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  1. Kant.Ing

    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    FYI. Four weeks ago I got my 6yo 12V battery replaced, my local SvC immediately followed up by a phone call saying a 12V replacement in their system triggered a ticket to suggest the affected owner request an eMMC recall service so that they can start ordering parts. I did submit the request in...
  2. Kant.Ing

    [V9] How to Format USB into 2 Partitions for DashCam and Music [Windows]

    Most USB-interfaced portable SSDs and thumb drives are spec'd with a 0~60C operating temperature including the Samsung T7/T5. People think 0~60C (32F~140F) is well enough for an environment where a human is also operating a computer, and the human operator or the host computer electronics might...
  3. Kant.Ing

    What if FSD doesn't materialize?

    Can't wait to see HW4 if it's still on schedule. We had Autonomy Day 2019 for HW3. Has anyone had any rumors about Autonomy Day 2021?
  4. Kant.Ing

    Apple Car apparently back on

    Pay Tesla $300B to use the Supercharger networks. Otherwise, spin off first.
  5. Kant.Ing

    HW4 computer mass production in Q4 2021

    Can be anything, or they can use multiple HW4 dies to make HW5 chips. :-)
  6. Kant.Ing

    HW4 computer mass production in Q4 2021

    Per TSMC, CoWoS is Chip-on-Wafer-on-Substrate. The "chip" there typically is consists of multiple silicons or multiple dies of different sources. The "wafer" is an interposer, aka an RDL (redistribution layer), or a miniature single-or-multiple-layer PCB made with semiconductor process to...
  7. Kant.Ing

    Autonomous Car Progress

    I dug out some more... 10/10/14 Bloomberg interview: "And so I think from the point at which true autonomous driving is possible which I now think is probably the five or six year timeframe. I thought was more like 10 years. But based on the rate of improvement that I'm seeing and the progress...
  8. Kant.Ing


    Here is what I observed in my neighborhood. In Cupertino, constructions for single family housing rebuild and commercial buildings didn't really stop--they paused for the first couple weeks or so, then they resumed with a maybe 60% workforce. I noticed 3 houses even managed to complete and...
  9. Kant.Ing


    FYI a different narrative: What's Herd Immunity, and How Does It Protect Us? Not sure about Covid's vaccination candidates at this point, maybe only some of us can enjoy them.
  10. Kant.Ing


    https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMp2015897 False negative could be even more harmful as the sense of security makes the spread more penetrable. This is why some countries currently are still against testing the public before the one-off tests are accurate enough.
  11. Kant.Ing


    If he really wants to pursue that route, please remind him to get infected on a weekly basis. That's called reinforced immunity and natural selection. Studies Report Rapid Loss of COVID-19 Antibodies
  12. Kant.Ing

    Tesla HPWC Gen 2 $475 while supplies last NIB

    Or buy locally, I remember a Signature NIB on Craiglist was $270.
  13. Kant.Ing

    Tesla To Temporarily Suspend Production At Fremont On March 23

    Going to convert to manufacture respirators or ventilators?
  14. Kant.Ing

    Model Y vs Cybertruck

    Law enforcement should switch too and weaponize the trucks too. Must be kidding.
  15. Kant.Ing

    It’s been 1051 days since I paid in full for FSD

    Oops, almost forgot, but Happy 3rd Birthday to AP2!!
  16. Kant.Ing

    How long does a Powerwall support a home during a power outage?

    We've never really noticed any outage. Garage door operates as normal. We also added a couple small UPSs over computer devices and internet infrastructures to remove the last bit of data/comms errors. With solar to replenish the battery on a daily basis, the utility is our backup.
  17. Kant.Ing

    [Resolved on Day 15] New Solar/PW only ran for 5 days - TESLA completely non-responsive

    Just saw this thread. To OP, I had these things happened to me once before, in my 3rd year ownership of Tesla PV and PW2 (both installed by Tesla/SolarCity). The symptom was no solar generation and no charging of PW, and IIRC there was an error message like "ARC FAULT" in the inverter's...
  18. Kant.Ing

    Tesla autopilot HW3

    Call me a sheep but I'm rooting for HW4!
  19. Kant.Ing

    Tesla autopilot HW3

    I've been told that FSD will be imminent when the FSD package alone is the car price.
  20. Kant.Ing

    Post Something You Love About Your Tesla!

    Smoke without smoking.
  21. Kant.Ing

    Summon seems like a silly party trick to me

    I can only see the last 30% of it. The video is edited.
  22. Kant.Ing

    Summon seems like a silly party trick to me

    Yesterday I ran past a summoning 3 knowing it would stop, so the car stopped and I heard a human yell from somewhere. It seemed to me I have hurt her child in a parking lot.
  23. Kant.Ing

    Enhanced Summon coming (Elon tweet 6 Apr, 2019)

    Other drivers should start paying attention on nearby Teslas--these Teslas are slow, sneaky, and quiet (no honking no yelling), they don't move backward once forward, they don't use back up lights, and the cars might have no dumb drivers in them. /s
  24. Kant.Ing

    Do you intentionally park next to other Teslas?

    Always, even with my ICE cars.
  25. Kant.Ing

    Enhanced Summon coming (Elon tweet 6 Apr, 2019)

    FSD is already there, per 1983 standard.
  26. Kant.Ing

    Enhanced Summon coming (Elon tweet 6 Apr, 2019)

    6 months definitely!
  27. Kant.Ing

    Enhanced Summon coming (Elon tweet 6 Apr, 2019)

    Another safety feature is to park at crossed marking. I am sure it will also park at fire lanes, since no other cars will be there (except Tesla).
  28. Kant.Ing

    Enhanced Summon coming (Elon tweet 6 Apr, 2019)

    The release next week will be capable of distinguishing a street and a parking lot! Woohoo!
  29. Kant.Ing

    V10 release notes

    Wonder how it will render big vehicles, and buildings, bridges, and big structures, when the feature completes.
  30. Kant.Ing

    Blog Model S Owner Surprised with Hardware 3 Retrofit

    The part number hasn't changed since day one. May 1655000-70-F live long enough to live forever!
  31. Kant.Ing

    Lady Called Police on Dog in Car with Dog Mode Running!

    OMG how convenient, people really use this feature for their four legged children. What if the app or the mother ship is down?
  32. Kant.Ing

    Things my wife said about Navigate on Autopilot tonight

    Wait till Tesla finish debugging the phantom braking issues, or at least start displaying any perceived obstacle or overpass in the console.
  33. Kant.Ing

    Enhanced Summon coming (Elon tweet 6 Apr, 2019)

    Guess I will be waiting forever for 4D Summon & 4D AutoPark with Tesla AutoPay (to clear tollgates).
  34. Kant.Ing

    Enhanced Summon coming (Elon tweet 6 Apr, 2019)

    Do we think using EAP/youtubers to do the testing is going to work? I hope they define test cases and criteria, and allocate them and track them with TBC. Never mind!
  35. Kant.Ing

    Browser to Support YouTube

    "It will enable video when parked & connected to WiFi. All Tesla Superchargers will have free WiFi over time." That's the idea. We just need to find a use case. Elon Musk on Twitter
  36. Kant.Ing

    Enhanced Summon coming (Elon tweet 6 Apr, 2019)

    Did the youtuber remove some shopping carts, piles of s*#@, or cups of p*#@ before using this feature?
  37. Kant.Ing

    Why I returned my 2019 Tesla Model X?

    With my Tesla coils headphones, the tone sounds annoying to my above average hearings. Avoid.
  38. Kant.Ing

    Enhanced Summon coming (Elon tweet 6 Apr, 2019)

    Wait till it can maneuver in a multi-story gated parking structure. /s Hate to go into those filthy buildings.
  39. Kant.Ing

    Firmware 9 in August will start rolling out full self-driving features!!!

    Vapor 10 is even better with, "When full self-driving is approved by regulators, we will enable video while moving." :-)
  40. Kant.Ing

    Hit a bear

    Just added to my list: Bear Detection and Avoidance (BDA)
  41. Kant.Ing

    Longest "beta" software ever?

    A medial equipment being beta would give its patients and doctors incorrect result that leads to wrongful treatment. A weapon being beta would put its handlers in a critical position. An aircraft or a spacecraft being beta would not allow any passengers. A feature in a consumer product being...
  42. Kant.Ing

    Latest Price Drop Discussion

    Got the $3K FSD package, cheapest ever. :-)
  43. Kant.Ing

    FSD Computer Upgrade and Experience

    "Upgradable to full self-driving capability with Tesla FSD computer" I believe this could mean to upgrade everyone directly to HW4 and when that happens some time in Q4 2021, existing HW3 fleet will have the priority.
  44. Kant.Ing

    Fsd/autopilot: What's In A Name?

    With a better name, the ever growing warnings through the years in the manual can all be removed and nobody will need to RTFM!
  45. Kant.Ing

    Is the model 3 too common now?

    Besides wrapping the cars for customization, Tesla should refresh the Model 3 design more often, like every 3 months. :-p
  46. Kant.Ing

    HW2.5 even after April 12th build date

    Until someone really does a teardown on a HW3 unit and Tesla starts releasing differentiating FSD features, you cannot say that "HW3" is better than HW2.5--maybe APH4 now comes with both nVidia and Tesla chips, and APH5 will be native. Yup, I have no idea.
  47. Kant.Ing

    Music on USBs

    IIRC last year when my car received its first 9.0 update, it couldn't find any music files (FLAC, MP3) on my Samsung Fit Plus 256GB. However my Windows laptop was able to see all the files and play them, so I guess maybe some Tesla specific file/data structure was corrupted by the firmware or...
  48. Kant.Ing

    Is the model 3 too common now?

    No time to look around or waive you back, because those folks are occupied by NoA, LDA, nags, or their own big/small screens. :-)