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  1. favo

    Tesla Raleigh, NC RDU service center, service experiences from Google reviews, mostly BAD ??? wtf !!!

    I only had good experiences there, but I agree, the focus on solely using the app for communication can be frustrating at times. One time, when I needed to talk to a human in service, I went into the show room, and they ended up getting me connected with a tech in person. (This was not in...
  2. favo

    SpaceX Starship - Integrated Flight Test #2 - Starbase TX - Including Post Launch Dissection

    I thought it was a RUD when it happened, but there were cheers shortly after, so not sure.
  3. favo

    They made Homelink harder to use again.

    Try setting the trigger location to be farther in front of your house, combined with smaller radius.
  4. favo

    James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)

    Someone asked about it on the live stream, and that's basically what they said (I am not an optical engineer). They also mentioned the support struts for the secondary mirror as a contributing factor. It was also stated that they had achieved "diffraction-limited" focus, so can't really do any...
  5. favo

    Starlink and Ukraine War discussion

    They connect Starlink to the rest of the Internet. A Starlink satellite with no laser interlink will be a single hop between an end user with a dish and a ground station. Satellites with laser interlinks can send traffic along a satellite chain to find a better (less congested, faster) ground...
  6. favo

    SpaceX Regulatory Discussion Thread

    Permitting Dashboard for SpaceX Starship/Super Heavy Launch Vehicle Program at the SpaceX Boca Chica Launch Site in Cameron County, Texas. Shows 2 of 5 processes completed. Estimated completion date 2022-03-28.
  7. favo

    SpaceX F9 - Starlink Group 4-7 - LC-39A

    Looks like it's now bumped to tomorrow, Feb 3 at either 1:13 p.m. or 4:30 p.m. EST.
  8. favo

    SpaceX F9 - Starlink Group 4-7 - LC-39A

    Bumped to Feb. 2 at 2151 GMT (4:51 p.m. EST), so it will be about 90 minutes after NROL-87 (from Vandenberg). Busy afternoon for SpaceX!
  9. favo

    SpaceX F9 - CSG-2 - SLC-40

    New feed for tomorrow:
  10. favo

    SpaceX F9 - NROL-87 - SLC-4E

    Spaceflight Now reports February 2 launch at 2018 GMT (3:18 p.m. EST; 12:18 p.m. PST).
  11. favo

    SpaceX F9 - Starlink Group 4-7 - LC-39A

    Looks like this will launch tomorrow, January 30 at either 2:39pm EST or 5:56pm EST per Spaceflight Now.
  12. favo

    SpaceX F9 - CSG-2 - SLC-40

    New webcast for today.
  13. favo

    SpaceX F9 - CSG-2 - SLC-40

    Delayed 24 hours.
  14. favo

    James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)

    Webb Begins Its Months-Long Mirror Alignment
  15. favo

    Wiki Super Heavy/Starship - General Development Discussion

    Today, SpaceX seemed to do a test of full stacking with the chopsticks on the Starship launch/catch tower.
  16. favo

    SpaceX F9 - Transporter 3 - SLC-40

    Launch time is 15:25 GMT (10:25 a.m. EST) according to SpaceflightNow.
  17. favo

    James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)

    Deployment complete! There's a live Q & A: Next steps are deploying (moving slightly forward) each of the 18 hexagonal mirror segments, which takes several days. Then they will be fully aligned over the course of 4 months, during which time the scientific instruments will also be tested and...
  18. favo

    James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)

    Both primary mirror wings have deployed successfully! Now the need to latch in place.
  19. favo

    James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)

    Another cool development... Next up is unfolding the primary mirror wings over the next couple days.
  20. favo

    James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)

    Successful secondary mirror deployment!
  21. favo

    James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)

    Tomorrow it is:
  22. favo

    James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)

    Sunshield fully deployed. Next up is secondary mirror deployment (tomorrow?).
  23. favo

    Tesla Light Show: Custom Show Creation

    Super cool. The neighbor's kids love it! P.S. Long standing bug that may fall in your domain: If a sentry alert is triggered, auto-high beams are turned off when you return to the car. Happens every time. Simple flick of the stalk turns them back on. I can provide more detail, if needed.
  24. favo

    Anyone else dislike the new UI?

    You can swipe down on the video window, and it goes away.
  25. favo

    Android Tesla App 4.4.0-810

    There's a 4.4.1 version out now.
  26. favo

    SpaceX F9 - Turksat 5B - SLC-40

    SpaceX webcast
  27. favo

    SpaceX F9 - Starlink V1.5 - 4-3 - SLC-40

    Per SpaceflightNow, seems to be delayed until tomorrow (12/2 at 6:28 p.m. EST).
  28. favo

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    In the second half of last year, we had a 5:1 stock split (2020-08-31) and TSLA joining the S&P 500 (2020-12-21). From the split announcement on 2020-08-11 to 2021-01-08 the stock went from about $275 to $880, more than tripling (3.2x). What are the chances something similar could happen if...
  29. favo

    FSD Beta Videos (and questions for FSD Beta drivers)

    I assume/hope that also includes pixel depth (i.e., distance from camera). If they can get that to work reliably (99.999%), it should really help avoid running into unknown/unclassified objects. Obviously, this is rule #1 of driving: Don't hit anything. Elon mentioned they need a reasonable way...
  30. favo

    FSD Beta Videos (and questions for FSD Beta drivers)

    Yeah, I've been thinking that if I were a beta-tester, I'd want it to say the words "creeping" vs. "proceeding" or some such, because you cannot be looking at the screen during those risky maneuvers. People have trouble remembering too many different chimes. (How about "errr?" and "weee!"? :p)
  31. favo

    Inspiration4 Return to Earth

  32. favo

    FSD Beta Videos (and questions for FSD Beta drivers)

    Yeah, I'm thinking the squeal was from a quick swerve.
  33. favo

    Looking for an awesome SpaceX / Tesla License plate name idea

    How about 2MARS or 2SPACE?
  34. favo

    FSD Beta Videos (and questions for FSD Beta drivers)

    Several impressive maneuvers, but almost causes an accident at 25:37. While waiting to merge from lane blocked by cones, it starts to go too soon, with cars still travelling in the lane to its left, and seems to cause the black sedan to squeal its tires to get out of the way. Tesla driver takes...
  35. favo

    MASTER THREAD: Removing marks from white seats

    I had some blue jeans transfer on my white seats. Tried several cleaners, including 70% isopropyl (aka rubbing) alcohol to no avail. However, what finally did work is 91% isopropyl alcohol!
  36. favo

    First details of starship's first orbital test flight!

    I'm pretty sure at least some of that (e.g., the COPVs) will be covered before they fly the booster.
  37. favo

    First details of starship's first orbital test flight!

    Looks like Booster 4 is now sitting on the orbital launch mount.
  38. favo

    Details about Netflix Inspiration 4 series

    The trailer's description says "LIVE LAUNCH: WATCH ON NETFLIX YOUTUBE ON SEPT 15". Not sure exactly what that means, but maybe on Netflix's YouTube channel.
  39. favo

    Wiki Super Heavy/Starship - General Development Discussion

    Starbase 360 degree video
  40. favo

    SLS versus Falcon Heavy (and Starship/SH)

    Artemis 1, which would be the first (uncrewed) flight of SLS, is currently NET November 22, 2021. Seems likely to slip into 2022, though.
  41. favo

    Model S Plaid Livestream Scheduled for 7 p.m. PT

    They're trying to find a foam sledgehammer to replace the real one.
  42. favo

    SpaceX F9 - Sirius SXM 8 - SLC-40

    Spaceflight Now showing this as delayed.
  43. favo

    [UPDATED] 2 die in Tesla crash - NHTSA reports driver seat occupied

    Well, that's the way it happened. Perhaps the windows were thicker back then, but the basic principle still applies. It's much easier to break the window when the force is applied to a small area (point). Also better to hit the corner of the window where it's stiffened by the frame. Apparently...