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    Efficiency stats at 11k miles

    Update after ~16 months: Mileage: 13,009 Efficiency: 248 Wh/mi average (unchanged from 11k miles)
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    NIO Debuts New ET5 Electric Sedan Rival To Tesla Model 3

    Battery swapping is real. Leasing the battery is a massive price advantage NIO can offer over Tesla and other OEMs. Watch out when they get the infrastructure built-out here and in Europe.
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    Canada’s Project Arrow EV To Be Larger Than Tesla Model Y

    This is a good way of upgrading industry, technology, and training people. Auto parts manufacturers all understand that they need to get heavily into vehicle electrification or they're going to be left behind.
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    Snippiness 2.0

    Do you think anything you write or any evidence you present will make that (moderator exit) user admit he's wrong? It's like it's his job and he's getting paid to spout FUD here non-stop.
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    Poll : Which is better - FSD Beta 10.8 vs 10.6.1 / 10.5

    I don't have much time or many miles on 10.8. Some quick comments-- I haven't had it brake on me when vehicles are merging from the right on freeways and surface streets. That was super annoying and could cause an accident (side swiping & rear ended) vs avoiding. Driver's set speed still...
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    Auto Wipers Improved with V.11?

    I think FSDbeta forces auto wipers. It's been raining here for the past week or so and it's been nearly perfect. I only used the manual mode before this.
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    Leaving MY 2021 for 6 weeks at 90% battery at car port (Not charging)

    As if anyone is going to believe your anti-Tesla trolling... 😆😅 Yeah, you're wrong again. No surprise.
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    AutoWipers Still dont work well on 2021 Model Y

    I have FSDbeta and I think it forces the auto wiper mode. I only used the manual mode prior. It's been raining on and off for the past week or so and auto wipers are working great.
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    Hol Update suggestion; Move blind-spot monitor to top of screen

    I'm a bit indifferent on this. I have FSD and use the lane switching function all the time. I still check my mirrors and over my shoulder before signalling and initiating. This new feature is literally making people look at the wrong spot.
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    No Sonic with my update

    I got everything. After the big firmware update, it'll continue to download games a few separate times so leave it on wifi.
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    Snippiness 2.0

    Oh goody.. Yet another range/range anxiety thread. How NEW and FRESH! ;) Yup. Not surprised that this new user couldn't be bothered to search, Google it, or watch a video on YouTube and get their answer. The amount of information available out there is overwhelming.
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    Goodyear Electric drive GT Tires

    It's good to have more options. I'm going to get a new set of tires soon and will be checking these for reviews and distribution.
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    FSD Beta Attempts to Kill Me; Causes Accident

    OP could be very rich. He's sitting on something that could potentially kill Tesla's FSDBeta program. How many EXTREMELY wealthy people have beefs with Elon and would like to see Tesla implode? It shouldn't be hard to monetize and cash in on OP's good luck. It is Christmas, ya know. ;) "Mr...
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    Nobody mentions that the acceleration boost is too much power for the stock suspension of the non-performance model

    Sways back and forth, like it doesn't have any traction control? Yeah, sure...... :rolleyes: Also, bald tires on a car that goes 0-60 in ~4s is never good. I've had 'Boost for 16+ months and there's no swaying. The LR suspension is fine. The rear squats and front seems to lift a bit when...
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    Model Y - Accident

    Glad everyone is okay. You want it to be totaled and get a brand new vehicle. Just about anything is repairable, but do you really want to go through that?
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    GM Cruise's CEO leaving

    More churn in the AV/ADAS industry. This time it's GM's Cruise. - Dan Ammann, CEO of General Motors autonomous vehicle branch Cruise, is leaving the company, GM announced Thursday. - Cruise’s President and CTO Kyle Vogt will take over as interim CEO, the company said...
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    How many miles were on MY when taking delivery?

    Yup. I picked mine up from Fremont and it had these three bumps. I'm pretty sure they took it to their test track and floored it just to make sure everything was kosher.
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    Is There Anything Odd About MY Front Suspension That My Normal Mechanic Can't Handle

    Any time you make an appointment with your SC they'll charge you, even for warranty work. Tesla will waive any charges if your new car needed it and they actually perform real work. A Tesla is a car and alignments aren't anything special.
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    FSD Beta Attempts to Kill Me; Causes Accident

    Carebear Trolling: "Won't someone think about the children?"
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    I feel terrible for GM Bolt owners as a former Volt owner

    Failure is sooo lucrative for execs and management. When these auto execs anticipated Tesla to fail, they really meant the opposite where failure equates to success. GM's definition of their success = watching their market share and margins degrade year after year GM's definition of Tesla's...
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    Efficiency stats at 11k miles

    280 Wh/mi = 121 MPGe for 2020 MYP You can get similar numbers for MY LR.
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    Autonomous Car Progress

    That's embarrassing. Sounds like Pony.ai was trying to flex ("LeT mE sHoW yOU real FuLL sElF DriViNG, ElOn!!") in front of Tesla's Fremont factory and it wound up blowing up in their face. 😂
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    FSD Beta Attempts to Kill Me; Causes Accident

    Just more non-sense and gibberish from you. Show me the evidence. NHTSA recovered the logs from a burnt-out MS in Texas which wound up clearing Tesla's AP. Doing that should be easy in this case. OP has an extremely valuable vehicle. Here's my advice for OP: 1) OP should auction his...
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    FSD Beta Attempts to Kill Me; Causes Accident

    Nothing is going to be perfect. FSD will never be done and it'll be updated constantly. 1, 6) Liability. I think the driver should always have precedence. Car's internal dynamic control is probably better at recovering if the driver let go and allowed it to take over. 4) This has never...
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    FSD Beta Attempts to Kill Me; Causes Accident

    Idiots are ingenious. People have been killing themselves doing dumb things for centuries. How long did it take seat-belts to become law and mandatory? How about airbags? Who would have thought people would do virtually anything to get views and likes on Tiktok/FB/Insta/YouTube/..etc...
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    FSD Beta Videos (and questions for FSD Beta drivers)

    All of a sudden, FSDbeta doing well is no big deal. I doubt this has been repeated by other ADAS systems and Tesla is the last in line to do this. No instances of FSDbeta spontaneously going into the opposite lane after all of those turns. He went both ways, as well.
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    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    Yup. If FSDbeta caught you eyeballing the nav too long or playing with your phone then wiggling the steering wheel won't make the nag go away. You need to pay attention for a while. I rest my left arm on the steering wheel so I don't get the nag, but FSDbeta will hit me with a warning when it...
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    I feel terrible for GM Bolt owners as a former Volt owner

    Bob Lutz and GM exec management: 2016: 2021, now that TSLA is the most valuable auto manufacturer by far: What Bob's not saying is that GM and Mary are the true Tesla killers and has Elon quaking in his shoes. Elon is only taking down the Germans so he won't have to face GM. Elon and Tesla...
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    New Details on Toyota EV Plans

    These press releases don't mean anything. Companies rehash the same releases constantly while doing virtually nothing. It's PR busy-work to stay in the news cycle.
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    CyberTruck seen on Test Track in Fremont

    People are really scraping the bottom of the barrel with their criticisms on protos.
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    Lane position with Auto Steer on - is it just me?

    Yup. I'm almost always on FSDbeta now. 1UP are the most popular racks in the Bay Area. My cell service has been simply outstanding since getting jabbed. 😃
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    Model Y real range

    MY has been around for 1.5 years already. People have been talking about range and efficiency years before that. Probably thousands videos on YouTube on this same topic.
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    Lane position with Auto Steer on - is it just me?

    Right in the middle. Position rendering on left and rear & side cameras match.
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    FSD Beta Attempts to Kill Me; Causes Accident

    Did the OP or someone else die in this incident ("stacking bodies on the pyre", "Tesla needs to put a stop to this before someone dies")? Advocate? Sure. Sounds like an advocate for TSLAQ and shorties. Many people die daily in automobile accidents. It's been like that for many decades...
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    FSD Beta Attempts to Kill Me; Causes Accident

    Your posts aren't remotely logical...(moderator edit) Hint: In-cabin cameras and (new) radar, seat and seatbelt sensors, etc. Your previous post: Tesla has rather designed their system as "hands off".
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    FSD Beta Videos (and questions for FSD Beta drivers)

    CGP Grey at Tail of the Dragon!
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    Mercedes-Benz receives world's first internationally valid system approval for conditionally automated driving

    I've been using AP/FSD on freeways every time I drive and normally have it set for ~75 mph. When I tried to increase my safety score, I did a ~200 mile drive on Bay Area freeways mostly on AP/FSD. I wound up with 99% and eventually got admitted to FSDbeta.
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    FSD Beta Attempts to Kill Me; Causes Accident

    Yet it literally says keep your hands on the wheel when engaging and will nag you if it doesn't detect your hands.
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    2016 FSD video: there was an accident with roadside barrier on Tesla property

    Out of context, but whatever... We all know that MobilEye had a very public break-up with Tesla. Mobileye's CEO still seems butt-hurt and can't shut-up about Tesla years later.
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    Lane position with Auto Steer on - is it just me?

    It's you. Pull up the rear camera + side camera views, take a pic, and post it here. I bet your car is right in the center of the lane.
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    CyberTruck seen on Test Track in Fremont

    Even after the CT goes into production, there'll probably be dozens of changes in the first year. Say 1 or 2 a month. I got my MY in late June 2020. Other than the exterior, it's almost a completely different car 18+ months later.
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    Mercedes-Benz receives world's first internationally valid system approval for conditionally automated driving

    Here's Bjorn from a recent test drive around Frankfurt in wet conditions during rush hour (~5:50pm). I don't think Bjorn went slower than 60 kph/37 mph on the freeway. He hit 180 kph on the way back. 101S at San Tomas (before 880) gets congested around 4pm. Mercedes' system might be useful...
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    FSD Beta Attempts to Kill Me; Causes Accident

    Yup. NHTSA will literally move heaven and earth to recover data from a burned-out Tesla so they can try to pin something on AP/FSD. This car damaged, but intact.
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    Porsche Whistleblower: “60% of all delivered Taycan have battery issues“

    Thanks for posting. Execs are only focused on containing the company's reputational damage. See Dieselgate for a recent example. If that Porsche employee is based in the US they could do the right thing for consumers and possibily have a big pay day. The US has the right incentive because...
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    FSD in Model Y

    Do you even own a Tesla? This topic has been recycled nearly as much as range anxiety.
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    All discussion of Rivian Automotive

    "Gamechanging" no heat-pump... That's going to hurt cold weather efficiency.
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    Supposedly these anonymous nicks opted out of arbitration. Tesla has extremely deep pocket$. You figure that ma$$ive honey pot would attract all $ort$ of enterpri$ing lawyer$.
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    Autonomous Car Progress

    Yup. We had that incident in Texas where the Sheriff's department blamed autopilot. Any Tesla owner knew that was impossible. I have 18+ months of AP/FSd experience (only a few months of FSdbeta with lots of night driving) and nothing like this has happened.
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    Mercedes-Benz receives world's first internationally valid system approval for conditionally automated driving

    Audi had a similar limited system years ago. It was approved for German freeways, never really productized, and was eventually abandoned.
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    FSD Beta Attempts to Kill Me; Causes Accident

    Interesting. I'm going to hold judgement for now. I remember all of those unintended acceleration cases years ago. Drivers/owners were totally convinced that it was their Tesla trying to kill them. Saavy technical people looked into them and ~ all of them were driver error. Those same...