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    Another reason to subscribe instead of buy FSD

    FSD Purchase = Nothing FSD sub = 1 free month Everyone else = 1 free month Another benefit to not sub to FSD at all!
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    All US Cars capable of FSD will be enabled for one month trial this week

    Yeah make sure to change speed offset back to 0. If you have it at +XX, it will drive over the speed limit at local streets! The offset was originally set for freeway autosteer. On freeway, it is normal to drive 75+ at 65mph speed limit. But it is a bit scary when it is driving 35 at 25...
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    100% range on new Model Y LR with 3 miles on it calculates to 301 miles

    Ah. Now I understand why people kept saying change it to % and don't have to worry about it. With all my ICE cars before, the first thing that I do after buying them was to change the dashboard display to Range Left to Go. I don't look at the Gauge, just Range left to go. If I change it...
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    Can the model 3 rear drive get a longer range battery after purchase?

    Yeah. I was kind of thinking OP got a RWD SR just recently and have buyer's remorse of not getting the LR.
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    Can the model 3 rear drive get a longer range battery after purchase?

    You can't upgrade battery but don't stress too much about it. The rear wheel drive Model 3 has LFP battery which can be charged daily to 100% so you get the full 260 something miles for every day drive. The LR get around 335ish?, but you are only supposed to charge to 80% daily, so you get...
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    Windshield wiper controls are the worst about a Tesla

    Pretty sure none of the Model 3 starting from the beginning has actual rain sensor. My 2017 Model X also does not have actual rain sensor. They are all vision based. I just don't understand how vision base algorithm got worst when camera and computer are both better. My initial guess is...
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    Windshield wiper controls are the worst about a Tesla

    Interesting thing about the auto wiper is that my 2018 Model 3 auto wiper actually works so much better than my 2023 Model Y auto wiper. It has been raining quite a lot for SoCal in the last 2 months, and the auto wiper on Y is next to unusable on local street when driving slow. It is barely...
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    Credits: Enticing us to get Acceleration Boost?

    I got the acceleration boost because it has the most $ to points value. To be fair, I completely don't need the boost and can't really feel the difference before or after. The other thing I would have picked was 4 years of Premium Connectivity (if it would let us stack 4 years) but then it...
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    Wh/km (or mi) / range grossly mis-advertised, if not fraudulent... srsly.

    I have 3 Tesla and yes, the actual range sounds right. I am in Southern California. Currently it is winter and temperature is around mid 40's to mid 50's F (around 7 to 12 degrees C). My percent is around 80% if I am driving alone. I drive around 80 mph though, so it is quite a bit faster...
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    Wh/km (or mi) / range grossly mis-advertised, if not fraudulent... srsly.

    You drove: 385km You charged: 533km + 350km = 883km You have 43% left when you got home % of actual/indicated range = (385 / (883 * 0.57)) * 100% = 76.49%
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    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas as Sin City’s SuperChargers are packed!

    Just got back from Vegas yesterday. Last time I was there was 2021 and now there are so many supercharger sites now! It was a slow weekend, and every site has 2 digits slots opened. I charged for like 5 min at South Premium Outlet area just so I have enough juice to get to Primm to charge...
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    Walk away lock works 50% of the time

    This happened to me last week. I put my grocery bag in the trunk and the thick long handle of the reusable bag was hanging off the edge of the trunk. When I pressed the auto close, it closed just fine. When I got into the car, it drove fine but after I got out of the parking lot, the car...
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    I saw guy sleep in his car to charge

    That person, if not a local to Vegas, maybe saving more than just free charging. Parking $18, hotel $150, resort fee $45, and that's over $200 saving! 😆
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    Walk away lock works 50% of the time

    Could it be ice related? Like some ice got into the door or trunk latches area and the car thinks not all the doors/trunk are close so walk away door does not work? Or one of the door handles was slight ajar (water/ice got in between) so the car things the door is not fully close some of the...
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    Poll for California Drivers - Did You Install Your Front License Plate?

    I finally put the front plate on the Model 3. My kid has to take the driver license test and one of the test givers in our local DMV is known to check if the car has front plate or not. He would send the person home to reschedule the test if the car has no front plate or the front windows...
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    19 inch vs 20 inch wheels ride quality

    I just got a 2023 Model Y LR with 20" wheels, and the ride is smoother than my 2017 Model X with 20" wheels. I got the Y because my wife kept complaining about my Model 3's bumpy ride. Whenever we go out, we would take the X. Now we could take the Y and she does not complain about the ride...
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    Get To Know Your Tesla - Can I disable popup?

    I need to try this! It's getting annoying when this is my 3rd Tesla. I thought I already knew you, but I guess I don't know this click any topic trick! LOL.
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    Do you get both $500 discount and 10,000 referral credit if you refer yourself?

    It's completely impractical for me LOL. MY is my 3rd Tesla in 6 years. I don't think I have ever needed or use the full acceleration (padel to the metal) except for the first few days getting the cars just to try it out to make sure the car could "GO". I just got it because if I ever need...
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    Do you get both $500 discount and 10,000 referral credit if you refer yourself?

    I took delivery of my MY 1 day after you. You can check the 6 month free supercharging on "Specs & Warranty" button on your app (scroll all the way down). It will show your Time-bound Supercharging expiration date. I didn't see FSD either, but maybe it will show up. I tried to use my...
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    Max miles decrease 223 miles at 80%

    Yeah I was going to say that as well. My 2018 AWD stays at 310. I think the first 6 months or so, my 90% (the % I charged at home) was 279 so that would make my full at 310. It went down from there and the biggest drop was after one of the firmware update (forgot which version) and it...
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    Max miles decrease 223 miles at 80%

    My 2018 M3 AWD has the same number as well. It is also the same numbers my 3 other coworkers' 2018 M3 AWD. We all bought together within a few months between August 2018 and Nov 2018. About 10% is right. Although the actual range is even less with Tesla's range estimates. My brother in...
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    Tesla Unionization

    heh I thought maybe I am supposed to read it out loud and when the font gets bigger, read it louder lol.
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    I almost get run over by an autonomous car when crossing a street.

    Is that a Stop sign or Yield sign? Looks like Yield is on the road, so maybe it is really a Yield sign? As a human driver, if it is a stop sign, I would stop there and wait for the person to cross first (if I see the person). If it is dark enough that auto headlight is on, I may not see the...
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    Free Supercharging transfer opportunity

    We were going to buy a new Model Y anyway, so might as well transfer our 2017 MX free supercharging over to the Y. We will be keeping the MX though. It only has like 60,000 miles in 6 years and I got extended warranty until 80,000 miles or 8 years.
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    Tesla officially offers custom wraps

    These are not normal vinyl wraps though. It is PPF colored wrap. I didn't know you could have PPF in color. I thought you could only have clear or stealth for PPF. They also have the clear PPF at the bottom for less $5000. But when I click it I got 404 error.
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    tire low pressure warning, all 4 tires?

    In SoCal, some time it is 55 degrees in the early morning when I leave home and 95 in the afternoon when I leave work. I park outside so in the morning; I get the flat tires logo and check to see all 4 tires below 40 psi. On the way back from work, all 4 tires are above 43 psi. At this...
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    Had to order new tires sooner than I wanted...

    Those tires on the Model 3 have the worst wear rate in history of all season tires. Most Model 3 with those tires do no last more than 20,000 miles. They wear out like summer tires even when they are all season. I think I got 30,000 out of them but I drove really slow compared to other...
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    Help! Windshield wiper problems

    I do the same! Except I use a paper towel, so I don't have to wash the cloth afterward.
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    New 2018 Owner with questions

    For future reference, I think it is about 1 mile per hour drain for 2018 Model 3 (I have the same year M3) for sentry mode. It's probably the same for all Model 3. I remember when Sentry Mode first came out for Model 3, my coworker was complaining about the battery drain. He drove 2 miles...
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    Can Two Phones be Paired to the Car at The Same Time

    You can manually switch BT phone/audio connections. You have to hit the BT icon, disconnect one phone and then connect the other one. When my wife goes into a shop, and I wait in the car. I will have to disconnect her phone and connect mine so I could play music from my phone. If she is...
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    Reverse with mirrors folded

    If you have EAP, you could summon the car out from the garage! We actually did that with our Model X back in 2017 when we first got it. We have a single car garage and the MX is pretty huge. The side mirrors are set to autofold at Home so the car could get in and out. My wife was afraid...
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    Why doesn't my car adjust the seat when I approach the car

    There could be another reason too, if you set your car to NOT autolock at home. I think the car will only adjust the seat if you press the door handle when the door is locked and the car detected your phone key. If you press the door handle when the car is unlocked, then you are just opening...
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    How inaccurate are YOUR Tesla TPMS sensors?

    My Model 3 and Model X TPMS are spotted on as well. Just to be sure, OP, you are checking the TPMS right after you filled them and drove it for like 1 min and not too long right? Because if you fill it to 42 in the morning and drove it in the afternoon.... in California... it will be 47 LOL...
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    Cabin Overheat Protection

    My model 3 is white ext and white int. The interior white looks about the same (to me) after 5 years. My car is not garaged so only parked outside. The black part looks about the same to me. There is no peeling (unlike my BMW), and if there is any black color fade, I can't really tell...
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    Car Wash incident

    I remember that was the problem with going neutral in the cash wash with a Tesla. That's why they came out with car wash mode. Take off seat belt, shifting weight, etc... It is possible that OP shifted weight causing the brake light to go on for a second and went off, so it looks like the...
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    Cabin Overheat Protection

    I don't use windshield sunshade. I do have ceramic tint on my 4 windows and the back. I don't have tint directly above window. Cabin overhead protection is to provide comfort for the people and pets when they get into the car. If they are there to protect the equipment, what happened when...
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    Cabin Overheat Protection

    My Model 3 is parked outside during SoCal summer with daily temp over 100. The internal temperature gets over 150 every day after 3pm. I have cabin overheat protection off since the beginning back in 2018. Nothing seems damage yet inside equipment or materials. During covid, my car just...
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    SCE Rate Plans changing 3/1/19?

    NO!!!!! The good time is over. At least my solar is already paid off so pretty much free juice from now on.
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    Do you get both $500 discount and 10,000 referral credit if you refer yourself?

    According to the link posted by @MP3Mike above, you do the followings: Purchase the Tesla product of your choice using your email associated with your existing Tesla products. After you place the order, credits will automatically appear as ‘pending’ in the Tesla app until the Grant Date...
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    Do you get both $500 discount and 10,000 referral credit if you refer yourself?

    Interesting. That's not the same info as @MP3Mike link from Tesla Support site. In there, it stated: I will probably just use a referral link from my brother and try. It's not going to hurt. You never know, maybe Tesla will mess up and give him the credit.
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    Do you get both $500 discount and 10,000 referral credit if you refer yourself?

    There is a loyalty discount of $500 if you just buy a Model Y yourself as an existing owner. If you refer yourself with the link, do you get both $500 buyer discount and the 10,000 credit? If not, can I have my brother (who is also a Tesla owner) refers me and he would get the 10,000 credit...
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    Poll: How many are still using original 12V Battery that came with the car?

    The poll didn't put a bound on the Model Year, so a 2017 Model 3 owner still using the original battery is a lot different than a 2023 Model 3 owner still using the original battery. The poll would have been more useful if it was polling for the Model Year (If you are still using the original...
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    Does your key fob work like a key card when dead?

    Yes, I think the location is supposed to be somewhere under the driver side door? I remember looking it up one time. I probably should try it one time when my fob's battery needs to be changed. The only thing about that is that it will only let you into the car, but I don't think you could...
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    Poll: How many are still using original 12V Battery that came with the car?

    Just want to say that this poll is meaningless as there are 6 years Model 3 and there are 6 hours old Model 3 😁
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    MASTER THREAD: Auto Wiper functionality, complaints, praise, etc.

    After 5 years owning the car, I still don't understand why auto wiper goes into max speed when in reverse. In SoCal where it rarely rains, I thought the auto setting was "okay" unless it is misting. Then it would rarely wipe when the mist starts to build up on the windshield. I just need to...
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    Anyone take out a loan this month for their car? What's the lowest rate you have seen?

    I wonder if that "2.99" is really possible currently. Following this to see if anyone actually could get it from Autopay.
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    Reuters: "Tesla readies revamped Model 3 with project 'Highland' -sources" [projected 3rd quarter 2023]

    It also varies by model year. For example, our 2017 Model X has 8 years, unlimited miles warranty on battery and drive unit.
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    A year of solar production in one image

    Interesting to see the difference between SF and SoCal. I was looking at the little bell curves and think "wow there're a lot of cloudy days". I have a 12kW system and last year (my 5th year of installing the system) the yearly production was 21.6MWh. My panels are south facing.