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  1. Cnasty

    Thoughts on Pricing? 2019 SR+

    Hi all, My personal situation has changed dramatically and i need to sell my Model 3 SR+ I got in March. Here are some specs: 9Kmiles White interior Matte black powder coated sport 19s Chrome delete No AP or FSD Pristine condition, no accidents Not sure KBB or any of the others really know how...
  2. Cnasty

    Powder Coated Wheels: Wet Black or Gunmetal?

    I have been trying to find a consolidated thread with wheels only related to the Model 3 of those who have had them powder coated but figured I would make it more concentrated to the choices I am considering. I have always wanted black for my Sport 19s but after seeing some gunmetal pictures I...
  3. Cnasty

    Lock Automatically w/Horn Honk?

    Hi all, I cant seem to figure this out with my SR+ 3 on the most recent update. This is our 2nd 3 and the behavior on our other one is as you walk away from the 3 the doors automatically lock, the mirrors fold, and the horn honks. I learned the hard way that I assumed this would happen...
  4. Cnasty

    2018 Honda Accord 1.5T Sport-Manual

    With the announcement of the SR+ and price drops we are becoming a 2 Tesla family. This car has less then 2500 miles on it, pristine condition with a chrome delete. I bought it brand new I havent posted it on cars.com or eBay yet as I am still needing a car until my 3 is delivered. Thanks for...
  5. Cnasty

    Pearl White Touch Up Paint

    Has anyone had any success with finding Pearl White touch up paint for their 3 or even the S if it matches as well? Have a couple spots that need just a tad bit of love. I assume this will be tough to color match with the specificity of this color. Does the Service Center carry them? Thanks...
  6. Cnasty

    I Want an X....

    Long story short.... I had an S. Traded it in so my wife could have the Model 3 when it arrived. It has arrived and its an amazing car for her. I bought a truck because 2 kids, house, weekly Lowe's visits etc etc. Hate it. I miss driving a Tesla daily. Truck has 2k miles on it and I want an X...
  7. Cnasty

    First Road Trip

    I have a 2500 mile roundtrip coming up and I am torn on taking the Model 3 or renting an ICE to reduce mileage on the 3 right off the bat and reduce trip time due to charging. That being said, I am slapping myself for even thinking of not taking the 3 as that was one of the main selling points...
  8. Cnasty

    Dumb Question (For Those Who Sold Their S)

    So tomorrow is a bittersweet day as I sell my S and I now decide when to order my 3 as I have had the ability to do so for a while on my account. Maybe a dumb question, but after my S is officially sold, my car transferred over, and Tesla contacted by the new owner to utilize the app on the...
  9. Cnasty

    For Sale: Model S60 w/AP, Upgradeable Battery, Lifetime Supercharging

    I had another thread with a completely different state of affairs in mind as we were expecting our family to grow but that was not the case. With that being said, I have a Model 3 reservation since day 1 and got invited to configure and would like to sell my Model S. Attached are some pics and...
  10. Cnasty

    Need Sale Feedback-2016 Model S60

    Hi all, Our family recently found out we are adding another addition and our S size isn't going to work anymore. Has anyone had any success or suggestions on best places, ways, or items to sell a Tesla as I assume going to Joe Dealership will be a nightmare. Right now an X isn't an option and...
  11. Cnasty

    Day Trip!

    Hi fellow Texans, My wife's birthday is coming up and we barely get much time alone with the kids so I wanted to plan a day trip for just us. Nothing over night but something we leave very early in the morning and back by evening. We currently are in Frisco but looking for something within an...
  12. Cnasty

    Poweder Coated Options North Dallas/Frisco Area?

    I am very interested in getting some 21 inch Turbines but very concerned about maintenance and upkeep of new tires consistently. Has anyone powder coated their Slipstreams with success and recommend anyone in the Norther DFW area? I want to do gloss black for my black Model S. Thank you for...
  13. Cnasty

    Touchless Car Wash (Plano/Frisco/Prosper/McKinney)

    I really enjoy getting a chance to wash my S myself when I can but the time to do so has really been dwindling lately. I live in Frisco and have had a really hard time finding a touchless carwash in the area. Any other Northern DFWers have any luck with a touchless system anywhere in the...
  14. Cnasty

    Definitive 21inch Turbines vs 19inch Slipstream Photo Thread

    Yea the title is a little long but as a refreshed owner with the Slipstreams I rack my brain way too much drooling over the Turbines and regret not getting them. I have read and understand the damage opportunities, reduced range, and expensive tire replacements but hot damn they complete the S...
  15. Cnasty

    WTB or Trade 21in Grey Turbines

    Looking to pick up a set of these and would prefer locally in Texas within 5-7 hours of DFW but open for shipping for the right price. I have a set of 19in Slipstreams with 11k Miles with no scratches curb rash or any other cosmetic defects if anyone looking to trade and then cash on top...
  16. Cnasty

    DFW Tesla Car Wash

    I know I am in the minority and aghast that I put my car through washers but I have zero extra time to continually hand wash this black beast. I know it is against the Tesla code to go through a car wash but it needs to be done in my scenario and I am not all anal about my car being washed...
  17. Cnasty

    New-ish Owner Observations/Questions

    So I just reached the 1500 mile mark on my new S60 and I am absolutely loving every single time I get into this thing. It is hard for me to call it a car as I feel it is so much more to what it has changed for the positive for our family. There are some things I am really unsure and hope some...
  18. Cnasty

    Model S Owners With Kids!

    So I am going on my 3rd week with my Model S and it has changed the way I look at cars forever it is that good. I do have some concerns over the interior holding up with 2 young kids (4 and 10 months) over the long run. I have the next gen leather seats and premium interior upgrade. I am being...
  19. Cnasty

    Tire Sensors Sensitivity

    I picked up my S on Monday and the next morning the left rear tire was showing low air, down to 35 PSI. I filled it up as well as all the others according to the inside of the door numbers. Was fine all day. Woke up the next morning. Same thing and all the tires actually came down quite a bit...
  20. Cnasty

    Toll Tag

    Hi fellow Texans! Just took delivery yesterday of my S and absolutely love it! Where is everyone placing their toll tag? I heard the window has some coating and it won't read correctly? Is this true? Thanks for any help
  21. Cnasty

    Pic Request-Black with Chrome Delete

    Anyone have any pictures of their solid black Teslas with a chrome delete? I am trying to show my wife the differences in stock versus getting rid of the chrome. She prefers stock. :)
  22. Cnasty

    NEMA 14-50 Consultation

    I am getting a quote today by a well known electrician in the area for my NEMA install. My car should be delivered within the next couple weeks. I am curious to what I should be looking for or questions to ask? My panel is in the garage and the install should be right below it literally a...
  23. Cnasty

    Model S YouTube Subscriptions/Videos

    I have my S on order and like many have been sucking in information from this forum, videos, reading blogs, and almost anywhere I can about my upcoming vehicle. I love YouTube and have subscribed to some quality channels such as Bjorn, Kman, Tesla Evangelist, etc but I want more!!! What is...
  24. Cnasty

    Premium Upgrades Package-About to Order!

    I finished my test drive yesterday and then went into the secret lair with my advisor to configure and talk about the order/delivery process for my Model S60. Tentative configuration: Solid Black-I want white but wife wants black and the advisor agreed with her since white is everywhere in...
  25. Cnasty

    CPO vs New

    I have been crunching numbers for about 3 months now. From recognizing I was trading the wrong car to switching to one with equity versus upside down, to daycare costs in our budget, to seeing if I really wanted to buy a car this expensive. I have a test drive scheduled on Saturday and hope to...
  26. Cnasty

    Currently in a Financed Vehicle Experience?

    I am very happy to be part of this amazing community after hearing about it from Reddit I find the details here are overwhelming and so much to see and research! With that being said. Here is my current scenario. I have a Model 3 reservation from day 1 Currently in a loan for a financed 2015...

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