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  1. MrYenko


    Kindof impressive how many cars they’ve pushed this to in a single day.
  2. MrYenko

    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    ****in’ A.
  3. MrYenko

    FSD Beta Videos (and questions for FSD Beta drivers)

    …To less than 100 customers.
  4. MrYenko

    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    Per the AI day presser, the FSD9.x and 10.x pipelines are processing camera data in an entirely different fashion than the non-FSD production software. Since our current AP stack won’t run properly with the new camera pipeline, it would probably be an inordinate amount of work to get to a...
  5. MrYenko

    Tesla is Already Pushing Improvements to FSD

    Software updates will henceforth be distributed in descending order of combined social media follower/YouTube subscriber total.
  6. MrYenko

    Is camera self-calibration safe enough for FSD?

    I’m honestly surprised that the computer is accepting the jiggly input and not flagging it as a dirty or misaligned camera. The manual calibration is almost certainly (I don’t have a service manual to prove it) just to get the camera close enough that the automatic software calibration can...
  7. MrYenko

    Just Accepted To Beta (Early Release)

    Regardless of whether OP gets FSD Beta or not, an expansion of the EA program is still an interesting data point. I would assume that would imply actual software updates coming that have more meaningful changes than what we’ve seen for the past year or so. Which is to say any changes at all.
  8. MrYenko

    Just Accepted To Beta (Early Release)

    What’s your YouTube/Instagram/Other social media account with 1m plus subscribers/followers?
  9. MrYenko

    FSD Beta 9 this Saturday! (to beta testers)

    Beta invites in chronological order of FSD purchases, amirite?
  10. MrYenko

    FSD Beta 9 this Saturday! (to beta testers)

    I think we’ve all heard that one before…
  11. MrYenko

    It's happening....FSD v9 to be released (to current beta testers)

    That makes a ton more sense. 71 testers overall would fully solidify the invite-only beta as nothing more than a publicity stunt in my eyes.
  12. MrYenko

    It's happening....FSD v9 to be released (to current beta testers)

    That’s seriously it? 71 beta testers?
  13. MrYenko

    2012 Model S P85 Battery Replacement Receipt - sharing is caring

    Am I the only one who noticed they only charged 24 minutes of labor? If that’s really all they used, that’s nuts.
  14. MrYenko

    End of Speed Limit - NY

    The car knows what the speed limit is at all times. It knows this because it knows what the speed limit isn't, by subtracting what it is, from what it isn't, or what it isn't, from what it is, whichever is greater, it obtains a difference, or deviation. The guidance sub-system uses deviations to...
  15. MrYenko

    Park animation. So dumb

    There’s a button on the charge handle. I think the only time I’ve used the UI to open the charge port in almost three years is at super chargers.
  16. MrYenko

    Tesla App and sleeping

    I had similar issues including a few autopilot failures about a year ago. Stopped using TeslaFi and immediately saw normal sleet/reset activity again.
  17. MrYenko

    FSD rewrite will go out on Oct 20 to limited beta

    You can already set the mirrors to fold based on location. Mine fold the same time it fires my garage door opener, ends up being about a car length away from the edge of my driveway, most times.
  18. MrYenko

    Misleading "ADVANCED" Software Update Preference?

    I've had mine set to Advanced since the option became available, and I immediately started getting every single content-containing patch (not necessarily the bugfix patches,) the first day it was generally available... Until this one. Still no prompt to update, car still says it's on the latest...
  19. MrYenko

    Anyone got HW3 retrofit yet?

    Just got my HW3 upgrade done, VIN 13,3xx. I had requested it once previously (in early February) and was told it wasn’t available, but to request it again in ~2 weeks. Forgot about it for three, and I was able to schedule the service appointment two or three days later after what I assume was...
  20. MrYenko

    Teslas to show side cameras when backing up. Yes!

    Now if they could only lock the backup camera on when the car is in reverse... Passengers constantly fiddle with the infotainment and close the backup camera while leaving parking lots, in a car with frankly piss-poor rear viewing angles.
  21. MrYenko

    New Features "Scheduled Departure" & "Automatic Navigation" Coming

    It’s nuts how many devices and pieces of software I’ve used that are hardcoded to a 5 day M-F work week. Works great for me, being off Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
  22. MrYenko

    Musk: V10 wide release "hopefully end of august" after early access

    Podcasts through TuneIn playing in reverse order is my most annoying feature... Particularly with multi-part episodes. I am 100% stealing this.
  23. MrYenko

    $2,000 Full Self Driving upgrade now available

    Price increases are the only thing from him that I do believe, at this point.
  24. MrYenko

    A consolidated AP/FSD/Software sub-forum

    "Tesla Vehicle Software" Discuss All Aspects of Tesla Vehicles' OS, bugs, AP, and FSD. Put it directly between Tesla, Inc and the Model S forums.
  25. MrYenko

    RWD vs FWD

    I got a chance to drive an AWD Dodge Journey in Alaska in winter. All-seasons suck in the snow, I don’t care what wheels are driving.
  26. MrYenko

    RWD vs FWD

    Having the appropriate (winter or snow tires, as applicable) on the car is far more important than which wheels are driving the vehicle. An AWD vehicle on all-seasons in cold weather is in a far worse situation than a RWD one wearing proper winter tires. All-seasons start to turn into solid...
  27. MrYenko

    RWD vs FWD

    I’ve tried intentionally kicking the tail out on mine, and no dice. The computer shuts your fun down immediately on sensing pretty much any yaw angle at all. The stability control is EXTREMELY conservative. The P3D cars will get a bit sideways, but even then the computer is babysitting you...
  28. MrYenko

    2019.16 Update

    My car not going to sleep and therefore rendering the Tesla app completely non-functional for forty-five seconds after I launch it is actually a feature of TeslaFi, for me. A few miles of drain a day are essentially meaningless for the convenience of actually being able to use the remote...
  29. MrYenko

    Another eap upgrade to fsd

    This was how I found out, on the last day of the $2k offer. I really like Tesla’s restraint in sending direct-to-consumer marketing to my email, but something like that really should be an exception.
  30. MrYenko

    2019.16 Update

    In some jurisdictions, you can go to the DMV and they’ll give you the registered address of a VIN for a small fee. It’s a pretty low-probability if anything weird or bad happening, but it is a thing.
  31. MrYenko

    Stalls blocked by Tesla Owner

    I’ve seen it at a supercharger in a Wawa parking lot in Tampa. Losing general purpose parking would probably be a dealbreaker for a company like Wawa, so it’s unsurprising.
  32. MrYenko

    Just got 12.1 update.

    TeslaFi fleet tracker is showing something like double the installs of 12.1.1 that it was showing yesterday, and the install base for 8.5 has dramatically shrunken. Of course MY car hasn’t updated yet...
  33. MrYenko

    Model 3 software super-thread

    It could prove interesting in the long term to chart fleet equippage of HW3, assuming they actually start backfitting cars with it before HW4 happens...
  34. MrYenko

    2019.8.3 Change to AP lane change behavior?

    I feel like AP is now decelerating slightly when I command a lane change, even when no traffic is detected. Situation: ECC set to 80mph, I move over to the left to pass slower traffic, overriding ECC with a slight application of power pedal, and engage full AP once in the lane. After passing...
  35. MrYenko

    $2,000 Full Self Driving upgrade now available

    IGNORE ME I AM INCAPABLE OF NAVIGATING WEBSITES. Thanks Treasure. I guess I caught it in the nick of time, so to speak.
  36. MrYenko

    $2,000 Full Self Driving upgrade now available

    So I guess the $2000 upgrade went away on the 18th? They never even sent me a notification email or anything. Would have been an easy sale for them, but I don't follow things closely enough to notice two-week price changes.
  37. MrYenko

    Is TACC 100 percent reliable?

    In not-quite 20k miles of driving, I've had precisely one instance where I don't think TACC saw an obstacle; A double-deck car hauling trailer with no cars on it (essentially a scaffold on wheels) merged into my lane, and I took over before AP/TACC sensed it, maybe three or four feet in front of...
  38. MrYenko

    Changing a breaker from 50 to 60 amps, is it worth it?

    To expound on this a bit, the breaker exists to make sure that in case of an overcurrent situation, the breaker will trip open before the conductor gets hot enough to melt/start a fire. If the conductor was sized to support a 60a breaker, you can absolutely swap breakers, and enjoy the higher...
  39. MrYenko

    Model 3 firmware fine tuning wish list

    Rear view camera should stay on for two to three seconds after you shift into drive. Or at least until the wheel speed sensors all read zero.
  40. MrYenko

    2018.24.7 firmware

    I hope so. My default grip on the wheel doesn't put enough torque on it to register, so I end up having to babysit the nag alerts more than I have to monitor autopilot itself.
  41. MrYenko


    Cruising home in AP last night, speed set to 80, limit is 70. Car suddenly decelerates, now set to 60, limit showing 40... I'm thinking the GPS reported a position that the car thought was an offramp. Kindof annoying. Also highlights the need for a less-intense slowdown mode, IE: If slowing for...
  42. MrYenko

    How powerful is the Model 3's air conditioner?

    ...And better than some. Only my 2006 GTO had a more powerful cabin fan than my 3. I agree that I'd like a bit of granularity to the way Auto mode controls the fan. I like some air movement, and default auto setting has the blower pretty low.
  43. MrYenko

    Supercharging cost for M3

    I recently took a trip from Fort Lauderdale FL, to Atlanta GA, Savannah GA, Saint Augustine FL, and then back home. The first supercharge stop (both for the trip, and for the car since new,) at Fort Drum FL doesn't appear on my account, and it doesn't seem like I've been billed for it...
  44. MrYenko


    Just tried it with the above procedure and got nothing on 2018.14.13. Here’s hoping for an update...
  45. MrYenko


    I left work the other day and it was 152° in my 3... I need this in my life.
  46. MrYenko

    Use caution with the front seat adjust switches...

    The backrest adjust switch on my passenger seat is broken, and I have no idea how. The plastic paddle is completely broken and detached from the switch inside the seat. I guess someone snagged something on it and didn't notice? Maybe me? No idea, but I guess it's a fragile little doohickey...
  47. MrYenko

    Flip NEMA 14-50 possible?

    Turn off the breaker, and use a non-contact voltage tester to make sure there is nothing hot in the box before you go grabbing things.
  48. MrYenko

    Seeking Opinions on wall charger install

    Any electrician that installs a 60a breaker in a main panel and doesn’t do a load calculation isn’t going to be an electrician for very long. Any competent electrician will be more that capable of installing a wall connector. It’s an extremely straightforward job, assuming you have the overhead...
  49. MrYenko

    Received the "chill mode" version today. Is it true that regen is also "chilled" while on this mode?

    I was really hoping chill mode only affected the autopilot, but unfortunately it also caps maximum output even in full-manual mode. Next patch, hopefully.

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