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  1. ucsdsig

    Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade

    LOL, had the exact same thoughts. I did purchase the Topfit Sunshade since it's been hot here in Los Angeles this summer, but was undecided about tinting the roof. To my surprise, the sunshade does make a noticeable difference in reducing the cabin heat. Will be useful in the summer but plan...
  2. ucsdsig

    Basenor Sunshade for Model Y - super helpful! Reduced temps 20 degrees!

    Please post some real life pictures of your product. Other manufacturers with the one piece design have resorted to using magnets to get rid of the middle sag or switched to a 2-piece design. Interested in how your product differs in design to eliminate the sag.
  3. ucsdsig

    Valet wheel damage

    I used this company to repair three wheels on my Model S that had significant curb rash. Repair was done in my garage and the wheels looked brand new afterwards. https://yelp.to/NH7yBVIbxjb
  4. ucsdsig

    Opinions on this paint defect

    100% agree with the above. I noticed a couple minor paint issues during my delivery inspection as well. The shop that installed my PPF discovered a few more small issues but I told them not to show me. Ignorance is bliss, haha.
  5. ucsdsig

    Homelink Module installation and programming (2021 MYP)

    Yeah, I was surprised to see this feature missing on my MYP.
  6. ucsdsig

    12v switched power for Radar Detector

    I'm keeping an eye on this thread. I'm currently just using a 11ft cord (tucked into the A pillar panel) between my V1G2 and the 12V outlet. Would love a better solution, especially since the 12V outlet doesn't seem to power down when sentry mode is active.
  7. ucsdsig

    Is anyone using Tesla’s Model Y Trunk Storage Bins?

    My bins arrived. Interesting how the left side dropped right in but the right side bin took some effort to fit properly. Thought something was wrong until I saw posts in the other thread with the same complaints. Satisfied with the purchase.
  8. ucsdsig

    APPALLING quality control; alignment!

    Sorry about the issue, but your mistake was not putting in a service ticket right away. Tesla is pretty clear that you have up to 100 miles to submit any delivery day concerns. I had a similar issue regarding timing of the service visit, as the first available appointment was 3.5 weeks out...
  9. ucsdsig

    There are no words - Irresponsible driver crashes Model Y into building

    That Model Y definitely had Acceleration Boost.
  10. ucsdsig

    Tesla trade in : Last minute odometer request?

    Well, of course every situation is going to be different. In my case, Carvana's offer was $3k higher than Vroom. Good luck...hope you enjoy the Model Y!
  11. ucsdsig

    Tesla trade in : Last minute odometer request?

    My experience with Carvana was great. Sold a car to them back in June.
  12. ucsdsig

    Y Performace vs LR?

    100% agree. What feels “comfortable” is totally subjective.
  13. ucsdsig

    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    Haven't heard anything yet as well. Maybe we can try creating a service request via the app. Hoping the service centers have some updated information.
  14. ucsdsig

    Y Performace vs LR?

    That's your preference. I prefer the performance benefits over 23 miles of extra range. Glad we have options.
  15. ucsdsig

    Are there any radar detector mounts for the Model Y?

    As a temporary solution, I just used the OEM mount and purchased a longer 11 ft power cord. Tucked the wire into the panels (easy since the power cord wire is flat) and ran it into the 12V outlet in the center console. Ran into a couple issues/concerns. First, I'm concerned that the OEM mount...
  16. ucsdsig

    Test drive - LR Vs Performance

    Buying the performance variant of any Tesla is definitely driven by emotions and not logic. But at the end of the day, I haven't seen a MYP owner say they regretted their purchase and got the LR version instead. Nice we have options though.
  17. ucsdsig

    PPF Head and Fog Lights?

    It's like PPF for any other part of the car. Not a necessity, but definitely falls into the "nice to have" category. Great way to keep the housing s looking brand new.
  18. ucsdsig

    Windows tinting questions

    20% front windows and 70% on all the rear factory privacy glass. Didn't tint the windshield or roof. I also debated between 30% vs 20% for the front. Ended up going with 20% to get the closest match to the rears.
  19. ucsdsig

    Windows tinting questions

    The 3M supposedly gives off a bluish hue. That's why my installer recommended Xpel ceramic for a better match since it's a charcoal/black hue.
  20. ucsdsig

    Test drive - LR Vs Performance

    Due to the larger Uberturbine wheels on the MYP.
  21. ucsdsig

    Test drive - LR Vs Performance

    The MYLR is definitely the more logical choice due to the better ride and range. AB is a fantastic option. Would have been a day 1 purchase for me if I would have gone that route. I always regretted not getting a performance version of my Model S. Guess that's why I ended up getting the MYP.
  22. ucsdsig

    Is anyone using Tesla’s Model Y Trunk Storage Bins?

    LOL. So true. Just like the missing homelink. Still love the car though.
  23. ucsdsig

    Giga Texas Updates

    The new headlights have the potential to benefit from the advanced matrix capabilities (although if/when this happens is anyone's guess). Pretty sure if you asked 100 new owners waiting for MYLR deliveries, not one would be disappointed that their MYLR came with the updated headlights.
  24. ucsdsig

    Test drive - LR Vs Performance

    I have a MYP and a good family friend has MYLR with AB. We've had the opportunity to drive each other's cars numerous times. Bottom line, you can "feel" the difference. Whether or not the MYP is worth the $5k premium (or $3k with the inductions) is tough to answer. Both are great options.
  25. ucsdsig

    Is anyone using Tesla’s Model Y Trunk Storage Bins?

    No problem. I just placed an order last week.
  26. ucsdsig

    Is anyone using Tesla’s Model Y Trunk Storage Bins?

    Lots of helpful discussion here: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/new-official-tesla-model-y-trunk-storage-bins.229622/
  27. ucsdsig

    Test drive - LR Vs Performance

    The seats in my MYP are so much more comfortable compared to my old 2016 Model S. No complaints here.
  28. ucsdsig

    Model Y software download

    No. Just have to be patient. But make sure you have the “advanced” option selected in the software update settings.
  29. ucsdsig

    Paint Damage Repair Question

    Haha, my bad. Here‘s Aldo’s Yelp page. Very friendly, does amazing work, and fair pricing. He is pretty booked though…I had to wait a couple weeks for my appointment. https://yelp.to/mF520ZKS7ib
  30. ucsdsig

    Paint Damage Repair Question

    Finally got this fixed. Was originally going to take it to a local Tesla certified body shop but a friend referred me to a highly rated mobile paint repair specialist. Extremely pleased with the results. The repairman was so meticulous and spent so much time prepping the entire car to protect...
  31. ucsdsig

    Giga Texas Updates

    Why do I want them? I already have the updated headlights on my MYP. Why do others want the updated headlights? Because it’s human nature for people to want the latest and greatest. Especially if Tesla eventually unlocks the advanced matrix headlights in the future. All current versions of the...
  32. ucsdsig

    Tesla Shields mudflap review.

    Thanks for the review. Interesting. When I asked the vendor how (or if) their mudflaps differed from the competition, they were pretty emphatic in their reply. Stating in part: "First of all, ours is a bit longer and offers more coverage. 2nd we use a sturdier type of plastic." So is this not...
  33. ucsdsig

    Giga Texas Updates

    Hmm, still using the older headlights. Hoping the TX made production models will use the updated headlights.
  34. ucsdsig

    Anyone regret not opting for performance?

    I've seen some owners post pics of the wheels with the aero caps removed. They look pretty sharp, especially when powdercoated.
  35. ucsdsig

    I finally changed my seat cover to the white I wanted!

    I bought some seat covers on Amazon. Liked the look but hated the feel. Took them off after few days of driving. I assume the leather or vegan leather covers would feel nicer. Too bad I forgot to return the covers during the return period.
  36. ucsdsig

    Anyone regret not opting for performance?

    Some people don't like the aesthetics of the Geminis (especially with aero caps). Just like others don't like the uberturbines because of the range hit and rougher ride.
  37. ucsdsig

    Trunk Storage Bin Options

    Ah, very nice. 👍
  38. ucsdsig

    Trunk Storage Bin Options

    I agree. That’s what I’m going to order.
  39. ucsdsig

    Trunk Storage Bin Options

    Those look identical to these but are more expensive. Pretty sure they are all coming from the same factory overseas. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B097998GXK
  40. ucsdsig

    Acceleration Boost: delayed download, now at 24 hours and counting

    It’s a sign…you must keep it 😁
  41. ucsdsig

    Radar detector

    I'm using a V1G2 as well. But would love to find a rearview mirror mount. Currently just using the suction cup mount on the windshield.
  42. ucsdsig

    Consensus on brand and percent window tint for matching rear windows

    I went with Xpel Prime XR Plus. 20% front, 70% rears. No windshield or roof. Pretty decent match.
  43. ucsdsig

    Does the paint really suck this bad???

    Yikes, sorry to see that. I had the rear stock emblems removed on my car a week after taking delivery. Fortunately didn't run into this issue. Good luck with the repairs.
  44. ucsdsig

    Something fell into the rear floor vent: can't get it out!

    I ended up buying these covers to address this concern. https://www.etsy.com/listing/982535647/tesla-model-y-rear-vent-insertcover-set
  45. ucsdsig

    Lets talk mud flaps, spot welded nuts and loose bolts (also why every Model Y owner needs mud flaps)

    Thanks for your recommendation. I replaced my existing mudflaps with the A-Premiums. I will say removing the original mudflaps was a major pain though. Removing the push pins was not easy, unlike the OEM ones. Thankfully I had some clip removal tools to pry them out. Another interesting...
  46. ucsdsig

    Spotted a BMW Electric Test Vehicle (like a X3)

    Isn't this the upcoming iX?
  47. ucsdsig

    Shipping times / delays from Tesla store

    Ordered a 6-50 adapter on 8/16. Shipped on 8/18 and arriving tomorrow.
  48. ucsdsig

    Sold my Y Performance

    I had a few QC issues at delivery. But I've thoroughly enjoyed my ownership experience so far with the MYP.
  49. ucsdsig

    Lets talk mud flaps, spot welded nuts and loose bolts (also why every Model Y owner needs mud flaps)

    I saw this video and found it interesting to see the differences between two models of mudflaps. I like the idea of the metal clip to ensure a secure fit on the fronts.

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