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    Potentially 1st Tesla

    Look at it this way: would you borrow 15K and go to a casino to play blackjack? Because over time, even though this is the best game in the house, the house always wins. The House Battery will fail. You got 15K cash to pay for the entertainment of losing?? Don't be fooled by the "tech". My...
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    Wind noise

    Window tint works great during the day, but why do you wear permanent sunglasses at night?
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    Fun story that means nothing.

    Conservative here, and before my Tesla was a Volt. Yes, conservatives buy EVs too. However, I personally do not believe that EVs are the future, because physics is non-negotiable, and batteries as we know them are not as energy dense as gasoline. And, extracting the components from the earth...
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    Low air flow from DS air vents

    Some of us have the analogue vents that you must adjust manually.
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    Low air flow from DS air vents

    Hey, saw this old thread. Mine has crappy air flow to the driver side as well. Did you ever figure it out?
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    Tesla Service getting worst and worst

    Free lifetime supercharging?
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    Nightmare Tesla experience- all from a flat tire

    "Like it or not, doctors are thought leaders in their community, and people watch what they do with the expectation that they're a cut above average in intelligence and wisdom." In general, "community doctors" are not "thought leaders". We leave "thoughts" to the academics who are compelled to...
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    Clunk in your front end over bumps? Check brake caliper spring clips

    I have suspected this for some time. The rattle sound on my 2015 MS over small bumps and irregular pavement was prominent, went away for a long time, now is back. SC said it was a "subjective noise", thought it was suspension but declined to replace it. I suspected it was the pads rattling but...
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    spare tire

    That's what I've been looking for. Thanks!
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    spare tire

    Speaking of a jack, what portable jack you you guys use?
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    2018 Model S design flaw?

    Can you explain what the design flaw is?
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    Model S rear window distortion?

    To be fair, my 1986 Honda Civic had the defroster across the glass, but yes, the glass was clear.
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    Thoughts on Yoke from Plaid owner

    Oh, but they did. And you were getting a yoke anyway.
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    Further discussion and analysis on why the yoke is not good

    This is an interesting statement, and a topic I've discussed with enthusiasts who drive these old cars. It's about the nostalgia. Practically everyone agrees that most cars of that era were generally poorly made regardless of whatever tech or lack thereof was being tried out on the buying...
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    Further discussion and analysis on why the yoke is not good

    Ok, a yoke is a "potential progress"...to what? No steering wheel? Why bother to even have one if the goal is none at all, and you won't be steering anyway? Why the incremental loss? What is there to adapt *to*? Per *my* professional experience and observation, we see and debate this all...
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    Further discussion and analysis on why the yoke is not good

    Change and adaptation is wonderful. Change for the sake of change is dumb unless there is an advantage, and adaptation based on FOMO is a psychological trick. Again, this seems like a classic FOMO "choice", much like the "white phone". Use it if you like it, I guess. But, how would "poor...
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    Further discussion and analysis on why the yoke is not good

    From my "engineering" perspective, machines and devices should be made to work *for* me, to make my task less complicated, and be an improvement upon what I already do or use. From my experience with yokes outside of commuter vehicles, I can't imagine how the loss of part of the steering...
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    Another example of the world's worst customer service

    Yeah, not a good way to build brand loyalty. Although my sole experience with emergency towing was fine, had I been told to have a nice day (or rainy night in my case) it would have soured me for good. My battery warranty is supposedly up in 2024, and as of now, I'm not really sure what to do. I...
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    First no charger, now no key fob, what's next??

    Nah, not at all. I perhaps have a different philosophy when it comes to tech, tools, and convenience. To me, tech is a tool, not a way of life. I don't live my life on my phone, nor broadcast it either. So, no Tik Tak, Insta, Twit, Snap, or Face for me. The correlation to "friends" is not real...
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    First no charger, now no key fob, what's next??

    This is a poor conclusion. You are confusing "tech savvy" for "tech dependent", or "tech FOMO". A lot of this is the latter. I mean, can you imagine someone NOT using a phone to do anything? Who would want to be that guy?
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    First no charger, now no key fob, what's next??

    No, I just walk up to my car with a fob in my pocket, and the door opens.
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    First no charger, now no key fob, what's next??

    Well, that's kind of a pain to keep the app always running.
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    First no charger, now no key fob, what's next??

    Maybe someone can explain it to me. When I had a loaner M3, I had to take the card out and place it at/near the driver's pillar to access the car. With the card, it this the only way to access the vehicle aside from opening the app and hitting the button? Is an alternative via continuously on...
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    5000 km road trip - Vancouver (BC) to San Diego round trip

    To be fair, the main theme is "planning", which frankly is kinda of a pain (2015 MS), because you can't just "fill up" at the next exit, and when you have to travel long distances, 20+ minutes off the road is @30+ miles you didn't travel. Do that several times a day and you'll never get there...
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    Don't Count on Tesla Roadside Assistance

    Don't be so hard on the OP. Maybe he was in a strange place, how would he know where to tow the car locally? And then what? While my Tesla roadside service was fine, this service guy sounds like he was working from home in his underwear. Contrast this to Mercedes Roadside service, and they...
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    Contacting Tesla about my car's constant need for repairs

    What he bought and why is irrelevant. He's asking for the avenues and names to complain to as if he is important, that his bad experience matters, and that it will have some lasting impact on the brand. The answer is that there is no one with power either to care nor to have the impact he...
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    Contacting Tesla about my car's constant need for repairs

    This is not your local deli that gave you stale bread. Although it would make you feel better about it, your complaints will have no impact whatsoever. Tesla already has your money and does not care if you ever come back. The best solution is to fall out of love with the car, sell it off...
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    Home Charging MS on V11, can't set charging amps?

    Tried it tonight....EVSE set to 24A, car default at 40A...draws only 24A. So, just plug and play.
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    Home Charging MS on V11, can't set charging amps?

    I do have the EVSE set to 24A. I have never tried to see if the call for more from the car makes a difference. I have thought about trying it.
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    Home Charging MS on V11, can't set charging amps?

    My charger will allow much higher amps. The issues are the charging cable and the service wiring. The cable can do 40A+ I think, but the outlet service wiring is rated for 30A, and you generally want to limit the load to 80% of the rating to prevent overheating of the wire. So, 24A is the...
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    My First Tesla and I have questions

    Regarding car washes: I used to avoid them, but really, by the time your car is that old, do you think the person buying it next cares if the paint is perfect, or if the battery will need replacing?
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    Home Charging MS on V11, can't set charging amps?

    Non-Tesla EVSE wall connector (Open EVSE). Everything was working fine since 2019 and prior to V11 update.
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    Home Charging MS on V11, can't set charging amps?

    Will check software version...
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    Home Charging MS on V11, can't set charging amps?

    Recent V11 installed. I have 30 amp service for charging, and used to be able to set the car to 24A charging default. With new version, the setting always defaults to 40A and I have to reset it every time. Am I missing something?
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    To all small business owners

    Responding to an old thread . Physician here. Yes, patients and staff will notice, so you better have been treating your staff well. Some of your lesser-paid physician referral sources will notice, too. What's it worth to you?
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    Model S intermittently loses 4G/LTE/network connectivity while powered off

    Just started for me after V11 update several weeks ago.
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    What would I "lose" if I opt for AP instead of FSD?

    I tried FSD on a few loaners. You still have to "drive" the car, hands on the wheel, foot near the brake, paying attention to traffic and what the car is doing without your input, and you still have to be actively involved to get through the intersections properly (assuming your software is...
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    Problem with blind spot

    I know of no American who "teaches" what you say, and it is certainly not taught that way in American Driver's Education classes. In fact, in places like Italy, no one uses mirrors anyway. How about where you live?
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    Problem with blind spot

    "I don't know why Americans seem so intent on having blind spots" That's an odd statement. To the OP, your technologically advanced car has the worst "blind spot" warning system. Surveilling a car's FSD actions is more work than it is worth, since you can simply drive the car with muscle...
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    "Cancelled My Order Today"--Thread Quarantined...Sorry!

    Yes, it veered off into the medical and political weeds. My apologies for long winded responses on a (off)-topic and its implications I personally and professionally take very seriously. Although, one reason listed for the thread quarantine was "covid misinformation"--a determination I and many...
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    I should have been more specific. N95 masks work when fitted and worn properly. They must be fitted and tested with no air leaks. I have a store-bought N95 mask on my desk now. How do you think it performs compared to the real fitted and tested one I have in my desk? Regarding children, the...
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    There is no special ventilator required for covid patients. They are all standardly-sophisticated machines. The ones being considered from "car parts" were for emergency purposes to have *some* ability to mechanically ventilate a patient in need while you waited for a standard machine. We had...
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    No. (weird formatting) No. Masks are good at preventing droplets from penetrating outward, less so for aerosol. Yes, you did derive some benefit, though less with Omicron. Poorly fitting masks and cloth masks were mostly useless, and still are. However, mask recommendations are not without...
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    You would give different advice in person than on social media?
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    No, don't be done, stand and debate, it's fun! I can tell you I hold/held 2 board certs but let one lapse as I no longer practice that specialty. In that specialty, I spent years taking care of "at-risk" patients and also ran an ICU, so I am quite familiar with infectious disease standards of...
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    Doubtful, since they were no longer needed. In fact, the very many (millions?) ventilators that were bought became gov't surplus and were sold off to 3rd world counties. However, simple vent machines can indeed be made with very simple parts--compressor, valves, pressure dials, adjustable...
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    Physician here. "Lockdowns" were not science-based, and any physician who recommends isolating the healthy would fail his boards. But we need real physicians in gov't, not academics turned politician. Recent Hopkins study showed minimal benefit of lockdowns (2%, like this was epidemiologic...
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    The more things change, the more they stay the same...

    Wipers? Hehe, I have a little twist swtich for that. Twist it and it goes on. Twist again it goes off. So much for "progress" in voice commands and screens.