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  1. J1mbo

    Future Autopilot Hardware Rumors and Speculation

    I wonder if the chip will be an evolution of the FSD3 chip, or something more closely related to a dojo chip (single dojo chip is probably too hungry at 400W TDP).
  2. J1mbo

    One Thing That Irks Me About AP Compared To My Ionic

    Agree with the comments, but the Hyundai system also "stealth" disengages when it can't see the road properly, so you don't know it's off until you realise that the car is drifting out of it's lane. On the Ioniq 5, there's a little green icon that switches to grey when it deactivates, obviously...
  3. J1mbo

    Will the "Model 2" have a steering wheel and pedals?

    Of course it will have a method of steering when not using FSD. Might be a joystick. Xbox controller. Yoke. On-screen control. Obscure voice commands. Just not a wheel & pedals (maybe). Gotta be able to move the car around inside a workshop when it's being repaired, or around a shipping...
  4. J1mbo

    2021.12.25.7 NAP major regression

    I agree. AP on .7 is a big regression. Now it wants to hug the side of the road Very late warnings for when the car in front brakes suddenly - warning sometimes happens after the car has moved off again Ignores trucks that are close to the lane divider - previously would move position within...
  5. J1mbo

    General An initial preliminary discussion - a Tesla owner campaign for FSD-license transfer

    I guess you want to transfer the optional paint colour, optional interior, optional alloys and optional performance upgrade from existing cars to new cars too? FWIW, the subscription option allows you to buy a new car and keep FSD without having to buy it again. And.. FSD has a resale value...
  6. J1mbo

    Mind of car visualization

    I wonder if the cone was really attached to the car in front, if it was a reflection, a bumper sticker, or just bad localisation of the object.
  7. J1mbo

    Looks like I'm moving on...

    Subjectively, the M3 headlights recieved the "Good" safety rating from the (US) IIHS (link).
  8. J1mbo

    USB Device Malfunction

    Keeping Sentry Mode on all the time seems to help - maybe the car isn't handling "deep sleep" properly wrt the USB ports?
  9. J1mbo

    Cybertruck will have rear wheel steering

    Just leaving this here
  10. J1mbo

    Looks like I'm moving on...

    Have the same dilemma. The M3P was the car I was waiting for... I put a deposit down during the launch... but after waiting years to get the car, and after 18 months of ownership, I am this >< close to replacing it with an Ioniq 5. Losing access to the SC network will suck, but when I picked up...
  11. J1mbo

    Autonomous Car Progress

    You seriously don't think that Tesla (Karpathy) have been responsible for any NN/DL breakthroughs? What about OpenAI? Maybe they don't talk to each other ;) Anyway, we have another cool new twitter thread from @verygreen which shows the output from the depth NN, which seems pretty impressive...
  12. J1mbo

    Autonomous Car Progress

    Intel playing the long game by defining driving standards. In some ways, that list of members is interesting for who is not there. Hard to imagine the input that some of those members will have on av behaviour.
  13. J1mbo

    Close call not using Autopilot. Autopilot question

    I doubt that AP or FSD will ever speed up to get out of trouble, and it has been nerfed by regulation to not be able to change lanes at superhuman speeds. So, it'll just break hard, and hopefully the car behind will also be on AP and able to break at the same rate, or be driven by a human who...
  14. J1mbo

    Autonomous Car Progress

    That's a pretty big ballpark you got there :) Is TOPS a good indicator of overall system performance? The difference in L2 capability between EyeQ3 (0.25 TOPs) and FSD3 (144 TOPs) suggests that we need another (non-subjective) way of measuring the capability of these systems.
  15. J1mbo

    Which goes further for $43 - a Tesla or a Gas Car?

    Nope. Assuming you managed to start on exactly 0%, and had a battery that could charge to exactly 100kWh, charging losses will mean that you consume more than 100kWh. So let's say $50. Now, where do you buy your fuel? Gas prices vary from street to street. Gas, diesel or hybrid? Which car is...
  16. J1mbo

    Why we need level 2 driverless

    Forget "L2": detecting and mitigating a head-on collision with another road user should be a mandatory feature of AEB.
  17. J1mbo

    M3P - first long drive.

    I have a ~200mile (each way) motorway trip that I do quite often in my M3P. My usual rule of thumb for range in miles is simply this: battery % x 2. As a typical full charge will give me 220 miles, so that means an average buffer of around 20 miles range from a full charge, assuming no long...
  18. J1mbo

    Yoke turn radius changeable ?

    This tweet makes it sound less likely in the short term:
  19. J1mbo

    Why Isn't Tesla Using their new Driver Monitoring System (DMS) to Improve Safety when NOT in Autopilot?

    I don't think that Tesla really want to nag the driver. If you look at other brands (esp. Korean), they nag so much more: bing and beep all the time, have disclaimers which have to be cleared from the screen each time the car starts, etc, etc. The use cases shown by verygreen are clear examples...
  20. J1mbo

    Call from Tesla asking me to cancel Plaid+ and take a Plaid

    IMO, it suggests that they are not ready to manufacture the 4680 in the sort of scale they need. Am sure it'll happen: they have a lot riding on it... just not as soon as they hoped.
  21. J1mbo

    Tesla.com - "Transitioning to Tesla Vision"

    ^^ That looks suspiciously like an UPDATE BUTTON .... ! 18.2 installed on my car this morning. No mention of interior cam being used. I imagine there would need to be a big wall of GDPR-compliant text and an OK box before it is activated here, so maybe this is a US only feature at the moment.
  22. J1mbo

    New active safety feature?

    Correct, it was not in autopilot.
  23. J1mbo

    New active safety feature?

    Lol, like your thinking, but nope :)
  24. J1mbo

    New active safety feature?

    We were about to overtake some cyclists when one briefly swerved towards the car - looked like they were avoiding something in the road. The car sounded the horn - it was a short beep but enough to warn the cyclist. It didn't save a clip. We were travelling at about 20mph at the time. We had...
  25. J1mbo

    Poll: your gut expectations for FSD v9

    Remind me when the last "radical" s/w update was?
  26. J1mbo

    This is why an electric car is better that people don't seem to talk about much.

    Going back to the OP ... Every time someone adds a renewable power source to the grid, the whole EV fleet connected to that grid will benefit. If it was possible to do the same thing with an ICE fleet, they wouldn't have needed to install emissions cheat software in their cars...
  27. J1mbo

    EAP upgrade coming back

    My guess is that they would want ELDA to be formally qualified - would be dumb brave for Tesla to rely on their own assessment for a safety feature. As for smart summon, only the 3 people use it would even notice...
  28. J1mbo

    Elon: FSD Beta v9 in three weeks (around June 15th)

    Model S Plaid on 3rd June... am sure these cars will have the new s/w.
  29. J1mbo

    EAP upgrade coming back

    $14,000 for FSD ... wow. Either: we don't want to sell this any more; or: here come the robotaxis
  30. J1mbo

    Holistic Video Scene Understanding with ViP-DeepLab

    Not massively impressed with the 3D view from that example. The "shadow" cast by the two pedestians is excessive and obliterates objects that we know are there from previous frames (i.e. the blue oncoming car). Bonus point for making one of the pedestrians look like a character out of The...
  31. J1mbo

    Almost ready with FSD Beta V9

    "SuperVision" is a great play on words. "Tesla Vision" not so much. Anyway, if they are going to do this properly, they should rebrand the whole AP suite into Vision - for everyone - and properly transition the cars over. This would mean clear indication of available functionality in an...
  32. J1mbo

    [UPDATED] 2 die in Tesla crash - NHTSA reports driver seat occupied

    I've owned several Tesla's since 2014 bro. Taken your advice and tested it in my current Tesla and yeah it cannot be activated without the seatbelt but it does stay active but restricted if the seatbelt is removed while on cruise. try it in yours.
  33. J1mbo

    [UPDATED] 2 die in Tesla crash - NHTSA reports driver seat occupied

    The only way this could have been done is via TACC, not by AP. I don't think TACC mandates seatbelt use. Thinking about how this could be done... * They get into the car. As no-one is in the driver's seat, the screen switches off * Passenger wakes the car up by leaning over and pressing the...
  34. J1mbo

    Tesla Working on Driver Monitoring System

    Taking a purely holistic view, you are completely correct: it should not be possible with an L2 system, otherwise why bother with any form of driver monitoring. But there is an argument for giving the driver a grace period. Should I be allowed enough time to hand something to a passenger in the...
  35. J1mbo

    Tesla Working on Driver Monitoring System

    Maybe I am in the minority, but I usually turn the ADAS *on* when I need to get distracted...
  36. J1mbo

    Almost ready with FSD Beta V9

    Am starting to come around to vison-only for City NoA. Initially my reservations were the same as others - radar confirms distances, radar can spot & react to sudden braking ahead before the truck in front of you can react, it can tell the difference between a tunnel and a picture of a tunnel...
  37. J1mbo

    Tesla Working on Driver Monitoring System

    More than one end goal. One goal would be to make it inconvenient enough to disable/trick the system. Another would be to make sure that the criteria are not too narrow.... this little fella is clearly paying attention and applying torque to the wheel, so all OK, yes? ;)
  38. J1mbo

    Tesla Working on Driver Monitoring System

    Could be partially fixed with a new category: * Both hands visible Other categories might be: * Driver Is Alive <-- looks for signs of life, like blinking, shifting position in the seat * Too Much Seat Visible <-- ipad stuck on the headrest with a looped video of someone paying attention...
  39. J1mbo

    Elon responds to tweet about Tesla becoming the biggest company because of FSD

    Sounds painful ;) I'd be happy to get a map update... still on 2019 here.
  40. J1mbo

    Tesla "cheating" with sign recognition?

    Not noticed this. Mine has a tendancy to pick up speed limit signs from cross streets, which is really annoying when they have a lower limit than the street I am on.
  41. J1mbo

    Possible removal of radar?

    The current system doesn't seem to be accurate at distance estimation where the object is outside of the radar's coverage. For example, traffic lights are rarely rendered in their correct positions when you are stationary at the stop line. So unless they have cracked that, I would hope that...
  42. J1mbo

    Weird metal noise

    Have jetwashed the car & wheels and so far it hasn't come back *touch wood*
  43. J1mbo

    Autonomous Car Progress

    IFAIK there is no IR source for the M3 selfie cam. We have seen daylight examples of it's output from the hacking community, but no nightime examples yet. See: First look at the view from the interior camera in your Tesla Model 3 - Drive Tesla Canada
  44. J1mbo

    Weird metal noise

    :) The info is in my sig, but in case you can't see it: 2019 M3P No, it is more like a load of metal being dropped then dragged along the road for a short distance until it stops.
  45. J1mbo

    Weird metal noise

    Here's a weird one... been getting a sound that is similar to sound of an ICE exhaust system being dropped on the ground. Only happened twice so far. First time I thought it was exactly that - an ICE with a bad exhaust - but it just happened again with no other cars around. Happened at...
  46. J1mbo

    Elon Musk: Model Y will outsell the Model S, X, and 3 COMBINED... really?

    It really is not. MX is big for the EU market, MY is ideal.
  47. J1mbo

    Elon Musk: Model Y will outsell the Model S, X, and 3 COMBINED... really?

    Y will do very well in Europe. It ticks nearly all the boxes for a family car, and it's the perfect size. With infinte resources, the LR RWD would totally dominate the market here, but I guess Tesla are constrained in quite a few ways - battery supply, service center capacity... even SC.. so we...