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  1. CurrentRide

    Web app to display text messages?

    A common complaint in these forums is the lack of text message Bluetooth integration between the car and our phones. It seems to me that a web app to display text messages may be a work-around. Is anyone aware of a product that may fit this bill, or alternatively, is there a developer that would...
  2. CurrentRide

    Quiet turn signals

    Maybe it is just me, but is the turn signal indicator sound awfully quiet? It may be that previous automobiles had the turn signal sound set as a priority over the stereo sound system. Or maybe I am listening to music at a higher volume than I did in the past. Or maybe my wife is right and I...
  3. CurrentRide

    19" wheels for the MX?

    Tesla sells (and multiple TMC members have purchased) a 19 inch winter wheel-tire package for the MX. Has anyone yet put summer or all-season tires on these wheels for warm-weather driving? There are range, noise, and ride-comfort advantages to the 20" wheels compared to 22" rims. Perhaps...
  4. CurrentRide

    Model X experience

    After reading so much misinformation and fear mongering on the Web, I wanted to post an account of my excellent Tesla experience. I have an early east coast MX build, a beautiful blue 6 seat P90D with the ultrawhite interior (VIN 990). Although I had taken a couple of MS test drives, this is...
  5. CurrentRide

    Kids that like to push buttons

    I have an 8 year old future engineer that can't keep his little fingers off of switches and buttons. The middle row of the X is a playground for him. The windows are constantly going up and down, the seat forwards and backwards. His sister in the back row? What fun it is to see how much she...
  6. CurrentRide

    Cargo organizer

    Does anyone have a suggestion for an organizer that will fit in the trunk well when the floor is set in the lower position? It is an oddly shaped space, but a good place to put charging cables, a tire repair kit, the hitch assembly, and an air pump.
  7. CurrentRide

    19 inch wheels for the model X?

    I received my blue P90D MX this week and love it so far. There is a reported ~10% range penalty going from 20" to 22" wheels. Do you think that there would be further range advantage in going to 19" wheels? Other potential advantages include improvements in noise and ride quality, with the only...
  8. CurrentRide

    Console screen performance

    There was speculation early on that the MX 17" screen might have an updated Tegra processor and superior performance to the MS touchscreen. Although there may not be an easy way to determine the MX cpu yet, can new owners chime in about perceived performance compared to the MS? Are screen...
  9. CurrentRide

    Premium Upgrade Package

    I am curious to see the popularity of the $4500 premium package: according to Modelxtracker.com, about 75% of production orders include this package. I was unable to justify the cost in my configuration, but clearly most people have the other view. Looking at the production configs that have...
  10. CurrentRide

    Model X Tracker

    ModelXTracker | Welcome My apologies if this has already been discussed. This excellent resource deserves it's own thread. Although it obviously suffers from the same selection bias as any other nonrandom voluntary data set, the numbers are substantial enough to provide real information...
  11. CurrentRide

    Adding gloss to the carbon fiber trim

    The interior carbon fiber trim has a matte look as opposed to the glossy depth of many other CF finishes (like the spoiler). I am looking for simple ideas to add gloss.
  12. CurrentRide

    Retrofitting LED fog lights

    I could not justify the $4500 Premium package but was wondering about retrofits for the LED fog and turning lights. I plan to add my own internal LED ambient lights as an easy DIY project, but don't have experience with the exterior lights. Do we think that the wiring would be in place to add...
  13. CurrentRide

    Debating dark ash vs. CF trim

    I have ordered the blue metallic paint and ultra white seats, but am struggling with the trim decision. Does anyone have a good photo of the dark ash trim from the reveal event? An advantage for CF would be the ability to match aftermarket accessories and wraps. Confirm date is tomorrow.
  14. CurrentRide

    Upgrading a P90D to Ludicrous?

    Scuttlebutt suggests that there is no mechanical difference between the P90D and the P90DL, and that a software update could theoretically unlock Ludicrous mode. Has Tesla indicated whether it will be possible to upgrade to Ludicrous after purchase, and how much it would cost?
  15. CurrentRide

    Speculate: what will be included in the next major revamp of the Model S?

    I am not interested in the small iterative changes that occur continuously, but in major lineup changes like "the D," battery changes, and AP. When do you think this will happen? Some ideas, maybe summer 2016: +New nose, similar to the MX. +Increase base battery to 75 kWh, for the same price...
  16. CurrentRide

    Model X door "handles"

    How does the front door handle work? Is it a capacitive or pressure actuated button? If it is a capacitive button, it might play havoc with those ski trips to Tahoe, no? Not that it affects me much in Charlotte, NC.
  17. CurrentRide

    Rear view mirror

    Rumors suggested that the MX might have a Gentex mirror that ties in with a rear view camera to solve the visibility problem brought on by the middle 2nd row seat. Can anybody who was in Freemont on Tuesday confirm this?
  18. CurrentRide

    Monetizing the SC network

    Once the M3 is on the road in numbers and with the increasing concerns about SC abuse, wouldn't it make sense to charge for its use for new vehicles? If TM charged half as much as the comparable cost per mile as an ICE, it would help cover the SC expense, discourage abuse, and still seem like a...
  19. CurrentRide

    Looking at the $numbers P90D

    Let me get this right : P90DL is $13k more than P85D new. P90D is $3k more than the P85D. The L upgrade is $5k (+labor) for a P85D. Going the upgrade path seems like a good deal. I wonder if you could order a P90D (or P85D) now with the plan to upgrade later to save some money?
  20. CurrentRide

    Logical Anton

    Just a shout out to whoever here is posting on Seeking Alpha as Logical Anton. Hilarious! I can't wait to see your parody after the MX reveal.
  21. CurrentRide

    Solution for the service dilemma?

    Tesla has done an admirable job providing repair and warranty service to a widely spread customer base despite having relatively few service centers. The Ranger service model was an excellent (albeit expensive) tool to reassure potential customers and help encourage adoption of the new product...
  22. CurrentRide

    Aftermarket wheel questions.

    I am in the market for a new Tesla, and once again have been sucked into doing excessive internet research before the big purchase. I like the appearance of 21 inch wheels better but understand that the calculus needs to include substantially increased tire replacement costs. 19 inch wheels...

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