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  1. psyrob

    home charging dropped to 15 amps

    Have been charging at home since I took delivery July 2018, using a Nema 14/50 installed just for charging using the portable charger that comes the the M3. A week ago, I got a lot of messages over night about charging interrupted due to overheating at the box, and long story short, the...
  2. psyrob

    auto pilot sudden stopping

    I have an extended range on a first day reservation with the stripped down autopilot, added during the brief window of time you could get it for $2K after purchase. It does lane steering and cruise control, but not navigate on autopilot or lane changes Anyway, I'm getting weird sudden stopping...
  3. psyrob

    Confused about Autopilot discount

    I bought my M3 in July 2018 and did not get EAP. Now, if I read tesla's release correctly, I can upgrade to Autopilot for $2000 and then also get Full Self Driving for $3000 more? Is that right? And when is this happening? My tesla.com account still shows these upgrades as costing $4000 and...
  4. psyrob

    My free trial of Autopilot ended...

    My two week trial ended, and much like Red missed Andy when he escaped from Shawshank, I miss my friend... At first I wasn't that impressed with autopilot, but as the days went on and we got to know one another, a real collaborative relationship developed. I learned what I could trust...
  5. psyrob

    Only one question to answer for any fence sitter

    For anyone reading wondering about ordering a model 3, here is my advice after having my 3 for six weeks: There is only one question to ask about the model 3: Can you afford it? That is it. Any other question is moot, the 3 has it's many strengths and some quirks, but I have yet to find a...
  6. psyrob

    My Autopilot Trial

    Got Autopilot yesterday, some quick thoughts on my experience so far: -It is cool. -It has no finesse. Autopilot can't see more than the car ahead of it, so it can not make any anticipation of things to come. One of the drawbacks of not having a frontal lobe, to be fair. -It is all digital...
  7. psyrob

    FM radio stopped working

    All of a sudden, my FM radio is not working, no station comes through. It has worked since I took delivery a couple of weeks ago, and I ordered back in May. Did I miss something about this ending? Or am I doing something wrong? Or maybe I disabled something by accident? I hit FM radio and try...
  8. psyrob

    Cabin overheat not engaging

    My cabin overheat seems to only come on when it wants to. It is set to ON in security settings. some days it functions fine, and other days, like today, I can't get it to engage. The cabin is at 120 degrees right now, and still no overheat protection. I have 202 miles of charge, drove last...
  9. psyrob

    Took Delivery today

    Delivery of my Red Model 3 today, aero wheels, PUP in Marina Del Rey California. I was first day reservation, on line during the presentation, non-owner. April 18 invite, May 24 configuration, if anyone cares anymore. Everything was great, except the traffic there SUCKED, took over an hour...
  10. psyrob

    ACH vs. Cashier's Check

    I'm scheduled to pick up my Red Model 3 this Saturday, and wondered if anyone had trouble using ACH to pay. The ACH button has not shown up in my account yet, and the ISA says it will "a few days before delivery". But I am worried that if it shows up too close to Saturday, the transaction...
  11. psyrob

    NEMA 14-50 8 gauge wire

    My electrician who has done lots of other work at my house says to install the Nema 14-50 with 8 gauge wire, not 6 gauge like the Tesla site says. I know nothing about electricity other than it can kill you. Is this ok? He said 6 gauge is for runs of over 150 feet or something like that. The...
  12. psyrob

    Tent production, any worries about build quality?

    Been reading negative reviews of the tent assembly line, some analysts saying it is "madness" and that build quality will be terrible. Anyone have a recent car that seemed shoddy? I'm chalking it up to shorts panicking but is anyone worried about different quality from a Model 3 built...
  13. psyrob

    Have a VIN but don't have the number

    I got an email from an ISA saying congratulations I have a VIN ,but she didn't actually tell me the number. When do you get the VIN number? My bank needs the VIN number to finalize my financing.
  14. psyrob

    Can I order even if I passed the config invite the first time?

    I got an invite in April to config the car and I passed, waiting for 35K standard range battery. Now I have relooked at my finances and I can afford the long range M3. Can I just config and get back in my spot? Or do I get placed back in line and have to get a new invite all over again? Thanks
  15. psyrob

    Burbank CA Time of Use BWP deal

    Anyone in Burbank CA using BWP's Time of use rate schedule, the .08 cent off peak kwh and .25 on peak kwh? has it worked out for you? or is just standard rate schedule better? Thanks
  16. psyrob

    Got the email to order: ? on battery-choice regret

    I made a reservation the first day on line, last Thursday got my email to configure. Some of this I already know the answer so patience is appreciated. I had always thought and have the budget for the 220 mile battery with autopilot, paint and interior upgrade, my downpayment will make the...

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