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  1. FarmerDave

    After Deep Sleep, Won't Wake Remotely

    After my Model 3 goes into deep sleep, e.g.; overnight it won't wake up remotely and requires a physical wakeup like opening a door. I have the same problem with unplugging the charge cord, and must open a door first. Even the Service Center had the problem when trying to do an update. They...
  2. FarmerDave

    Does Model 3 Protect from Lightning?

    While driving (slowly) in a massive thunderstorm last weekend, with lightning striking all around us, a thought occurred to me: With its glass roof, is the Model 3 still a satisfactory Faraday cage to protect occupants from direct lightning strikes?
  3. FarmerDave

    Windshield Cracking?

    I've noticed (couldn't miss it, actually) that when starting out on a cold day (warm cabin, below freezing outside) loud cracking sounds that seem to be coming from the passenger side around the windshield. I've heard this on a number of occasions and am guessing it is the windshield glass...
  4. FarmerDave

    How Long to Get Referral Loot?

    On November 1 I responded to this email "Redeem your Model S for Kids or Signature Black Wall Connector". The email said I would receive redemption instructions. So far, nothing. I really wanted to surprise the grandkids with a Model S for Kids for Christmas, since they love my Model X. Is...
  5. FarmerDave

    Autopilot (1) Misreads KPH Signs

    I just took a road trip through eastern Canada and to make speed limit compliance easier I switched the touchscreen from miles to kilometers. Everything worked fine except that Autopilot continuously misread the speed limit signs. The speed limit that appeared on the instrument panel was always...
  6. FarmerDave

    Insane Mode at All Times?

    Is there any reason why I shouldn't leave my P90D in Insane Mode all the time? I'm think of that rare edge case where maximum acceleration could get me out of a potential collision. Would it hurt my range even if I didn't make use of the power available? Would it cause extra wear & tear on...
  7. FarmerDave

    Does This Look "Normal"?

    I complained to the Service Center that the rubber seals on both falcon wing doors (where the knee hinge is) stick up above the roof when the doors are closed. They replaced the seals but they are still not flush when the doors are closed. When they delivered the car to my home I called them to...
  8. FarmerDave

    Sunvisor Failure?

    When my car was in the Service Center last week they replaced both sunvisors on their own initiative. I was told they had started to crack. Odd, since I've probably only used them about half a dozen times. Concern: Replace Sunvisors Pay Type: Warranty Corrections: Replace 2 Sun Visors Due to...
  9. FarmerDave

    Acceleration Shudder

    For the last thousand miles or so I've noticed a significant shudder as I accelerate hard from 20-30 mph, as in freeway onramp. Has anyone else noticed this? The car is slated for a Service Center visit in a few weeks.
  10. FarmerDave

    Replace Key Fob Battery Message Won't Go Away

    When I got in my X today, the instrument panel displayed this message: I have: 1. Replaced the batteries in both key fobs with new ones. 2. Brought both fobs into the car. 3. Reset the instrument panel. 4. Reset the touch screen console. 5. Powered the car off and on. 6. Called Tesla Tech...
  11. FarmerDave

    Putting Gas in the Model X

    Trunk cavity (below the floor) fits two fives and a one snugly with no spilling. Pressure washer and mover have ICE's.
  12. FarmerDave

    Panic! Can't Charge!

    FYI: This is what happened to me today: Yesterday the charge port started misbehaving; showing that it was open while I was driving, though it wasn't. When I arrived home the charge port was reluctant to open, but finally did and I plugged in the charge cable. Today (after a full charge...
  13. FarmerDave

    Where's the odometer?

    I am at a loss to find the vehicle odometer on my Model X. For legal purposes I have been using Trip Odometer B, which I haven't reset since delivery. The User Manual is no help - it only tells how to get to the Trip Odometers,which I already found. I expected that the vehicle odometer would be...
  14. FarmerDave

    Model X Delivery Checklist

    I will receive my Signature Model X next week and wanted to prepare for the delivery process, so I created the attached checklist based on Nick Howe's Model S list. I know there are probably errors and omissions in the list, so please help improve it.
  15. FarmerDave

    Paint Protection

    This topic has been covered in the Model S thread, but after reading older posts there I can see that things have changed. a) TM no longer offers installation of paint protection film (PPF). b) Tesla Service Centers WILL NOT ALLOW independent PPF installers to work in the SC to install the PPF...

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