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  1. St☰v☰

    Radar Detector need for Model 3

    ~50 in a 30 zone IS in fact irresponsible, plain and simple. I can only assume that you (and others i.e., MRX) do not obey the speed limit signs or you wouldn't have posted as you did. God help the people in the city in which you live when your M3P arrives...
  2. St☰v☰

    Radar Detector need for Model 3

    How about just obeying the speed limit... seems like a simple solution? So ~50 in a 30 zone. Wow, you could have easily killed someone. This is why you don't give children toys they can't handle. I recall a situation in LA where a 17 year old killed a mother because he could not control the...
  3. St☰v☰

    Tesla MP3 delivered without brake pad on drivers side

    Really, Tesla is owned by Nancy Pelosi? 🤭
  4. St☰v☰

    Elon: side repeater cameras will go full screen when using turn signal

    This is funny in retrospect... now that we have that function and besides it only being in the lower left corner of the screen, the light from the turn signal at night really makes the camera useless...
  5. St☰v☰

    Radiator duct cleanout. (battery coolant system)

    Thanks for sharing that vid, very interesting!! I agree it would seem like a normal maintenance task, like changing the air filter on an ICE.
  6. St☰v☰

    Front Passenger Safety Restraint System Fault

    I've been getting it on and off for a few months, but for the driver's side. Tesla says a ranger cannot fix it, so I have to get roadside to tow it 60 miles to the Austin SC. What an inconvenience!
  7. St☰v☰

    New red CA HOV Decal last until January 1, 2022?

    Removal of those stickers was the first thing I did when I moved to Texas. I did not affix my 4 HOV stickers directly to the paint, however, I bought a set of clear 3M stickers and then affixed the California HOV decals to the clear stickers. Here's the set I bought in 2019 after getting my M3...
  8. St☰v☰

    Cautionary Tale FSD Computer Upgrade to 3.0

    Whatever..... 🤪
  9. St☰v☰

    Cautionary Tale FSD Computer Upgrade to 3.0

    Sure it is, it's on the door, well the month and year are anyway: It's also on the monroney:
  10. St☰v☰

    Any way to change the phone ringtone?

    I believe that feature has been there for quite a while. I can't recall not having it and I've had 51 updates since I bought mine. Here's a list of all updates: Tesla Software Update Release Notes - Latest Tesla Updates Looks like 40.50 released it in December 19 You can now read and respond...
  11. St☰v☰

    if you have extra cash to mod Tesla model 3 SR+, what mod would you get?

    Depending on which year you have, I think I'd invest in an auto frunk and trunk mod.
  12. St☰v☰

    Live Feed Daily Limit?

    Thanks for the info. Perhaps the 90 minutes was an initial target. I can say for certain that I had it open for 10 minutes, 12 tops. But hey, I'll watch it more closely going forward. Also, Happy Anniversary everyone!! May 2022 be better than 2021 was!!
  13. St☰v☰

    Live Feed Daily Limit?

    Never seen a cap before and I do have premium connectivity.
  14. St☰v☰

    Live Feed Daily Limit?

    So I was sitting at home and my wife had taken the 3 to the store. For kicks I turned on the live feed to check out the view around the car. I set the phone down and got busy with something else. After a few minutes, the app buzzed and told me that I had exceeded the daily limit of live feed. In...
  15. St☰v☰

    Tesla Update 2021.44.25.2 Issues

    General question... before this last upgrade (and I have since turned advance off), in the upper right area of the display, there was a little camera and a security symbol to turn sentry on and off. I used to be able to touch the camera to turn off the camera to remove the thumb drive (without...
  16. St☰v☰

    Venting [long issue with car whistle noise]

    I'm just curious, can you post the pick of you pointing at the missing seal?
  17. St☰v☰

    Tesla told me their Quaity control specs is protected information.

    Oh damn, the grammar police from Brea are going to be gunning for you... 😂
  18. St☰v☰

    Tesla Update 2021.44.25.2 Issues

    Other than the blind spot cams, I don't like it at all. 👎
  19. St☰v☰

    Oh calamity! I can't pre-warm my seat since the 2021 holiday update!

    Open your app and then climate and then simply touch the bacon on the seat.
  20. St☰v☰

    Tesla Update 2021.44.25.2 Issues

    I noticed that too. With the mass push of V11 and the ostensibly significant differences between old and new, you'd think they would have launched an updated manual.
  21. St☰v☰

    Snippiness 2.0

    ONE of the reasons, DA. I retired to Texas because I could no longer afford to live in SoCal. A gallon of gas for my ICE was over $5 per gallon. Then there's the Governor, what a self serving ******, the high cost of living, kops that no longer enforced the simplest of vehicle codes, the high...
  22. St☰v☰

    Snippiness 2.0

    That's nuts, in California, although it's only a misdemeanor, it's still a punishable event. Seems whatever cop you talked to didn't want to be bothered by it: California Vehicle Code § 20002 (c) Any person failing to comply with all the requirements of this section is guilty of a misdemeanor...
  23. St☰v☰

    Huge update, V11...thoughts? and any hidden features found yet??

    I hate when that happens. My wife is 4'11" and I'm 6' so when it selects her profile, I get crammed into the steering wheel 😂
  24. St☰v☰

    Huge update, V11...thoughts? and any hidden features found yet??

    Hit the little control (car in lower left of display) and it should be on the right side of the screen half way down.
  25. St☰v☰

    Huge update, V11...thoughts? and any hidden features found yet??

    I would like that BEV as well. On edit... I see there's also an update to the Tesla App to 4.4.2.
  26. St☰v☰

    Huge update, V11...thoughts? and any hidden features found yet??

    Updated to V11 a couple of hours ago. Lots of changes, but the one I think I like the most is the blind spot camera when you activate your turn signals.
  27. St☰v☰

    Update 2021.24.4 caused "USB Device Malfunction" error

    This morning Tesla pushed (V11) to my M3 and as before I rebooted and while the controls are not like before (that's the topic for another thread) I still have Teslacam and all my music with album covers. So this makes 9 updates and a move to V11 on my original MCU with no additional...
  28. St☰v☰

    Sold my Model 3 after 3 years. Cost of ownership.

    I had a similar experience with Tesla. I have SR+ (no fsd) and 12K on the odo and Tesla offered me a ridiculous $28K.
  29. St☰v☰

    UGH - The smell of it. [AC Smell]

    You actually got a ranger to drive out to your place? I have a malfunctioning left safety restraint system and they want me to drive 60 miles in an unsafe vehicle to Austin to have it looked at. Maybe it's time to tweet Elon.
  30. St☰v☰

    Rear quater panel accident

    They are steel...
  31. St☰v☰

    Update 2021.24.4 caused "USB Device Malfunction" error

    Yesterday evening Tesla pushed 21.44.5 to my M3, and as before, I rebooted and still had my music and TeslaCam vids. So this is 7 successful updates since 21.24.4 ostensibly caused my USB to malfunction and the USB error to pop up on the screen (48 updates since I took delivery in April of 19)...
  32. St☰v☰

    Flaky charge port door after latest upgrade?

    Wow, that IS fast. Mine is nowhere near that fast...
  33. St☰v☰

    Flaky charge port door after latest upgrade?

    What is "immediate"? Mine take a couple of seconds to close once I pull the plug our.
  34. St☰v☰

    Organizer for backseat footwell.

    We put ours in the frunk unless there's a lot, in which case we put them in the compartment in the back trunk.
  35. St☰v☰

    MIA: Teslaoffer/EVoffer

    It could be stuck in the port of LA or LB. I understand there's quite a backup there waiting to get in and unloaded.
  36. St☰v☰

    App version 4.3.0-766 does not open car when app not open

    So just for kicks, I downloaded the Tesla app onto an old Samsung tablet (Tab A, 8.4) and the app works on it as well:
  37. St☰v☰

    App version 4.3.0-766 does not open car when app not open

    Nope, you need Tesla app 4.2 or higher and FW 36.8 or higher. I see all 4 cameras on my droid. see my post 5 above this one.
  38. St☰v☰

    Update 2021.24.4 caused "USB Device Malfunction" error

    Interestingly, early this evening, 21.40.6 was pushed to my 3. Afterwards, as before, I rebooted and sure enough, I still have my USB and all the music. I cannot positively say that the issue is MCU related as many of you believe. Indeed I lost my USB about 6 or 7 updates ago and as I note...
  39. St☰v☰

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    I'm actually surprised they don't offer it. Clearly it's possible since Ingenext did it.
  40. St☰v☰

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    Ah, got it thanks!
  41. St☰v☰

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    So you shave a half second for $2K? Not sure that's worth it.
  42. St☰v☰

    App version 4.3.0-766 does not open car when app not open

    Mine seems to working just fine, app closed, pressed the door handle and it opened right up. I'm at 21.36.8 and APP 4.3.0. Really liking the Live Camera too!
  43. St☰v☰

    UGH - The smell of it. [AC Smell]

    Ditto here. I didn't have too much of a problem when I lived in SoCal, but here it Texas, the temps are high as is the humidity. For instance right now my outside thermometer is showing 65% at 7 in the evening. I also don't use the recirc. If it's really hot, I turn the AC on remotely about 5...
  44. St☰v☰

    White Interior worth $2k or not?

    I use a microfiber wash cloth and warm clear water.. after 32 months of ownership, my white seats still look new.
  45. St☰v☰

    Finally Over: A YEAR With Error "USB Device Malfunction UI_a112"

    Wait, what, 32.22?? I'm at 36.8 and that was my 46th update since I picked mine up in April of 19.
  46. St☰v☰

    Tesla Claims Warranty is Void Due to Aftermarket Puddle Lights

    I've had AO puddle lights in all 4 doors for probably 2 years with no issues...
  47. St☰v☰

    Software Bug Affecting Rear Camera?

    Permanently or till next time?
  48. St☰v☰

    Model 3 accident with deer

    Wow, So you weren't using autopilot? I'm surprised that your auto brake didn't kick in.