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  1. Tacket

    Have you paid out-of-warranty repair costs?

    Only 10k out of warranty. Only thing I would likely have done are some rattles in the cabin. Trying to take care of those myself. Nothing else wrong at the moment.
  2. Tacket

    B Pillar Rattle

    Howdy Folks, I have a 2013 VIN13k S60. I have the tape fix for the seat belt squeak, but now have what sounds like a rattle somewhere in the B-Pillar. Sounds like it might be coming from the seat belt mechanism itself. Unfortunately I am outside of warranty or I'd just have Tesla take a look...
  3. Tacket

    CHAdeMO adapter wait frustration

    I got on the wait list 10/11/13 and got order invite on Thursday 02/05. The adapter is in the area and I may try and pick it up today on hold at FedEx. I'll post some unboxing picture when I do! This will come in really handy here in the Pacific Northwest and will make trips to the Oregon...
  4. Tacket

    Range of opticoat coats or quotes!

    I have OC Pro and I have the warranty card.
  5. Tacket

    aftermarket audio upgrade

    Went straight off battery. I'm having an issue of no sound out of right front speaker. Wire taps have been checked. This happened briefly right after installation too. The theory is I may need a line level converter. Thoughts?
  6. Tacket

    aftermarket audio upgrade

    Mine is in stock box (Fosgate powered 10" sub) and covered by the oem tesla cover + aftermarket trunk mat. It is still plenty loud.
  7. Tacket

    Subwoofer Installation in Model S

    Are you guys doing anything to dampen the vibrations in the rear deck trim? Mine seems to rattle some (VIN 13k). I was thinking maybe dynamat or some sort of fill back there.
  8. Tacket

    aftermarket audio upgrade

    I can say the sub makes a substantial difference with standard sound. Mids and highs are still sub par IMO, but I sort of doubt just speaker upgrades will solve the issue (likely need better processing and amplification).
  9. Tacket

    Subwoofer Installation in Model S

    I just installed a 10" Fosgate sub in the space under the trunk and it sounds great! Got a remote volume knob installed under the shelf under the touch screen (not visible). Total probably ran me $460 and hits plenty hard. Had wiring installed by Sound Advice in Everett WA.
  10. Tacket

    aftermarket audio upgrade

    I'm having a sub installed tomorrow actually. I have standard sound. I purchased an aftermarket powered sub that fits perfectly in the space under the trunk mat. Should cost about 250-300 to have installed. I'll post back with details and pictures once it's done.
  11. Tacket

    Decreasing rated range.

    S60 - B pack - 37k miles : When charging to low percentage my 90% was 165 rated. Started 90% charges and after about 4 weeks hit 90% at 178 rated this morning. Fun!
  12. Tacket

    What is the new yellow line on the speedometer?

    Totally agree that it is wasteful, though how do you feel about the inconsistent user experience for times one forgets about total lack of regen braking when range charging (or in cold weather)? It's always a surprise to me since I range charge so infrequently. Thankfully I've never been in a...
  13. Tacket

    What is the new yellow line on the speedometer?

    Well stated. Software compensation for this (reflected in use of actual brakes) would be grand.
  14. Tacket


    I bought a shorter and fatter coffee mug just for this reason. It's much more snug than the Tesla tumbler I had been using.
  15. Tacket

    Decreasing rated range.

    I've been charging to 90 (on my MS60) for about 2 weeks and went from 167 to 175 rated (just hit 175 this morning). I'll continue for another 2-6 weeks before going back to my usual routine.
  16. Tacket

    How long to wait before OptiCoat / CQuartz?

    I'll also go out on a limb and say that it's unlikely a daily driver will stay swirl free, so the "permanent" nature of OCP is a moot point as any "enthusiast" will likely have their car polished in 2-4 years to remove any wash instilled marring/defects. I will also go on the record to state...
  17. Tacket

    Tesla in the media:NPR story, Tesla used as descriptor for quality jewelry

    There was a commercial I heard trying to sell a shower head as the "Tesla of shower heads"
  18. Tacket

    Anyone charge on the standard 110V outlet ONLY?

    You have a dryer in your garage or close by? I used my dryer's 240V for several months before getting a dedicated NEMA14-50 installed. 120V is really slow. If you've got a place to plug in 120V at work would also be an option.
  19. Tacket

    Who enjoys their White Model S? Is Black better?

    Speaking of black and reflections, here's my black MS after doing a rinseless wash.
  20. Tacket

    Firmware 6.0

    Me too and also middle of the day over 3G.
  21. Tacket

    Decreasing rated range.

    Just another data point - MS60 32k miles - been charging to 90% past few days and range has increased from 166 to 171. Will likely continue doing this for a few more weeks then will go back to my normal regime (50%-70%).
  22. Tacket

    How many miles/year have you driven your Model S?

    I'm about 30k a year which usually includes one or two 2400 mile road trips.
  23. Tacket

    Need help from Pearl White owners!

    I wish I would have gotten pearl white, but when recently washed, nothing beats the mirror reflection of black IMO:
  24. Tacket

    Darker color cars noticed more?

    I don't know y'all - a fresh waxed black car is like looking into a mirror. I seem to get a lot of attention when my car is spit shine clean. However, being that I live in Seattle, that lasts for all of about 5 minutes. A dirty black car is pretty "meh"
  25. Tacket

    Paint Correction and Modesta Coating by SpeedFreak in Chantilly, VA

    Very nice! Coatings rule!!
  26. Tacket

    Detailing of car before delivery

    All the prep work (wash, decon, correction) plus coating may take 24 hours, but the actually application of Opti Coat Pro and initial cure time is only several hours. OC Pro takes about 30 days to fully cure.
  27. Tacket

    Getting a car wash

    Do a Rinseless wash in your garage in the winter months. I've switched almost exclusively to this method and have not induced any new marring. Products like Optimum No Rise and Detailers Pride Rinseless Wash and Gloss are fantastic and leave my paint looking nice and glossy with no water spots...
  28. Tacket

    Is your Model S suspension feeling less nimble?

    Yes! Under torqued wheels and under inflated tires have been issues for me with the car feeling less stable at highway speeds.
  29. Tacket

    Detailing of car before delivery

    Yeah, you really are just trying to avoid them washing the exterior once it arrives at the delivery center.
  30. Tacket

    Opticoat Interior

    Have it on my tan leather. Dye transfer wiped up with a piping hot damp towel (as per the recommendation of the installer). Great product. I was told to expect about 2 years out of it.
  31. Tacket

    Best low-maintenance option for high gloss on top of PPF?

    You should check in to see if other coatings are PPF compatible (Cquartz, Gtechniq, etc). I have Opti Coat on my car and it is not as glossy as other coatings (although supposedly much more durable). For what it's work, I use a rinseless wash product called Detailer's Pride Rinseless Wash and...
  32. Tacket

    Tesla OEM Obeche Matte Yatch Floor. - SOLD

    I'm interested in this - I will run it by the wife and see what she thinks :P
  33. Tacket

    Minor scratch from keying - how to best repair it?

    ^^agreed. Go to a junk yard and get some scrap fender to test this on first. With that being said, I was amazed at what my detailer was able to do with touch up paint and wet sanding. I was almost SURE I was going to need a repaint. You can still tell up close, but you'd really have to be...
  34. Tacket

    2Qs: Opti-coat Pro and fingerprints, and how to get a "spot free rinse"

    Over it. I treat the OC Pro as a sacrificial extra clear coat that I can lightly polish when needed (rather than polishing the super thin soft OEM clear coat). The Hydro2 gives me the slickness that the OC Pro lacks. I haven't had any bonding issues - usually get a solid 3 months out of the...
  35. Tacket

    2Qs: Opti-coat Pro and fingerprints, and how to get a "spot free rinse"

    I too have noticed Opti Coat Pro not being as slick as advertised. Once every 3 months I do an application of Car Pro Hydro2 which is a spray on silica sealant. Seems to give greater slickness which results in less dust and greater hydrophobic action thus keeping the car cleaner longer. Super...
  36. Tacket

    Seeking opinions / insight - Opti-Coat Pro for a Roadster

    Give the car an application of Hydro2 by Car Pro. Opti is great, but it's not the slickest of coatings, hence the dusting. Hydro2 is a spray on silica sealant that lasts for about 3 months. You spray it on, then give it a hard blast of water to bond it to the paint and you're done. I've got it...
  37. Tacket

    Scratched Door Trim

    There may be a vinyl wrap close in color you could cover that with, give you some added durability. I've got similar marks. Got a few on the metal trim under the touch screen from loose things in the car bumping into it.
  38. Tacket

    12" Sub Added

    I WANT!
  39. Tacket

    Who did NOT get the tech package?

    It's called a tech package but in my opinion the real tech is the huge touch screen and electric drive train. Luxury package would be a more appropriate description in my opinion.
  40. Tacket

    Silver exterior / tan interior

    Or perhaps due to it being a test drive vehicle?
  41. Tacket

    anyone ever extended their UMC?

    Easy to build an extension cable out of SO 6/3 with 6-50 ends. Way more flexible and light weight than the Camco cable. You could also do 14-50 ends but run the risk of the cable being used improperly by something other than a Tesla.
  42. Tacket

    Who did NOT get the tech package?

    I did not get it. I do not regret it based on the feature set available at the time. If I were buying new I would get it as they have changed the feature set since purchasing my vehicle (VIN 13xxx).
  43. Tacket

    Bay Area, CA to Portland, OR in an s60

    Did it over Xmas last year in my 60. Totally doable, no problems. Very little planning needed. SC placed at the right distances. Just watch your miles in the mountains and don't drive to aggressively. You'll do just fine.
  44. Tacket

    My Plasti Dip experiment

    Always wondered what door jambs look like after dipping. Would you mind snapping a picture if you have a chance? Car looks great btw!!
  45. Tacket

    Vendor How to PROPERLY care for your Leather Interior

    I have Opti-Guard Interior coating and it's wonderful. Stains come off easily and I maintain my seats using just a wipe down with a hot terry cloth towel.
  46. Tacket

    IMPORTANT: New Model S torque specification for mounting wheels

    And may make your Model S feel squirrelly to drive - esp under hard acceleration and around curves.