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    Car shut down after car wash, Tesla says oil pump seal

    I took our older RWD LR model 3 through a no-touch car wash and about 2 miles later, it flashed a bunch of errors and then refused to move again once I stopped. Then after about 30 minutes, it started working again and was fine all weekend. I drove it to service and Tesla says, "Upon diagnoses...
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    Charging 120V @ 32A

    Not sure when you'd ever do this out in the wild, but in case you are curious, it works. The highest current 120V outlet you are likely to encounter would probably be 120V @ 24A at TT-30 camper outlets. There's an adapter for those outlets that works. I'm curious to know if the UMC will accept...
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    Tesla Model S for Kids or Tesla Signature Black Wall Connector

    I'm selling either the Tesla Model S for Kids (you choose the color) or a Tesla Signature Black Wall Connector. $400 shipped. Thanks, Jon
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    Model S/X Gen 1 NEMA 15-20 120v 16a adapter

    Lightly used Model S/X Gen 1 NEMA 15-20 120v 16a adapter for sale. $35 shipped in the US.
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    Own the only car in space! 2010 Tesla Roadster 2.0 Sport #629

    2010 Tesla Roadster 2.0 Sport #629 Here’s your chance to own a piece of history, the first car Tesla made and the only production car ever sent to space! I’m selling my “baby” because we had an actual baby. My wife is threatening to make me buy a minivan if I don’t sell this car, so please...
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    2010 Tesla Roadster 2.0 Sport #629

    I'm selling my Roadster because we had a baby and I need something that can carry a car seat. Mileage: ~25,000 (currently driven, will update) Options: Metallic Black with Black forged wheels Adjustable sport suspension Base Price $109,000 Destination $1,950 Sport Package $19,500...
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    Need passenger mud flap for 2010 Roadster

    Anyone have one or know where to get a rear passenger side mud flap for a 2010 Roadster 2.0? Tesla says they don't have any and won't have them until November! Thanks!
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    Transition to higher voltage batteries / DC fast charging

    I've been wondering, how will Tesla (and other manufacturers) transition to higher voltage DC fast charging? I can only see two options: 1. Change the battery, motor and other car systems to 800V or higher. Cons: You lose the ability to DC fast charge at all existing supercharger and Chademo...
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    Valet mode with frunk access for body shop?

    I dropped my car off at the body shop to replace the front bumper. They needed me to take the car off of valet mode to be able to access the frunk. I'd prefer to keep the car in valet mode. Is there a way to keep the power and speed limited, while still giving them access to the frunk? I guess I...
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    Power limit with latest software update: Data

    Hi everyone, The other thread (Pack Performance and Launch Mode Limits) has reached 167 pages and the data is getting buried in the discussion. I wanted to start a new thread just for posting data documenting the amount of power everyone is losing with the latest software update. Details of...
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    Building NEMA 6-20P to NEMA 5-20R Adapter

    I thought I would make a new post with pictures I took while building my NEMA 6-20P to NEMA 5-20R Adapter. This adapter allows you to charge at 12A or 16A at 240V from a NEMA 6-20 receptacle. The NEMA 6-20 receptacle is easy to install if you have an existing 120V outlet on its own dedicated...
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    Wh / mile

    Driving around a service loaner Model S today I noticed that the Wh / mi for the Model S seems to match exactly what I get in the Roadster at 65 mph: ~267 Wh / mi. Interesting. I knew the Model S was slippery, but I still thought it used quite a bit more power / mile, since it weighs almost...
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    Recommendations for mechanic / tire shop in Raleigh/Durham, NC?

    Any recommendations for a good place to get tires and an alignment done in Raleigh / Durham? My Roadster needs new rear tires and Tesla won't install the AD08s, only AD07s, and they want $299 each. I also need to get an NC-state inspection for the Roadster. What kind of inspection do they even...
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    WTB: WTB: Roadster Sport with no or few additional options

    WTB: WTB: Roadster Sport with no or few additional options Thought I'd see if anyone is thinking of selling a Roadster sport with no or few additional options. I'm really only interested in the sport package. Thanks! List Date: 10/13/2015 For more info, click here to view the original...
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    Insurance in North Carolina

    Any recommendations for car insurance for a Roadster in North Carolina? It's time to shop around.... Thanks!
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    Tighten your valve stems!

    I went for a drive yesterday and got stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire. Luckily, I didn't use the tire slime. I called AAA and they inflated the tire again. We found a leak coming from the valve stem. We tightened up the nut holding the valve stem (and TPMS, I assume) to the rim and...
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    Roadster HP and Torque numbers

    This has probably been covered already, but what peak HP and Torque values should I expect to see on the VDS and are they accurate? How can I tell if I am getting the best acceleration possible from my Roadster? I have a 2010 Sport. The best I have seen is: 294 ft lb, 272 hp and 0.77 g...
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    OVMS v1 - Open Vehicle Monitoring System for Roadster - SOLD

    OVMS v1 - Open Vehicle Monitoring System for Roadster OVMS Version 1.0 system for Tesla Roadster 1.0/2.0/2.5 including vehicle interface cable (attached) and GSM antenna. I'm selling this one because I bought a new OVMS before I realized there was already one on my car! List Date...
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    Roadster founder's series #27

    Autotrader Mobile:: Used 2008 Tesla Roadster This looks really good. Just make sure it's not a scam!
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    Line Voltage Lost Sync when using J1772 charging at Eaton chargers and CAN JR

    I've noticed this error twice when using public J1772 chargers with the CAN JR on my 2.0 Roadster. "Line Voltage Lost Sync" I'm realizing it may have been the same Eaton charger in both locations. It seems to happen when the Roadster is nearly fully charged. Restarting charging seems to work...
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    Detailing in Raleigh-Durham NC area

    Hi, Any recommendations for detailing in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area of NC? I need to get my new Roadster cleaned! Thank you!
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    Borrow or buy a Model S J1772 adapter?

    Hi, Quick question. I'd like to test whether the Model S J1772 adapter will work on my Roadster with the CAN SR. It would be J1772 plug --> Model S J1772 adapter --> CAN SR --> Roadster. Would anyone near Durham, NC be willing to loan me theirs for a quick experiment? Or does anyone have an...
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    New Owner! Roadster #629

    Hi everyone! After a lot of searching, questions, and missed auctions, I have finally purchased a Roadster! It is Roadster #629, a 2010 Sport. I bought it from Texas Direct Auto. They have been surprisingly good to work with so far. I'll update my feedback on them when the car finally arrives...
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    Roadster #116 - No Longer Available

    Roadster #116 FYI: Roadster #116 is back on the market.... I'm not the seller, but here's what I think is on it: Base Price $92,000.00 Destination $1,950.00 Total Base Price $93,950.00 Premium Carbon Fiber and Leather Interior $9,000 Clear Carbon Fiber Accent Group $9,000...
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    New Sale on P85D Showroom Cars?

    I've been on the fence about a P85D for a while and in contact with a Tesla sales rep. He just emailed me today with showroom cars that have a much larger discount than last month. Last month the discounts were $4-5k. Today, the discounts on three cars I'm looking at are between $10,618 and...
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    Buying Roadster #116, thoughts?

    Hi, I just put a deposit on Roadster #116: REDUCED! 2008 Tesla Roadster #116 - Black with Red Accent painting! 6K miles. AWESOME CAR!! I'll fly out to complete the sale. I'll grab the logs while I'm there and take a look. Still trying to confirm what options are on the car. My list, based...
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    Configuring P85D, questions on Sound Studio

    Hi everyone, I'm ordering a P85D. I just drove one yesterday at the Raleigh, NC store. Here's my configuration: 85 kWh Performance Model S 97,000 Including $7,500 Federal Tax Credit All-Wheel Drive Dual Motor Included EXTERIOR All Glass Panoramic Roof 2,500 21" Grey Turbine Wheels 4,500 Red...
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    WTB: Roadster 1.5

    I'm looking to buy a 1.5 roadster. If you have one for sale that's not posted elsewhere (I'm following autotrader, TMC, eBay and Craigslist), let me know! Thanks!
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    Roadster for sale, any contact info?

    Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to make a regular thread in "Tesla for sale". Only panjo posts. Mods, please move this to the for sale section. I saw this Roadster for sale on eBay, but there is no contact info, and the post doesn't allow emails to the seller. Anyone know anything about this...
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    Potentially buying a 2008: Battery questions.

    I'm looking at buying a roadster. It is a 2008 model that is reporting 169-171 mile range in standard mode. It has about 20k miles on it. That range seems low to me, based on the study. The owner says part or all of the battery was replaced within the last year. Should I be concerned about that...
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    P85D 1/4 mile time?

    I'm wondering how the P85D can be 1 second faster 0-60, but only 0.5 seconds faster in the 1/4 mile? P85D was announced to be 11.8 seconds, but there are videos of the P85 doing it in 12.3. I'm guessing the 11.8 time is pretty conservative and we'll see faster real-world times. What do you...
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    P85D vs P85+ ?

    Does the P85D include the suspension modifications previously on the P85+? I'm looking for the Performance Plus suspension upgrades, but they seem to be gone from the site. Does everyone think the P85D includes them?
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    WTB: Roadster Sport with minimal options

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a Roadster sport with no or few other options. Anyone looking to sell? Shoot me a PM. Thanks, Jon
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    Performance question: 1.5/2.0/2.5

    Hi, Sorry if this has been answered before. I did some quick searching, but didn't find it. Are the HP/Torque numbers on Wikipedia correct? Tesla Roadster - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia It says the 2.0 non-sport and 1.5 have the same HP and Torque, while the 2.5 non-sport has a big bump...

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