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  1. TexLaw

    What's your predicted loyalty to Tesla whenever replacing current car?

    I've had my P 90 D for a little more than 4 years, and I'm something of a coin flip at the moment. The tl;dr is that I love the car but can hardly stand the company. Hopefully (knock on wood), I won't have to worry about it for at least a couple or few years, as I would very much like to keep...
  2. TexLaw

    Supercharger - Waco, TX

    I stopped by here last week and for the first time since the V3 chargers were installed. It's always been a great stop, and it's now even better.
  3. TexLaw

    Supercharger - Beaumont, TX - Walden Road

    Rats. I've been meaning to look so that I could joke about them putting it off another year.
  4. TexLaw

    Show non-tesla chargers

    Yeah, stick with Plugshare. It's got all the tools and information you want. You can even "share" a location straight to the nav from the Plugshare app. This is one of those "be careful what you wish for" situations. The amount of scrolling, zooming, and filtering I do on Plugshare would not be...
  5. TexLaw

    MCU 1 gets new update

    I just finished installing it.
  6. TexLaw

    Supercharger - Huntsville, TX

    Your best bet is either walk over to Mama Juanita's or drive though (or pop into) the McDonald's, depending on how much time you want to spend. As for how busy it can get, it's a small (6 stall) station, so it can go from ghost town to Times Square (and vise versa) pretty quickly.
  7. TexLaw

    Supercharger - Huntsville, TX

    I do expect that is a COVID phenomenon.
  8. TexLaw

    Killing the brand with poor service

    I hear you. I've been able to tolerate the service, but I actually talked my father out of getting a Tesla because I know he would blow his top at some of the things I've just rolled with.
  9. TexLaw

    the wife doesn't like my car any more

    I also just leave the fob in the car. I just drop it in the seat on my way out. That is hardly a difficult solution, and it's the considerate thing to do. It would be mighty nice if the passenger airbag sensor would allow all functions (except, perhaps, driving) to remain on.
  10. TexLaw

    Model S Tires

    That's probably how he got 40k out of tires that most Model S drivers only get 20-25k, tops.
  11. TexLaw

    Model S Tires

    Strong torque and a 5500 (or so) curb weight add up to lots of wear on those tires. As mentioned, 40k is quite good!
  12. TexLaw

    Two miles of charge to get one mile of driving

    @JKLEML, it's good to hear that you've settled in and are enjoying your car. I've been on my MS for nearly three years, now, and it's still as much fun as the day I drove it from delivery.
  13. TexLaw

    How to save a lot of time on long trips

    @elptxjc, I also suggest checking out A Better Route Planner. You can pay with all sorts of variables, including exterior temperature. Air cooling really doesn't do much to drain the battery, but heating does. I highly recommend going with home charging, rather than dealing with a local...
  14. TexLaw

    My 2016 Model X seems to be bricked by OTA update

    Mine is a fault with the temperature regulation system for the HV battery pack (I don't recall precisely what they said). They're working on it. I got a call Monday morning, telling me to bring it in ASAP. I did get a loaner. It's an S 85 that's in pretty rough shape, but it beats the snot out...
  15. TexLaw

    Galveston Cruise Parking

    I don't have any more recent experience to report, but I still highly recommend Port Parking. They had ample wall outlets and were very nice. I recommend getting the shuttle service when booking, too. It was excellent, and the walk would be no fun at all.
  16. TexLaw

    My 2016 Model X seems to be bricked by OTA update

    I'm getting the same error messages with my '17 MS. Here's hoping it's just the battery.
  17. TexLaw

    Supercharger - Beaumont, TX - Walden Road

    It's still nothing more than a dream.
  18. TexLaw

    2019.36.2.1 for 12/2016 Model S a dud?

    It can be done, but not with this update. We don't have the right motor (my S was built in early 2017). Personally, I'm in no hurry to get this feature. I'm sure it'll be great, but I'm quite happy to tap the brake pedal from time to time, while enjoying my pano roof. Easy tradeoff for now.
  19. TexLaw

    Supercharger - Austin, TX - Research Blvd.

    Me neither. I'd be all over that.
  20. TexLaw

    White Seats

    And if you live around here, they make the care about 237 degrees cooler during the Summer. Getting black interior around here is sadomasochism.
  21. TexLaw

    Failed to Turn on Climate

    I've seen that from time to time with my MS. Trying again usually works.
  22. TexLaw

    Model S must have interior accessories

    I don't want WeatherTech mats. They make me feel like I'm riding around in a work crew truck. I do not mean to cast aspersions at work crews or their trucks, but that's not really the feel I'm looking for in my MS. Rather, I've been quite happy with the mats that came with the car. They are...
  23. TexLaw

    White Seats

    Our white seals have done quite well over the last 2 1/2 years, despite the great efforts of two teenaged boys and a crazy dog (and mine, for that matter). They actually are VERY easy to clean and maintain. A damp towel takes care of just about anything. You can't say that about leather...
  24. TexLaw

    C’mon Folks! Be nice to fellow EV owners

    That looks like locals are are not hogging up superchargers that others may desire. Or, as others said, they don't want to pay for the supercharger or worry about idle fees. It's hard to see the issue, here.
  25. TexLaw

    DFW Airport Charging Rant!

    Yes, there could be ugly consequences for just plugging in without permission. I would happily pay a reasonable fee (five or ten bucks, perhaps?) for a "plug-in permit" that I could just leave on my dash while gone, and I would be damn near tickled pink if those were the remote spots.
  26. TexLaw

    Supercharger - Beaumont, TX - Walden Road

    I don't know how you figure that Winnie is more halfway between Channelview and Lake Charles when it's about an hour and a half from Lake Charles and not even 45 minutes from Channelview. Beaumont is right about an hour from each. I'm not worried about a trip to Bolivar, either. If I were...
  27. TexLaw

    Galveston Cruise Parking

    We recently parked here for a 7-night cruise, and they could not have been nicer. Excellent service, all around. They've sold us for the future. The destination chargers were full, but (as mentioned) there were all sorts of L1 plugs around. Bring your UMC and ALSO your own extension cord, as...
  28. TexLaw

    Supercharger - San Antonio, TX

    Thanks for the update, man. It's refreshing to see something on topic. As for the balance of the last 4-5 pages: tl;dr
  29. TexLaw

    What else does Tesla need to bundle to increase Model S sales?

    The service is killing me. My son gets better service with his Civic. I love my MS and rave about it. However, if anyone shows any interest in getting a Tesla, I have to warn them about the service. When it's time for another car, I'll definitely look at EVs, but Tesla must improve service...
  30. TexLaw

    Supercharger - Waco, TX

    Y'all should've bought more fruitcakes while stopped!
  31. TexLaw

    Two miles of charge to get one mile of driving

    It's a tradeoff between overheat protection and finding an unpleasant surprise with one's SoC. Considering that we can turn on the A/C any time we have adequate connectivity, I don't worry too much about it.
  32. TexLaw

    Another Sudden Acceleration

    I was going to bring that up. I have the same sensation when my regen is limited due to cold or high SOC. I lift off the accelerator, and the car feels like it speeds up, but that's only because the car is not slowing down when I expect it to. That's not to say that something isn't awry with...
  33. TexLaw

    Two miles of charge to get one mile of driving

    OP and others should be quite confident that they experienced similar losses in efficiency when they were driving ICEs for relatively short trips and on trips that involved a lot of start-stop driving and/or highway acceleration. You just didn't notice it because nothing was there to draw your...
  34. TexLaw

    What battery percentage to charge to on trips?

    Relax. Relax, and enjoy your journey. I'm not being facetious. One of the great things about the Tesla is learning how to enjoy the journey. Definitely charge to 100% overnight. Use ABRP or something like it to see your route options (I like ABRP because I can use it on my laptop and then pick...
  35. TexLaw

    Autopilot In The Right Lane Is Disconcerting When The Lane Gets Wider (for Merging)...

    I've grown accustomed to it. I know what the car is up to, so I don't get concerned with what will happen. I pay attention to what it's doing, of course, but I always do that. It's nice when the highway has a broken line separating the merge lane from the main lane. It's hardly a simple thing...
  36. TexLaw

    Supercharging queue procedures...?

    I've only encountered it at the San Marcos, TX, supercharger before it was expanded and refurbished and at the Saint Charles, MO, charger. In both cases, they are small chargers, only 5 stalls (although the San Marcos one has since expanded to 12). At Saint Charles, we really didn't wait...
  37. TexLaw

    TuneIn Radio “Loading Error”

    From what I've seen and heard and experienced in other formats (such as Sonos), I believe this is an issue with TuneIn--not with Tesla.
  38. TexLaw

    Supercharger - Beaumont, TX - Walden Road

    And for good reason. The site once said 2018. Before that, it said 2017.
  39. TexLaw

    Supercharger - San Antonio, TX

    When did the Richmond one open? I don't recall, myself, but it was quite recently. If it wasn't actually in 2019, it was late enough in 2018 to make the "2019" standard rather arbitrary.
  40. TexLaw

    Best way to leave Model S for a month?

    Even if you do, so long as you can connect via the app, just turn the charge level up the day before you get back.
  41. TexLaw

    Supercharging idleing fee

    That's already the case. There is no idle fee unless the station is at least 50% full, per the website (and the fee doubles when it's 100% full). You got a warning that your charging is finished, so you might get hit with an idle fee. Now, prepare yourself for all those who will come in here...
  42. TexLaw

    Error message sharing

    I've been getting that, too. Rebooting the MCU fixed it the first time, but it started again this morning. Rebooting did not help.
  43. TexLaw

    Supercharger - Little Rock, AR

    I don't know if we got lucky or if they fixed it, but our Saturday afternoon stop turned out fine. Crazy.
  44. TexLaw

    How come Teslas are not popular for Police Cars?

    An EV would rock as a mail truck.
  45. TexLaw

    Supercharger - Little Rock, AR

    I'll add that the LR charger seems to be running slow right now. We couldn't find a stall that would stay much over 60kW. While not terrible, it will extend your charging time there. Other PlugShare checkins report the same. You're probably better coming in to LR with more charge.
  46. TexLaw

    Houston, TX

    @stephenpace, I'm sorry to say that I cannot make that lunch, as it sounds like a great time. That menu is an old one from the beer hall, though. The beer garden is a full restaurant with great food and a much larger menu. Y'all have fun!
  47. TexLaw

    Tesla V9 - please bring back the green free moving traffic lines

    If love to see it selectable. I much prefer the green, but I certainly don't want to mess things up for the colorblind drivers.
  48. TexLaw

    Supercharger - San Marcos, TX

    Whether it's a welcome expansion or a welcome update, it's welcome! This can be a tricky spot!
  49. TexLaw

    Supercharger - Scott, LA (Lafayette Parish)

    That will be outstanding.
  50. TexLaw

    Supercharger - Austin, TX

    I expect you were splitting with something.