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  1. NpOverspeed

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    That is a bada$$ picture 🤘
  2. NpOverspeed

    Vision Cars Here

    Please refer to page 16 (I think) of the manual. Hickster is correct.
  3. NpOverspeed

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Fresh wash in celebration of upcoming one year of ownership. Looking forward to a few more.
  4. NpOverspeed

    Childseat rear headrest compression

    Hope this helps!
  5. NpOverspeed

    Childseat rear headrest compression

    Page 39 of the manual states “For single-strap tethers at the outboard seating positions, run the strap over the outside-facing side of the head support (same side of the head support as the seat belt retraction mechanism)”.
  6. NpOverspeed

    Update 2021.24.4 caused "USB Device Malfunction" error

    I did the same. No issues with sentry or usb music. On 24.4.
  7. NpOverspeed

    New owner and some things that I do not like

    Again, congratulations on your new Tesla!
  8. NpOverspeed

    New owner and some things that I do not like

    I agree that phantom braking is annoying and can potentially put you in a bad position. This issue is well documented on this site and others. I was thankful I was aware of it before I purchased the vehicle. Regarding your other comments, you said that you still rely on what you can “see” when...
  9. NpOverspeed

    Back of knee pain

    My knee pain is most certainly from overdoing things in the past. I think the seats in the Model 3 are very comfortable. Have you seen a doctor about your issue yet?
  10. NpOverspeed

    Discs grinding noise

    The Model 3 makes more than a few weird noises but what you are describing does not sound normal to me. I would recommend scheduling an appointment with a Tesla service center so they can check it out. Try to get some video with the noise. Best of luck.
  11. NpOverspeed

    LED rear reflector turn signals

    First, thanks to everyone for the information and discussion. I purchased the ones off of Amazon recommended by GreenHokie and am very happy with them despite the weird behavior that goes along having a them on a Model 3. However, I noticed something last night that is worth noting. I had my...
  12. NpOverspeed

    Model 3 Jeda USB Hub burned capacitor, melted plastic casing!

    Have you contacted Jeda about the issue?
  13. NpOverspeed

    Boombox not working

    I saw that afterwards. Appreciate the clarification though.
  14. NpOverspeed

    Boombox not working

    https://www.notateslaapp.com/software-updates/version/2021.12.25.6/release-notes Not sure how reliable this is as I have not seen anyone get 2021.12.25.6 but the release notes state that Boombox will be removed with this update. Moderator-I’m sure the contents of the link is more applicable to...
  15. NpOverspeed


    Is that the airbag?
  16. NpOverspeed

    Model 3 Will Not Calibrate

    Recommend you schedule a service appointment.
  17. NpOverspeed


    Welcome! Congratulations on your Model 3. I’m coming close to a year of ownership and having a great time with it. This forum is organized in a way that makes finding out information easy. Be sure to use the search function. It works well. Enjoy!
  18. NpOverspeed

    Dedicated Pearl White Picture Thread

    Now that’s nice👍
  19. NpOverspeed

    Master thread: Delivery issues (panel gaps, delivery delays / issues / problems etc)

    Received my white M3 about two months before you. No issues yet. Appreciate the heads up and Tesla’s response. Keep us informed on the resolution.
  20. NpOverspeed

    Anyone else wish this?

    I agree it would be nice. Who knows maybe they will do it someday but it’s probably low on the priority list.
  21. NpOverspeed

    Differences between black and white interiors

    I used the Gyeon Q2 as well and I believe it has been a huge help. The white interior is just awesome and no regrets so far at the six month mark.
  22. NpOverspeed

    Salty...[comment about tone of posts]

    This forum is tame compared to others as many have already said. But there is a lot of good information here and is it is possible for potential buyers to make an informed decision based on what they find here. I know I did. Who cares if the information is delivered in a way that is not...
  23. NpOverspeed

    2021 Model 3 in White Exterior or MSM?

    Outstanding! I think you will like it:)
  24. NpOverspeed

    phantom braking. Are you still experiencing it with latest software update?

    The two spots where it happened the most often seemed to have been corrected so it has been at least two months since the last occurrence. I would not classify that as “fixed” but very much improved.
  25. NpOverspeed

    2021 Model 3 in White Exterior or MSM?

    I have a 2020 M3 with white exterior and it is not difficult to keep clean but I also do not live where it snows much if at all. I just came back from a trip (not in my M3) from Boulder CO and saw a few white 3 and Y’s that looked very dirty, especially in the back trunk area. The MSM looks...
  26. NpOverspeed


    Has anyone seen this yet? No specific details but this maybe evidence of pending update. Tesla Software Updates - Not a Tesla App
  27. NpOverspeed

    bluetooth calls not working now after new update

    You are probably tired of hearing this but have you tried restarting your phone? Sometimes it helps. I have a 12 Pro as well but not having problems with in car phone calls.
  28. NpOverspeed

    Fun with Voice Commands

    Tesla Voice Commands As far as I know this has all the current voice commands.
  29. NpOverspeed

    POLL: Phone Key Reliability with iPhone 12 and Model 3/Y?

    Finally traded my iPhone 7 for the 12. With the exception of the first day of transferring everything and updating the 2 factor Authentication, no problems at all with the car recognizing the phone.
  30. NpOverspeed

    Does It Seem Like Everyone Wants To Race You?

    Like the rest of 2020.
  31. NpOverspeed

    Does It Seem Like Everyone Wants To Race You?

    Yes it does seem that some driver’s want to race me. I do not oblige them ever. If anything I will drive exactly the speed limit in hopes of annoying them into obeying the law.
  32. NpOverspeed

    What is it with ICE truck drivers? Is it just me.....?

    Not a new phenomenon and certainly not just trucks. I’m not sure how driving Instruction is done for the masses now but my daughter took a course that was heavy on academics but light on actual driving. I can tell you that driving with her in Colorado was an experience and not having access to...
  33. NpOverspeed

    Accidentally turning on the wipers when driving other cars

    No issue with the wipers but I re-learn quickly that my wife’s van does not have regenerative braking. :)
  34. NpOverspeed

    My Two Weeks Old Tesla Model 3 Depreciated by 10% Overnight

    Yes....watched it on YouTube in my car
  35. NpOverspeed

    I want the new 3.

    I want the car I have.
  36. NpOverspeed

    If you had to do it again, would anyone NOT get the white interior?

    Two months into ownership and would absolutely get white seats again. I have a four year old and a wife that is a coffee junkie. No incidents requiring anything more than baby wipes but I do not leave the car seat installed. Would definitely get them again.
  37. NpOverspeed

    19’’ Sport Wheels

    I have the 19’ sport wheels. I’ve only had the car for a month but no complaints about the ride or the look. Others with more experience with them will surely chime in. The data on the 18’s is real so should be a consideration if you plan on longer drives. Best of luck.
  38. NpOverspeed

    Voice command list

  39. NpOverspeed

    VW ID.3 beats Tesla model 3

  40. NpOverspeed

    MCO/Title for Financing Issue

    That is strange. I ordered through Littleton as well so I trust them. Have you considered another lender or do they offer something really awesome. There is the potential for you to have quite a bit of time to shop around before delivery. A quick search for “financing” under model 3 will provide...
  41. NpOverspeed

    Caliper Covers for 2020 Model 3 ( 19" Wheels )

    Agree. Where did you get them?
  42. NpOverspeed

    What color do you have?

    Another white/white for the post.
  43. NpOverspeed

    Amazing Sun Shade

    Thanks for sharing. I have been looking at different brands but it has started to cool down where I’m at so maybe next summer.
  44. NpOverspeed

    Dedicated Pearl White Picture Thread

    Just finished changing. There are many like it but this one is mine as the saying goes.
  45. NpOverspeed

    IOS 14 - now app won’t wake up the car

    Slow to wake up from the app but it does function.
  46. NpOverspeed

    A “boring “ delivery

    Is this what you are looking for?
  47. NpOverspeed

    A “boring “ delivery

    Sure thing. I’ll get the pictures shortly. No buzzing noise with heater on that I could tell during the inspection.
  48. NpOverspeed

    A “boring “ delivery

    Just short of three months ago I ordered my M3 LR AWD, white with white interior. In that time my family moved from Colorado to North Carolina, my daughter went off to college, and my oldest son got out of the Navy. Time flies as they say. But today my better half and I took delivery of this...
  49. NpOverspeed

    Screw you, Model 3

    You deserve as much happiness as you can get having been in those places. “All the way” as they say in my neck of the woods. Enjoy!

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