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  1. ChriZ

    WTB Model 3 18in OEM Wheels with Tires - Bay Area

    Tires need to have at least 80% tread on them or preferably less than 1500 miles Curb rashes okay only if minor TPMS not required Bay Area local picking only
  2. ChriZ

    20" OEM Performance Wheels Model 3 - SF Bay Area

    What’s the efficiency you got using them?
  3. ChriZ

    KW Model 3 coilovers for sale

    Are these different from the MPP comfort coil overs?
  4. ChriZ

    Was just told that AP 2.0 won't get FSD.

    Elon confirmed in March that 2.0 will get FSD Elon Musk on Twitter
  5. ChriZ

    Anybody have a Front Lip spoiler?

    This guy bought the ikon front lip spoiler and installed it on a white sr+ I'm thinking of getting it but can't find any info on the installation process. Can't get enough of my Tesla model 3 sr+ : TeslaModel3
  6. ChriZ

    Model 3 Ground Clearance - Front Higher than Rear

    I'm seeing the same. I heard from another owner as well. But thats only a sample set of 3. Anyone else want to measure really quick? My clearance to the floor is 29 in the front and 28.5 in the rear
  7. ChriZ

    Pictures of production Model 3s

  8. ChriZ

    "Handover party for first 30 customer Model 3's on (July) 28th!"

    Me too. I live in the airport area and willing to drive anyone to the event and back. Hit me up if you have a +1
  9. ChriZ

    Model 3 Reservation Numbers Appearing in My Tesla

    I have reason to believe that the first four digits is your region and the rest is the sequence. I'm an owner and booked two reservations and both of mine started with 1072 however the the first reservation is below 100 (each owner is allowed one priority reservation per tesla you own) and the...
  10. ChriZ

    What's your 90%?

    S60 53k miles latest 7.1 firmware 175 miles rated range
  11. ChriZ

    Unveiling Official Invite in LA on 3/31 in Evening

    If you're going solo, please bring me as a guest!
  12. ChriZ

    Model X Launch Event: Plus One Requests / Plus One Offers

    Please add me to the wait list as well! Thanks
  13. ChriZ

    2013 Tesla Model S 60kwh White - Bay Area

    Sorry price is firm. Might just pay it off now and keep it if I don't get any offers at this price.
  14. ChriZ

    2013 Tesla Model S 60kwh White - Bay Area

    Non-smoker and non-drinker :)
  15. ChriZ

    2013 Tesla Model S 60kwh White - Bay Area

    Back up on market. Need to buy a house :(
  16. ChriZ

    Remote S: Tesla app for Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

    Good advice. I tried the tesla app and it said my account was locked out. I reset my password on mytesla and it works now. Maybe detect the error message from tesla Apis and relay it to the app?
  17. ChriZ

    Remote S: Tesla app for Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

    Just bought the app and can't login. Says Connection failed check your internet connection. Anyone else get this?
  18. ChriZ

    Vampire loss sanity check

    Interestingly today I only lost 1 mile of range from "sleeping" for 12hrs. Only thing different was that I cycled the selection for energy savings and always connected from on to off. Maybe it isn't a problem.
  19. ChriZ

    Vampire loss sanity check

    Ive always had my energy savings on with always connected off. Max vampire loss has always been around 3-4miles per 8 hours. However after updating to 2.4.188, it has gone up to 8miles of loss or 1mile per hour. I assume you guys have the same results?
  20. ChriZ

    The 85 does not make sense with the release of the 70D

    I think people are overlooking the power difference. 70D is almost 1 sec slower than the 85D for the 0-60. Remember when people paid 15k more for P85 over the 85? That was just for more power and no additional range! 10k for an additional 15kwh and 1sec faster is worth 10k in my opinion.
  21. ChriZ

    Bugs in firmware 6.2

    Finally got 2.4.153 on my classic M60 today. Ran into one big issue maybe related to the other NAV issues reported. The location of my car seems to be off especially if I go into navigation mode. It about one street off in terms of location. When I'm on the freeway, it thinks I'm on the...
  22. ChriZ

    Firmware 6.2 poll to say when you got it

    Same here. Got 6.2 and in 13,000 range, MS60 Classic. Problems already with GPS location of vehicle not being accurate and audio doesn't automatically turn low when opening the driver door.
  23. ChriZ

    Firmware 6.2 poll to say when you got it

    Been over a week and no notifications. No love for the classic 60.
  24. ChriZ

    My car won't charge faster than 60kW

    Did you try other chargers or other stations? Also try it when it's under 10%. FWIW I was charging at 100kwh on my 60kwh battery last night.
  25. ChriZ

    Supercharger - Fremont, CA - Tesla Factory (LIVE, 4 V2 + 8 V3 stalls)

    Actually, what I noticed was that the delivery agents are now delivering from the superchargers. They park the new cars there when appointments are coming up and perform the walkthrough at the superchargers. I guess they want to have a full charge for the new owners.
  26. ChriZ

    Do not try it at home - owner charging his Model S at 60kW in Siberia

    I wonder if this hurts the motor and inverter. I remember some owners faulting regen to inverter failures early on.
  27. ChriZ

    Supercharger - Fremont, CA - Tesla Factory (LIVE, 4 V2 + 8 V3 stalls)

    Took a picture last week. 10 chargers on the left. 1 charger not shown on the right and its a front pull in version instead of backing in.
  28. ChriZ

    Firmware 6.1

    Interestingly enough my 90% rated range went up from 171 to 189 after 6.1 with my 60kwh.
  29. ChriZ

    Harris Ranch is getting first battery swap station

    11/29 update. Looks like trenching has been done.
  30. ChriZ

    Tesla S Founders edition VIN F 00005 - SOLD

    Wow this should sell fast. Even the founder wanted to upgrade to a D?
  31. ChriZ

    Recent Calls Sync with 6.0 and iOS 8

    Same here. I have a iPhone 6 plus. I can make calls but it switches to iPhone audio after 30secs. Phone icon doesn't pop up on my front dash
  32. ChriZ

    Join us if you are upset with the introduction of the D (RHD)

    I think all owners feel the same way especially if we can't retrofit these upgrades. I hope you do get something but that's being greedy and will probably hurt tesla. Now I don't see any evidence of a 30k loss in value. I don't see any 60kwh on sale for 40k, 85kwh for 50k or P85s sold for...
  33. ChriZ

    Will you trade up to "D"?

    It's like an iPhone upgrade, new incremental features but nothing revolutionary. We all want the latest and greatests which will cost you in the technology age. I'd say if they release fully automated driving and bigger battery, that would be like the introduction of iPad and definitely must...
  34. ChriZ

    2013 Tesla Model S 60kwh White - Bay Area

    No warranty extensions or service plans. Just the standard warranty for 60kwh.
  35. ChriZ

    2013 Tesla Model S 60kwh White - Bay Area

    2013 Tesla Model S 60kwh White - Bay Area Highest bidder takes it. Asking $55,000 starting. Serious inquiries only. Original Price paid with accessories: $89,605.15 Model S$69,900.00 White Solid Paint Black Roof 19" Wheels Black Nappa Leather Interior $1,500.00 Piano Black Decor...
  36. ChriZ

    2014 Tesla Model S - how could you even get into crash like this? (NSFW)

    Prices are pretty low for these. I wonder if the battery pack can be used for upgrading 60s to 85 or better yet a p85 drive inverter upgrade. You can resell the rims too for a bit.
  37. ChriZ

    Tesla Makes Good on Drive Unit Warranty

    I also had my drive train replaced around 25k. Noticing a trend here. Question is if the 8 year warranty resets on the drivetrain since you technically got a new one?
  38. ChriZ

    Stock 19' OEM Tesla Wheels - SOLD

    Free shipping for US
  39. ChriZ

    Notifications/iPhone and V.6.0 Software

    Notifications are pretty awesome. Already received notifications for almost done charging, done charging, new firmware upgrade.
  40. ChriZ

    iPhone 6 Bluetooth Handsfree

    Working for me. iPhone 6 plus here
  41. ChriZ

    Firmware 6.0

    Interesting I charged to 90% and got 188 rated miles on my 60ms. I'm used to getting 178 rated miles. Maybe it's due to the new drive inverter. Anyone else notice a bump in rated range since firmware 6?
  42. ChriZ

    Firmware 6.0

    Just got 1.65.15 today after getting 1.65.13 yesterday from SC
  43. ChriZ

    Firmware 6.0

    We are currently at the information age and anything data related can be obtained. Look at iCloud, Target, Home Depot, list goes on. Anything on a server or going over the internet can be stolen ie logging in via telsa app, visibletesla, teslamotors.com. Even Apple has learned its lesson and...
  44. ChriZ

    Firmware 6.0

    6.0 is a great release. I do foresee that there will be more thefts of the Model S due to the remote start feature. Since its a one way authentication and not two way (i.e. using SMS, email, voicemail as second auth), anyone who steals your password can locate your car, start it, drive away...
  45. ChriZ

    Hum coming from rear of car

    I've had a hum / buzz for awhile coming from the rear but only low speeds 0-10mph. I finally scheduled an appointment to install my center console and reported the sound. They recorded the sound and sent to their sound division and said the drive inverter needs to be replaced.
  46. ChriZ

    209 mile trip in a 60?

    I don't think you'll make it. Id say plan your trip for 180miles max on a range charge for a 60. This is going slow too which is under 300wi/mi
  47. ChriZ

    Model S Photo Gallery

    And here are some more pics taken at my secret location :) Loving the TST wheels so much. Enjoy everyone.