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  1. doug

    Installing the TMC PWA (Progressive Web App) on your mobile device

    I tweaked some overall performance things. Not directly related to the PWA, but might have helped there too.
  2. doug

    Is TMC really slow at the moment?

    I did a few things. Let me know if this problem persists.
  3. doug

    Site suggestion: create a "real" wiki

    That's a shame. When we moved from a previous wiki, a lot of time was spent to at least import that data as normal threads so they wouldn't be lost.
  4. doug

    No Cabin Air Filter

    You want the filter to be what gets gummed up, rather than some non-user-replaceable part.
  5. doug

    Site suggestion: create a "real" wiki

    I wouldn't say nothing came of it. This was implemented for certain levels of supporting members. Moderators are able to turn a thread post into a wiki if it makes sense to do so. But it is really just a post that other users can edit. We've had more elaborate wiki solutions in the past...
  6. doug

    Random Roadster Sightings

    There are many clues to let you know that's an Elise, but I think the easiest tell here is that the Roadster has a carbon fiber roll bar.
  7. doug

    Superchargers in Northern California (location speculation)

    Let's remember that the entire autopilot/FSD team has been fired at least twice, and yet Tesla continues to make progress in that area. It's not exactly a great (or even ethical?) way to treat employees, but I wouldn't expect it to slow Tesla down that much as a company.
  8. doug

    Invisible man chasing my car -- FSD 12

    Ghost in the machine...
  9. doug

    Validation Prototypes (VPs)

    Looks like it got hit.
  10. doug

    Invisible man chasing my car -- FSD 12

    Anyone else have this happen? In the FSD visualization I saw the figure of a person behind my car as I was stopped at a light. I thought maybe someone was jaywalking, but it was creepy as the "person" was standing, facing my car. I checked the mirror but didn't see anyone. Then as I...
  11. doug

    Cloud Flare Issue

    You're saying checking the box doesn't work?
  12. doug

    Image insertion broken?

    Sorry about that. Should now be fixed.
  13. doug

    Does the Cybertruck rust? | Tesla Motors Club Podcast #60

    Yeah, the title is just the main topic. We discuss other stuff as time allows.
  14. doug

    Does the Cybertruck rust? | Tesla Motors Club Podcast #60

    You might also consider the audio podcast version. It's edited together from the locally recorded audio files, so any network issues from the live version are cleaned up.
  15. doug

    Does the Cybertruck rust? | Tesla Motors Club Podcast #60

    Co-hosts- Louis: @nebusoft Mike: @SteelClouds Doug: @doug Producers- Adam: @ElectricAve84 James: @scrapps Daniel: @danny Social- Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeslaMotorsClub Facebook: Log into Facebook Instagram: Tesla Motors Club (@teslamotorsclubofficial) • Instagram photos and videos...
  16. doug

    Model 3 Refresh: How good is it? | TMC Podcast #59

    Hopefully Tesla does things in a way that makes sense. I'm sure there are some gov't supplied financial incentives to open up the network. Also Tesla may charge non-Tesla vehicles at a higher rate per kWh. Could also be useful to invest in some user education. "6 months of free Tesla...
  17. doug

    Model 3 Refresh: How good is it? | TMC Podcast #59

    Yes and yes. Tesla has already committed to opening up the supercharger network, and some non-Tesla vehicles are using it now with adapters. What's unclear is if Tesla will keep certain locations or even individual stalls Tesla only. Some months ago Chargepoint said they'd start rolling out...
  18. doug

    Model 3 Refresh: How good is it? | TMC Podcast #59

    It will be interesting to see how things pan out in 2025,26 if/when all new cars use NACS.
  19. doug

    Hydrogen vs. Battery

    I was wondering how many HFCVs are out there in California. According to this article the answer is about 12,000. https://calmatters.org/environment/2023/08/california-hydrogen-cars-funding/ Interesting article. Hopefully CA can just stop funding this boondoggle.
  20. doug

    What did you park next to? (Or what makes the Roadster look tiny?)

    Is that the last Tzero in existence?
  21. doug

    Why am I getting this?

    Yes, in the past several days we've been getting hit with bots much worse than usual, so we had to up the scrutiny. Most people should hardly ever see that captcha. Cloudflare is able to check things out in the background. If not, you click a check mark. Is it really that bad?
  22. doug

    TMC App not showing twitter links ?

    Do the wipers work now?
  23. doug

    "The uploaded image is too big"

    how big is the file? MIght have been an issue with space on the storage volume which I just increased. There's an update that should be coming hopefully soon that will make uploading images easier.
  24. doug

    Tesla car design is on the wrong track?

    It does seem that with that with the Cybertruck, Tesla has forgotten the lesson they said they learned with the Model X.
  25. doug

    Interview with FSD Skeptic Dan O'Dowd | TMC Podcast #53

    Well, it was definitely a long one...
  26. doug

    2022 Model 3 RWD Review (graduating from a Camry)

    A small 12V tire pump has saved me more than once. I have something similar to this (which I got for around 30 bucks) and keep it in my frunk along with some jack pucks. I've had a couple slow leaks occur from running over a screw or whatever. The pump allows me to keep the pressure up until...
  27. doug

    Sharing referral codes?

    Hey there, sorry I missed this thread. For historical reference, when referrals had high value (you could get a Roadster!), we had a problem with many members spamming the forum with their referral codes. We also decided we didn't want the codes in signatures, since some folks would make...
  28. doug

    Jay Leno video on the Semi

    Right. I've heard him do that at least 10 times over the years. He goes on about EVs versus naturally aspirated vehicles. As if the EVs use forced induction? :)
  29. doug

    Jay Leno video on the Semi

    It's interesting that Franz still seems to think "naturally aspirated" means any ICE engine. (I think this time he actually said "normally aspirated"). I heard him make that mistake back in 2009. Odd that no one has ever corrected him.
  30. doug

    Expired Evaporator cleaner tool [Expired]

    This looks like a cool idea. So just use half the can in the top and the other half on the bottom position? You 3D print this at home?
  31. doug

    Alert dot pushed rest of notification text

    We added some functionality, but it had a cosmetic side effect. We'll fix that shortly.
  32. doug

    Twitter app coming to your car

    Could I get Prime Video and Max before (the not so family friendly sounding) "x videos"? Though, if they really integrated things, it would be neat to be able to instantly tweet dashcam footage of something odd I just saw on the highway. Some folks (not me) might even want to live stream...
  33. doug

    Expired 2023 19" Tempest rims and tires [Expired]

    Could I get a closeup of the "little chip"?
  34. doug

    Model 3 Feature Requests for Refreshed model 3

    Yes, that's what I often do. But if I'm already paying monthly for "premium" connectivity, I shouldn't have to use up my personal cellular bandwidth. Something that was promised early days was that the car itself would be a hotspot to which you could connect your devices. I guess that's less...
  35. doug

    Cadillac Escalade electric: Tesla Killer!

    This reminds me of a user we had back in 2012, @pguerra. He was interested in the yet to deliver Model X, but was constantly asking how it would compare to his Hybrid Escalade. Wonder if he'd get this EV Escalade.
  36. doug

    TMC App not showing twitter links ?

    Did it work in the past? Could you provide a direct link to that post?
  37. doug

    TMC App not showing twitter links ?

    Image uploads should be working again. Could you post your pic again?
  38. doug

    How do you upload pictures?

    Wasn't your account. Should be working now.
  39. doug

    External URLS blocked by Avast

    Thanks. Looking into it.
  40. doug

    Pennsylvania considering $290/year EV fee

    If this is the approach they want to take, why not just eliminate the gas tax and add $300 to everyone's annual registration. I don't think many would find that fair.
  41. doug

    Model 3 Feature Requests for Refreshed model 3

    A couple software things I'd like: 1.) If you're paying for premium connectivity, you should have the option of downloading software updates over the cellular connection. 2.) If your wifi connection is weak, car should automatically switch to cellular connection if it's faster. 3.) Add...
  42. doug

    FAQ: Home Tesla charging infrastructure Q&A

    I found 55A breakers with a search, but perhaps they're less common. My (non Tesla) EVSE lets me set the the available current by the Amp. Anyhow, I'll take your word for it.
  43. doug

    Funny FSD story

    I got pulled over, supposedly for speeding, while in the middle of a line of cars all going at a reasonable speed. I was using NoA with adaptive cruise control, so I thought it was odd. This was a couple years ago while driving through Pennsylvania. The cop hadn't seen the inside of a Tesla...
  44. doug

    FAQ: Home Tesla charging infrastructure Q&A

    Total resistance matters in terms of overall efficiency, like how much energy is lost to Joule heating (corresponding to the voltage drop). In this case we're more concerned about preventing electrical fires or failure, so what actually matters is the resistance per unit length. You wouldn't...
  45. doug

    TMC causes my processor to max out lately

    What happens when you use Firefox?
  46. doug

    Electric planes

    This is an interesting concept:
  47. doug

    Hydrogen vs. Battery