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  1. Law&Disorder

    Smart Air Suspension Adjustments for 19" to 21"?

    I also changed from factory 19's to 21's. I emailed [email protected] and asked them to remotely change the car avatar on the screen. They did it within 48 hours. My tesla smartphone app still shows the old wheels, but the car shows the 21s.
  2. Law&Disorder

    Has the little toy car on the dashboard display always had working brake lights?

    I'm almost embarrassed to ask, but have the brake lights on the autopilot "toy car" in the center or the dashboard always illuminated when you applied the brakes? I've never noticed before. Here's a crappy picture showing the brake lights on in the display.
  3. IMG_20160724_151525575_HDR


    Toy car with illuminated brake lights
  4. Law&Disorder

    Where do you put your change?

    Trashcan. I don't save pennies.
  5. Law&Disorder

    Where do you put your change?

    I use this. Custom Accessories 91116 Coin Holder Fits perfectly if inserted vertically between the cup holders in the OEM front console and won't rattle (I hate rattles).
  6. Law&Disorder

    Model S Owners--How much have you spent on accessories to date?

    OK, I think we definitely need to start a support group. I'm going to get to work scheduling the first meeting of TEABA (Tesla Excessive Accessory Buyers Anonymous) right away. The first step is admitting you have a problem.
  7. Law&Disorder

    Model S Owners--How much have you spent on accessories to date?

    I either love the car and continue to lavish it with "presents" or the car is seriously under-equipped. Actually, I think it's both. To date I've bought: Premium Front Console: $600 Premium Rear Console: $600 Spectra PhotoSync (all windows) $650 Lloyds Luxe Mats...
  8. Law&Disorder

    Premium Rear Consoles Back in Stock--many materials and trims

    . . . and it's delayed. "Inventory issues" according to the email I just received.
  9. Law&Disorder

    Premium Rear Consoles Back in Stock--many materials and trims

    Tesla Premium Rear Console Just ordered mine in grey nappa with piano black trim. First time I've seen that combo in stock in months.
  10. Law&Disorder

    Any other P85D owners not get the firmware 2.9.40 update yet?

    Took my car in for service. Updated to version 2.9.77. I was told that they are not pushing minor updates wirelessly at the moment.
  11. Law&Disorder

    Any other P85D owners not get the firmware 2.9.40 update yet?

    Still waiting on mine and I usually receive updates the same day they are pushed. Strange. Yes, I'm connected to WiFi at night and yes, I'm sure I own a P85D :biggrin:
  12. Law&Disorder

    Does anyone else's interior lights go out when opening the power liftgate?

    This has to be a bug right?
  13. Law&Disorder

    Take that you ICEholes!: $60 Parking Ticket for “ICEing” in Gaithersburg, Maryland

    Warning to gasoline car drivers, if you block an EV charging station in Gaithersburg in Montgomery County, Maryland with a vehicle that doesn’t plug-in, you risk getting a $60 parking fine. The police in Gaithersburg gave a ticket to a Jeep that parked in a clearly marked electric vehicle...
  14. Law&Disorder

    For those of you experiencing static from the audio system after upgrading to 7.0

    Help is on the way. The static and strange low audio artifacts intermittently coming out the front speakers is a known firmware issue with 7.0 and the next update will fix it. So said the service adviser today when I inquired about it.
  15. Law&Disorder

    How best to convert CDs for use in model S?

    I convert CDs to FLAC files using Exact Audio Copy. EAC is free software and it works great. A very good guide for using EAC to create FLAC files is available here. You will need a music database to automatically look up textual metadata and to encode the information into the FLAC files...
  16. Law&Disorder

    Autopilot crowding the right side of the lane?

    I've noticed its definitely more pronounced when the left lane marker is a double line. That's how they mark the right marker of the carpool lane on the Long Island Expressway and autopilot seems to want to give that thing half the adjacent lane.
  17. Law&Disorder

    Autopilot crowding the right side of the lane?

    A "center lane offset" setting would be easy to implement. I can see using arrows on the center display or even the steering wheel controls to just nudge the autopilot over in one foot increments. Two feet to the left would do if for me.
  18. Law&Disorder

    Phone App: iPhone/Android app

    Preach on brother! Oh, and bring it to Android as well ;-)
  19. Law&Disorder

    Autopilot crowding the right side of the lane?

    Crowding the left would be unusual. Everyone else on this thread is crowding the right lane.
  20. Law&Disorder

    Consumer Reports reliability of Model S - worse than average

    I'm over 3,000 miles and five months with the car. Zero issues other than occasional losses of 3G internet connectivity which can usually be fixed by rebooting the system. By this time, with virtually every other high performance car I've ever owned, the car had been back to the shop for...
  21. Law&Disorder

    Auto lane change

    I get this a lot. More when changing into the right lane than changing into the left lane. No discernable logic or reason but often it will not auto lane change even though it is completely clear. Other times, it will lane change with a car in the adjacent lane only a half a length behind me.
  22. Law&Disorder

    Autopilot crowding the right side of the lane?

    Am I the only one who finds that autopilot always positions the car more toward the right side of the lane than in the center? It's not going over the line marker, but it is closer than I would prefer, say 1-2 feet in a 15 foot wide lane. It makes for some scary moments, particularly with...
  23. Law&Disorder

    Accuracy of TPMS?

    I posted on another thread about the new vehicle status app displaying tire pressure about 4-5 psi low compared with a good quality tire gauge. It's going to become a problem for those of us in climates that are going to be getting colder soon. Should be an easy fix with the next software upgrade.
  24. Law&Disorder

    Tire pressure app does not report

    The sensors seem to consistently display about 3-4 pounds per square inch low as compared to my decent quality handheld gauge. That's a bit annoying.
  25. Law&Disorder

    Improved Trunk lighting - Is there demand?

    My stick on lights strips in the trunk almost never come on. Put me down for a set if you still have room in the initial order.
  26. Law&Disorder

    New York E-ZPass Exterior Transponder not being read--anyone else?

    Yes. Several. Out of curiosity, do you have the transponder attached over a license plate frame or are you frameless in the front?
  27. Law&Disorder

    New York E-ZPass Exterior Transponder not being read--anyone else?

    As I said, I have the older windshield which does not have the cut-out in the metalized coating for transponders. I also have a light Opti-Coat tint on my front windshield for heat rejection that both blocks any transponder signal and also doesn't take kindly to having a heavy adhesive applied...
  28. Law&Disorder

    New York E-ZPass Exterior Transponder not being read--anyone else?

    I've reconciled myself to having an ugly black NY E-ZPass external tag on my P85D (made before the new cut out in the infrared windshield) but even having the tag properly mounted (screwed in with top license plate screws and arrows pointed up), my tag will not read at the Throgs Neck Bridge...
  29. Law&Disorder

    Autopilot and v7 coming this Thursday! (15-10-15)

    I think you're right and if so, it's hard to argue with that decision by Musk and Tesla. Get what has been promised for months to customers into their hands and play with the UI later. If anything this reinforces the strength of the wireless update concept. Every other manufacturer would have...
  30. Law&Disorder

    P85D Ludicrous Pre-Order Upgrade Available 9/25/15

    I'm in. It would probably do my kids some good for them to have to pay some of their own college tuition.
  31. Law&Disorder

    Michelin pilot super sport / lead in times

    They fit with no problems.
  32. Law&Disorder

    Michelin pilot super sport / lead in times

    I had originally intended to mount Michelin Pilot Super Sports on my staggered 21" setup (245/35/21--285/30/21). They're great tires and well-priced. Unfortunately, my installer could not get hold of the PSS's in the right size for the fronts. We both spent weeks trying to track a set down...
  33. Law&Disorder

    Coated windshield impacting door openers and EZpass

    I've got a June build and my windshield doesn't have it. Must have just missed it!:cursing:
  34. Law&Disorder

    Anyone with Lloyd Luxe mats in a recent MS?

    I have them. They come with mounting holes and hooks for the drivers side mat. I couldn't really get the hooks to screw in so I went without. The mats are heavy enough to stay in place without any retention mechanism.
  35. Law&Disorder

    Will There be Cooled Seats in the Model S?

    Thanks for anticipating my rage and jealousy. Why can't my Model S have ventilated seats? I've had them in every car I've bought since 2010. I'm feeling lots of rage. Also jealousy.
  36. Law&Disorder

    New shoes for the P85D

    Yes, but barely. Not being able to find the Super Sports in the right size was a budget buster. I ended up at $3,915.78 including tax. My wheel guy ended up reusing the TPMS sensors so I saved a couple of hundred there.
  37. Law&Disorder

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Niche Essen- M146s in 21"x 9" in the front and 21" x 10.5" in the rear on ContiSportContact 5s 245/35 ZR 21s in the front and 285/30 ZR 21s in the rear:
  38. Law&Disorder

    New shoes for the P85D

    My P85D was delivered back in June. I didn't like the look of the OEM 21" wheels and I was told that staggered 21" tires were no longer being offered when I put my order in. Plus I thought I could do better in the aftermarket for the $4,500 that Tesla was charging for the 21" wheel and tire...
  39. Law&Disorder

    Sound generator for our Model S ?

    I think they should mount a small speaker in the plastic nose cone that automatically plays a recording of Elon's voice repeating "Tez-la" over and over. It could be geo-fenced to automatically come on only on city and town streets. You're welcome.
  40. Law&Disorder

    Letter To Elon Musk Regarding P85D Horsepower – Discussion Thread

    I think the letter strikes the correct tone. Given the divergence of opinions expressed here, you've done an admirable job drafting something that most P85D owners would feel comfortable signing. Thank you.
  41. Law&Disorder

    Calling P85D owners world-wide for survey and complaint letter

    Edmunds.com says that some car magazines as well as some manufacturers do test with rollout even if they disagree with the practice: How We Test Cars and Trucks Edmunds own test of the P85D shows 0-60 times with and without rollout: So it's not as if Tesla invented the practice regardless...
  42. Law&Disorder

    Calling P85D owners world-wide for survey and complaint letter

    I'm staying away from the horsepower controversy for now, but the 0-60 w/rollout vs. 0-60 w/o rollout strikes me as one that should be resolved by industry custom and practice. If all manufacturers claimed 0-60 times include a rollout than you can hardly blame Tesla for measuring the same way...
  43. Law&Disorder

    NYC EZ Pass

    Uhm, how do you register your plate? I mounted an EZ pass transponder on my front plate--it looks like **** and it still isn't being read on the Thruway or on the bridges. That annoys the people behind me greatly and its not like I can just blow through since many of the bridges have electric gates.
  44. Law&Disorder

    Question about alcantera on dash

    I love my alcantara dash. On an interior as stark and plain as the Model S, any extra detail is appreciated. No problem with it staying clean either.
  45. Law&Disorder

    Internet connection not working

    I once encountered a problem where the 3G modem would not come back on after my Model S had been parked for several days at the body shop with the battery disconnected. Multiple display resets didn't fix the problem but temporarily shutting off the Wi-Fi in settings did. Apparently turning off...
  46. Law&Disorder

    FLAC File Information Not Being Retrieved by Media App

    OK, this is a small annoyance but I can't seem to figure it out. Like most of you with the Premium Sound Package, I play audio files through the Tesla Media App off a SanDisk Ultra Fit USB Drive. I have a two folders on the USB drive, one folder for music recorded in MP3 format (called "MP3s")...
  47. Law&Disorder

    How Much Would You Pay for a Premium Interior?

    I'm not sure I'd be willing to pay any more than I did for my P85D, but for the money, I'd like sure to see some more basic interior features: lighted vanity mirrors coat hooks passenger assist handles rear seat beverage holders rear seat heater controls accessible from rear seat
  48. Law&Disorder

    Best settings for P85D launch / drag racing?

    I always drop the suspension to its lowest setting before doing an "Insane mode" launch. It helps to counter the initial body sway to the back you get when you first punch it.
  49. Law&Disorder

    Interior pictures with gray seats

    I have grey next generation with the black alcantara. It looks great with some much needed livining up of what would otherwise be a stark, completely monochromatic cabin. After a little over 1k miles, I've not had any trouble with color transfer (something I could not say at this point with my...
  50. Law&Disorder

    Saleen going after FredTesla over comments about Saleen

    I'm never buying anything from "Saleen"--certainly not Saleen's Tesla Model S In case you haven't heard, Saleen is suing FredTesla, the moderator of reddit's /r/teslamotors for defamation. You can read FredTesla's post about it here. It is apparent that he did nothing other than post factual...