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  1. themacs

    Daughter Board replaced. Now more issues!!

    The screen went out and the daughterboard was replaced. It took over a week in the shop but all SEEMED ok when the car came back. Picture was better and a few more features. BUT: 1). there is no instant traffic monitoring 2) Every time we try to drive the car it has to "WAKE UP". It takes...
  2. themacs

    Daughter board?

    I have a November 2015 build a P90D. My MCU has gone out twice in 6 weeks. I have had the car towed to Tesla service both times. The first time it took less then an hour to fix as they said an "update" jammed the system and knocked out my MCU. So they re flashed it? Now 6 weeks later, the...
  3. themacs

    Blank Touchscreen, no Nav, Phone etc. ??????

    I went out to the car today (late 2015 P90D 27K mikes) and the drivers screen said, "Please wait for your Tesla to Power Up." I waited 3-4 minutes and the screen in front of the steering wheel came up. But no touchscreen. I tried the brake and holding in the 2 wheels on the steering wheel. No...
  4. themacs

    Customer Service

    When I bought my 1st "S" in 2014 I thought the CS was fantastic. I got my 2nd in 2016 and it was good. Now, I don't think there is any in S. Cal. I can't get anyone on the phone to even answer a basic. The sales staff says use the "chat" line to get questions answered. Th chat line says all...
  5. themacs

    New Battery for P90D. A Big surprise :)

    My P90D battery was just replaced. The tec in Oceanside said he did not know why. He said the test said replace and the factory said yes. It is lousy that you can't find out what was wrong. They also said they could not tell me anything about the replacement battery. Just that it is...
  6. themacs

    Battery replacement 11/15 P90D

    Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with a battery replacement. My car has 23,000 miles and is having the battery changed. Not sure why yet. I will ask if the battery is new or refurbished. Also if I will/can get a more recent technology battery. Any experience or thoughts on...
  7. themacs


    The last 3-4 updates I have gotten for my P90D came in the middle of the night, as usual. What was NOT usual was the "explanation" that always accompanies the morning after the update was NOT there?? Rather then a nice long explanation of what was improved or changed there was a simple...
  8. themacs

    Radar Detector

    Any thoughts as which one to buy? Also location of mounting etc. ? It would seem a good place to be mounted is inside the small storage area below the large screen. Thoughts?
  9. themacs

    Supercharger Pay dates

    I visited a supercharger today and was told by the Tesla Valet that cars purchased after 1/15/17 will NOT get free charging at superchargers. He did not know the rate that would be charged but thought it would be buy the "mile" and not the time charging. He did say that currently all owners...
  10. themacs


    Has anyone ordered the rear console or / and the car cover? They look good and the prices appear fair. I'm wondering about the actual quality? Good looks on a computer screen are great but…….. I'm inclined to order both!
  11. themacs

    I understand "Rated Range" but PLEASE explain this to me

    First my new P90D is my 2nd "S". I had a 2014 S 85 and owned it for a year. I have been through the #'s not making sense but starting to understand them. We bought a new P90D (I understand it is about the same range as an S 85) and I do love it BUT…… Last night we charged it at home to 250...
  12. themacs

    P 90 D Dash Message "No autopilot available call Tesla service" ? Anyone else?

    I have had the car for about a month. It is my 2nd Tesla. I get this message about once a week. If I park the car and leave for a period of time, it is not there upon starting and driving. If I stop for a few minutes only, it is still there. This disables cruise control and all self driving...
  13. themacs

    3 M Clear Bra for 50% of new P 90 D Thoughts?

    I'm thinking of doing a 3 M clear bra for about 50% of the car. Total front end to include full fenders and hood. Front of wheels on rear 1/4 panels and total back bumper and rear deck. Color: the new Titanium I have in on my McLaren and love it :love: Any thoughts as to doing it to a...
  14. themacs

    P90D delivery Thursday Autopilot answers per rep

    I'm taking delivery of my P 90 D Thursday. Every option except cold climate, 3rd row seats and "L" (just couldn't see 10K for what you get). I asked about the autopilot and was told this: "Yes, your Model S will have the 7.0 software, with the full Autopilot convenience package active...
  15. themacs

    Does anyone think it makes any difference…………….

    That a 2015 is a car made in 2015 (rolls off the assembly line per a Tesla sales manager) even on 12/31/15. A 2016 is a car that rolls off 1 day later on 1/1/16 etc. Now we all know that virtually every other car made cold be a 2016 as early as 7/1/15. People seem top still feel (as do...
  16. themacs

    New order, 2nd "S" Did I do it right??

    I have had an 85 S for about a year now. Loved it but got an offer I could not refuse so it goes to the next owner. I ordered a Titanium 2015 P 90 D with every option except the rear seats and winter option. Includes grey 21" wheels, upgraded beige seats etc. :smile: Did I over do it? Or...
  17. themacs

    Taking the plunge for the 2nd time!!

    I have a 2014 85 now and have throughly enjoyed it. Circumstances now let me move to a P85D :biggrin: My questions are on the add ons. The ones I can't decide on are : 1) Suspension system 2) upgrade stereo system. We will get the upgraded nav, up graded interior, convenience lighting etc...
  18. themacs

    Can you leave a S 85 unplugged for 14 days?

    Can you leave a S 85 unplugged for 14 days? With "always connected" off and "energy savings" on. Average garage temp 60-70 degrees. Thanks for any replies. Scott
  19. themacs

    Charging Reduction rather Quickly??

    Just an easy question (probably) for most. I bought the car 2 months ago. "Normal" charge was 261 miles. That being the setting suggested by Tesla for a normal (80% I think) charge. I realize you lose some "miles" as the car gets more miles, but in 1,500 miles (I bought the car from Telsa...
  20. themacs


    Does anyone know the telephone # or how to contact: EVannex™ 5051 NW 13th Ave., Ste D Pompano Beach, FL 33064 I want to order some items but have a question and their "contact" information does not work. It keeps throwing errors. Does anyone have any experience with the wheel protection kit...
  21. themacs

    SLACKER-------- Can You??

    1) play the same artist over and over? If so how? 2) Play a known whole album? Example Beatles "Abby Road"?? It is a great way yo be in the "era" but many songs it plays would not be requested :) :( If not Slacker, is there another medium I can use in the car? Thoughts, thanks for the...
  22. themacs

    Interior Lighting additions in Southern California

    Has anyone found a person / shop that will provide and install extra lighting to the cabin / trunks area? I DID NOT get the lighting package but like the effect so if anyone knows an aftermarket source please share!! Thanks :)
  23. themacs

    Interior trunk lights and door lock questions

    A few questions. Maybe I just don't get it or find them :) 1) Are there lights for the trunks. When I open the rear hatch and front hatch there is no light. Is it a setting? Or simply no light? 2) When I pull up to let someone in the passenger seat, I have to open my door so it presents...
  24. themacs

    Insurance in CA GULP any suggestions

    We just got our ins. from Allstate and the 1 year premium is double our Jaguar "F" type. It came out to about $1500 a year:scared:. Full coverage with 100/300 liability. Clean driving record. Lat ticket 8 years ago (speeding) and last accident (non charged) 15 years ago. Does anyone have...
  25. themacs

    Question about 110 charging

    We just bout a 2014 85 with duel chargers. We are retired and don't drive the Telsa every day. We were going to have an electrician run a 50 amp 220 line close to the car. We do have a 110 receptacle within 10 feet already. We also have a super charing Tesla station within 6 miles. Sooooo...
  26. themacs

    Anyone else have HORRIBLE radio reception?

    The internet radio is great (I think it is called "slacker"?) BUT AM is terrible :cursing:. We listen to the news from time to time in the car and also get freeway updates on news channels which is important in S. Cal. Lots of echoes and drifting voices on stations that are perfectly clear...
  27. themacs

    New Tesla owner and HAPPY Great price from tesla!

    Good morning everyone, I'm a new Tesla S owner and could not of gotten a better car or price (I don't think) :) I have been looking for a year here in Southern California. I stumbled upon the fact you can buy a dealer car. Meaning, managers car, demo or loaner. We were SO lucky as the car...

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