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    Western Canada Superchargers

    You mean they are loosing money at the superchargers?
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    Western Canada Superchargers

    It really sucks. How hard is it, really? They are printing money wherever they built a supercharger yet we have to wait for another year for a supercharger in one of the busiest areas for Tesla charging around Vancouver.
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    Western Canada Superchargers

    Any words from South Surrey supercharger? Supposed to be open in Q3 but apperantly it is delayed.
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    Supercharger - Coquitlam, BC

    I saw 170kw charging rate for Model 3 SR+ today.I think it is maximum for this model.
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    Supercharger - Coquitlam, BC

    Are those 250kw v3?
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    Key Fob sometimes will not unlock? [passive unlock doesnt work sometimes]

    I use my phone to unlock my car and 5 out of 10 attempts are fail! I repeatedly have to pull the door handle until it recognizes me and that is so annoying!
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    Tesla Seats 2020-21

    You probably watched Monroe interviewing Elon Musk and he called the Model 3 seats excellent. Elon Musk admitted that the old ones especially the model S seats were almost like a stool from the stone.
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    Model 3 creaking noise from below rear bench seat during sudden acceleration/deceleration

    Thanks, how many days the car stayed in SC in total ?
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    Model 3 creaking noise from below rear bench seat during sudden acceleration/deceleration

    I have exactly the same annoying sound from the driver seat back!
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    CHAdeMO adapter price reduction

    It may not be a bad idea to buy this even for a year instead of loaning it from someone else. You can resell it on eBay or Craigslist after a year and still will not loose much over it. I hope CCS adapter will be smaller and cheaper than this.
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    Bluetooth volume issues 2021

    I have the same issue with Bluetooth volume control. Each time I answer a call, I have to turn up the Bluetooth volume again. Are you using Android or iOS?
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    Supercharge miles for referral code considered bribe?- Canadian Issues

    I know that if you are a Bc resident you can only earn free miles one time.
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    Any way to get Homelink on a 2021 M3 LR without paying $300 to Tesla? Thx.

    Does Home link auto opens the garage when you are near enough or do you still have the push a button on screen ?
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    Brake lights on during regen?

    I was feeling more aggressive regeneration when the option was there. After the update, it seemed less aggressive for me for Model 3.
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    Sharing Map Destination to Tesla App Not Working

    Sharing address from Android Google maps to Tesla has been broken for me after updating to 2020.44.25 . Still couldn't find a solution.
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    Software updates on 2021 Model 3s?

    Does it make any difference with the advanced software update setting instead of standard ?
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    CCS and Chademo charging at local walmart

    If you are near to a S/C and doesn't go for long trips, does it really makes sense to pay 600Cad(450USD) for the chademo adapter just to save few bucks ?
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    Mirror Auto Tilt Adjustment

    I have the same issue. No matter what I did, it doesn't save auto tilt settings. It is far from being usable with current settings. What am I missing ?
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    Software updates on 2021 Model 3s?

    I had the same question and learnt here that there is not a single pattern for the release of new updates. I am on the same software with you and yet didn't hear anyone with 2021 model having a newer software.
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    2020.44.10.1 - Unable to search music by artist

    I have a question about 2020.44.10.1 update. Does everyone recieve it in different time? I still see 2020.35.202 and I didn't understand why the updates are not released for all model 3s at the same time.
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    How much you pay for your M3 insurance in BC?

    Is there any downsides of getting optional insurance from BCAA as long as the price is cheaper than ICBC?
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    SR/SR+ Waiting Room

    If anyone wants to share his reference link, please pm me. Although I ordered without one I will try to add one.
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    SR/SR+ Waiting Room

    Congratulations! We almost configured at the same time but no update for me yet. It is good to know people from Canada getting VIN assigned.
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    Refreshed “2021” Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    Congratulations!what was your order date ?
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    First assigned/received 2021 "M" VIN Model 3

    Congratulations! East coast is getting earlier than the West.
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    Delivery Estimate Removed from Order Page

    If you can't see any delivery estimate date on your account, please try logging in with an android phone and chrome browser. It is weird but this is the only way I could manage to see a delivery estimate date although it may not be accurate.
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    Delivery Estimate Removed from Order Page

    that doesn't make any difference in my situation. I tried both Canada and Us sites and still the same, nothing about an expected delivery dates.
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    Delivery Estimate Removed from Order Page

    i never had the delivery estimate, still not showing on my account. i hope it is ok not to have that until you have your VIN.
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    Refreshed “2021” Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    Did the term autopilot change to "Enhanced autopilot" recently? Did anyone realise something like that?
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    2021 Refresh - LR AWD Waiting Room

    I don't even have that!
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    2021 Refresh - LR AWD Waiting Room

    That didn't work for me. No matter what I try I can't see any delivery expectation. Maybe it is about my order that needs additional steps to complete.
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    2021 Refresh - LR AWD Waiting Room

    How come some orders have delivery date while some like mine doesn't have? I am in Canada and I don't see any delivery estimate. Here is my order screenshot.
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    SR/SR+ Waiting Room

    Same status under my account page. Btw I also ordered MSM but sometimes I wonder if PW is a better color choice.
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    2021 Refresh - LR AWD Waiting Room

    There wa a rumor about it but i don't think that is happening as the 2021 features already announced and there wasn't anything about heated steering wheel.
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    SR/SR+ Waiting Room

    I don't see any dates on my Tesla Canada page. Nor 5-9 weeks neither an exact date. I thought everyone is in similar situation but it is good to know that someone from Canada got an exact date.
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    Refreshed “2021” Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    is the estimated delivery date only displayed on US Tesla site? I don't see any under my account for the Canada Tesla website.
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    SR/SR+ Waiting Room

    I am also in Canada and waiting for SR+ . I choose gray with black interior although I still find white very attractive. Did they also estimate december for your delivery or is it earlier?

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