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  1. saltsman

    Lessons learned from a 2300 mile road trip

    Our daughter is prone to motion sickness as well. Driving on autopilot and aggressive regen in stop and go traffic are the triggers. Chill mode helps.
  2. saltsman

    Garage Door Suggestions

    I use these and they work wonderfully.
  3. saltsman

    Camera cleaning driving in snow storms

    Just gotta get the low temp stuff. SuperTech All Season Windshield Washer Fluid -40°C
  4. saltsman

    Rear doors can be opened in the event of power failure

    Indeed. Thank you again for reminding/informing us.
  5. saltsman

    Rear doors can be opened in the event of power failure

    Why do the emergency handles need to be inoperable when the power is on? Just add a switch that also triggers the window to drop when the power is on. Then it works power-on or power-off. My aging mother-in-law still tries to pull the emergency handle to get out of the front passenger seat even...
  6. saltsman

    Rear doors can be opened in the event of power failure

    Or, you know, Tesla could just make actual door handles that also drop the window a bit when pulled. Commence flaming... ;)
  7. saltsman

    Tesla Y 2.0

    Right up until you are in an emergency and muscle memory reaches for the part of the wheel that isn't there.
  8. saltsman

    Tesla Y 2.0

    Until it works correctly, the yoke is an absolute NOPE for me. As implemented, It's just silly. The only thing it does help with is an unobstructed view of the dash, which the 3/Y don't have.
  9. saltsman

    Talk me out of the new Model S refresh

    It's not just the yoke, but also the removal of the stalks that consequently added buttons to the yoke (left and right turn-signal buttons; wipers, etc). I'm sure someone will eventually come up with a swap, but for now, it's not an option.
  10. saltsman

    Talk me out of the new Model S refresh

    The yoke kills the Model S refresh for me. If they ever get it to work as it work as it should, I might reconsider but as is, it's just a steering wheel without the wheel.
  11. saltsman

    Who has a MY order on hold expecting to take delivery in Q3 and is now considering waiting for a Austin MY?

    When we sold (private sale) our Model 3 with FSD nobody wanted to pay even a dime more for it. It sold at the same price as other non-FSDs. The resale value was good and we purchased FSD during the $2,000 sale at the end of 2018 so it wan't a huge loss, but I agree that FSD isn't worth much in...
  12. saltsman

    Best shades for windows while camping.

    Great work. Appreciate the craftsmanship.
  13. saltsman

    Why PPF?

    IMO, doing the entire body is overkill, but the nose, hood and mirrors are worth it to protect from clear coat etching from bug guts, chips from rocks, etc. You can polish it out, even repaint, but that all takes time and effort where PPF is one and done.
  14. saltsman

    How much do you pay for Model Y per month?

    Best advice I ever received was to never take out a loan on a depreciating asset (like a vehicle). Get something you can pay cash for now and make monthly payments to yourself for the next one.
  15. saltsman

    Is a 3 night stay in Big Bend (no charging) crazy?

    Watch the wind! A strong West Texas wind will drop your range faster than a Baptist heading to Luby's. :) While now exceeding 105 pages, there is some great advice in the Supercharger - Fort Stockton, Texas thread. Check out the 14-50r plug in at the alpinewindmillhouse.com and two at The...
  16. saltsman

    Charging near Glacier NP?

    There are also J1772 and Tesla Destination chargers in the Marina Parking Lot in Wharton Lakes if the border ever reopens.
  17. saltsman

    Tesla EV Tax Credits coming back?

    The F-150 Lighting is made in Dearborn, Michigan but I thought the Mach-E was made in Cuautitlán, Mexico so I don't think it would qualify would it?
  18. saltsman

    Black badges > Chrome Badges (Photos)

    Agree those black T logos look great. IMO, the Dual Motor badge needs to go completely. It's not only pretentious, it's completely unnecessary.
  19. saltsman

    Model Y Needed for a Commercial Shoot

    Oh Canada... how I miss thee. Hopefully we can reopen the border soon...
  20. saltsman

    DC to Cali Trip

    If you didn't already own the roof box, I'd suggest a rear hitch box. They're quite a bit more efficient being tucked down below the slipstream. https://www.stowaway2.com/vehicle-fit-gallery/tesla
  21. saltsman

    Supercharger - College Station, TX

    There are two 11.5 kW Tesla chargers at CapRock Hospital on Briarcrest I believe. There is also a "Nissan No Charge To Charge" 7.2 Kwh in the West Campus Garage. Pretty slim options regardless.
  22. saltsman

    Supercharger - College Station, TX

    Still is a permitted lot. I'd assume these spaces are exempt while charging. Would be nice to have a bank of Level 2 changers that could be used during football games or for other longer duration stays. Nevertheless, this is a much welcome addition.
  23. saltsman

    Supercharger - College Station, TX

    It is a logical location, albeit unexpected. TAMU is about the only real destination in BCS and it's not that far from the bypass for travelers. I assumed it would be closer to the eventual I-14 and Hwy 6 intersection, but this is located in the center of town and the most urbanized area we...
  24. saltsman

    Model Y Fremont - Any updates expected

    Those who do are not allows to share it publicly.
  25. saltsman

    Tax credit (Green ACT)

    This bill has a LONG way to go before it might be ready for vote. It's not even made its way out of the House Ways and Means committee yet. Then there is a similar process in the Senate. Assuming both versions are successful, time is needed for reconciliation of both versions. On a normal...
  26. saltsman

    Bioweapon defense mode upgrade

    The US has good air quality overall -- mostly because all the open land in the great plains and mountain west provides for a much lower population density when you lump it all together. Cities, especially around major highways, can be significantly worse. Some cities, notably those in Southern...
  27. saltsman

    Tesla friendly campgrounds

    We did a fair amount of camping in our Chevy Volt and now with our Tesla. We usually stay at state or federally managed campgrounds that have toilets and power. 50 Amp works for our Tesla but we could make 30Amp work with the Volt. Reserveamerica.com makes it pretty easy to see what is available...
  28. saltsman

    Supercharger - College Station, TX

    At least it's still on the map. Beaumont and several other Texas locations fell off the map.
  29. saltsman

    Other Key Card Options?

    The key card is a simple RFID chip and antenna. Remove it and put it in anything you wish... Open Card Surgery: How To Hack A Tesla Model 3 Key Card I'm thinking of adding the chip to my Levi's zipper pull... but that's just me.
  30. saltsman

    Biden and EV credit

    I'd give it less than 5% but we're still going to wait until after 1/1. Given that the GOP senate is focused on money for business bailout, this could be one that are open to. One trillion+ is a lot of money that has to be spent on something. At the end of the day, it's a bet that cost nothing...
  31. saltsman

    Home air compressor

    100% agree. Highly recommended.
  32. saltsman

    14-50 Nema plug outdoors cover

    Nothing that $20 and a kid at the local maker space can't solve.
  33. saltsman

    Need advise to buy MY (rented Apt)

    I agree with 212. Unless you have access to charging within walking distance, a BEV will be more of a hassle than a help. Who wants to spend an hour a week just hanging out waiting for their car to charge. Perhaps if there was a charger near a gym, or a place you were already going.... that...
  34. saltsman

    Cost to run dedicated 240v 60amp line to garage

    Aren't we calculating the wire size OP needs? I forget now... Bottom line, get multiple itemized bids. Go with the company you feel safest with.
  35. saltsman

    Cost to run dedicated 240v 60amp line to garage

    You are correct that 48 Amps would be the I variable in the calculation if the EVSE were the only device on the circuit. However in this setting, there could be other loads on the 120V/20Amp leg. FWIW, I was taught to use the tripping load when calculating the wire size since the circuit could...
  36. saltsman

    Cost to run dedicated 240v 60amp line to garage

    I was using wire size calculator 1 and 2 and both say 60 Amps at 240V at 70 Ft should be 4 AWG. Fill calculator says 6 AWG is as large as you can go in 3/4 EMT, so that drops to 55 Amps max (thus 50 Amps is the highest you could go practically). THWN (water-resistant) is specified for...
  37. saltsman

    Cost to run dedicated 240v 60amp line to garage

    How are you going to get 60 Amps (4 AWG) inside a 3/4" conduit? Conduit Fill Table.
  38. saltsman

    Cost to run dedicated 240v 60amp line to garage

    You are correct. I somehow misread the original post. My bad. I agree that a sub panel is overkill in this situation. As per my calculations, I think that circuit would max at 50 Amps max given the fill rate for 3/4" metallic is four 6 AWG THHN/ THWN. As for grounding, my understanding is...
  39. saltsman

    Cost to run dedicated 240v 60amp line to garage

    Just want to be clear for the sake of safety that a sub panel should never have it's own ground rod. Code requires the sub panel ground be connected to the main ground plane (the main ground rod). The ground runs back to the main panel.
  40. saltsman

    Cost to run dedicated 240v 60amp line to garage

    Is this for a sub-panel or just a circuit? Without more info, it's hard to guess that the materials and labor requirements are. For a single pull to a hardwired EVSE, this looks high. For a sub panel, it's not out of the ball park for the NYC area. Ask for an itemized bid with parts (actual part...
  41. saltsman

    App for measuring ride improvement

    Do you have one you like better?
  42. saltsman

    App for measuring ride improvement

    Sensor Kinetics is a free app that will provide raw data from the iPhone accelerometer sensors and graph those for you.
  43. saltsman

    Post your Travel trailer that you tow with your Y

    Completely agree. Just wanted to add that trailer sway can also happen from crosswinds when towing high profile trailers like enclosed cargo trailers or RV's (especially when passing a semi truck at high speed) Sway control will not make up for improper trailer loading. Too little tongue...
  44. saltsman

    Question: Does anyone knows how to purchase Model - Y sensor

    You know, Ukraine, Russia... India, Pakistan... Israel, Iran... South Korea, Best Korea... all the same :)
  45. saltsman

    Post your Travel trailer that you tow with your Y

    I don't want to rain on anyone parade, but I'm not sure a Model Y is a good choice as a tow vehicle for large high profile box-like trailers such as RV's or enclosed cargo trailers without adding an anti-sway friction bar. Trailer sway in cross winds can be highly dangerous in this trailer...
  46. saltsman

    Waiting for Tax Credit to come back?

    Correct, the tax credit is by manufacturer not brand. The Chevrolet Volt and Cadillac ELR were both under the same GM numbers. Same with Volvo and Polestar as it is with Maserati and Chrysler. VW, Audi and Porsche all run up to the same cutoff. Tesla can create a thousand vehicle brands but it...
  47. saltsman

    Waiting for Tax Credit to come back?

    Same with us. In the meantime, we're holding out for a RWD version and a little more time will bring improved quality. Not sure why some here are so passionate about disagreeing with you. We're more than happy to give it a little more time. It's a bet that cost nothing to place and has a...
  48. saltsman

    RWD LR Order?

    The older Model S and X used AC induction electric motors. The 3, Y and newer Raven models of the S and X use permanent magnet electric motors. The efficiency models for the two technologies are different and provide differing real-world range effects. AC induction electric motors in the early...
  49. saltsman

    Model Y tow hitch adapter

    This might help. For North American markets:

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