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  1. vfx

    Front-rear camera touchscreen parking protection switch kit reservations

    This is cool. Study: Rearview Cameras Better At Detecting Objects Than Parking Sensors
  2. vfx

    Tesla Presidential Limo?

    Yeah, it's not like they do road trips to all the prez libraries. Would be cool to see a Supercharger at the White House though.
  3. vfx

    WTB: Roadster brakes

    WTB 1.5 Roadster brake discs, front. email at eric at ericvfx.com th Thanks! eric
  4. vfx

    Why doesn't the younger generation "love" cars like the older?

    At Best, Auto Sales Will Grow For 10 More Years, Then Go Into Permanent Decline http://www.thecarconnection.com/news/1090622_at-best-auto-sales-will-grow-for-10-more-years-then-go-into-permanent-decline#src=10065
  5. vfx

    Mirrors Gone from Model X on Tesla Motors Page

    As a camera guy I totally agree there are better places to put the lenses for optimal viewing and 360 degree capture as Mark says. Though being able to reach out and clean off the lenses in the old locations does have some benefit.
  6. vfx

    HPC In Del Mar, California?

    Clarie's in Solono Beach is where the Tesla LA club stopped a few years ago. They have added a charger to their solar array since (thanks to us?). We also had a meet at Torrey Pines (shown) that has a few Blinks in the parking garage.
  7. vfx

    Tesla Model R (on Yahoo/Edmunds wish list)

    2015 Tesla Model R Concept Boldride.com - Pictures, Wallpapers
  8. vfx

    Disney's current position regarding electric chargers

    Open today!. Are they $5 and hour? Or are they free? Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Now Available at Disneyland Resort Disney Parks Blog Congrats to all who have been working on this.
  9. vfx

    Our 7-Year-Old Hopes His “Tesla Flat Stanley” Can Visit Every Supercharger

    This is so great! What's the deadline?
  10. vfx

    Tesla making changes to inventory car purchase process

    I was told (in LA) that all the service inventory was sold out and there was no plans to replace it. Then later was told that there was a plan to make 100 60's for service use. A FWIW the cars would rotate. First they would appear on the sales floor (I was shocked to see 60 for less that $75K...
  11. vfx

    WTB : 40 kWh Model S

    Price on a 40 might actually go up. Tesla service is now calling the 40kWh car a "limited Edition"... :)
  12. vfx

    EV Autosalon fiberglass spoiler installed

    I imagine Tesla's spoiler was honed in the wind tunnel.
  13. vfx

    The 7th icon

    Passenger trap door!
  14. vfx

    Supercharger - San Juan Capistrano, CA (7 V2 stalls)

    Local press http://www.ocregister.com/articles/tesla-596553-stations-car.html
  15. vfx

    Solar happenings

  16. vfx

    wireless induction charging

    Tesla Roadster modified to charge while rolling! https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=eQwyEGflu8c
  17. vfx

    Tesla Mule 1 - Where it all Began!

    This is early enough that Elon might not have been with Tesla yet. I remember Martin saying in a talk (TEG could find it) that he was the only one who was willing the cut up the new car they just bought.
  18. vfx

    Model X spottings

    The X is driving around. Might as well post sightings. http://insideevs.com/tesla-model-x-spotted-on-public-road-in-culver-city-california/
  19. vfx

    News week of Jan 6?

    Confirm Brian's Post 1 and 2 in LA as well. There may be on 60 loaners in the future. My guess, is that the next announcement is of all wheel drive MS. Place your bets!
  20. vfx

    Attn female owners: journalist comments on lack of female Tesla drivers

    Sales studies have shown that most women prioritize the need for a car that is safe an reliable (which also means good service). For some reason I think Elon knew this when embarking on the S. When the first car rolled off the line he stressed how they had built in extreme safety. We all had to...
  21. vfx

    Need a Model S for a video

    Hey Alex, The Tesla LA club could probably find someone to help you. 300+ members [email protected]
  22. vfx

    Tesla to produce all-wheel drive Model S sedan next year

    They are in crash testing now.
  23. vfx

    New Grill Design

    Franz told me at the LA store open that is was the pedestrian rule that he had to conform to.
  24. vfx

    Model S Celebrities

    Duke University Pratt School of Engineering Adjunct Professor Vivek Wadhwa
  25. vfx


    That's a great question! I have known the Federal Reserve was privately owned but not who those owners are by name and title. Seems their names would appear on some of those annual lists of worlds richest people. Are they that invisible?
  26. vfx

    Why doesn't the younger generation "love" cars like the older?

    Curbingcars is a blog dedicated to this subject. Here's what they say about Tesla http://www.curbingcars.com/?s=tesla The author writes here: http://www.cjr.org/cover_story/the_love_affair_is_over.php
  27. vfx

    Fisker Karma

    We get those too! (and don't read them) We never bought a car but we did have an early reservation payment.
  28. vfx

    How to convince a wife that a tesla is a great addition to my garage?

    :smile: And I'm aware she's aware. And she's aware I'm aware she's aware. Let's just say we are both extremely happy with our Tesla. :)
  29. vfx

    Fisker Karma

    http://www.motorauthority.com/news/1089452_fisker-wants-court-to-rejectwanxiang-bid-cites-it-as-cause-of-bankruptcy#src=10065 Corpse still has life to it.
  30. vfx

    Ford c-max solar energy concept

    Yeah, will it work thorough a car cover? As I said on the other thread, It's ridiculous to move the car. Sun-tracking solar array systems are already in use and could be adapted for pointing the lens array. Still though, it does not even seem worth it.
  31. vfx

    How to convince a wife that a tesla is a great addition to my garage?

    Similarly, I just never stopped talking about it. Never. Never. She made the down payment to shut me up. Ooops!
  32. vfx

    Which questions would you like to be asked at the Q4 Earnings Conference Call?

    If Tesla can show that an older electric car (The Roadster) has the ability to be upgraded to a longer range/faster car with a simple battery swap that is another value proposition added to the long list of advantages of buying an electric car. And that Tesla shows that it plans to support and...
  33. vfx

    New Grill Design

    Franz :)
  34. vfx

    Ford c-max solar energy concept

    Want to see what happens to the bug that crawls across the roof? Poof!
  35. vfx

    Should Model S have a solar panel?

    Cool stuff Ford is doing. I can't belive moving the car is better than pitching the lens array.
  36. vfx

    Poll: What is the 'something special' for Roadster owners from Tesla in 2014?

    Amen to Boonies's post! We have been on this since day one. Literally. At the Supercharger Launch Event we hit all the accessible Tesla employees with this request. Engineers seemed optimistic (but mostly because they could see it a possible) and higher ups were crestfallen. They were so...
  37. vfx

    Tesla Most Searched in 2013

    ~200 away TEG!
  38. vfx

    Electric Nissan van coming in 2014

    In case you did not know the Ford Transit Connect come in an electric version (now that's a true connect!). There's a bakery in Santa Barbra using one.
  39. vfx

    Alloy Gators Rim Protection (Pics and info)

    There are at least 4 companies making a similar product.
  40. vfx

    Tesla listed as one of '10 Cars Almost No Women Drive' by Marketwatch

    Let's sit back an watch how this goes with the Model X.
  41. vfx

    Supercharger - Barstow (EXPANDED, 5 stalls added, now 16 total)

    Right. Cars are out in holiday force here in SoCal. Parking lots are full, stoplights are holding back long lines and airports are jammed. That the SC network anywhere is impacted is of little surprise.
  42. vfx

    Older Teslas limited to 90kW Supercharging

    '' Tesla may want to brand anything above 90kw as Super Supercharging (or similar). Then they could say that that early owners were promised Supercharging but not Super Supercharging.
  43. vfx

    BMW i3

    The problem with BMW going after the current EV crop is that the market is so tenuous. I agree that competition will force better products but when the existing product is living by a thread it may be just as easy to stop production. - - - Updated - - - This starts out gimmicky but ends with...
  44. vfx

    Gen 4 mentioned by Elon

    I thought i heard it was the best selling vehicle in the world. Sounds like a good target for mass adoption.
  45. vfx

    Tesla Most Searched in 2013

  46. vfx

    Recargo drops recargo?

    Both sites improve over time. we all hope for the best of both. Owners are EV drivers so I know the best will come from it. I thought Recargo was a snappier name with a cool logo. :)
  47. vfx

    Model S Battery Pack - Cost Per kWh Estimate

    Commenter on David Nolan's battery upgrade story
  48. vfx

    Vendor BEHIND THE BUILD: Project LBR Tesla Model S Bespoke Make Over

    Not that it matters, but Bob Dole never really did that. I belive it was Saturday Night Live that stuck him with that trait.