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    Considering matte wrap. Any experience or recs?

    Considering matte wrap for my now 4 year old MX. Any recs? Is matte really that much harder to preserve and keep clean than satin? Any regrets not doing door jambs, etc? Considering an expensive pro installer vs friend of friend garage install at half price. Any experience with the friend of...
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    Who achieves their EPA rated Wh/mi?

    I was discussing the recent Porsche Taycan dismal EPA range on another forum. Someone challenged me to provide data regarding the real world mileage with EVs. Tried searching and didn't find it. So here is a go at getting some data real world. References below. Happy to update references if...
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    Who achieves their EPA rated Wh/mi?

    I was discussing the recent Porsche Taycan dismal EPA range on another forum. Someone challenged me to provide data regarding the real world mileage with EVs. Tried searching and didn't find it. So here is a go at getting some data real world. References below. Happy to update references if...
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    Who loves CT because they are a Sci Fi Fan?

    I have loved sci fi movies my whole life. The cybertruck reminds me of all the vehicles and machines in the sci fi movies and shows I've loved. Who else here is in the same boat?
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    2019 Aftermarket dashcam for AP1 Model X

    After a recent unwitnessed small parking lot mishap, I now want to get a dash cam. Some old threads point to Topfit for AP1 MX but that has since sold out. Is my only solution a custom install with something like Blackvue? If so, will a single device catch things like parking lot dings to the...
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    Solar in Illinois

    Has anyone had Tesla install solar in Illinois? I've tried contacting the multiple times in the past without success. Given their recent price drop, I'm interested. Thx
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    Tesla X Happy Stories

    Just wanted to post two happy stories regarding my X. First, my local Tesla Service Center in Westmont, IL has always had excellent service. Recently, they replaced a small item under warranty. But they also replaced two non warranty items under good will. Thanks Tesla! Second, my wife...
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    HPWC charging speed for Model X

    I purchased my HPWC almost 3.5 years ago for my old Model S. I was able to charge my Model S at 63 mi/hr at 80amps Apparently I can only charge my new Model X at 72amps max. To 72 A or not to 72 A? How fast is the maximum I can charge my Model X theoretically? 51 mi/hr? Why can't the Model X...
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    Low rolling resistance range effect?

    Anyone have an idea how much impact low rolling resistance tires have on range? 3%? And does the effect last throughout the life of the tire? Considering getting a cheaper non LRR tire... Thanks
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    Trade in payoff? from MS to MX

    Traded in my MS for my MX last week. 8 days later, still no payoff check to my bank (had a lien on the MS). How long did this take everyone else who traded in?
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    Widest wheels and offset for MX

    Eagerly waiting for my new MX and planning for aftermarket wheels. The OEM wheels will be my winters. I know the stock wheels are 20x9 et 35 20x10 et 35 I know Tsportline sells 22x9 et 25 22x10 et 25 What is the widest wheel or most aggressive offset anyone has fit for an MX? Thanks
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    FS: Oct 2013 S85. AERO wheels. Fully Loaded. Excellent condition.

    After a 3 year love affair with our Tesla Model S85, finally decided to upgrade to a new Model X. Words can't describe how happy we have been with our Model S 85. Happy to expound over the phone. It is in excellent cosmetic condition with no obvious scratches or dents. Few wheel marks. No...
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    Firmware 8.0 imminent. AP does highway interchanges

    Excited for firmware 8.0. Heard it might even be released this weekend... I bet it will be pretty cool having AP go from one highway to another Tesla Autopilot with new v8.0 software update is able to handle highway interchanges Sad that some bad apples caused AP to be more restrictive. Tesla...
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    widest front wheel?

    considering getting new wheels for my model s to make it feel new again. what is the WIDEST front wheel that someone has fitted successfully? I know the stock size on my car is 19x8 et 40. I know that several have fit 21x9 et 35 in the front and 21x10.5 et 38 in the rear. I was considering...
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    Extra miles immediately after max range charging or topping off

    I've noticed this before but never measured. I max charged my car at a SC. I spent an additional 15 to 20 min or so hooked up after my max range was achieved and the car said it was still charging very slowly without increasing my range.. After leaving, I was able to drive 10 miles before my...
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    easiest way to upgrade grandparents garage for visiting?

    We visit our grandparents often in Indy, but they only have a standard 110v outlet at their townhouse garage. We routinely charge there at 4mi/h. We use the local Tesla mall charger to top off, but this is a small hassle. Their garage is detached and I don't think their breaker is in the...
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    3rd row crash safety?

    The other 3rd row thread from 2011 was huge and unwieldy... http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/6427-Rear-jump-seats Just curious if there are any official crash test eval of our 3rd row? Either from Tesla or NHTSA? I read somewhere Musk tested it to 70mph? And the NHTSA doesnt...
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    ohare auto body in Chicago

    My s85 received an unwelcome large door scratch this weekend. My local tesla center recommends ohare auto body. Any experiences? Will probably have to blend the paint. Thanks
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    Freezing temps + snow packed wheel well = stopped Tesla

    Our snow tired Tesla has had some snow adversity this winter, but has for the most part done better than any snow tired RWD car I've driven. Ability to raise suspension height for snow drifts, heavy weight over the rear tires, and good traction control I think have helped. However, a few days...
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    low air suspension range improvement

    With the hope that the auto lower suspension setting at highway speeds is permitted again in V6 firmware.. What is the expected or known range improvement? 2%?
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    WTB: Aero wheels + winter tires + TPMS

    I currently have the Aero wheels with LRR for my Grey S85. I picked up a set of aftermarket wheels and winter tires, but would like the increased range of the aero wheels for winter as well. I know Tesla offers this set for 4k. Hoping to pay less delivered to Chicago Thanks!
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    The Street / Greencarreports article on SC

    http://www.thestreet.com/story/12179850/1/tesla-and-the-new-frontier-in-electric-car-competition.html http://www.greencarreports.com/news/1089401_as-battery-cost-falls-fast-charging-becomes-key-electric-car-issue Thought this was very true. Its amazing that Tesla is already doing this. It will...
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    how i reduce my cold weather long distance range anxiety

    I recently did a number of long distance cold weather Chicago to Indy 200 mile trips in our S85. Just wanted to share a few things I did to decrease my range anxiety in the cold for long distance in addition to the normal recs: normal recs: 1) max range 2) range mode heater 3) preheat 4) time...
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    Charge every drive or just charge daily?

    Just curious In order to maximize battery longevity, should I charge every drive (i.e. multiple short trips in one day), or charge daily? This assumes I'm NOT charging to max but to only 80 or 90% Thanks!

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