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  1. Saxgod

    2021 Phantom breaking override?

    Have had our 2021 Modely Y since June. About ready to sell the car. If only it had a dumb cruise control. 70k vehicle and can’t even use cruise control without constant phantom breaking. This sucks.
  2. Saxgod

    Criminal charges against driver using FSD

    Very click baity title. Hopefully you actually know better.
  3. Saxgod

    Cruise Control

    Totally agree. We were just discussing the need for a dumb cruise control option since they can’t seem to get their stuff together.
  4. Saxgod

    Cruise Control

    Huge issue with TACC and 2 lane roads. Especially when larger vehicles are coming towards you TACC panics, alarms and slams on the brakes. At this point AP/TACC on anything less than a divided highway is useless.
  5. Saxgod

    Blog Tesla’s FSD Beta 10.2 Coming This Friday

    Extremely disappointed but not surprised it was delayed again. Driving scores was just another way of moving the goal posts while “satisfying” the mob. As they say, hopefully it’ll be here in 2 weeks. 😂
  6. Saxgod

    Vision only MYL FSD hard braking at lights

    Definitely experienced. All behaviors that are “normal” for “FSD Beta” features. I turned off the stoplight control because of the blinking yellow caution lights on highways causing the car to slam the brakes on.
  7. Saxgod

    Phantom Braking theory...need help to test this out

    There was no overpass. Just straight road no shadows.
  8. Saxgod

    Phantom Braking theory...need help to test this out

    I have phantom breaking pretty consistently on any highway trip. Was on a straight and clear divided highway with no traffic today. Sun was high in the sky and visibility was unlimited. Cruising at 78mph (speed limit was 75). The car slammed on the brakes and slowed down to 45 mph( I allowed it...
  9. Saxgod


    Just an FYI Wi-Fi is not required. Tesla specifys Wi-Fi or cellular.
  10. Saxgod

    Vision-only cars

    I also had FSD and was updated.
  11. Saxgod

    Vision-only cars

    I am a late June model Y. 211xxx
  12. Saxgod

    Vision-only cars

    Looks like we caught up on most of the features. Can’t get the battery display to change on tap but other than that everything seems to be there.
  13. Saxgod

    FSD Request button goes live tonight!

    I just realized you could drill down into the sections.
  14. Saxgod

    FSD Request button goes live tonight!

    I did. Took a short drive and it instantly populated. I think it was 4 miles.definitely no historic driving data.
  15. Saxgod

    App and phone key not working iPhone 13

    Had a slight issue with initial config. Had to make sure there weren’t any other phones connected (including my old one) before the new would setup key and Bluetooth. Other than that it was flawless.
  16. Saxgod

    iPhone13 Pro Max

    I don’t use a case. Might be the difference.
  17. Saxgod

    iPhone13 Pro Max

    Same phone. Working fine connecting to vehicle and charging on pad in car.
  18. Saxgod

    FSD Request button goes live tonight!

    Also here is the new safety score system
  19. Saxgod

    FSD Request button goes live tonight!

    I can confirm 2021.32.22 gave the request button.
  20. Saxgod

    Vision Only vs Radar - Observations from a 3 year owner

    (Late June VO Model Y w/FSD 210xxx) i will add on by saying my 2014 Model S with AP1 was much more stable cruising on the highway both in lane keeping and in distance from cars. i never had a case of phantom breaking with AP1. There were times when cresting large hills AP1 would swerve one way...
  21. Saxgod

    Vision-only cars

    I always take this information with a grain of salt. Id like to see previous software version and last six of the VIN at the very least...
  22. Saxgod


    Do you have FSD? If not it is now working as designed I believe. If so then a good Ol’ reboot may be in order.
  23. Saxgod

    Vision-only cars

    Just posting more info and killing time waiting for next update:
  24. Saxgod

    Vision-only cars

    These are the droids… I mean this is the news I’ve been looking for. Thanks!
  25. Saxgod

    Snippiness 2.0

    I would take the time to explain but your tone is combative and borderline ignorant. So no thanks.
  26. Saxgod

    Vision-only cars

    The rumor that Tesla used non standard chips starting with the vision only cars and is having to customize software to integrate with said chips is kind of scary. Will we forever be split from the herd?
  27. Saxgod

    New Tesla APP 4.x. Released for iOS and Android

    Oh no! Lost the third row seat warmers in the Y! 😢
  28. Saxgod

    HULU Continues to be HOSED - 2021.4.21.3

    I had this issue until I hooked up to WiFi and tried it. Once it played on WiFi once it would play on the cars connection.
  29. Saxgod

    Towed with 20 MYP today = abysmal

    Most of the time it is 50 amp 220v or 30 amp 110. Most state parks have plentiful of the former nowadays in Texas.
  30. Saxgod

    Wonder why 2021.4.21.3 is going out

    model y 211xxx got it this morning.
  31. Saxgod


    Same here. I’m used to my model s that was updating once every 20 days or so. 😂
  32. Saxgod


    Any Tesla Vision folks get the new update yet? Im guessing thats what the split is on the half of Ys that have it and the half that dont right now...
  33. Saxgod

    Anyone come from an older Model S? How is the Y in comparison?

    Came from a 2014 P85 with AP1 and 7 seats. . No regrets going with a LR model Y 7 seater. AC cools better in the third row, range is way better. Still had most of the get up and go. Upgraded for the same reasons. Wanted a full warranty Tesla.
  34. Saxgod

    Do Not Understand Tesla Rationale for Why There is No Sirius/XM in Model 3 or Y

    Just get the app based Sirius XM subscription. Then you’re golden.
  35. Saxgod

    Imagine all of you that keep pushing your model y reservation for the ev credit

    If someone offered me 23k over MSRP my brand new Y would be gone so quick…
  36. Saxgod

    Finished MY brake upgrade - Performance rear + stock LR front

    Because he didn’t like the horseshoe shaped stock rear brakes.
  37. Saxgod

    Registration in Texas - Registration Packet

    Good news, received the packet today. Just figured I would update this in case there were others waiting on their packets. 6/26 purchase 7/20 packet.
  38. Saxgod

    Registration in Texas - Registration Packet

    Thanks Longhorn! It definitely helps. I appreciate the feedback.
  39. Saxgod

    Registration in Texas - Registration Packet

    Greetings: Picked my Model Y June 26th at the peak of 2nd quarter delivery extravaganza. 3 week later we couldnt be happier with the vehicle. My only issue is our local credit union wrote what they are calling a "90 day letter" which is pretty much a normal car loan but with the exception that...
  40. Saxgod

    MY 7 seats floor liners, any options yet?

    All I have found is the carpets Tesla sales (not included). 30 dollars for 2.
  41. Saxgod

    FSD not activating

    Absolutely correct. Need to be connected to WiFi for an update to be installed.
  42. Saxgod

    2500 miles in and now my tire has a puncture. Local Tire shop won’t touch it.

    Not sure if this is helpful but whenever I buy a new vehicle I take it straight to Discount Tire and have them put road hazard on all of the tires. So from day 1 all of my tires get repaired for free and replaced if not repairable. The cost is less than replacing a single tire. Also free...
  43. Saxgod

    Rain - reverse camera

    I drove in a monsoon this past few days and strangely enough the rear cameras stayed clear the entire time. Speed was always between 40-65 but it stayed clear, as did all of the other cameras.
  44. Saxgod

    Samsung T7 SSD vs high endurance class 10 Micro SD card

    That is definitely strange. I ended up going with a sandisk microsd that works great. SanDisk 256GB High Endurance Video microSDXC Card with Adapter for Dash Cam and Home Monitoring Systems - C10, U3, V30, 4K UHD, Micro SD Card & MobileMate USB3.0 microSD Card Reader
  45. Saxgod

    Samsung T7 SSD vs high endurance class 10 Micro SD card

    You could hear the SSD working? Drive has nothing to hear. No moving parts.
  46. Saxgod

    Best 7 seat Accessories

    Same issue here too. Third row mats would be nice if I could find them.
  47. Saxgod

    Tesla OEM vs. RallyArmor mud flaps

    anyone know how long the Tesla OEM flaps have been out of stock? Trying to gauge whether i should wait or just buy a different brand.