs with Acceleration Boost) I feel like the thrill of Sport wears off after a while - I'd actually rather keep the car in Standard most of the time, then flip it into Sport when I'm having a bad day...
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    You can remove FSD from the order after you place the deposit! You'll see a big "Remove FSD" button on your order page.

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