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    CCS1 from TESPLUS

    lol seems like you had no problems pre-ordering your Tesla... Sorry but you put that one out there, easy pickings... Edit: I guess technically you ordered your Tesla, not pre-ordered, so I guess my bad...
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    2022 Model Y - USB Data Ports - USB-A Glovebox Only

    Anybody else see the irony in that post by a user with the handle of MP3Mike? 🎵
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    Vendor Teslogic — Mobile Instrument Cluster for Tesla Model 3/Y

    Update. I sent in some pics of the wiring and connectors from my 2020 June build and they said it is compatible, and the web site now shows all model Y years as compatible. I placed an order and will update once installed. I already know how to take it apart now, so I hope installation will...
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    removing MY side mirrors

    I think so, but that is just my opinion. Definitely a big improvement over the stock ones, very hard to miss something now if properly adjusted. And when I get my Teslogic adapter and software up and running, I will also have green turn indicators on the app screen that turn red if Tesla's...
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    removing MY side mirrors

    If you enable that setting, which is on by default. There was a bug in that routine a while back where the mirrors did not return back to its original position, after a few iterations there was some drift with the mirrors looking downward and you had to re-adjust them. I ended up turning off...
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    Vendor Teslogic — Mobile Instrument Cluster for Tesla Model 3/Y

    Compatibility with 2020 Y? Website FAQ page says But the order page only has options for: ???
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    How Do You Use Your Frunk with Auto Frunk?

    Smelly gym clothes, sporting gear -same idea, keeps odors out of the main cabin. Just got to remember to take it out when you get home...
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    What I have done to my MYP.........

    White + white is a tough combination to pull off and it does not work for me. The wheels would have to be a perfect color match to the car to have half a chance, and then I would want some sort of contrasting/accent color to break it up. If you cannot color match to the car, then I think you...
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    I wish I had a 3D printer...

    Perhaps a site/service like this one below could work for you? Advertise a small job for somebody to create the 3D model and print it for you? https://www.upwork.com/freelance-jobs/3d-printing/
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    Uberturbine Touch Up Paint??

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09FPJKQGL Airbrush Kit
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    App can't connect to my Y

    I wonder if you have client isolation mode enabled on your WiFi? Are you connecting to guest access WiFI on the MY? Wireless Client Isolation Have you tried connecting to a different WiFI?
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    No camping in your car.

    Every time somebody gives me the make a wheel or two a generator so you can self-charge as your go and never need to connect up to charge spiel, I tell them I will look into that as soon as my credit card cash back is enough to pay off my credit card bill every month. Then they shut up about it.
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    Salvage 2022 Model Y LR. High Voltage Battery contactors not closing. Car has the new Li-Ion 12v battery.

    Just make sure that the car's wifi is connected to something with an internet connection. If you are relying on the car's cellular LTE connection for a firmware update, that is not going to work for a very long time, not until Tesla decides it must be forced over LTE. Just confirming...
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    Two small oil like patches 29 in apart at front about in line with the front wheels,thoughts

    Do you have a scope inspection camera you could use to take a peek? Perhaps you can identify the source that way and not worry about removing or tampering with anything to catch the ire of a Tesla tech?
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    Curb Rash MYP 21" Uberturbine (Fixable?)

    It works and if done right, you will not notice it unless you go looking for the repair. Zink also sells kits with sandpaper included if you do not have any already. BUT... You need to put in the effort to make sure to prep and clean up the wheel first. Depending on the damage, if not too...
  16. D

    Phone App

    Doesn't Android monitor running apps that are not being much and then stop them or force them into a deep sleep for power savings? I seem to recall that on a Galaxy tablet a while back, a message saying as much because I had an app left running in the background and I was not using it. I'm not...
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    Performance "Plus" Option?

    There's always go faster racing stripes... ;)
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    Tesla intrusion without phone key/card?

    So for the MY is that a Frunk Monkey??? 🤣
  19. D

    Tesla intrusion without phone key/card?

    Emergency door open/release mechanism? If windows were down a bit like venting, could a thief hook into this release and open the door to gain access?
  20. D

    Martian wheels?

    Sept 2020 1 week from order placed to shipped. MW03
  21. D

    Service Manuals Now Free?

    No, at least not that I am aware of, it is online based web pages.
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    Service Manuals Now Free?

    Tesla service manuals are now free, diagnostic software gets price increase I just signed up and have access...
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    Dash Cam Not Working Check USB

    I wonder why some are having this issue but not all? No issues here, but I have a 2020 with all USB before they changed that, along with a Jeda USB hub + a Sandisk Max Endurance micro SD card and Sandisk mobile mate USB 3.0 adapter. That has been flawless, and I have not seen any of these...
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    Two Model Y Household?

    I guess one positive would be sharing of wheels, if that ever became an issue, like for a spare tire or winter tires? X and Y cannot share wheels. Perhaps it is not worth mentioning. One the downside, if some kind of issue affecting the Y specifically, then both are affected. Say a recall...
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    What did you name your car?

    Oh great, yet another method to communicate with your SC and nothing will happen... e-mail phone text tweet app
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    2020 MYP - needs rear tires

    Sort of on topic, but perhaps also invest in a spare tire if you have not already, so you are not in a bind and can get by for a few days while you sort it out? Modern Spare seems to be a popular choice.
  27. D

    Ring on window

    Goo Gone? The stuff to get rid of sticker residue... Goo Gone | Goo Remover as Good as Gone
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    Model Y 19" Gemini Wheel and Winter Tire Package On MYP

    What ever you choose, I recommend getting the same size on all four so you can rotate them for better wear. The 21 inch Ubers are different rear and front and you cannot rotate them without unmounting the tire from the rim to reverse its direction before you can put on the opposite side. Nobody...
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    Model Y 19" Gemini Wheel and Winter Tire Package On MYP

    No https://tiresize.com/comparison/ enter in your current wheel/tire combination and then the new one you want to use and compare 19 inch = diameter of the rim overall diameter of rim + rubber tire = 28 inches for MY which is 255/45R19 255/40R20 255/35R21 Only way to drop 2 inches in height via...
  30. D

    What did you name your car?

    Ever since I read an article on some guy who got a personalized plate using NULL I have wanted to try that, but I ended up chosing another name instead. Using NULL on your plate was not a good idea for him, apparently any time the traffic camera at toll gates and elsewhere had issues reading...
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    Sentry mode not working

    There might be another solution too, if relevant... https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/6069955/
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    Sentry mode not working

    Let me see if I can condense this so it does not become a TL;DR thing. What's the saying in real estate? Location, location, location... Well in this scenario location may not be what you think. On your laptop or computer, open maps.google.com in your browser and enter in your street...
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    Optional tire size for my YLR.

    Also keep in mind that deviating from 255/40 R20 may change the overall diameter and introduce some speedometer and odometer errors. Check for yourself at Tire Size Comparison and make sure you are okay with the error in speed if you deviate from the standard size. Stock for MY is 28 inch...
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    Sentry mode not working

    Have you verified your home location is correct? There are other settings that can act differently if at, or not at, home. I cannot check that right now, but something like do not lock doors when at home? Have you tried any of these, because home should be home, so if sentry is still active...
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    Racechip Range Extender??

    48 Unobtainiums...
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    Need one way rental from LAX to SFO

    Many years ago I contacted various car rental locations in both the starting and ending locations to see if they needed any vehicles moved, surplus at starting location, low inventory at destination. You might spend a lot of time on the phone or computer asking and find nothing, but sometimes...
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    Any first hand experience with Tesla trade values with a low milage Tesla with extra purchased via the app?

    Do not expect your trade in value from Tesla to be based on anything besides the physical car they delivered. The only exception is that they might bump it up some if you upgraded your wheels with something else from Tesla, for ex. if you went from 19 Geminis to 21 Ubers. Other than that, they...
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    2022 MYP range estimate with 19” Martian wheels?

    Too bad MythBusters is no longer on the air... They did revive it sort of with Motor MythBusters, but it is not the same...
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    Notice: Limited Deceleration

    I wish Tesla would go that extra 5 percent sometimes. You are driving a computer on wheels, equipped with cellular data, web browser and more. Why not add a simple little icon to that message or make that whole message a clickable button to pop up more information about it? If you are driving...
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    Driving Sounds Pulled?

    Well I guess there's always plan B...
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    '22 Ryzen MYP black spots on my map

  42. D

    2022 Model Y - USB Data Ports - USB-A Glovebox Only

    So could one work around be to expand the hole in the felt cover to make it larger, so the USB connector is not hanging up on the felt and is able to be fully inserted?
  43. D

    GPS Stuck at Previous Location

    There is another way too but probably not as fast or convenient. https://www.tesla.com/ownersmanual/modely/en_us/GUID-E75DB1EC-A705-4784-9983-DE677D1BF7C1.html
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    2022 Model Y - USB Data Ports - USB-A Glovebox Only

    Perhaps those who are close to the US border could use a virtual US address service, pay a small fee to get it delivered on the US side of the border for cheaper shipping from TPARTS and then cross the border to pick it up and handle the Canadian importing yourself? Langley BC is close to a...
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    Rear USB C Accessory

    Not quite sure what you want. The rear USB-C ports are power only for charging, these have no data connection to the car. So what are you hoping to achieve via the rear ports that involves a hub? If you want to charge via USB-A then connect a USB-C hub with USB-A endpoints, or look for a...
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    Oct 1st 2021, we ordered a Model Y White LR AWD 20”W. Now have a great August rough delivery date. Where are we in line? Anyone? We live in KCMO.

    Adding FSD to get it sooner no longer shortens the wait... https://www.teslarati.com/tesla-removes-strange-full-self-driving-loophole-that-shortened-wait-times-for-vehicles/
  47. D

    What company is this charger?

    If you could get a better version of the second pic, more in focus so we can read the label, we might be able to trace from that info.
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    2022 MYP range estimate with 19” Martian wheels?

    MYP weighs more? MYP regen not as efficient as MYLR for some reason, like weight distribution or different motor?
  49. D

    Premium Connectivity Yearly Plan $99

    I got an e-mail from Tesla to let me know that my complementary trial period had expired, about 1-2 days after my 1 year anniversary. Whether or not they still do that, no idea. I bought June 2020, got the e-mail June 2021.
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    Using Model 3 Wheels on my Model Y

    Model 3 19 inch is 235/40 R19 = 26.4 inch diameter Model Y 19 inch is 255/45 R19 = 28 inch diameter Your M3 tires are smaller and would be rotating more times per each mile when compared to proper MY tires. So you would have speedometer and odometer errors to deal with - 56.6 MPH actual when...