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    Santa Clara County retroactively Changing ESS Rules

    Yes 3.10.12 but no SERVICE — bizarre. Did get an appt on the phone after a 25 min hold — 6 weeks out despite my explanation that PW was discharging to the grid, possibly illegally— for which they sent no email or text confirmation so now I will have to call back near then to reconfirm. David
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    Santa Clara County retroactively Changing ESS Rules

    So something inside Tesla has realized my system is not behaving properly, so they texted me the below and requested I schedule service. 1. But I have no "Service" option on my Gateway Home page -- any tips on how I'm supposed to schedule service? Tried logout / login... 2. When they come out...
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    Santa Clara County retroactively Changing ESS Rules

    That's good to know. I've never not had a Nuerio so I'm not familiar with what data is collected without one. My Tesla electrician said that the Neurio current transformer positioned around my PGE feed to the main breaker is how the Tesla App actually knows what my current draw is. Without a...
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    My Powerwall is discharging to the Grid (App or Neurio issue or both?)

    That's an interesting idea but it has taken me so long to triage and document the current behavior that I'm going to take a break from troubleshooting and see if Tesla comes back with anything helpful. It is obviously beneficial to be charging my PW at 0.18 / kWh and then sending it right back...
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    Santa Clara County retroactively Changing ESS Rules

    My 2 x PW installation in Los Altos (Santa Clara County) was completed last week and successfully passed city inspection. Powerwalls were mounted on the outside wall of a garage next to a door and beneath an inoperable window. It took multiple discussions with Tesla as well as a site visit from...
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    My Powerwall is discharging to the Grid (App or Neurio issue or both?)

    The Tesla App screenshots don't show it, but the only way that the PGE meter shots make sense (to me) is if the PW is being discharged back to the Grid. If you compare second and third screenshots, I think the app is incorrectly showing my Household load, and if you compare fourth and fifth...
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    My Powerwall is discharging to the Grid (App or Neurio issue or both?)

    Two Powerwalls installed four days ago with Neurio monitor, Time-base control showed up shortly thereafter and I set it to Cost Savings with 20% reserve. Here in Northern California, Peak is 3p to 12 midnight, off-peak is 12 midnight to 3p. My quiescent Household load ranges from 0.5 kW (fridge...
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    P90D Auto Insurance

    Yes it can make sense -- a low deductible on Collision is what drives premiums so high. If u rarely have claims a high deductible will easily pay for itself many times over during the course of a lifetime of insured driving. -- David
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    Better range after 7.0 upgrade?

    I'm also experiencing an increased loss of rated range when not driving since upgrading to 7.0, but it's even worse than you. In 75 degree weather, starting with 147 rated miles at 9:30 am, you can see from the screenshot below that there are 4.8 miles unaccounted for (147 less 111 remaining...
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    Firmware 7.0

    Left scroll wheel doesn't Mute when "too close warnings" appear on the Dashboard UI Anyone else notice this? If you're too close to the car in front of you, such that the Dashboard UI "left slot" gets replaced by the top-view of the car showing you're too close, then the Left Scroll wheel no...
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    Backed into at Home Depot - Interested in y'alls input

    Find someone in your area experienced with PDR (paintless dent removal) on aluminum bodies. If they can get access to the bumper from behind they can fix it in a matter of minutes for ~$200 or less. -- David
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    30 KW at mountain view charger.......

    If you're ever planning to be there on a Mon 11:30 am - ish, PM me and we can chat Tesla over lunch. -- David
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    30 KW at mountain view charger.......

    Country Deli -- yum! My usual is the "Club with Freshly Roasted Turkey" -- I hope they get a bump up in business due to their proximity to the Mt View SC... -- David
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    2014 P85D Owners... hindsight? regrets?

    I had this problem and there's a simple fix -- apply a small piece of moleskin to the side of the front console and it will stop the squeaking. -- David
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    Looking for community input on Model S Options

    Surprised no one has mentioned this, but since you're in SoCal, skip the UHFS and spend ~$1500 more and do the Reus upgrade. Superb audio is important to me and in a quiet car like a Tesla, the Reus system delivers; PM me if you would like to discuss further. (BTW you won't get XM with the solid...
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    Model S Premium Center Console - Only in Black

    Nice! If anyone in Northern California is interested in splitting a sheet of Zebrawood paper-backed with 3M adhesive, please PM me. If we can get 6 or 8 people, it should be ~$25 for enough to cover a console and a second piece to do stain experiments with. -- David
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    Model S Premium Center Console - Only in Black

    I think this would bug me, as well. So I'm thinking of ordering a set of veneers (e.g., http://www.amazon.com/Veneer-Variety-Pack-Sq-Ft/dp/B003F0G60A/ref=lp_13399361_1_4?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1436563624&sr=1-4) and staining one of the more neutral ones to match Obeche Matte. For those owners with...
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    Must have accessories?

    Thanks, sounds like I will be getting me a set! -- David
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    Must have accessories?

    How long do the batteries last? I recall someone posting they need to be changed every couple of weeks, which seems like a major hassle. Any problems with the self-stick tape actually sticking? On Amazon, there are two brands to choose from -- OxyLED and Hallomall -- which did you get...
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    Jingle noise on driver side, when hitting road ripples

    Any chance that it's this? -- David
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    "Crackling" noise in headliner aft of the Driver sun visor

    Thanks, glad it's not just me. Out of curiosity were you hearing the noise while driving on bumpy roads, as well? -- David
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    "Crackling" noise in headliner aft of the Driver sun visor

    Here go, sounds like this: Headliner creaking - YouTube -- David
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    "Crackling" noise in headliner aft of the Driver sun visor

    P85D, noticed going over rough roads that I was getting some noise/vibration above my head. With the car stopped, if I unfold the driver sun visor and push gently aft of the visor on the headliner, I get a slight cracking sound. Doesn't happen on the passenger side. Any ideas? Perhaps the...
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    Help an Indecisive Owner Select a Wheel Color

    Too funny, I'm also OCD and the reason I didn't go with grey wheels is because they ALWAYS look dirty to me :biggrin: -- David
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    Fobo Tire Pressure monitor for smart phones

    Wow, glad to hear it worked like it should. But please clarify, when you say the FOBO sensor beeped, do you mean the in-car unit beeped or that the Fobo App on your phone beeped? If the former, then perhaps I do not want to try to silence the in-car unit, otherwise I'm not going to be alerted...
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    Fobo Tire Pressure monitor for smart phones

    I understand why that makes sense for you :smile: But the reason I bought the Fobo is so that it can take care of checking the tire pressure each morning, and then let me know (via an alert) only if there is something abnormal. I get enough blips and beeps in the rest of my life that I don't...
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    Fobo Tire Pressure monitor for smart phones

    Ok, might be time to disassemble it and put some Shoe Goo in the piezo; or maybe mount it in the frunk. Any other suggestions? -- David
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    Fobo Tire Pressure monitor for smart phones

    Beep each time I get in the car? Apologies if this was discussed upthread, but I'm getting a beep every time I get in my car. I assume this is the control unit beeping to let me know it synced via BT with the app. Is that what it is and is there any way to silence it? Seems like it will get...
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    Has the ground clearance of the air suspension been reduced?

    We use this type of solution for my wife's extremely low Corvette: BRIDJIT Extra 48-Inch Center Section Driveway Curb Ramp: Amazon.com: Industrial Scientific They are very heavy and therefore less likely to be dragged away by a prankster or thief. However, they might be illegal in some areas...
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    Could 4 pound increase in tire pressure be cause of new vibration sound in cabin?

    FWIW, I had a persistent vibration after my Reus stereo upgrade. Turns out it was the shell of my USB stick vibrating against the body of the stick. You could also try emptying your console area and glovebox. -- David
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    Tunein Favorites Gone

    Podcasts still missing in 6.2 for me -- annoying... -- David
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    Firmware 6.1

    +1. I was one of the ones who experienced the issue first-hand, reported to Tesla, and discussed with the local service manager -- but no email or courtesy call for me. I've installed .179 but haven't had a chance to drive yet -- thanks to others for testing and hopefully confirming that this...
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    P85D Lost power on road, "Pull over safely"

    Another update -- received a call from the service manager who assured me turning Range Mode OFF was indeed a workaround for the problem. Root cause was rear motor shutdown, which I interpreted as "total power loss" because I was traveling uphill. This is only happening on dual motor vehicles...
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    P85D Lost power on road, "Pull over safely"

    An update -- someone from the local service center just called and similar to wk057, said something to the effect that "engineering says it's a firmware issue and they are aggressively working on this". She also relayed information from engineering to the effect that "this only occurs when the...
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    P85D Lost power on road, "Pull over safely"

    Yes, Range mode when my car shutdown. -- David
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    Grey interior

    +1. To me the tan seats are a much better match for the "white alcantara headliner" in the Design Studio. Try to see it for yourself -- it's the difference between a light color that's warm (tan) vs. grey (cool). -- David
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    P85D Lost power on road, "Pull over safely"

    Same thing happened to me today (P85D with .167 update from last night), and it resulted in a particularly dangerous situation. Was going thru some uphill twisties where you lose sight of cars in front/behind you every 3 to 5 car lengths. Came around a right-hand turn and heard "beep-beep-beep"...
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    Great summary, couldn't agree more. Which center console did you end up getting -- Evannex or Tesla's? If the latter, does the carbon fibre match adequately with your interior? -- David
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    Tunein Podcast Search?

    As far as I know, you have to use the tunein.com website in order to search for podcasts and add them to your "library". Simple sign up for free as a new user, search/add podcasts of interest, then use those login credentials on one of the Tesla Settings pages. -- David
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    Next-gen REAR seats no longer available for new orders, please post feedback on yours

    Which, I'm just noticing, does show the center headrest shorter than the adjacent one. But I can understand objections to bumps vs all-flat. -- David
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    Next-gen REAR seats no longer available for new orders, please post feedback on yours

    Rear NG Headrests are *exactly the same* as the New-Old Rear Headrests I have a P85D with NG Fronts and New-Old Rears (with NG Rears promised for Q1 2015), and I have been confused about this as well -- whether the Rear NG Seats have different headrests than the New-Old Rear Seats (especially...
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    New Version of EVTripPlanner

    Hi Ben, thanks for creating such a useful website! If I were you, I would develop a free iOS app that provided direct routing, and a premium iOS app that routed thru Superchargers. Charge $4.99 for the latter, and if you achieve 10 to 20% market share among Tesla drivers, it will pay for your...
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    Tracking P85D Next Generation Seats Delivery Thread

    My DS called today to ask me how I was enjoying my P85D, and after a brief chat I asked him what the credit would be if I chose to keep my non-NG rear seats. He told me a credit was not an option and implied that I would have to have the NG rear seats installed when they became available. He...
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    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    You're right Sceptic, thanks! They're pretty nice, though, and didn't notice any visibility probs out the back -- wonder if I should keep them and what the credit for a split set might be?
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    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    Hi everyone, after weeks of silently tracking this thread, I finally have something to contribute! Picked up VIN 64845 at the Fremont factory today. Staff was very helpful and pleasant, though the gentleman assigned to do my walk-thru seemed to want to complete it as quickly as possible...

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