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  1. TM3blu

    Object In Road while on AP

    I have never encountered the same situation on AP. Luckily all ended well. When AP/FSD CAN handle this, then and only then will it be worth 12K. IMHO
  2. TM3blu

    Object In Road while on AP

    Turn off "Lane Assist" !
  3. TM3blu


    PSAS4 after 14K. No complaints, very good wet or dry traction. Noisy on ruff roads. Good wear so far. No snow in Mesa.
  4. TM3blu

    Cooling Seat Cover for MY? (To combat back sweat)

    I used these on a previous vehicle with faux suede seats. Very comfortable and good fit. Mesh Custom Fit Seat Covers
  5. TM3blu

    Tail Light Retrofit- AMBER turn signal

    Will model Y lights fit model 3?
  6. TM3blu

    Aftermarket Tire Pressure [what tire pressure for my aftermarket tires?]

    Call Tire Rack. They know aftermarket wheel setups. Any pressure UP TO maximum printed on tire sidewall is acceptable. Depending on your priorities, ride, handling, traction, or range. Door sticker will usually cover most cases.
  7. TM3blu

    Tesla Financing vs Self Arranged?

    Why not initiate a "per approval" with the credit union. It won't cost you anything to see what "hoops" they want you to jump. A good banking relationship is always good to have. I've been with my credit union for 50 years, thru all types of financial issues. They didn't even blink when told...
  8. TM3blu

    Model 3 Tires, Tire Sizes, Types, make / model recommendations, tire discussions, etc

    Optional wheels look great, but can be a "PITA". 18" ride smoother, and are more durable.
  9. TM3blu

    Pano Roof and Hot Phoenix Sun

    Most will recommend window tint, but here in the desert that glass gets HOT! I use the Tesla sunshade + foil insolation to reflect heat. Roof Sun Shade + UV/Heat Insulation Film | Tesla Model Y (2020/2021)
  10. TM3blu

    Anyone else have to refill their tires every few mos?

    I owned a Nissan that would light the TPMS when 2lbs low. While a previous Toyota would NOT warn of tires 15lbs low. Different cars different responses.
  11. TM3blu

    Anyone carry an emergency 12V tire compressor to allow to drive to a garage station to get a flat repaired.

    Bought a $35.00 12V compressor at Harbor Freight a few days after I got the car. Used many times to top-up tires, works perfectly. Yes it will do 45 psi. Compressor and plug kit = cheap insurance. And a can of "Fix a Flat" just in case.
  12. TM3blu

    Cabin filter cover has no screw

    Would have been easier if they had put the screw at the bottom of the door.
  13. TM3blu

    Road Trip from Seattle to Bozeman Mountain Drive Habits

    Stop worrying. "Drive it like you stole it" The car will tell you if your doing it wrong.
  14. TM3blu

    Rich Rebuilds Electrified Garage repairs Model 3 at $15K+ discount

    Saw the video and thought. It's the owners fault. Accident and no insurance. BUT its a new car, and the repair was simple. COME ON TESLA! This actually points to a flaw in the design. Shouldn't that area be better protected??? What scars me is, I've just passed 50K. What could go wrong?
  15. TM3blu

    Frozen Touch Screen

    The first time it worried me, I was driving on the freeway doing 70 MPH, on A/P. Kept driving and in about a minute all was back to normal. The second time it annoyed me because my passenger freaked out. Despite my assurances that all was well. After the car rested for about an hour, all systems...
  16. TM3blu

    Supercharger - Holbrook, AZ

    The original 4 are still V2. ICBW, but I believe they are all priced the same, since the recent price increase.
  17. TM3blu

    Charging at my mobile home

    Why do you think I ended with, "IF YOU DONT KNOW ASK AN ELECTRITION".
  18. TM3blu

    Charging at my mobile home

    It all depends on your available power. Start at the breaker box. What is max power output? It should be labeled 100 or 200 amps. If 100a you could overload your circuits. 200a should be all good, as long as the car has its OWN decided line. You'll need to install at LEST a 40 amp breaker, but a...
  19. TM3blu

    Supercharger - Holbrook, AZ

    While charging at Gallop yesterday I noticed Holbook showing 12 open chargers. 12 ??? So i stopped to see for myself. Was I surprised to see 8 brand new V3 chargers. They are all up and CHARGING. Think you Mr Tesla
  20. TM3blu

    Road trip Denver to Nashville

    Check this site for in person reviews. And download Plugshare on your phone. https://www.nowyouknowchannel.com/supercharger-reviews Have a safe trip, and have fun.
  21. TM3blu

    Hansshow LED streamer Tail Light Group buy

    No thanks. These lights are meant for the "Ricer" crowd.
  22. TM3blu

    Supercharger - Gallup, NM

    OH HAPPY DAY !!!
  23. TM3blu

    Frunk stuck - cannot find manual override or answer in forums

    In the video he uses a tool, but I have seen this done by hand in another video.
  24. TM3blu

    Before I screw up my Model 3 in the car wash...

    Recently did my first automatic car wash with no problems. You have all the steps down. Just remember, when in "N" don't remove your seat belt. And don't touch the peddles. All will be just fine. There is a setting to "automagically" fold your mirrors at that location.
  25. TM3blu

    Anyone ever run out?

    Use your "consumption graph". It's calculations are gospel.
  26. TM3blu

    Winter Road Trip: SoCal to Utah

    I'm going to make this trip as soon as I get my virus shots. :cool:
  27. TM3blu

    Stealing HPWC cables..why?

    Thieves steal copper wire out of street lamps. These are LIVE wires. Do you think they have regard for safety
  28. TM3blu

    Road trip suggestions

    ↑ Strategically located bushes: Not always available but as a male it is quick and safe for no. 1 Best thing I have read on this thread ;)..I concur :cool: Always carry a large juice bottle. :rolleyes:
  29. TM3blu

    engaging hand brake while driving

    Have you tried using "slip start" ? To allow the wheels to spin, touch Controls > Driving > Traction Control > Slip Start
  30. TM3blu

    Tesla 3 charging door won't open

    Got this e-mail form Tesla to replace "charge port deadfronts". Is this the same issue? Thank you for being a part of our Tesla family! We are proactively reaching out to perform an update to your vehicle at our Superior Service Center. For your convenience, no appointment is necessary...
  31. TM3blu

    Seniors wishing the glovebox had a physical button to open

    Another "senior member" chiming in. I've found the TM3 much easier to operate then my 2014 Chevy Volt. The Volt had an array of VERY small "buttons". Actually Touch Sensitive locations in the console. Small sensors require accuracy which was hard to execute in a moving car. And a voice...
  32. TM3blu

    how many inch of snow on ground will make rwd undriveable?

    Onces upon a time, all cars were RWD, and people got where they needed to go. If winter tires, a shovel, and a bucket of sand won't get you there. Stay home!
  33. TM3blu

    How can you tell if a Supercharger station is without power?

    It should show up on your Supercharger display screen.
  34. TM3blu

    Driving from New Jersey to Milwaukee, WI.

    I 80/90, major truck routes. All truck stops are open. Illinois Tollway is on the "honor system". Cash tollbooths are closed, they expect you to pay over internet. Most local restaurants are drive thru or pickup only. Few have indoor seating.
  35. TM3blu

    FleetCarma Is there a downside?

    As it turned out, My address was not in the survey area.
  36. TM3blu

    Supercharger - Joplin, MO

    I believe they are still open. I was in the area in early June.
  37. TM3blu

    Where do you want a new Supercharger?

    I 55 in Arkansas. Memphis is a pain.
  38. TM3blu

    Supercharger - Joplin, MO

    I have charged at Joplin many times and have never had a problem. Day or night. Driving from Phoenix to Chicago I overnight in Joplin. Yes it is creepy at night but I have seen security patrols in the area.
  39. TM3blu

    Higher mileage Model 3's chime in

    Could it be the... way you drive? My June 2018 build LR RWD w/18" wheels, wo/aero caps, crossed 40K earlier this month. I 100% charge to 316 miles both at home and at superchargers. (For road trips only) I try to drive moderately in town and the speed limit on freeways. BTY just back from a...
  40. TM3blu

    1,200 Mile Road Trip to Houston, TX - Am I Crazy?

    Last week I went Phoenix to Little Rock and return, on that same route. Willcox to Deming is only 135 miles. Same for El Paso to Van Horn. Texas speed limit is 80, so you may want keep it down to 70. But beware west Texas can get windy. If winds are high, I've found AP on #2 following...
  41. TM3blu

    Tesla Official Statement on Range

    Here in Phoenix I lose about the same amount. Overnight temps in the low 50's to mid 40's. With the car plugged in, and not used, it will "topoff" about every other night. Just remember YMMV.
  42. TM3blu

    Few new superchargers in the US?

    "8 miles" ??? Do you want a station at the end of your block? The WHOLE state of Arkansas only has ONE station, for the whole state! Others coming soon since 2017. Heading west from Little Rock your only choices are RV parks.
  43. TM3blu

    Thumping noise while Supercharging

    Yes, I've heard it while driving too. Early morning in a cold car, temps were maybe low 50's. I though a rock hit the side of car.
  44. TM3blu

    Pre-conditioning on new update

    When I want to start out with a nearly full battery. I set my charge to 95% the night before, then reset it to 100% the next morning. Battery will be warm and car is good to go.
  45. TM3blu

    Pre-conditioning on new update

    The Chevy Volt has a programmable 7 day timer, with provisions for seasonal rates changes. In AZ, TOU has different summer and winter schedules. Program the car once, you're set for life. I wish Tesla had a simple time on - time off setting.
  46. TM3blu

    Thumping noise while Supercharging

    Yes. Its only the pack heating up.
  47. TM3blu

    Passenger side mirror partially obstructed.

    That's about the same view that I have. Design oversite???
  48. TM3blu

    Purchasing Used Model 3 from non Tesla Dealer, can I Supercharge to get home?

    Got my car from a non Tesla dealer in LV, and drove home to PHX. Supercharged in Kingman, AZ same day. Tesla sent me a bill in the car, which I paid with my Credit Card. You will need to transfer ownership as soon as the car is registered in your name.
  49. TM3blu

    FleetCarma Is there a downside?

    Thank you all for your input. I'm looking forward to trying this out.