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    Refresh S roof rack?

    I'd like to get a cargo box to stow snowboard(s). The Tesla roof rack for the refresh S is sold out. Are there recommendations for another brand or should I wait for the Tesla version to be available? For someone who already has the Tesla roof rack, what type should I select when shopping for...
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    Have any new testers with a safety score above 80 received the FSD Beta update yet?

    I don't know if you know: you need the 100 miles of AP to happen in the last 30 days. The two people I know who didn't get it despite a qualifying Safety Score had less than one hundred miles in the past 30 days. The updated Tesla app has that information behind an information button.
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    White vs Cream vs Black interior

    Since I got used to the white seats, the cream looked dirty/dated when I saw it in person. It’s all relative to your preferences and experiences.
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    Side Cameras

    Last I read, Honda has a patent on that.
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    My Model S Saved My Life

    Thanks for the explanation!
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    My Model S Saved My Life

    That's still cheaper than a new car. What am I missing about this calculation? I'd like to keep my car for as long as possible.
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    Huge Model S software glitch...

    How would you open the garage door if you were outside of the garage and the car is inside of it? PP was smart but not the ass.
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    Model 3 vs S

    My spouse has the 3 and I have the S. We both love and prefer our respective cars. I'm happy to be able to have both of them in the garage. I love to drive except when I don't know the parking situation at the destination. That's when we take the 3, if we're going together.
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    Cross Traffic Alert

    Has Tesla's failure to have CTA resulted in real life consequences? Considering that even when drivers do stupid things, accidents involving Tesla vehicles get in the news. I haven't heard of such CTA deficient accidents and one would think there would be a great opportunity to say I Told You So.
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    Tesla Coal Rolling?

    You're suggesting that a Tesla Coil Roll?
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    Tall Model S owners - 6'5" (195cm)

    My 6'4" tall husband has trouble squeezing into the seat when it is configured for my 5'5" seating arrangement. Fortunately, separate profiles help with that issue.
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    Blind spot, close calls

    In my S, if the vehicle is it out view in the visual, it is also in a safe distance for a lane change.
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    Phone app no longer has home solar info

    You got my hopes up. The solar page is annoying if I accidentally swipe to it.
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    "Take me home"

    The software update made it so that you could just say the destination without any verb prefix. I don't know if it would work with home, but you could try it. It might be easier to just swipe the navigation bar toward the right to navigate home. It tries to be smart by navigating to work in the...
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    Can someone explain how the new schedule charging works?

    At what time did you plug it in and how long should it have taken to charge to your set point?
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    Apple Music

    Being able to play the exact song I want in the car and on my smart speakers. Premium Slacker allowed me to play songs I wanted, particularly when I used playlists. However, it wasn't supported on Google nor Apple speakers unless I used the phone app. In case you didn't know, Slacker was the...
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    I think future threads on UI changes should be split to reflect the differences in displays.
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    Software update 2020.48.26.x update, font size problems

    Or maybe it's better to have the ignorance be made public so that people can enlighten the writer and/or any other reader who shared their belief(s).
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    Software update 2020.48.26.x update, font size problems

    I'm a grown-up who likes gimmicky non-sense AND had 70-100k to spend on a car. What's your point? :)
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    New software update shrunk the Gear and Miles, Too Small to See

    In the picture, it is clearly in P to me. Is it not clear to you? The D is also another color when selected. Hopefully, you're stopped before switching gears and not trying to distinguish between them while you're driving at speed. I agree that the size could be too small so I'm not trying to...
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    Software update 2020.48.26.x update, font size problems

    It's probably due to the same urge that led some of our ancestors to travel to new lands without knowing what to expect other than the potential for something better. We are as drawn to novelty and exploration as some people could fear or be repelled by them.
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    Any Model S or X received the Holiday update yet? What about external speakers on s/X?

    Yeah, pie chart would be good. I live in the Bay Area and have used a local Supercharger maybe once since I charge at home and Supercharge on road trips with spread out stations.
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    Any Model S or X received the Holiday update yet? What about external speakers on s/X?

    They could convey more useful information by color coding the place marker with a green background when availability is greater than 50%. Yeah, the bars were easier to process visually, so hopefully they'll reconsider the decision.
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    Any Model S or X received the Holiday update yet? What about external speakers on s/X?

    My 2017 S75D is installing the update now.
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    I'm sorry you feel that way. That had not been my experience after three years with the car. It is better than when I bought it. I can understand that Tesla engineers are slower to get to older cars, but they do get to us eventually if it is feasible.
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    Did your car get the update? At the Tesla forums, I have only seen discussion in the model 3 forum, not the S. My spouse's 3 got the update and my S hadn't. I just checked Teslafi. So far, no older model S had gotten the update.
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    It's the Tuesday before Christmas!

    First, you would need to have a valid date and/or use the proper units. In this case, he didn't specify a date nor which holiday in which year. When he says X weeks, he doesn't specify on which planet. When he specifies a year, you need to ask which calendar he is using. It makes more sense when...
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    MCU1 upgrade to MCU2 - Can I now record review Camera?

    You could install a dash cam. It could save you your insurance deductible.
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    Pros & Cons of Tesla in the delivery service

    I use my S as a volunteer to deliver food for people in need. The last time I went, there were a couple of deliveries that the coordinators were hesitant to ask me to do because they were far. It was only half an hour and I had HOV stickers. One drawback is that it might be hard to find a...
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    Side Cameras

    PP wrote: AP detecting the curb, automatically showing the side camera when the wheel is near the curb. The driver had to set it up manually the first time.
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    Side Cameras

    Didn't it have to be accessed manually?
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    Side Cameras

    I just tried it while parked in front of my garage with the back of the car facing the garage. I didn't see what you described. Have you tried it? Is it more of an issue while driving at night?
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    Question about door handles

    Do you also hear a high pitched sound? I had an issue with the handle not unlatching the door. It retracted but not all the way flush and when it retracted, it made the sound. After a couple of days not working, the handle worked again. I had scheduled a mobile tech visit. Fortunately, I took...
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    Desperate for a road trip!

    I just completed a road trip between California and Colorado. There was a long stretch in Utah between two Superchargers. I had to go 65 mph on a 80 mph stretch for a few miles to get to the Supercharger with 3% battery remaining. Utah is such a beautiful place to drive through (personal...
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    Planning a trip but not actually in the car

    All it does is send the destination, and the in-car nav calculates the route.
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    Teslas to show side cameras when backing up. Yes!

    I know someone who counted on the 360 view in a loaner Audi and damaged the car in a tight spot. I like being able to stand outside and watch the car and surroundings while using Summon.
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    Firmware 2020.44.X

    The Autopilot was markedly more confident. It was chugging along on curves like they were no big deal.
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    Model S insurance

    I pay less than that to insure two Tesla vehicles. My demographic is quite different from yours. You don't have much control over many things that affect your premium currently. A higher deductible might help if you could pay it if needed. Progressive lets you see what the costs are when you...
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    Ludicrous Mode free now (11/2020) vs 10-20k in 3/2020??!

    Sorry, not sorry, no sympathy here. You got to enjoy a cheaper and better car on the backs of earlier buyers.
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    Anyone here ever considered to trade MS for MY or M3?

    We had a choice between a 2017 Model S and a 2019 Model 3 for a road trip. The latter would take half the charging time of the former. We took the S due to cargo capacity. The leisurely pace works for us since we have kids who appreciate the breaks. I appreciate them, too.
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    Is the Model S now priced appropriately (vs the 3/Y)?

    It probably depends on the configuration of the seats. When we had one forward facing seat and one that was rear facing, my husband could fit between the seats. When they're both forward facing seats--a convertible and a highback booster--the top portions of the seats didn't allow my shoulders...
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    Used Non-Raven Model S - Stopping Modes in 2020

    If the car is on an incline, it could roll back rather than stop.
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    If you're happy with how things are working, save yourself money and don't get it. I was frustrated with the sluggishness of the computer, and my husband would have returned a car that had a sluggish MCU. Different strokes for different folks. Dollars saved for those that don't care.
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    Tesla Model S 2020 exact dimensions (width)???

    What about with the doors open, if you're concerned about mm? I have a narrow garage also and mostly use Summon these days. I could still open the door. I wasn't able to get the Falcon Wing Door to open enough in the garage so I didn't get the X. Summon didn't work reliably enough in 2017 for me...
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    Summon with automation with Home Assistant or similar, possible?

    I use Summon almost all the time due to a very tight parking situation. That could be why failures are concerning to me since there is literally very little room for error.
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    Summon with automation with Home Assistant or similar, possible?

    Yes, Tesla is very upfront about it being beta. It has gotten better over the years. WARNING: Summon is a BETA feature. You must continually monitor the vehicle and its surroundings and stay prepared to take immediate action at any time. It is the driver's responsibility to use Summon safely...
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    Summon with automation with Home Assistant or similar, possible?

    Yes, it doesn't make sense technically. It still doesn't negate the fact that I saw my car make a maneuver that made me abort Summon. I wasn't curious enough to let it continue the maneuver. The car was in a carport, which I'd consider immovable.
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    5252-mile Road Trip through the Pacific Northwest

    Thanks for sharing. Your story is inspiring. What battery pack do you have?
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    Summon with automation with Home Assistant or similar, possible?

    Yes, the car goes at very slow speed. It also moves in ways that a gate doesn't, so it could get damaged by or damage immovable structures.