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  1. electricar

    Make your robotaxi predictions for the 8/8 reveal

    Elon is master showman but the only thing that really matters about FSD is when Tesla takes Full Legal Responsibility ( FLR ) for it - until then it is all happy talk.
  2. electricar

    Tire foam, remove or not?

    The noise reduction can be discerned in a new car. That’s why the manufacturers spend the extra money to fit foam tires; it helps to sell cars. As your car ages the minuscule amount of noise reduction becomes pointless. When I changed to no foam tires I couldn’t discern any additional noise over...
  3. electricar

    Tire foam, remove or not?

    Only slightly less ridiculous than run-flats.
  4. electricar

    Tire pressure issue

    In my experience the TPMS readings for most late model cars are very accurate and the error is way below 2 psi. Being OCD, I can report that if the car is parked somewhere where the temp is constant across all 4 tires ( under ground parking garage for example ) and the pressure is set using a...
  5. electricar

    Does Tesla Share Drivers Habits to Data Brokers too? (!!!)

    I would like to look at any information you have about Tesla sharing your " driving score " with insurance companies. I know they use it for their captive insurance company but can't find any evidence of sharing aside from that. It would seem counter productive for them to share this information...
  6. electricar

    New 2024 Model Y Break-in period?

    In both of mine I got in, buckled the seat belt, put the pedal to the floor, and called them broken in.
  7. electricar

    Does Tesla Share Drivers Habits to Data Brokers too? (!!!)

    The software section in the car states that Tesla doesn’t share your data with anyone under any circumstances. That sounds pretty definitive.
  8. electricar

    Good lug nuts?

    The pictures in the succeeding pages of the manual call closed end lug nuts tall and open ended short. I don’t have a clue why using impact wrenches is not recommended for tall lug nuts. Since the only cars that I work on now are my own, my air tools do nothing but sit in the tool box these days.
  9. electricar

    Good lug nuts?

    Here are the pages in the service manual that I printed so I wouldn't have to buy them the next time that I needed them. As you know the online manual can change at any time so I have no idea what information is in it now. The succeeding pages say not tighten the lug nuts with an impact wrench...
  10. electricar

    Wheel Cover Journey / Rimetrix Laminar Review

    I just replaced my aftermarket Chinese hubcaps with made in the USA Rimetrix Laminar covers and they are much higher quality and better looking. Time will tell if they last longer but I think that they will because their superior design should eliminate the problem that I had with the cheapies...
  11. electricar

    Round steering wheel retrofit no longer available?

    It looks that way which is a bummer. Hopefully it will be back.
  12. electricar

    Damage on bottom of car

    If that is all there is it is no big deal - unbolt the old rocker panel and bolt on a new one.
  13. electricar

    What is your favorite all-round vehicle you've owned?

    They are all that you say and more - best exhaust note out there for a sedan
  14. electricar

    What is your favorite all-round vehicle you've owned?

    Acura NSX - 20 years of ownership with no end in sight barring health problems.
  15. electricar

    Expired $42k obo - 2018 Model S 75D Blue/Black/Carbon SunTek Matte Ultra, All Options, FSD, EXTRAS...

    The FUSC with my 2018 Model S is original owner only - doesn’t transfer to a second owner.
  16. electricar

    About to schedule delivery but getting cold feet...

    Trade the Tesla in on a RAV4 immediately - the husband will get over it quickly and benefit from the lack of stress on his heart that the piece of plastic, glass, and metal that you hate is causing.
  17. electricar

    Tire foam, remove or not?

    When my acoustic foam OEM tires wore out I replaced them with no-foam tires and can’t notice any difference in noise level. Acoustic foam is right up there with run-flat technology as a solution in search of a problem.
  18. electricar

    Charging excitement? (Was: you know you bought the right car when…)

    Just can't beat stepping in a puddle of diesel fuel, having your hand smell like gasoline, and watching the clown next to you smoking in their car while their passenger pumps gas. Ah, the good old days.
  19. electricar

    Steering wheel off center but alignment in spec?

    No, I already have one that has a perfectly centered steering wheel - but I will adjust your tie rods to center the wheel in your car for $4500.00 so you can keep the car and save $500.00
  20. electricar

    Steering wheel off center but alignment in spec?

    Lose $5K because a couple of tie rods need to be adjusted - life is going to be tough for you.
  21. electricar

    Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Discussion Thread

    Kim Jong Un is loving that hashrate. It’s making his efforts easier by making both mining and stealing by small players much more difficult and relieving everyone of the notion that crypto is immune from manipulation by nation/states.
  22. electricar

    Suing Tesla in small claims court in California

    And puts people in one of our time’s favorite places - OUTRAGE
  23. electricar

    Best Place To Get Used Wheels?

    Ebay - I just bought a brand new one there from a junkyard and have the one it replaced ( Minor Curbage ) for sale there. They also have refurb wheels.
  24. electricar

    Suing Tesla in small claims court in California

    This is why people read contracts before they sign.
  25. electricar

    Are the Cybertruck's looks growing on you?

    If that’s the case Tesla should make it an option along with handy secure lockable compartment to store your 9.
  26. electricar

    Are the Cybertruck's looks growing on you?

    It's grown on me. A bulletproof " Mad Max " truck is perfect for the times we are living in. In the early days Tesla's marketing was happy families plugging in their car at the beach - now the Cybertruck is just what you need to navigate our " Bladerunner " cities.
  27. electricar

    Tesla is Total Junk

    That’s hilarious.
  28. electricar

    Transferring unlimited, super charging

    Not to worry, the main reason Elon is working so hard on AI is replace all the employees which will happen at the same time FSD is no longer beta.
  29. electricar

    Transferring unlimited, super charging

    That sounds delightful compared to the usual dealership routine of time wasting - the salesperson running back and forth to the manager with your offer and raising the price each time. The finance person trying to pound you into an extended warranty, paint sealant, and their captive financing...
  30. electricar

    Is the car keeping my garage warm?

    When it’s 110F outside our garage is a lot cooler when we both get home and park our 2 Teslas than with our previous dino burners. The heat in the garage was so brutal with the ICE cars for hours until they cooled down that the rooms adjacent to the garage got hotter.
  31. electricar

    Transferring unlimited, super charging

    You’ve lead a very sheltered life if losing FUSC to buy a 2023 Model S at the current price ( thousands less a 2018 Model S ) is your worst car buying experience ever.
  32. electricar

    Brand New 2023 Model Y LR Battery Failed in 3 Days

    When millions of anything are manufactured a small percentage of the components will be defective - that’s why products have warranties. The warranty offered by all the OEMs that I worked for specifically state that remanufactured parts will be used as they see fit and I can remember only a few...
  33. electricar

    Questions about purchasing my first Tesla

    The price is right. If the car looks good and you like driving it buy it.
  34. electricar

    Questions about purchasing my first Tesla

    You’re right - I was misunderstanding - thanks for clarifying it.
  35. electricar

    Questions about purchasing my first Tesla

    And yet mine has full charge range of 230 miles - most charging to 60% - but some supercharging. Why do they all have to have the same degradation and hence range?
  36. electricar

    Questions about purchasing my first Tesla

    Sorry to read that yours only has 150 miles of range. Evidently they’re not all the same - mine still shows 230 miles at full charge.
  37. electricar

    Questions about purchasing my first Tesla

    Maybe he doesn't need or care about the extra range which going from memory was only about 50 miles - that's the case for me.
  38. electricar

    Questions about purchasing my first Tesla

    Have the owner print them. I print everything for my Teslas because I'm old like the guy that is advised by Dr. Rick in the Progressive ad that there is no need to print the internet. My 2018 S has been almost problem free. The only things replaced under warranty were the headlights ( DRL...
  39. electricar

    Bridgestone Turanza EV Tires too narrow

    Both of those are great choices - I have had better luck with Continentals than Michelins. I replaced the Goodyears that came on my Model S with Continentals and they look like they will last twice as long as the Goodyears. My Model Y still has the OEM Continental tires and it looks like the...
  40. electricar

    Bridgestone Turanza EV Tires too narrow

    Agreed that doesn't look good. I guess you could dial in a ton of negative camber and become a You Tube sensation with the first Stance Y.
  41. electricar

    Interior Front Tire Panel Loose - should I just shove it in?

    That location of the fender liner has tabs on it with metal clips that push into holes in the fender. Push it in and if it doesn't snap into place the tabs are broken and/or the clips are missing. If the car is refresh 2016 that panel is pulled back to get to the manual frunk openers. A dead 12V...
  42. electricar

    2024 Tesla MS Rumors

    BMW made it through Bangle - they'll make it through this electric razor look too.
  43. electricar

    Sad about Plaid? Attention past or present Porsche 911 Owners!

    The happy Porsche owner is the Porsche owner who leases. I tried owning out of warranty ( twice because I'm hard to convince ) - never again.
  44. electricar

    Rumour: Model 3/Y to lose stalks in 2023 model year

    Don’t look too close at the past history, current policy, or behavior of management at any car company because if you do you’ll end up with no car and riding your bike everywhere.
  45. electricar

    Push pin broke off inside

    Push the stub on through and forget about it.
  46. electricar

    Tesla would not accept charge

    And yet you bought a Tesla instead of one of their products.
  47. electricar

    Tesla would not accept charge

    Toyota sales people were Shocked - Shocked!
  48. electricar

    Stories of someone's cracked casting. Should we worry about this?

    You’re right about areas that are there for assembly or service purposes but in other areas I guess it depends what is considered structural - to me accessory brackets are structural. The cracks showing the photos appear to be in areas that may gussets resolving forces in that plane.