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    BMS_u031 - Battery fuse requires replacement soon - Some questions...?

    Just got this warning today and having a similar issue. Ugh...
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    Basket of issues - only while in home garage - 2017 Model S MCU 1

    Maybe try removing the Wifi connection for your home to see if that changes anything? I've heard stories about certain APs causing some strange issues on MCU1.
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    2017 MS 100D

    My P100D delivered in December 2016 is my only vehicle, and has the original battery. So that's 82 months and still seems fine. It has 86k miles, most of that supercharged because I drive nearly all highway miles. Getting about the same degradation as Bruce mentioned. Charging times for trips...
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    Tesla Model S 2020 LRP 3 trips to and from WDW Florida on FSD.

    I've noticed a couple of situations where the set speed was automatically lowered. If the nav thinks you've decided to offroad, either because of out-of-date maps or GPS issues, or when the system detects emergency vehicle lights. Probably other cases too.
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    Lucrious vs Ludicrous+ Mode

    Some thoughts: 1) I don't think it actually says on. Meaning, after flipping it on and driving, once you park, leave the car, car goes to sleep, come back, I think it's turned off. 2) L+ heats up your battery, and keeps it heated. So you are using more juice. 3) Possible affect on battery...
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    Cost evolution of MS/X yoke

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    Why is my car 10 software releases behind

    Since you had to get camera upgrades, I suppose you might still be in the same boat even with MCU2. Was the car delivered with MCU2? If you can share your vehicle specs it should provide more insight.
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    Why is my car 10 software releases behind

    Perhaps you have MCU1? That's the latest we've been seeing Legacy Model S with MCU v1 Software/Firmware Version Thread
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    Legacy Model S with MCU v1 Software/Firmware Version Thread

    Thanks. I forgot to mention that it seems to happen randomly - it doesn't always do it.
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    Legacy Model S with MCU v1 Software/Firmware Version Thread

    So something that I thought was maybe my fault but doesn't seem to be... I have reverse tilt set. Last couple versions or so, after reversing and going into drive, I noticed my left side view mirror was still pointing down. To fix, I've been moving my seat slightly and selecting restore to get...
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    Model S REST API

    I believe data may be deprecated for the new vehicle_data endpoint. I haven't used charge_state or climate_state so not sure about those.
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    CCS retrofit warning (solved)

    Glad you got that resolved. I assume they tried restarting the MCU? I didn't see that mentioned. Wonder if that might have fixed it.
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    Sentry mode and summon standby can drain a bit
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    Nema 5-20? Moving soon trying to save money

    Good point @Droschke Hmm, maybe the "bought it used" also means, "didn't get the 5-15 adapter"? Ideally, get a 5-15 adapter. I suppose you could get the 5-20 adapter, but you would have to set the charge rate while using the 5-20 so it only pulls 12 amps instead of the normal 16 (80% of...
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    Legacy Model S with MCU v1 Software/Firmware Version Thread

    Okay, took the tech roughly an hour. I did a short drive afterwards to calibrate cameras and the autopilot functions came back online. So far, the car still shows I'm in the FSD beta queue. My Tesla app has not shown the Safety Score for a couple weeks now. Couple questions - Is there a way to...
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    Legacy Model S with MCU v1 Software/Firmware Version Thread

    Have an appointment for tomorrow to upgrade the cameras 🙂 Mobile service. We'll see how it goes.
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    Average 400kw 2018 model s

    That is high, but it could be possible due to driving patterns and habits. For example, if it's cooler out and you are doing multiple short trips with breaks in between, the car is doing a lot of extra work each time to get the cabin and components up to temperature. Or if you are driving at...
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    Browser forces HTTPS on HTTP site

    Or if the content is all on the same server, just configure virtualhosts that point to the correct root folders (Apache terminology).
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    Legacy Model S with MCU v1 Software/Firmware Version Thread

    So Tesla got back to me on my camera upgrade request.... They said I'll be notified when cameras are available, and some stuff about "supply constraints". Oh well, more waiting :(.
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    Legacy Model S with MCU v1 Software/Firmware Version Thread

    Sorry, forgot to mention, I initially didn't see it either, but it popped up after a quick trip to the store that I did after going out to the car to check the release notes.
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    Legacy Model S with MCU v1 Software/Firmware Version Thread

    I just got 2022.8.10.8, and it included a release note that opt-in was available for FSD Beta, which of course I did. It indicates I'm in the queue, no other detail. In the Tesla app, Safety Score now shows up. But it has a message that my vehicle is ineligible for FSD Beta. When I click on a...
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    Legacy Model S with MCU v1 Software/Firmware Version Thread

    I received 2022.8.10.6 on Nov 1, 2022. Minor bug fixes.
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    2017 MX still on 2022.8.10.5

    What's the bug? I have not noticed anything. Though I have an S vs an X. It's probably the latest for your config, but I don't know how to find out for sure.
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    Big 2022.20.15 (10.69.2) issues.

    Not sure about 1-4, but for #5, unless something has changed recently, gripping the wheel tightly or loosely has nothing to do with "hands off the wheel" warnings because there is no "grip sensor". The system is trying to sense torque on the steering wheel, which Tesla presumes to mean that...
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    Just had a good service experience

    I know we've seen a lot of horror stories for service, but I wanted to share a good one that I just had. Last night at 8pm I set out on a 250mi drive, for the holiday weekend here in the US. As I was leaving, I got the alert below that my low voltage battery needed to be replaced and I should...
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    2022.8.10.1 on MCU1

    Finally got to do a ~4h highway drive on this version. Autopilot seemed like it might have been slightly better than before. Felt a little smoother. But nothing major. One thing I just noticed recently is that sometimes my trunk fails to open when pressing the button on the trunk. Sometimes...
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    2022.8.10.1 on MCU1

    After using this version for the past 10 days, so far I don't regret doing the upgrade. There's nothing about it that is annoying me yet. Several things that are new/nice (configurable dock), nicer looking UI. No issues with supercharging or regular charging. UI Performance seems roughly the...
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    2022.8.10.1 on MCU1

    Not that this helps at all, but I downloaded it Wednesday night, did a drive yesterday and then installed it this morning. Didn't disappear on me. Not sure what caused it to disappear on you. Finally did a short drive on V11, UI responsiveness seems roughly the same so far.
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    2022.8.10.1 on MCU1

    Okay, well, looks like it is V11! I've sacrificed myself (well, I guess my car) to get more info lol. And right after the update completed, new nav data started to download, NA-2021.44-13555 (previous was NA-2020.48-12628). Bunch of pics attached. No chance to test anything yet though. Few more...
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    2022.8.10.1 on MCU1

    This update isn't really V11, is it? Any chance someone is able to post the full release notes?
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    2022.8.10.1 on MCU1

    My car is downloading it now. Scared to install lol. Currently running 2021.24.28.
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    Thoughts on Yoke from Plaid owner

    Don't make me more mad :( lol
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    Thoughts on Yoke from Plaid owner

    Yoke design decisions seem to be driven by cost savings and Tesla's thought process that they can solve all our problems with software, just trust them it's coming soon. Like we've been promised FSD for 6 years now. And automatic wipers that still are not as good as other 20 year old systems. I...
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    Supercharger - Avenel, NJ

    I see that yesterday supercharge.info listed it as under construction, but I'm pretty sure it's 12 stalls vs 8 (you can see at least 10 stalls in my picture).
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    Supercharger - Avenel, NJ

    I passed by this one today. It's exactly here. An attendant said that the equipment has been installed for over two months now. The charging cabinets are still covered, and the site is not powered.
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    2017 S P100D owner feedback wanted

    Looking at some recent charge data for my car, it's around 40 minutes for me. I have about 75k miles, most of which has been highway and supercharging.
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    2017 S P100D owner feedback wanted

    To your questions: 1) No idea about fair market value 2) Max kw I've seen is 185. That's brief though and came after an update last year or two. Original max was ~120kw even on higher power chargers. Similar taper profile as zanary described. After 50%, typically drops below 100kw. 70% is...
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    10+ minutes to start my "old" tesla is just an inconvenience b/c I chose to do the eMMC recall and install firmware updates

    I agree that Tesla has a model that allows for some nice updates over time. And that is a great plus that I appreciate. But, as with any platform, thinking you might be able to keep upgrading will not happen indefinitely. And that transition to stagnation could happen at any time, for both...
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    10+ minutes to start my "old" tesla is just an inconvenience b/c I chose to do the eMMC recall and install firmware updates

    I believe mine said refurb. But I don't think you can "refurb" failing memory. Guessing they just replace the component on the board? You're might be on to something - maybe other components on the board that are also failing.
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    10+ minutes to start my "old" tesla is just an inconvenience b/c I chose to do the eMMC recall and install firmware updates

    To me, that's really bad customer service for an issue that should not exist in the first place. I don't know all the ins and outs, but if replacing the eMMC didn't help, there is a problem somewhere else. And on upgrading firmware - we can't install new software without Tesla pushing it first...
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    404 not found

    Good note. It might have been due to your ISP's DNS caching, so switching to another provider can help. Or waiting a while for it to expire and pull fresh info. You may still encounter the same issue with your new service the next time Tesla makes a similar change, because most DNS services...
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    Supercharger - Staunton, VA

    Not sure how long they were there, but it looks like the signs say 30 minutes general parking.
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    2021.24.28 Rolling out to MCU1/FSD MS/X

    Did the update this morning. Have not driven yet, but I put in a couple nav points, 250 miles, 600 miles, both took about the same amount of time as before. Clicking around in the menus felt about the same too. If there is an improvement, for me it's pretty subtle.
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    2021.24.28 Rolling out to MCU1/FSD MS/X

    Oh boy, just saw that my car is indicating it wants to download this but right now it's not on wifi. First update I'm scared about, wondering if this has recent UI "improvements" like burying controls that used to be on the main screen. Anyone have release notes yet or know what this version is...
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    2022.4.5. Charging Screen

    With posts like these, I'm almost glad that I'm running MCU1 and 2 year old software. But it's also pretty sad to be saying something like that. It's great that Tesla is streamlining and refining the interface, but to me it seems they've gone too far into the "we know what you need better than...
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    Tesla’s UI team promotion video for v11…really…

    I didn't see anything that said it, but this appears to be a clip focused on the light show feature versus V11 as a whole. Not that I'm defending V11 in any way lol :)
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    Supercharger - Cranford, NJ

    Drove past this site the other day and saw some Tesla gear. Didn't get a chance to take pics or get a good look, but I think it was charging cabinets and maybe some other items. Maybe someone in the area can confirm with pics.