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  1. SimonTe

    Home charging options

    A lot of insulting words are Googled. But that's not really relevant!
  2. SimonTe

    Home charging options

    Please can we all drop the disparaging "granny" reference? It doesn't belong in the discussion threads of a modern auto thread and it patronising and sexist. Simon
  3. SimonTe

    Using UMC charger only

    As a renter, I've been doing that for over a year. Initially I used an unbranded socket which got very hot and sometimes cut the power down as a result. Eventually I swapped it for a branded metal crabtree socket and all been fine every since. Pre lockdown we were doing 80 miles a day.
  4. SimonTe

    Speed sign recognition too good :-(

    There IS a way to feedback. And the example here is very apposite.
  5. SimonTe

    Trailers suitable for model 3

    I'm pretty certain they all do that...
  6. SimonTe

    M3 insurance renewal price hike

    Also factor in any lower mileage you anticipate for post Covid comuting. I have saved 23% with LV= based on changes to my workplace and mileage from 15k to 10k. S
  7. SimonTe

    LTE / 3G connected all the time?

    Mine has been intermittent since purchase last summer, even tho the mobile signal is reliably strong where I live. Since then it's got worse and in fact it hasn't worked for a few days now. Dave the Ranger has now diagnosed a faulty card deep in the gubbins of the car and we are waiting for a...
  8. SimonTe

    Worth challenging LV insurance increase?

    My M3 SR+ LV= quote renewal has gone up 12% from £452 to £505. I will call them and complain! But also when I took up the policy last August, I/their help desk could only register my M3 as an MS. It still has that designation so I need to change that. Other things equal, a M3's insurance ought...
  9. SimonTe


    You can use ABRP on your car screen's webpages. Works fine. S
  10. SimonTe

    UK Tesla meet up at Caffeine & Machine

    I live close by but was unaware. Where can I get to know about future events? S
  11. SimonTe

    New superchargers at Park Royal

    Sadly our SR+ maxed out at 145kW this evening. That gave my wife the time and opportunity to beat me at backgammon three times.... S
  12. SimonTe

    Frunk Hooks Available - Model 3

    ...but £10 for shipping. Are they couriered by helicopter? S
  13. SimonTe

    Place your bets - longish trip in SR+ tonight

    Do you prefer Hayden or Hawkwind? And how many layers are you wearing? S
  14. SimonTe

    In case anyone is still on the fence...

    The budget date has just been announced: 11 March. S
  15. SimonTe

    Rear Cam Not working (gone black)

    My wife glanced at the rear view screen and noted, "I see a line of cars and they're all painted black". It turned out that the camera had been hit by a rolling stone. S Sorry @Palros , Xmas drinking has started...
  16. SimonTe

    Charging from standard mains

    70 miles is our pattern too around Birmingham and we get away with it. Leave at 7am (including 15 mins pre conditioning/heating when there is no net charging) and home at 1730. We tend to get a steady 10mph charging rate in 13A (although that was originally unreliable until we replaced a faulty...
  17. SimonTe

    Model 3 Key

    Only the driver's door, but do book it in anyway for the lols! Of course I only use the app for convenience and carry the card in my wallet for emergencies. The only downside with the app, is that I now conditioned to walk away from our old Golf, leaving its keys in the ignition... S
  18. SimonTe

    Model 3 performance insurance difficulties

    btw, what is the problem that insurance companies have with wrapped vehicles? How does it increase the risk? To me it seems one of the more benign changes you can make? S
  19. SimonTe

    Polar/Chargemaster/Geniepoint confusion!

    Not all BP petrol sites are owned by BP, some are franchises and I guess that can go for alternative providers. S
  20. SimonTe

    Model 3 - Towing a Caravan

    And @pdk42 posted this earlier: Towing experiences with the Model 3 Simon
  21. SimonTe

    Thoughts on 69 reg or wait until March.

    Also, I suspect that EVs in general will last longer and resale values will be more based on objective, qualitative data than assumptions such as where registration date which is is just a proxy for hidden wear and tear. For example battery degradation. S
  22. SimonTe

    Direct Line - Unable to provide proof of insurance

    It wasn't necessary and it wasn't asked for. Relax! S
  23. SimonTe


    I think this guy, reported on facebook Tesla Owners UK page, has won the energy transfer rate prize:
  24. SimonTe


    When I tell people that my car can do more than 500 miles per hour, they don't believe me. Even when I admit it only works when I am on motorway trips...
  25. SimonTe

    Green number plates

    Literally cosmetic changes!!! Actually, they should be encouraging shared public electric transport, not private EVs. Spend the money on subsidising EV bus & trains. S
  26. SimonTe

    Model 3 range in rain.

    ...not that you should be aiming to drive non-stop for more than 140ish miles. Your body's battery also needs monitoring and recharging! S
  27. SimonTe

    Good RHD all weather mats?

    I was very pleased with my full set from Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats - Alternate Flux . Look good and vacuum clean well and don't creep around the cabin in use. S
  28. SimonTe

    1.5 month wait time for service

    Similar for me. No internet connection/LTE. So no app comms, no charging notifications, no traffic updates on route planning, no fine resolution on maps.... Offered mid November appointment. S
  29. SimonTe

    Fart horn

    That would be my custom sound choice!
  30. SimonTe

    Sutton Scotney (Winchester) Supercharger Disappeared!

    Does it disappear if all (both) the CCS stall are in use or u/s. S
  31. SimonTe

    Nag on UK cars?

    Tip: Try adjusting your seat and wheel rake, height, back angle, etc. That helped me grip the wheel in a comfortable way that provided the minimum torque to stop the nag. (I also found that sitting at a steeper angle than I used to sit, helped me smoothly and quickly regain control when I...
  32. SimonTe

    Fitbit pay interference

    Get out of the car and go for a run? S
  33. SimonTe

    No enhanced summon with V10 software

    I've heard mention of these regulations. But does anyone have a link to them and/or a link to Tesla's explanation/expectation? S
  34. SimonTe

    3 Pin Charger Tripping House

    Try to plug it into the nearest socket to your distribution board. Via an extension lead if necessary. Otherwise but a bottle of wine and give it to a kind neighbour? S
  35. SimonTe

    UMC Mains Extension cable

    I bought this. Works fine to 10A and no heating https://www.screwfix.com/p/pro-xt-13a-1-gang-unswitched-extension-lead-10m/4097x
  36. SimonTe

    Is it possible to remotely open/close windows?

    The Summon function seems to know how far away you are, so I don't see why this can't be fixed via a patch... S
  37. SimonTe

    Driving Licence

    The paper part hasn't been required in England for a few years now. (Car Hirers, etc can see your endorsements on-line). Not sure of what the situation is in NI. But I didn't have to show *anything* when I collected. S
  38. SimonTe


    ...and how many times have you pushed down the indicators twice on your old dumb ICE car? (And drifted over the edge of a twisting clifftop road.)
  39. SimonTe

    Summons issue

    Well I already knew that FSD was really "FSD", so I think my expectations were reasonable. I turned on autosteer/TACC and it worked, even in the twisty local roads that it isn't designed for (and I managed to scrape my rims as a result.) Nose to tail queuing is much less stressful (although...
  40. SimonTe


    Worse. I was impressed with it and it wasn't engaged...
  41. SimonTe

    Summons issue

    In the UK/EU (I think), it only works within touching distance of the car. In practice this will literally get you out of a tight spot, but it won't rescue you from a rainstorm. My only real disappointment with FSD.
  42. SimonTe

    Basic destination charging question

    Tesla Superchargers are being progressively updated to have an additional CCS connector cable, as used by the M3. AFAIK, all Supercharger sites have at least one that has been converted, so when you get there, look for the ones with double cables on them. (And hope a MS or MX hasn't blocked...
  43. SimonTe

    M3 efficiency!!

    Crushin' 'lectrons?
  44. SimonTe

    Latest Software?

    Mine too. But it's not a high priority to worry about. I would worry more about paint and other physical defects that are best acknowledged at pickup. Enjoy!
  45. SimonTe

    Best wireless charger?

    They can, but you need to power the pad from the cigarette lighter in the central console instead of the two USBs (and then route the cabling from rear to front) S
  46. SimonTe

    Cleaning a Model 3

    Have a look at this:
  47. SimonTe

    ABRP question

    When you 'share' the app on your phone or computer, it sets the next destination on your Tesla's navigation. More cleverly, the same link allows the ABRP to read the current state of the battery (SOC, temperature) to more precisely optimise your journey. S
  48. SimonTe

    Would anyone trade their 19" Sport wheels for 18" Aeros?

    Surely you can't just do that? What about brakes and systems that measure speed based on circumference? S
  49. SimonTe

    TMC forum Adverts

    True, you don't need to tuna EV motor.