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    Into my 4th year in interior British Columbia with xpel full coat and still holding up well except the A pillar where some road debris scored it. No issue with dirt/gravel/salt on roads all winter and weekly carwash so far. My installer was not real pro (did not wrap around the edges of the...
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    Decreased Residual Value

    I will look at the costs when I do the buyout. Regular warranty will give me one extra year at least. Good question though.
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    Decreased Residual Value

    My lease is up in June after 3 years and I am going to buy the car out. I really do not see any benefit to getting a new MX currently (have P90DL) as "self driving" is a mirage and current batteries offer little extra range. Most of us early buyers are likely waiting for next gen battery packs...
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    Is the new rear camera better?

    I saw some posts about upgrading the rear camera. Are the new cameras different or better? Would that work with my mid 2016 MX (gen 1 everything?) Has anyone done this?
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    Next generation Model X

    All true. But that vehicle is two years away (assuming they are accurate) and as a second car complementing my MX it looks good in its vapourware form. As far as charging, I imagine the landscape will be different in two years with the other automakers getting together to provide competition...
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    Next generation Model X

    This. I think true Level 4/5 driving is a ways (years) off and my 1st gen MX is good enough in stop and go traffic and on good highways (which is the only time I really feel like using it). I was just offered by Tesla to buy out my lease 6 months early if I got a new model MX but not...
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    Updated autopilot sucks!

    Well the GPS based Autopilot that they were talking about might work if the lines are not visible on the road. My point is not that I would expect autopilot to work in icy conditions in its current incarnation, but rather that there are many conditions where in fact it really does not work...
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    Updated autopilot sucks!

    I have huge respect and admiration for Elon Musk and what he is trying to do. If there is one flaw in the system, it is likely that he is surrounded mostly by smart people who understand how things really work when his company calls something "Autopilot" and who pay attention when they drive...
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    Updated autopilot sucks!

    I am a happy 2 year owner of an MX P90DL and l also fully agree with Johno above. Most of us "get" that Autopilot is no such thing and we bought a dream that will take 5 times longer to realize than promised. I personally like to drive hands on and only use AP on good highways or stop and go...
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    Canada MX from USA or best to buy/lease locally

    There is a fantastic dealership and service department in Vancouver. I am not sure the benefit of buying in the US - especially since their dollar is so strong. The used market for MS in Canada should be fairly good.
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    should i wait for the new porsche or i-pace to come out?

    A lot will happen in the next 1-2 years. I leased the X after 2.5 years on the wait list and replaced my Audi SQ5 with it because it is much faster and very cool although 3x the price. Despite the hassles I have never regretted it and I drive to work every morning giggling at the acceleration...
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    should i wait for the new porsche or i-pace to come out?

    I have a P90DL and love it. But the lease is up in 16 months and not sure what I will do. If the Porsche CUV is available with the 0-60 of 3.5 or better and if there are charging stations in Canada that allow Vancouver to Calgary travel, then I might switch. Unless Tesla improves the battery...
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    Model X 90kWh battery pack degradation

    Agree with Jeffro. I don't think many have seen the battery warning I have now on my dash but probably Tesla has identified loss of capacity might be an issue and triggered an alert before the battery degrades significantly so you can arrange warranty replacement. I have read a lot of...
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    Model X 90kWh battery pack degradation

    I got a "battery failure warning - avoid hard acceleration" on my dash one month ago. Tesla service advised that I need a main battery replacement and this is on order. The car P90DL is fully driveable and I simply took it out of ludicrous mode. I have noticed range deterioration over the...
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    8-month-old car, 12V battery needs replacement

    Lol 12 v battery. I just got a "Battery Failure Warning Avoid hard acceleration" on my dash display and the SC says I need the entire 90 KW pack replaced. I am at 18,000 KM and 18 months ownership. The car drives normally so far and I assume I will make it across the mountains 400 km to the...
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    new model X actual reliability, if you live far from a service center

    My MX is 18 months old and I live 4 hours from SC (Kelowna to Vancouver). This is a pain in the a$$ for sure. I make it to Vancouver every 6 months and generally schedule a checkup at the SC to go over any small issues I can otherwise live with day to day. I did have a failure of the driver's...
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    I was skeptical...

    Yes it is - because I might be going 50 mph on the straight but slow down to 0-5 to make a right turn behind a car merging into another road. When that car ahead of me moves onto the new road (and thus off my radar), the TACC does not realize I am still waiting to merge myself and tries to...
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    I was skeptical...

    And subsequent to quoting and replying to post #50 on this thread there seem to be lots of others with this issue. I like the idea of disabling the cruise control when auto steer is disabled at city speeds for an interim solution.
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    I was skeptical...

    I have had the same issue and mentioned this on another recent thread. The car works as intended here but it would be useful if Tesla could eventually provide a software fix for this situation (since it is consistent, reproducible and associated with specific conditions - i.e. slow speed right...
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    sudden acceleration

    The stalks are close enough that sometimes I flash my high beams when meaning to turn on autopilot. It is a minor issue and no one has beat me up over it yet. I do not like the placement. It might be lack of dexterity or the fact I am taller than average and the ergonomics of everything...
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    sudden acceleration

    I have had this issue while slowing down to turn with a car in front of me when the auto steer disengages but cruise does not. The Tesla surges as it tries to get back up to speed when the car in front turns first and there is nothing in front of me at this point until I make the turn. I...
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    When do you think the 2170 battery comes to MX and MS?

    I would prefer 30% more range and capacity at the same weight. The higher density of power will improve performance (like the 100 over the 90) more than a 30% weight drop in the battery pack alone. I really hope they can do this and make it retrofittable. I balked at the 28,000$ CDN to...
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    Navigation System

    Allowing apple CarPlay and the android equivalent would help and take some of the pressure off Tesla to do their own Nav app. I would rather they work on autonomous driving than navigation apps. Or they could add waze as a supported app. Tesla app store!!! Maybe 9.0 :D
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    Neck and back pain, driver seat.

    Actually I got a reply email from Tesla from an actual support person within a day and that is both impressive and encouraging: Hello , Thank you for contacting Tesla Technical Support. We really appreciate you taking the time to document your feedback/concern in regards to the lack of...
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    Neck and back pain, driver seat.

    I sent an email to Tesla regarding the headrests. Will wait and see if they can provide a software solution before I go snipping wires I guess.
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    Neck and back pain, driver seat.

    I think we can agree that we are all different sizes and shapes and we also have preferences about how close or far we like to sit wrt the steering wheel. Having headrest height controlled only by global seat position is a presumptuous bit of engineering design. There are features that we...
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    Neck and back pain, driver seat.

    @ptsagcy - I think the seats are fine for shorter folks but the firm non-adjustable headrest is not as good for taller people. The bottom of it digs into our back unless we put the front seat so far back there is no room in the middle row.
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    Neck and back pain, driver seat.

    One of the problems is the headrest is not manually adjustable. I am over 6'3" and cannot get it high enough without putting the seat all the way back (which is not upright enough for me). The ergonomics are poor either way. I mentioned it to the SC last fall and was hoping they would add a...
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    Staying comfortable in Extreme Cold

    My MX was over 200K Canadian and I find it kind of funny that despite the cold weather option I am often freezing in the car and having to read a forum regarding putting cardboard covers for my windows for insulation and cardboard deflectors for the airflow so my feet are warm as well as trying...
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    Creaking sound coming from front of car when accelerating on 'standard' suspension

    They fixed it in my June shipped MX last November with a right front half shaft replacement. I notice it is back again just over 2 months later. Before, it was only if I punched it but now even on slower acceleration from a stop. I read that some issues came from having the air suspension...
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    Rain sensor

    Some stuff like the automatic high beams work amazingly well but rain sensor tech has a ways to go.
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    FWD won't open and driver's door opens slightly

    I fixed my FWD by disconnecting the power per Ohman's sticky in the reset forum. Lots of sparks doing that but it worked. It sure would be nice to know which fuse to pull as the fuse box is easy to reach and that would be much simpler. Mine has worked since I reset it two weeks ago. Anyone...
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    Ventilated Seats option is quietly removed from the "Premium Package"

    I used them last summer after I got my car and the air flow was pretty weak (could not tell they were on really). Our new Honda ridgeline is about 10x stronger. I think they ditched the idea because they were not up to snuff.
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    Falcon wing stopped working

    I was gonna post that same tip from Ohman's reset sticky this morning. My FWD passenger failed 5 days ago and this morning I had the guts to try it out after the usual power reset techniques and button holding did nothing. It is pretty easy. The frunk panel is the plastic one covering the...
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    First Big FWD Issue, Help?!

    And now there are 3 threads on the first page about FWD malfunctions.
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    What's your recent experience with service? About 100 miles from nearest SC

    My drivers door latch failed and I had to pay over 1000$ to get the service tech to fly out to my city to repair. I could have driven to the SC which is a long 4 hour mountain pass drive each way and required cancelling a day or two of work. Repair itself was arranged quickly (car driveable...
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    First Big FWD Issue, Help?!

    My MX was a 7xxx vin picked up early June and my passenger FWD just went yesterday. Same story with both icons on screen, and will not move with fob/screen/handle. I have a service appt for May for other stuff (passenger front door window not closing properly) that can wait that long. Now...
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    Driving in icy/snow condition

    I love the heated steering and seats from the winter package but find the interior heat capability very poor. In 0-10 degree F weather the interior never gets warm. I am going to have the SC look at it sometime in the spring when I have time to drive to Vancouver for an appointment. If this...
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    Driving in icy/snow condition

    I have the winter tires here in BC (Pirellis) and find them fantastic on snow but poor on ice. My ABS has not come on once (that I could feel) after 3 small (10-20 foot) slides on ice coming up to intersections. I think there is a small issue with the software programming and feel that when a...
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    Heads-up on front door latches

    I got my car in June and the latch failed in November. Had to fly a tech out to my city but they replaced both for free.
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    Positive Tesla Posts

    Most of my posts are complaints/concerns but I love the car and still get a tickle driving it every morning to work. Love the FWD (tres cool), the windshield and especially punching it off the line at every intersection. Despite minor annoyances the car is frickin amazing. I can't wait to try...
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    Why are my feet cold?

    I live in BC and find the heating barely adequate. Lukewarm actually and sort of unsatisfying. Our 35,000$ wrangler is thermonuclear in 4 minutes. The annoying thing is that there is not much to this car in terms of moving parts and I get the FWD are complex, but putting in a meh heating...
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    My software wishlist

    That garage lock/unlock/lock/unlock thing is annoying. You need the key in the vicinity so you can get in and out of the car if you have proximity lock turned on. I initially thought if I just put the key on my workbench instead of walking around the car with it in my pocket would solve the...
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    My software wishlist

    totally agree with the above. I would take: 1. Manual adjustment of headrest and ability to lower icons on top of the main display. I am 6' 3" and headrest too low in my preferred upright driving position. I cannot see the high beam icon without slouching down. If the steering wheel cannot...
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    Given that the M3 batteries apparently have 30% more energy density with the new giga factory cells, I am hoping that in a year or so we will have 130 KW batteries for our MX. If I am going to pay 28K CDN for a battery upgrade, then that might make it worth it.
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    please help: Front door latch just failed have to drive 400 miles in AM with latch warning beeping!

    They are going to replace both latches. Ranger tech is coming out Monday. I would call that pretty amazing service because they are booked into December. The people at the dealership continue to be fantastic in Vancouver.
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    please help: Front door latch just failed have to drive 400 miles in AM with latch warning beeping!

    My vin 75xx driver's door latch just failed this morning. Went to get in the car to go to work and door would not open. I could open it from the inside latch but not the outside one or the key fob or the app. If I manually close it, it latches with about 5 mm of door offset from the outside...
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    Consumer Reports: Model X - Least Reliable Car?

    Well clearly Tesla will always look after you pronto if you have really been screwed.
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    Rain sensor

    Both my old SQ5 and current MX have imperfect rain sensors. The tech is just not there yet IMO. I miss the old adjustable timer knob and find myself flicking to full on and automatic repeatedly to get the windshield clear. It also seems to work poorly at night. I love tech but some stuff...
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    My Model-X resale value just dropped significantly

    Initially I was disappointed by the lack of retrofit for my current MX, just like the 28,000$ fee in Canada for 100KW upgrade. I did lease the car though and I like driving it without AP for the most part because I drive fast and AP will not allow that. AP has been great in stop and go city...

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