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    Got my MYP wrapped today..

    I went with “fashion grey” wrap. It’s not really that grey. It looks white with a shade of grey. If I can go back, I would have went with a darker grey but the wife picked this color and she’s happy with it. Most of my friends are telling me “why didn’t you just get a white car” but in person it...
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    Model Y beats a c8 stringray drag race

    I stumbled across this video on YouTube of a mode Y performance nearly beating the new corvette stingray. On paper the stingray puts down supercar numbers. I’m quite surprised esp because the Y pulled away on the top end. I know it’s just one race but still, I’m impressed
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    Track mode Model Y performance

    How do you guys feel about having track mode on the model Y performance? It seems like a pretty cool option to have but being that it’s a crossover SUV and having the option to control the drive train sounds pretty scary but fun at the same time. Apparently it will be released eventually...
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    Rear ended :(

    Hey guys, today we were parked at a light and some idiot wasn’t paying attention and rear ended me and my wife. Luckily no one was injured. I’m really upset though because I know I’m screwed either way since I owe about $60,000 on the car and surprisingly I’ve seen cars with Little damage get...
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    What real range are you getting on a full charge?

    I know this topic has been covered to death but I want to know what’s everyone’s REAL range is on a full charge. Tesla advertises 291 for the MYP and I never seen it more than 280 displayed when it was new. Now it’s 270. I can realistically only get 200 on a full charge before I’m at 10%...
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    Door popping noise

    Hey guys I noticed my passenger rear door makes a loud popping noise when opening and closing. It occurs when the door reaches those stops that hold it in place if that makes any sense. It seems to be coming from the lower black plastic latch. It only happens on that door and it sounds really...
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    Car won’t unlock unless app is open?

    For as long as I can remember my phone key works flawlessly most of the time regardless of whether the Tesla app is working in the background. I’ve noticed now I have to manually open the app wait a few seconds and then it finally opens the door. I made sure to run location services at all times...
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    SC gave me a free tool to keep..

    Got my MYP back yesterday after getting the acoustic cover installed. While driving at low speeds i noticed a rattling sound over speed bumps. Found a giant pry tool hanging from the passenger bumper. Guess the techs left it there by mistake. Could have been way worse seriously tho, the kind of...
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    App connection issues anyone?

    I noticed for the past two days I’ve been having trouble connecting to the app on my phone as well as my wife’s phone. Cellular and Wi-Fi is not a problem. It’s stuck on updating or gives me a network time out after it gives up.The only way that I can get it to work is reboot my phone but then...
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    Battery degradation question

    I know there are tons of threats of people worrying about battery degradation as the range appears to decrease over time. My MYP has 4500 miles on the Odometer. It started off at 281 miles of range but now I barely get to 269 at full charge. I’m only opening this thread because I find it...
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    Model y parts shortage ?

    Hey guys, Is anyone else having problems getting service done on their model Y due to parts being unavailable? I’ve had my service appointment rescheduled 7 times already through the automated text message. It’s because I’m taking time off work. I can’t speak to a live person, and if I do...
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    Backseat rear panel coming loose..

    Another item added to my repair list.. Ill suck it up since I expected to deal with the early build issues, as long as Tesla resolves them. Anyone else dealing with rear seat panels that aren't staying in place? The tacks are intact but it wont remain clicked in. Reminds me of my Nissan Sentra...
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    Condensation inside tail light

    I know I know, it’s normal. But what’s not is dirt and condensation. I’m waiting for Tesla to give me an answer on if they can replace it under warranty. I don’t mind condensation that will evaporate but the dirt inside the tail light is unacceptable. anyone else have this problem yet?
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    Will Tesla cover this under warranty?

    Hey guys, my MYP has 1000 miles on it and my cost hanger won’t close, is it covered under warranty ? Can’t find any info on this being an issue
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    Interior coat hangers

    Hey guys, I have a model Y, I would post this in their section but it’s crickets so with the model 3 sharing 3/4 of the parts, thought I would ask here. My car had 800 miles on the ODO, both my hangers won’t close. Is this a common problem and does the Tesla warranty cover it? thanks
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    Testing 0-60 time question

    Hey guys, been spending a lot of time on Reddit reading about how apparently Tesla’s 0-60 specs are based on no roll out, But then u hear they do use roll out because that’s industry standard. I was curious to see what my MYP is doing 0-60 roughly. I posted this thread on their sub section but...
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    MYP 0-60 time question.

    Hey guys, been spending a lot of time on Reddit reading about how apparently Tesla’s 0-60 specs are based on no roll out, but I always thought it did use roll out to exaggerate their performance numbers. I did my own tests using my GoPro and playing it back watching the speedo and my video in...
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    $2000 California rebate program?

    Anyone putting in an application for this? I just sent mine in last night. The model Y is on their list for $2000 rebate as long as you meet the income eligibility and hasn't been done more than 3 times per person. Also has to be done when the car has less than 7500 miles and within 3 months...
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    Can someone explain this, I’m

    Hey guys, new Tesla wonder. I recently in installed the 14-50 NEMA outlet drawing 220v and was getting 32a, charging speed of 26-27mph. It would take 8-10 hours to full charge. With the 120 it would charge 3mph and say “+24h remaining” because of how slow it is. today, I plugged it in to the...
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    Alternate tire sizes for 21in wheels

    Hey guys so the MYP runs a staggered 255/35/r21 front 275/35/r21 rears I want to go square setup because I am more about practicality than tracking. I want to be able to make them last longer and have the ability to rotate them. what do you guys think?
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    What’s your average wh/mi

    My apologies if this thread is already posted, I am interested to hear what everybody’s range and wh/mi is.. I have the performance Y with the 21in wheels and I drive it on sport mode but I drive it like a grandma most of the time. I like how responsive the torque is when I need it and so does...
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    How long do you expect your 21in tires to last

    Tesla is notoriously known for excessive tire wear, based on my research. I’ve heard of them wearing down as fast at 10k miles. That’s over $1500 a year for most ppl. I wonder how long these 21in tires on the performance MY will last with casual-moderate driving? it’s a staggers setup so tire...
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    Is Tesla holding back on MY performance acceleration?

    Hey guys, So I got my MY performance today with the upgrade. So in love. I’m coming from a 335i with upgraded turbos which I still have. The MY performance simply quicker without a doubt, but do you guys think Tesla is holding back on it’s true performance ? I drove my friends model 3...
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    Noob : what outlet should I buy

    Hey guys so my house was built 2013, I found a outlet cover in my garage that says “future car electric outlet”(see pics). Right behind that wall is my electrical box so I’m pretty sure it’s a 240v but not sure on amps. I’m confused on to what outlet to buy as there are so many different kinds...
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    Lack of transparency with Delivery ppl

    This is probably the worst customer service I have ever experienced with a car company. I have had my VIN and delivery date assigned in Burbank for last week. I literally had to pull teeth just to speak with someone and each one gave me a different response and also said "our local delivery team...
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    Delivery date confrimed, but suddenly...

    Man Tesla got me all excited this week. They called me Wednesday to let me know my delivery date will be in a few weeks. I was shocked because I had just ordered my blue Model Y performance 2 weeks ago and paid only $100 to reserve. Then the next day I get a text stating its ready this...

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