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  1. Az_Rael

    MIT study on glance behavior when using Autopilot

    https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0001457521003791?via%3Dihub Thought this was an interesting study, sorry if I missed a prior thread on it. I am not too surprised with the conclusions, I suspect Level 2 automation can be human factors nightmare, which is I believe one...
  2. Az_Rael

    AP not resuming speed after phantom braking event?

    This behavior seems to be newish to the latest software on my car (2020.28 6). I get a phantom braking event, so I put my foot on the throttle to recover, but the car doesn't resume to the set speed for several miles. The speed limit is being detected correctly, the set speed is the same...
  3. Az_Rael

    Bad luck with Tesla 12V batteries this week.

    A few weeks ago my husband's 12V failed on his S during a software update leaving the car stranded in our garage. What are the odds, right? Well, tonight I go to drive my 3, and she is dead as a doornail. Get the 12V jumped, and guess what? Failed during a software update. I then...
  4. Az_Rael

    New Battery warranty terms for new Model S

    Saw this in another thread, but thought it deserved it's own. Looks like no more unlimited mile warranty and includes the 70% degradation rules like the Model 3. Obviously only for new car purchases from Tesla, not retroactive. Too bad, that was a pretty nice perk for buying an S over...
  5. Az_Rael

    Unfortunate fatality in Model 3

    Arizona woman dies after car rear-ends fire truck Looks like none of the safety systems were able to reduce this impact. Happened at 8AM, but unknown if fog may have been a factor. They must have been traveling at highway speeds. Be careful out there!! When we were traveling in...
  6. Az_Rael

    SoCal SCE power outages

    Just found out I am on one of the maps for the possible SCE outage during the upcoming wind event. Just switched my powerwalls over to backup mode, they are charging up now. Wish I had known about this earlier, could have turned off my AC before leaving for work in anticipation to reduce...
  7. Az_Rael

    Model 3 Keyfob updated on Tesla shop to include passive entry

    Tesla relaunches Model 3 key fob and fixes major drawback - Electrek Argh, Tesla gets me for another $150. Bought two of the older key fobs and have been using them frequently, but in for one more to get passive entry. Will see if it has a different part number vs the old fob.
  8. Az_Rael

    Tesla Model 3 Earns Top Safety Pick from IIHS

    Tesla has been awarded its first ever Top Safety Pick from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. To earn a 2019 Top Safety Pick award, a vehicle must earn good ratings in the driver-side small overlap front, moderate overlap front, side, roof strength and head restraint tests, as well as a...
  9. Az_Rael

    Hoping we get robust pedestrian detection soon

    Nearly hit these two idiots last night: This is on a dark rural road where you would not expect pedestrians. Glare from the oncoming cars was distracting and I did not see the fellow in my lane (wearing a black shirt no less ) until they entered my headlights. Looking at my repeater video...
  10. Az_Rael

    Possible FSD discount coming for leased cars

    Reading the Twitter tea leaves:
  11. Az_Rael

    Think I have an issue with my Tesla Energy panels

    Sigh, I am back, again with what I think is an issue with my panels that Tesla Energy is not acknowledging. (My previous experience is here: How to tell if my Tesla Energy solar system isn’t producing up to spec?) So, I want to poll the community here to see if there are any suggestions for...
  12. Az_Rael

    Losing access to PowerGuide data August 15th

    I dont know if I am the only one who cares, but I am a bit miffed about this. We are all being forced onto the app for our solar data after the 15th. Which conveniently doesn't provide data for past years and is difficult at best to extract prior monthly totals. And of course no .csv...
  13. Az_Rael

    Almost sideswiped while using AP

    Was using AP (not NoA) on my commute and this dude in a Titan decides to go ahead and pass on the right during the lane merge coming from behind. I didn't see him until he was next to me, then I took over from AP to make room. Wasn't sure my other lane was clear in the moment, so just...
  14. Az_Rael

    Explain my Annual Settlement SCE bill to me like I am 5

    Ok, got my "settlement bill" from SCE today, which I think is my annual "true-up" bill everyone talks about with solar. Trying to make some sense of it. I am NEM 2.0, so been paying ~$20 or so a month unless there was a climate credit applied. So the Summary of Billing Detail...
  15. Az_Rael

    2019.8.3 First release of traffic light detection?

    From Reddit: Software Update Version 2019.8.3 “Autosteer Stop Light Warning” : teslamotors So it looks like the initial releases of this are coming on the current hardware. Will be interesting to see what configs get it (EAP, FSD, Standard AP?)
  16. Az_Rael

    Have any early adopter FSD owners seen an EAP (early access) invite yet?

    I know the first rule of EAP is you don’t talk about EAP, but I figure we can at least track when invites start going out as Tesla did say that would be our consolation prize. I have not gotten anything as of yet.
  17. Az_Rael

    Prices going up 3% on 3/18 on all cars except $35k Model 3

    Update on Tesla Stores and Pricing It is like no one actually looked at the store closing plan until after they announced it? What a mess.
  18. Az_Rael

    Another tragic fatality with a semi in Florida. This time a Model 3

    U.S. safety agencies to investigate fatal Tesla crash in Florida | Reuters Seems like almost the same circumstances as the Josh Brown crash except we don't yet know if AP was involved. Looks like NTSB and NHTSA are involved. Local news coverage: Tesla driver dies after crash involving semi...
  19. Az_Rael

    FSD early adopters - anyone else feel like they lost the bet? [Update - Early Access for FSD Buyers]

    I bought the original FSD package for $3k. My main reason for buying was to gain the extra 4 cameras (a stated feature at the time), and because I figured the price would only go up not down. Now we have a definition of what “FSD” is and it currently includes stuff everyone who bought EAP...
  20. Az_Rael

    Speed Limit Sign Reading Coming Soon?

    Model 3 Owner’s Manual now states Model 3 detects speed limit signs • r/teslamotors Saw this on Reddit today. This is the killer feature I have been waiting for!!!! I hope it is true. I have the perfect testing ground on my commute, as it is 20 miles of 65mph marked signs that AP1...
  21. Az_Rael

    Navigate on Autopilot needs a “nope” button

    I know I am late to the party, but I just got the NoA update this morning in time for a drive down to LAX and back. I had my HOV stickers on, so I turned on the HOV option. With that on, the car wanted me to always be in the HOV lane even in light traffic. Not a huge deal to ignore...
  22. Az_Rael

    EAP now $7000 after purchase and “price subject to change”

    Saw this on Reddit: Wowzers, $7k is a lot! And no more confusion about whether the after price is garaunteed or not.
  23. Az_Rael

    NHTSA Rating results in for the RWD Model 3: 5 stars

    2018 TESLA MODEL 3 4 DR RWD Not surprising that Tesla nailed it, will be interesting to see how it does on the other safety agency test (Eurocap and IIHS).
  24. Az_Rael

    NEM 2.0: Non-bypassable charges and Powerwall modes

    I have now seen two bills since we had our solar +2 powerwall install turned on. I am currently sporting a $314 "energy generation credit" with my solar energy after just 2 months, however my June bill was $23 in NBC's and my July bill was $34 in NBC's. If I project those forward 12 months...
  25. Az_Rael

    Neighbor's Model 3 had to be towed on day 2 :-(

    Neighbor just texted me yesterday that his Model 3 had to be towed back to the service center on the 2nd day he owned it. He got the "car needs service" message and it basically shut down. Tow truck couldn't get it into tow mode (or neutral I guess, not sure there is a tow mode). I know we...
  26. Az_Rael

    Thermal images of my Tesla Energy Solar Panels

    Ordered a FLIR phone attachment mostly for fun (sure, sure I had some excuse about checking my insulation ;)) Anyway, took some photos of my panels in the height of the day. I was surprised to see them actually cooler than my roof surface. Figured they would be hotter. Here is my East...
  27. Az_Rael

    Someone has a good sense of humor: P75D spotted

    Spotted this today at lunch, LOL: Wonder if it is the same car as this thread: P75D Model S???
  28. Az_Rael

    How to tell if my Tesla Energy solar system isn’t producing up to spec?

    TLDR: I am only seeing a peak output of around 8.5kW for my 11.34kW system. Tesla says it is normal. Is it? Been keeping an eye on my system just through the Tesla app and the minimal data available on MySolarCity. (I don’t know that I am savvy enough to hook up any of the more...
  29. Az_Rael

    Buy a Used Model S out of a vending machine...

    This may be old news, but I saw an ad on TV for Carvana's new vending machine service, which sounds totally crazy. But they do sell Model S's so, you could feasibly buy a Tesla from a vending machine. Wonder if that is a better process than the current CPO program, LOL...
  30. Az_Rael

    FSD after purchase software upgrade now $5000?

    I am seeing various reports that the software FSD upgrade is now showing as $5000 in folks accounts. It looks like it is still $3000 when ordered new, which is interesting. I can’t confirm, as I already have the option. I am hopeful that a price increase means feature releases are imminent...
  31. Az_Rael

    Venting about my Tesla Energy Solar + 2 PW install issues

    Gah, I am so frustrated right now!! I have a full solar system plus 2 powerwalls sitting pretty in my garage ready to go for 4.5 weeks and I just found out they forgot to push the "send" button on the PTO request to my utility. Oops. From what I can see Tesla Energy is an unorganized mess...
  32. Az_Rael

    Model 3 gets an "A" for headlights and "Superior" Front Crash avoidance from IIHS

    Some results trickling in. Will be interesting to see the rest when they finish the testing. So glad they fixed the headlights in the 3. Compared to our P85D, the 3's headlights are waaaay better. 2018 Tesla Model 3
  33. Az_Rael

    Tesla Glass Roof Shade Installed (Model 3)

    Got my glass roof shade in today. It fits very well once you get all the corners and clips up. Comes with a nice bag for storage during the winter. Never felt the need for this in my S, but I had the pano roof that I could vent during the day plus overheat protection so it didn't seem to...
  34. Az_Rael

    U.S. safety agency says 'did not assess' Tesla Autopilot effectiveness

    U.S. safety agency says 'did not assess' Tesla Autopilot effectiveness Following that fatality, Tesla pointed to a 2017 NHTSA report on a May 2016 fatality involving a driver using Autopilot. The report said crash rates fell by 40 percent after installation of Autopilot’s Autosteer function...
  35. Az_Rael

    Summer is Coming...

    I guess the 3 doesn't have cabin overheat protection (or was that something that was there, but got removed?) Outside temps in the mid-80s so nothing crazy yet. I do have 3M Crystalline 70 all the way around except my windshield. I hope we get overheat protection - I was really spoiled by...
  36. Az_Rael

    Recent map update on the Model 3?

    I currently have 2018 12.1 firmware. FYI. I have a 20 mile section of my commute where AP 2 has no speed limit data. AP1 does fine on this section since it can read signs. So I have been tracking AP2 on this section to see when we will get sign reading capability. I checked after the...
  37. Az_Rael

    So glad I had my Model 3 wrapped!

    We had a NASTY windstorm last week. Sustained winds of 35mph and gusts up to 50mph that lasted all day. I could hear my car getting absolutely sand-blasted both to and from work. I was hearing pretty good sized pebbles hit my car as I drove through the various sand clouds. Ugh. Finally...
  38. Az_Rael

    Model 3 Interior camera feed is included as part of “crash snapshots”

    This subject came up regarding the interior camera in the Model X crash thread, and I thought it deserved its own topic for discussion. Model X Crash on US-101 (Mountain View, CA) This may be old news, but I hadn’t heard this info yet. I am a bit leery of the camera now, especially seeing...
  39. Az_Rael

    Bah! Ran over a ladder and damaged the undercarriage.

    I hate road debris! You end up playing chicken with last minute decisions to straddle or swerve. I chose “straddle” after seeing one car clear it then saw it was a dang construction ladder! Ssssccccrrrrraaaaaaaappppeee! Sigh. Drove home and checked out the underside. Nothing...
  40. Az_Rael

    Tesla Energy Solar + 2 Powerwall Install SoCal

    After a very long wait, we finally had the crews out to install our solar and 2 Powerwall units yesterday and today. Process via Tesla Energy was not trouble free as the panels they installed today weren't the panels we asked for. We wanted the black/black 315W panels but ended up with a...
  41. Az_Rael

    Schedule Service Online for Model 3?

    I can see the new online service center scheduling via my Model S page on My Tesla. It is pretty awesome and lets me see their schedule, pick my time/date etc. However, I can't find that page under my Model 3 on My Tesla. Am I just missing something, or do I have to book the...
  42. Az_Rael

    Found the FM/HD radio unit

    It is located in the passenger side pillar under the rear glass. Made by Harman.
  43. Az_Rael

    Model 3 Abstract Ocean Matte Screen Protector Before/After

    Got my Matte Anti-Glare screen protector in the mail yesterday! Pulled my car out into the sun and installed it this afternoon. It was NOT easy to get all the dust off the screen - I wonder if running a humidifier in the car while you work would help. So after spending a good 15 minutes...
  44. Az_Rael

    Screen Glare! Any thoughts on solutions?

    Driving my car to work this week, I have noticed significant glare issues with the screen. My S probably did the same thing, but because I wasn't using that screen an S the main speedometer, I don't remember noticing it as much. So, has anyone tried a screen protector yet? Any other ideas?
  45. Az_Rael

    Deep Blue Metallic Model 3 Photos

    We should start some color threads for easy reference and for those who are still deciding! I will start out with the Deep Blue Metallic thread. Took some glamour photos of mine this morning as well as what it looked like under the lights at the delivery center. Enjoy!
  46. Az_Rael

    No USB Music?

    Maybe I have missed this, but it doesn't seem like there is USB music in the 3? Stuck my Model S USB music stick in the 3 USB port (disconnected a phone dock cord) and... nothing. No change to the music screen. Does anyone know if it is planned for the future? Color me disappointed...
  47. Az_Rael

    Old Tesla "microwave" frunk box fits in 3, barely

    I have the nice Tesla microwave frunk box where I keep all my charging goodies from my old S. Decided to see if it would fit in the 3 frunk. Answer: yes, barely. It's a bit high, but the lid still closes. I think the first gen of this box that isn't tapered might not work. Also, the...
  48. Az_Rael

    Totalled my S today....so I confirmed my Model 3 First Production order

    Making lemonade out of lemons. Got hit today by a dude with no license and no insurance. Video here; You can see that he appeared to decide to hit me. Not sure what the deal was, just very, very glad we were both OK. I went to urgent care after the car was towed for some X-rays, and...
  49. Az_Rael

    EAP vs FSD number of cameras used for Model 3?

    Just got my invite and was looking at the config page options for EAP vs FSD. On the Model S page there is a fairly extensive description of each that mentions opting in to FSD gets you access to all 8 cameras (eventually :rolleyes: ). So I was contemplating ordering the option on my 3 just...
  50. Az_Rael

    Ludicrous upgrade discontinued?!

    My husband's P85D has been at the Burbank service center since Saturday getting a Ludicrous upgrade. We had booked this appointment about a month ago to allow them time to get all the parts, etc. We had a price quote in hand, all good there. Dropped the car off Saturday. They called...

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