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  1. Knobby

    Model S Software/Firmware wishlist

    Numerous Bluetooth bugs too. Like today, it’s showing connected with my phone. My wife makes a call on her iPhone, dailed from her phone and using the iPhone’s transducers. But the car music playback stops and the right scroll wheel can control her call. But it’s a call on her iPhone. The...
  2. Knobby

    Model S Software/Firmware wishlist

    I’d just like the flaky MCU to work. It’s crap. And I’m losing my patience with it. Been waiting 6 years for the most basic media player bugs to be fixed.
  3. Knobby

    Spotify audio quality?

    I found the Spotify sound in the Tesla to be pretty poor. It's harsh and rough sounding. Don't know how better to describe it but mostly not clear in complex parts of the music. I got the 30 day free trial.. But the sound combined with really buggy implementation in the Tesla, I mean albums...
  4. Knobby

    After being away from my MS for a week, strange residue on interior hard plastics.

    It's that time of year again. Spring and the oily residue reappears like clockwork. BTW it is not mold.
  5. Knobby

    Model 3 Notchback Trunk - Deal-Killer?

    Maybe the back seats fold down and there is a pass through. My BMW 3 series sedan does that. That and hard points for a roof rack system. But I wonder how you mount a roof rack on that all glass roof.
  6. Knobby

    Model 3 Notchback Trunk - Deal-Killer?

    I'd have preferred a hatchback, but it still has a frunk, right? Sow what's the problem?
  7. Knobby

    Bolt has FWD and Model 3 does not.

    I've been driving a RWD BMW 323i for 10 years in Alberta and Ontario for the last 8. With good snows on all fours, and its DSC, or ASC or whatever it is called it is great in snow. No problem at all. My MS is classic RWD, and I'm glad Model 3 is going to be available as RWD. I reserved...
  8. Knobby

    Auto Open Risk, Or is it just me?

    Actually, I don't have this feature, although it is in the release notes. Does anyone know if it works with classic S? Or is it not available in Canada?
  9. Knobby

    Return to Singapore

    QED? LOL.. you're really making a big leap here from Tesla's statement to "Tesla used R101" The fact is, Tesla does not state that anywhere. UNECE R101 counts losses not related to driving over the course of the test. 181 Wh/km is just the energy usage of the car from its battery, like...
  10. Knobby

    Return to Singapore

    I know how it is measured. But the 181 Wh/km consumption in Tesla's statement is not per UNECE R101. Where do you see that Tesla said it is?
  11. Knobby

    Return to Singapore

    Yes exactly, and 181 Wh/km does not, it's just what the car uses while driving.
  12. Knobby

    Return to Singapore

    IngTH is correct. 181 Wh/km is only the power the car uses from its battery, while driving. It does not count charging losses, vampire losses, and balancing losses all of which also contribute to CO2 emissions. So for sure the correct figure is higher than 181. I don't know why Tesla...
  13. Knobby

    Ontario EV incentives upped to $14K... and decreased to $3k for Tesla

    The modified incentive program is not intended to "hurt " Tesla.. it's intended to encourage the mass market cars. - to actually further Tesla's stated (but so far not observed cause), the mass market adoption of electric vehicles. Tesla should interpret this as a clue to get on with the...
  14. Knobby

    Classic Model S: Toy car?

    I don't like it. I want to see the battery meter and remaining rated range. I liked the old GUI a lot. I don't see the purpose of monitoring the brake lights. I think the brake lights know when to come on based on more than just lifting the accelerator.
  15. Knobby

    Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S

    I can't say I've noticed this at all.
  16. Knobby

    Looking for ideas and examples of HPWC or 240V outlet installed outside on a pole

    Here ya go... Tech in Asia - Connecting Asia's startup ecosystem
  17. Knobby

    Only 6 radio station presets?

    It'd be nice if the radio could display the station call sign or some ID, or what song is playing like my 18 y/o BMW can do! I mean for normal FM stations, not digital radio which we don't seem to have in this part of Canada, yet. That and the 3-band equalizer. LOL. I'm in a sarcastic...
  18. Knobby

    Please Please add this feature!!

    Yes I'd love it if that would work. The remote access never freakin works when I want it to. In fact for the last week the car won't respond at all. And I do have the car on "always connected' and also on "don't save energy" because as the app so helpfully advises... you need to do that...
  19. Knobby

    Difficulty with iPad

    Every time I try to read "What's New?" on my iPad (Safari browser) in a new window, I always get the "Sorry - no matches... try some other search terms" message. It's as if i have to wait for new responses to happen in real time before I can see anything. It's fine if I go to any of the...
  20. Knobby

    85 y/o man died in his Tesla after he drove into a pool.

    It's not like you work the brake with the left foot and throttle with the right.. It's all right foot, and it's misplacement of the foot without realizing it and as someone said the acceleration is positive feedback to push the "brake" harder, thus even faster.
  21. Knobby

    Key Fob Battery Low

    Mine have 20 months service and still working fine. But how did it it report that the battery is low?
  22. Knobby

    Next Gen Roadster concept rendering

    Woof I hate that Model X nose soooo muuuch.
  23. Knobby

    Improved Trunk lighting - Is there demand?

    Got them. They're awesome. Thanks!
  24. Knobby

    3D printed UMC wall mount

    Nice, I would buy such a thing. I have one I made out of metal, but it's not finely crafted. Hah
  25. Knobby

    New UMC?

    Tesla took the right stance? How so? they didn't feel compelled to "improve" (derate) all the ones they sold in the US - so far. Same design aren't they?
  26. Knobby

    New UMC?

    More: The sense resistor in the old 14-50 adapter is 9.1K ohms, in the new one it is 20.1K ohms. So that explains how the new maximum current is set to be different. Reading the label on the new one with the ULC mark it says "UL Listed when used with adapter 1059530 (the new 14-50...
  27. Knobby

    New UMC?

    Well it's true, the new UMC + new 14-50 adapter limits to 32A. Just tried it. Old UMC+Adapter goes to 40A. Also the label and the enclosure rating is different. And the old one has no agency mark. New one has UL-C mark.
  28. Knobby

    How satisfied are you with the non-AP (Classic) V7.0

    Got it on Thursday night. Impressed with how fast it rolled out this time. Disappointed I don't even get the tire pressures. Hill hold, don't have it, don't care.. not sure why I'd ever need that coming from a long history of manual shift cars. Got to say I thought I wouldn't like the UI...
  29. Knobby

    2016 Toyta Prius just got even more uglier

    Toyota design has gone crazy. 4Runner is also ugly. It looks angry for having been created so ugly. Also poor old Yaris/Echo.. it now has an enormous grill. But I do see a lot of those around, so... guess it doesn't matter to everyone. 2016 4Runner Gallery Colours - Toyota Canada TOYOTA...
  30. Knobby

    Improved Trunk lighting - Is there demand?

    I'm definitely interested. Count me in for the full set. Actually until I read this thread I didn't even know there were puddle lights in the bottom of the doors.
  31. Knobby

    EV your 'primary' car?... could it be your only car? Is it? Choose all that apply.

    None of the poll choices apply. I have another ICE car, a BMW 323. It's not for trips, not for projects and it is heavily used... by my wife. So I cannot say I only own an EVs. However, even though we have the BMW, our Tesla is the preferred car for trips, especially long highway trips.
  32. Knobby

    Firmware 7.0 Beta Discussion

    The media app uses half the 17" screen, so much wasted space. And sooooo gray.
  33. Knobby

    How much better is 80% instead of 90% for the battery?

    This is exactly what I see. Was charging regularly to 70% and the range has diminished over time. If I charge to 100% a few times, it recovers most of the lost range.
  34. Knobby

    Firmware 7.0 Beta Discussion

    +1 Huh messages have to be more than 2 chars. OK decreasing s/n ratio with padding so I can just say "+1"
  35. Knobby

    Firmware 7.0 Beta Discussion

    Yech! I hate it. What's with the white-on-black flat boring look these days? Its a color screen... use it. Actually same thing with the products I work on (I do EE design). The UX designers come back with this boring flat, monochrome UI. Why do I put in an expensive color display then...
  36. Knobby

    LTE fails after car sleeps and wakes up

    Actually the SC said the same to me: "Also make sure to not have a USB key bigger than 4G plugged into the car ". I had complained about the long time to re-establish connection after sleeping, and also inability to raise the car from the iPhone app. All since 6.0.
  37. Knobby

    Comments on HD Audio

    Thanks for this.. I didn't know that about the HD FLAC files, but I've tried it now, and I am impressed.
  38. Knobby

    Tesla app won't connect

    Bah!! I can almost never get this thing to connect. Today's not any different.
  39. Knobby

    Droid App Won't connect

    My iPhone app rarely connects either. Just the spinning arrow and "Waking Car". Dunno why, but seems pretty weak. I do get the notifications every time though.
  40. Knobby

    Drop in Rated Range after 24 Hours?

    Yes this is how it works. It will not top up until the scheduled time. I do this all the time, as I'm often away for several weeks at a time. I just leave it plugged in and every 3 or 4 days it tops up, after the set time in the evening.
  41. Knobby

    Soft close doors

    Cool, now can he do that for the frunk?
  42. Knobby

    Noise level

    Sound level @ idle 39.2 dB .. how can that be? The car absolutely makes no noise at idle. Maybe the AC was on.. hah!
  43. Knobby

    Poll: Have you received map updates?

    OK, Thanks. I've never seen that. So I have never received a map update .
  44. Knobby

    Poll: Have you received map updates?

    How would I know if I got a map update? Anyway, I've never seen such a notification in the one year I've had the car. So I guess NO, but not exactly sure. Connected by WiFi every night.
  45. Knobby

    Tesla moments

    The most frequent question I get now from random strangers is: Does it have Insane mode? :rolleyes:
  46. Knobby

    Firmware 6.2 Audio Enhancements?

    Whatever changes they made to the audio codecs I think made a huge improvement. I have the standard audio and it is vastly better now. I'd say it has gone from annoying sound, to pretty acceptable. The overall sound has changed. Used to be besides weak bass, a sort of annoying exaggeration...
  47. Knobby

    12v battery just kicked the bucket!!!

    Besides, doesn't P85D's energy scale go up to 480kW, not just 320. hahahhhaaahah
  48. Knobby

    Audio Mods to Improve Sound and Presence

    Thanks for the info Ghia64.

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