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    Frustrations with Tesla service

    I can't believe anyone actually buys a Model X and thinks it will be a good daily driver. A few mins in the X forum will show this needs to be your second or third car, not primary.
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    Rattle noise coming from front Air Suspension (2017-18)

    Canada. Search my name on YouTube and you’ll see me walk-in through ordering it back in 2018.
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    I should've rejected it

    You’ve been Musk’d Remember you are paying for tech, not build quality.
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    $4,600 for burned out headlights, any alternatives?

    I was charged diagnostic fee too for my most recent out-of-warranty repair. When out of warranty, the diagnostic fee is not waived if you approve the actual repair, it's an extra charge. Some other shops/automakers may waive the diagnostic fee for such situations. OK for full disclosure while...
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    2021+ Model S and Model S Plaid Refresh Issues Thread

    I pop in to the forum from time to time... holy *sugar* Elon still doesn't have quality control on his radar yet. Pun intended. I feel bad for all these people dropping $140K plus on such garbage cars. Fun for sure but wow this thread is enough to keep me away a few more years... I lived it with my...
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    I can no longer, in good conscience, recommend Tesla vehicles.

    I feel for ya. I owned a 2015 for 5 years (one out of warranty), and a 2018 P100D. Would not recommend a Tesla to anyone anymore after my experiences. Seeing the Plaid forum shows me they still have poor quality today with the S anyway.
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    Diagnostics are a secret?

    They own the software on your car forever. And have a monopoly on service basically everywhere on the planet.
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    Diagnostics are a secret?

    Welcome to Tesla. They own your car forever no matter how long you have it.
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    There is something really wrong with this company!

    OK folks I know how to fix this issue INSTANTLY... they need to start leaving out the YEAR and just put the month, that way it's half-somewhat accurate. "Your estimated delivery date is currently December." :p Alternately, just put "3 months maybe, 6 months definitely"
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    2021+ Model S and Model S Plaid Refresh Issues Thread

    I don't have a Plaid even though I've bought two new S's and really dig the new interior. I'm not going to buy a third car that looks identical from the outside LOL... I know from experience to avoid any new Tesla product for a few years... I bought a new S in 2015 and had lots of stupid...
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    2021+ Model S and Model S Plaid Refresh Issues Thread

    That sucks but it's 100% normal for Tesla operations. Good luck but buying any new-ish model from them you are 100% guaranteed to have issues.
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    2013 Model S P85 Drive failure

    If you own a Tesla out of warranty (especially S & X), every day is a game of Russian roulette.
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    What is the story of Tesla owner tapping the back before charging?

    There's a sucker born every minute...
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    Tesla apology email.

    I guess they got caught being shady again…
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    Build quality - at what point has it become acceptable?

    Yes, possibly by 2105 they might have tops build quality 🤣 I owned a 2015 for 5 years, definitely they did not have the quality thing figured out (suspension rattle, lots of door handle issues, charge port issue, charge cable failed, many issues). Newer is *always* better when it comes to...
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    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    Oh it's extremely obvious to non-Teslastans that they do not give one sh*t about people like you & I. As long as the hype train is going full steam ahead and there are new people coming through the door that's all that counts. That's what I did. Although I still pop in here from time to time to...
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    Rattle noise coming from front Air Suspension (2017-18)

    Good luck with the strut tower braces, I'm quite sure your noise will return... My rattle came back after a short while, they did a bunch of things (firewall spot welds, strut tower braces, sway bar end links) and said it was the air shock upper mounts again and they wouldn't replace them again...
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    Dead Battery - 2 weeks out of warranty

    Welcome to Tesla out of warranty. Dump the car and don’t buy another.
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    Obscene Tesla Repair Cost

    You very much "roll the dice" when your old Tesla is out of warranty (especially S & X). The fact that you can't even buy an extended warranty on the 3 speaks volumes... I owned an S a year out of warranty and got fed up with the endless (mostly small) repairs and forced downgrades such as...
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    And real blind spot warning. Because Tesla plans on your car driving itself one day so you don’t actually need it.
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    Late 2016 / Early 2017 S Owners: How Are Your Daytime Running Lights Holding Up?

    I didn't read the whole thread but the OP posted -D part number suffix. Tesla thought they had it fixed years ago... there was -D, then -E, then -F, and now -G. Did they really fix it? Time will tell. With Tesla's track record of Model S fixes 🤣 I had one fail under warranty, tech replaced it...
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    Why I stopped caring about luxury EV's

    I traded my Model S for a Lexus LS500. Tesla is definitely not luxury.
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    Can we create a website for owners to request features and offer suggestions and upvote them?

    It's so cute that people new to Tesla think they care what you think. LOL!
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    Tesla.com - "Transitioning to Tesla Vision"

    I gave Tesla the benefit of the doubt in 2018 when I bought my new P100D and paid for FSD. I eventually realized that the whole FSD thing is FOOL self driving and we are the fools. In hindsight I shouldn't have bought then but the video showed them driving across the country so I thought it was...
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    Tesla.com - "Transitioning to Tesla Vision"

    So does this mean that a Tesla will actually be able to drive coast to coast on FSD? LOL coming soon.
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    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    Oh please don't get me started on "Elon quotes" 2019: Can Elon Musk's robotaxi plan help Tesla owners make $30,000 a year?
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    Buyback for FSD Not Working?

    I feel it’s relevant to share my experience, I’ve been here far longer than you BTW. Did you pay $10,000 for vaporware like me? There’s another topic on the go right now that shows 45-47% of current TMC members are not going to buy another Tesla. Perhaps you should suggest they leave as well...
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    Buyback for FSD Not Working?

    It's probably not worth trying to sue Tesla, but I do recommend you never buy from them again. That's my plan. Great cars, despicable company.
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    What's your predicted loyalty to Tesla whenever replacing current car?

    👍 I'm considering Merc to replace my Lexus... I like the EQS but not the price tag LOL
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    Unhappy with the Resale value for my 2019 Model 3

    *some* things he says?? LOL!
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    What's your predicted loyalty to Tesla whenever replacing current car?

    That number is shockingly low, and I’ve owned two Teslas. Good luck, your tune will probably change the longer you own it…
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    Buyback for FSD Not Working?

    I bought FSD when I ordered a new P100D in Apr/18, I was excited to be among the first to experience cutting edge tech. I eventually figured out the truth which is I was lied to, misled, and I feel like a sucker for believing things Elon said about FSD. I learned that Tesla does not refund FSD...
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    Can you identify this noise from my 2016.5 Model S

    My ‘18 P100D did it too, it’s normal for a Tesla S. It got really bad right before I traded it in on a Toyota. Good riddance, POS.
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    What's your predicted loyalty to Tesla whenever replacing current car?

    I went from two Tesla Model S's in the garage to a Lexus LS and RAV4 Prime. So that would mean a 0 chance of a Tesla again, in the foreseeable future anyway. The cars are phenomenal when they are working but Christ the company needs improvement, big time. It's a shame because I used to be a...
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    Seriously Porsche!? Tempted to jump ship, new Taycan Turismo

    Oh that’s a good one, but the only dud in my life was the Model S that needed a mechanic more often than a 10 year old BMW.
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    New Chasis for Model S (May 3 2021)?

    All model S’s from 2012-2022 look basically identical except some have the black grille. Looking from the side or rear and only the biggest fanboys will know the difference between them. To the OP, the new new one isn’t on the road yet.
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    Help me talk my wife into a P Y

    If she wants the RDX get the RDX, simple.
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    WTB: Model S with Free Supercharging

    LOL @ free supercharging. That's fine if you're under warranty. But an old car out of warranty... repair expenses will eat up any potential savings of "free" charging.
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    Rust question

    The control arms rust, that's very normal for these cars. See the vid below, I fixed mine (sorta). The weird crunching sound shouldn't be the control arms , you should look at the wheel well liner to see if the tire rubs on something when you turn left. Your control arms don't actually look all...
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    Sold my Tesla yesterday - No Sellers Remorse Yet

    Gee I trade my Tesla for a RAV4 Prime and my thread gets locked. Oh well. Congrats to the OP, yes Teslas are fun but I left because of quality issues mainly. That and a bunch of other "lies" from Elon & co. If you can get a RAV4 Prime, it's the best PHEV on the market IMHO. Lots of EV range...
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    My out-of-warranty MX is dead for the second time in a month :(

    I owned a Model S out of warranty for a year and I would never do that again and I tell everyone that asks, NEVER own a Tesla out of warranty, especially S or X. It's unfortunate but it is what it is...
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    Poor quality control on the Model Y

    This has been a problem for years, it's not going to change until more people start rejecting delivery, this needs to be happening on a regular basis. Even then there is still a good pool of people new to the brand willing to overlook things...