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  1. AssortedBread

    Where is the production ramp?

    But keep in mind the previous ownership did not do as much sub assembly construction as Tesla does. Tesla (And Spacex) both follow the mantra if our suppliers can't do it to our satisfaction we'll do it ourselves. Still inevitable that they'll hit they production targets. But it will and has...
  2. AssortedBread

    tesla smackdown??

    They've done 16 stall superchargers for less than $250,000
  3. AssortedBread

    Semi Announcement Trucker Cap

    If he saw your original $200 price he would say "I sell hats that are a order of magnitude lower than our competitors, they sell them for $200, its crazy" His Boring Company hats are $20 and include free shipping.
  4. AssortedBread

    Why AP 2.0 Won't Be Here Soon, and It Won't Be What You Think It Is

    There is absolutely no chance they will achieve self driving any time soon. I'd give it 18 months until level 3. While driving always keep note of driving situations you encounter. And you will be amazed how many they are. Traffic lights, stop signs, pedestrian crossings, highway merging...
  5. AssortedBread

    New Tesla Roadster...Stupid Inexpensive

    Couldn't agree more.
  6. AssortedBread

    What could be the name of the new Semi-Truck?

    Just call it Tesla Semi, no need to complicate things.
  7. AssortedBread

    Tesla Class 8 Semi Truck Thoughts

    Can't wait for Oct. 16th
  8. AssortedBread

    Tesla Class 8 Semi Truck Thoughts

    Photoshoped a trailer and added the roof piece on. Looks epic.
  9. AssortedBread

    Online configurator preview

    Its sadly a Render. But an accurate one. Made using Tesla Model 3 with unreleased white interior spotted production white interior.
  10. AssortedBread

    Online configurator preview

    My dream Model 3 is with the white premium interior. Which looks like this.
  11. AssortedBread

    Going to pass on AWD to get my Model 3 sooner, anyone else doing the same?

    Nope. Going to hold out for AWD and Ultra white seats.
  12. AssortedBread

    Blog Report: Tesla is Working With AMD on New Chip Designed for Autopilot

    I agree. I think multiple processor iterations will happen. After all Elon himself said each year they can buy double the processing power for the same price. Its crazy how AP 2.0 has not even reached full feature parity with AP1. Lets hope Tesla's progress in AP2.0 will transfer to future...
  13. AssortedBread

    [Speculation] Production 18" Wheels without Aero Cover

    I think your confusing RC aero wheels with production aero wheels.
  14. AssortedBread

    Model 3 had incredible fast development speed

    Yeah thats the model X clay model. I'm surprised nobody has shown the model 3 clay model from 2010 Here it is.
  15. AssortedBread

    Model 3 had incredible fast development speed

    Tesla simply showed a more finished product. But it did not go from prototype to demonstration as fast as you make it seem. Take a look at the model S prototype... Interior: vs Exterior: vs At the model 3 unveil they where very clear that the alphas were largely representative...
  16. AssortedBread

    Model 3 wagon

    Very cool rendering. But Tesla is having no problems selling the car as is. Perhaps in 4-5 years when they need to induce demand.
  17. AssortedBread

    I didn't expect to pay $35,000 for a model 3

    Enough said.
  18. AssortedBread

    Battery is big disappointment

    The article you linked has Musk saying the Model 3 is going for 200 mile range. Which he deems as a passing grade. But intends on surpassing. So I think he held true to his word on both fronts. A $35,000 at 200 and a more "ideal" range for a bit more.
  19. AssortedBread

    Tesla Model 3 vs BMW 3 Series (Electrek)

    Its hardly barebones. Look at this Bloomberg chart comparing the Model 3's direct competition.
  20. AssortedBread

    Elon's Model 3 Deception

    I think her over delivered on my expectations. Case in point.
  21. AssortedBread

    Tesla Model 3 vs BMW 3 Series (Electrek)

    Saw this chart, which sums up the differences between the two. With the addition of the Mercedes C class.
  22. AssortedBread

    Where are the employee model 3 reviews?

    Heres a non tesla employee looking at the easter eggs.
  23. AssortedBread

    Get Jurvetson to make more videos of his model 3!

    A nice video of Jurventson (Billionaire investor, has vin# 5) showing the easter eggs on the model 3. Could we work together to get his attention and post a few more videos? Leaving comments on the video, and tweeting him would probably be enough to get his attention. If the rumor of 10,000...
  24. AssortedBread

    310 Miles plus Premium Upgrades at $41,500 after Fed Tax Credit

    Sounds like a bargain to me.
  25. AssortedBread

    The reveal part 3 was a big disapointment

    Model 3 Long range is definitely not disappointing. Lots of miles for the money.
  26. AssortedBread

    Battery is big disappointment

    Price wise your getting a lot of miles for the dollar if you buy the model 3 long range.
  27. AssortedBread

    Video - Model 3 Handover Event

    Test drive with Franz von Holzhausen. Video: FIRST DRIVE TESLA MODEL 3 Motortrend Article: Exclusive: Tesla Model 3 First Drive Review - Motor Trend
  28. AssortedBread

    Motortrend Tesla Model 3 First Drive Review

    Motortrend took great pictures. Trunk/Frunk look great.
  29. AssortedBread

    Model 3 Center Display

  30. AssortedBread

    Discovered a great Model 3 Trunk photo

    I know its not. I just discovered it as mentioned in the title. I admit I misspoke when typed heres the new picture.
  31. AssortedBread

    Discovered a great Model 3 Trunk photo

    Found a better picture of the trunk.... People saw this picture. And panicked. Heres the new photo. So I believe there will be little if any change in trunk design.
  32. AssortedBread

    Should I Livestream Model 3 Event???

    Its just like apple. Highly professional stream right on the their website.
  33. AssortedBread

    Here's hoping that the July 28 event will be a complete reveal

    I'm excited to see the new Tesla operating system design for the horizontal screen. That alone is worth the event.
  34. AssortedBread

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    First look at the keyboard. + numberpad on the right
  35. AssortedBread

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    Great video of Sr. VP of engineering at Tesla confirming he's in a Production spec model 3. Holding the keycard.
  36. AssortedBread

    Found a actor who looks just Elon Musk

    I was watching Hyde Park on Hudson (bio-pic about FDR), and one the characters had a uncanny resemblance to Mr. Musk. His name is Samuel West Looked into it and Samuel West too has odd looking moments. For comparison the real Elon Musk.
  37. AssortedBread

    Model 3 RC sightings

    You're over thinking things. When you design a car with a big glass rear window, you've go to make sure people with abnormal interest in your trunk belongings don't peer inside.
  38. AssortedBread

    Model 3 Reality Check.

    You might know this already but Tesla's Model S prototype had a haptic feedback screen. Who knows they might have a second go at it. Its been almost a decade (8 years) since this demo. http://gizmodo.com/5204805/tesla-model-s-electric-sedans-huge-haptic-touchscreen-dashboard-in-action Edit...
  39. AssortedBread

    Model 3 Reality Check.

    You make a really good point. If I were Tesla I would have the option of using the tactical (very important like you said) scrolling wheels on the steering wheel to adjust temperature and flow rate. (scroll up for hotter, down for colder and click left for less air and right for more air)...
  40. AssortedBread

    Model 3 Reality Check.

    I'm glad. Here take a look at this 2017 Mercedes C-Class ($40,000) They also tack on a display, but don't commit to it. Instead the litter the entire cockpit area with hundreds of buttons... And this is a car with a starting price $5,000 higher.
  41. AssortedBread

    Model 3 Reality Check.

    Looks like minimal changes to the center storage.
  42. AssortedBread

    Model 3 Reality Check.

    BMW 3 Series Center Storage (sorry theres a sculpted Knob in the way) Audi A4 Center Storage (sorry, there a shifter) Model 3 Center Storage (no gear shifting means big storage area)
  43. AssortedBread

    Model 3 Reality Check.

    BMW 3 Series Rear Head Room Audi A4 Rear Head room Model 3 Rear Head room (sorry, don't have higher res pic. Maybe next week) But he has a thumbs up, so I think we the glass is adding 2 or 3 inches.
  44. AssortedBread

    Model 3 Reality Check.

    BMW 3 Series Instrument Cluster Audi A4 Instrument Cluster Model 3 Dashboard
  45. AssortedBread

    Model 3 Reality Check.

    I'm not done! Nice comparison pics NikeyKid
  46. AssortedBread

    Model 3 Reality Check.

    Its hard to believe that its been 477 days since the model 3 unveil, since then expectations have grown with every subsequent forum post. Heres a quick reality check about how awesome the Model 3 is. BMW 3 Series - 34,000 (before the incredibly infuriatingly expensive options) Audi A4 -...
  47. AssortedBread

    Model 3 interior

    I don't think you've spent enough time in a bmw 3 series or an audi a4 which are the same price sedan... They are not as good as your imagination or their marketing teams make them out to be. Design wise this interior is above average, especially the rear seats.
  48. AssortedBread

    Should I Livestream Model 3 Event???

    Please don't livestream. Like you said Tesla has their own livestream. And I hate to break it to you but mobile live stream video quality is horrid. Few people will give up watching a professionally set up, multiple camera, live stream for a hand held single point-of-view low res stream. Get...

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